April 2, 2009

And The Great Housing Ponzi Scheme ends predictably in tears and violence

And the people went after the banks.

It hath been foretold.

(btw, whose bright idea was it to hold the G20 financial meltdown crisis meeting summit at the VERY CENTER OF WORLD BANKING? Where bankers gamed the system as they enriched themselves with billions, and where AIG wrote the derivatives contracts that crashed the world? Man, talk about a big f*ck-you to the people. Monkeys. Monkeys I tell ya.)


an overleveraged sob said...

Cops need some OT anyhow.

I hear they want to "abolish money". Maybe they didn't think that thru completely.

Anonymous said...

I'm in London now and have had the chance to observe the so called 'anarchist mobs'. The most glaring fact is their miniscule ranks. I'd say there are less than 1,000 in all. The 'rioters' in Seattle ten years ago were much more organized and damaging.
If you notice in the media videos coming from London, you see a handful of loud mouth soccer park rejects at the front of the line, a few more dazed and confused scattered in the crowd and the rest of the 'mob' taking pictures of whatever their cheap cell phones target.
The angry little bitches just need a swat of the switches!

SeattleMoose said...

Would be nice to see a few cops skewered on spears and squirming in pain defending the enemies of the world.

Mitesh Damania said...

Those UK cops just stand there and create a wall. Over here they'll be using tear gas and arresting everyone.

Anonymous said...

They need to have LAPD handle those events from now on.

Anonymous said...

The guy who wants to see the cops skewered - you and I will be the first to be impaled when the cops begin to turn against the governement they are currently defending.

When the police and army decide to take control and kill off all the bankers and politicians, they won't be worrying about the little people either, they'll be killing you in droves in the street. And we'll all quietly and "gladly" join in supporting them because they will probably provide some sort of security albeit one with a fee, just like the mafia knock at the door for money.

You think cops are bad when they are paid by the government to serve and protect, just wait until they all get a taste of political power to back up their physical firepower...

But on the other hand, Americans are so well armed that they won't go down without a fight. Trouble is they are still all asleep and won't pick up their guns until it is almost too late to do anything.

Organised military is way more powerful than an unorganised band of angry citizens right now.