April 14, 2009

And then Texas's Republican governor Rick Perry, after his party wrecked America, set his state on the course to secede

"A number of recent federal proposals are not within the scope of the federal government’s constitutionally designated powers and impede the states’ right to govern themselves. HCR 50 affirms that Texas claims sovereignty under the 10th Amendment over all powers not otherwise granted to the federal government.

It also designates that all compulsory federal legislation that requires states to comply under threat of civil or criminal penalties, or that requires states to pass legislation or lose federal funding, be prohibited or repealed."

- Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, April 2009, evidently fed up after eight years of an incompetent and corrupt Republican president, and six of the past eight years with an incompetent and corrupt Republican Congress, preparing Texas to secede from the now-in-desperate-straits formerly-united United States of America

(Hey Rick, after Texas is gone, does that ensure that we don't get any more corrupt dipshit religious wingnut arrogant Bilderbergers from your hick state running for president, starting with you? Cause that would be much appreciated.)


Anonymous said...

Texas is the only state in the union where it can legally succeed. Also, it can break up into three pieces too. Think it was part of the agreement to join the union in the first place. It use to be an independent country for a few decades.

lone star said...

Whether you agree with this guy or not,

One thing stands out.

Had something like this happened across the Atlantic on the barbaric, dark Eurotard continent, can you imagine the blood lust and the killings of innocents that would have occurred on a grand scale.

keith said...

Here's a movement to secede website


Wouldn't it be interesting to see the red states leave? Good riddance I'd say. They probably account for 10% of the GDP of the US, and about 2% of the brainpower. Maybe Texas could take Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia with 'em. Arkansas too. Oh, and Utah. That state needs to go. They can put 'em all together and call it


Can they be pushed out maybe? And it would give Republicans a shot of winning a national election again. A new nation, but hey, who's counting.

And remember this crazy russian guy's prediction:


MOSCOW -- For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010. For most of that time, he admits, few took his argument -- that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. -- very seriously.

Markus Arelius said...

Best soundtrack for that Rick Perry vid would of course be Gerry Reed's:

"Eastbound and down, 18 wheels a rollin', we gonna do what they say can't be done...."

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, your beloved ultraliberal California has been doing much better, and it's a model to follow:

LA Times -- On-location film and TV shoots in L.A. hit lowest levels on record.

The recession and incentives from other states have caused location work in the region to fall to the lowest levels on record, a Film L.A. report to be issued today shows.

Location filming for movies and TV commercials on the streets of Los Angeles, once as prevalent as the corner taco truck, is rapidly fading to black. Double whammies of the recession and out-of-state economic incentives for producers have caused on-location film shoots in the Los Angeles area to fall to their lowest levels on record.
Buh buh I thought that ultraliberal idiots like Bill Maher and Huffington and Pelosi had all figured out and that we should follow their Californian-ultraliberal-model. What happened?

You hypocrites in Hollywood are always defending welfare and higher taxes, but you're know making movies somewhere else in the country because California is too expensive?

Geez, Sherlockes, I wonder why it's getting more and more expensive. Would that be that only 144,000 of Californians pay for most taxes in the entire state, while the rest of octomoms and Mexicanos chill out and breed like flies?

Hey but soon you'll have gay marriage...and you do have iPhones. That's what's important! Now go give your hard-earned money to some Hollywood celeb, so they can living in luxury off your backs, domesticated sheeple.

Anonymous said...

"If I wanted to destroy a nation," he wrote in 1966, "I would give it too much and I would have it on its knees, miserable, greedy and sick."

Tony said...


EnvironMENTALism also counts as a religion and blue states have an equal amount of fundeMENTALists as do the red states.

And BTW, Organic granola crunchers are in no way smarter then beef burger munchers..

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the red states leave? Good riddance I'd say.as if the blue bailout & tax states that depend on financial and dot com bubbles are somehow better

Anonymous said...

"Texas is a Donor State

Texas taxpayers receive less federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid compared to the average state."


Colonel Angus said...

Keith, this comes across as f**king hypocritical.

A high-level politician--of whatever stripe--decides to draw a line in the sand and set the stage to protect hard-working people from footing the bill for the fraudsters, flippers, and financial crooks, and you immediately devolve into negative stereotyping and ill-informed stats.

So much for you egging on the summer of rage, smugly surrounded as you are by Eurotrash.

As a 6th-generation Texan and Ivy-League grad, I will take your advice and bid "good riddance" to this "nutsian" blog of yours after 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the red states leave? Good riddance I'd say.

not so sure about that. the blue states would produce very little and import a lot. I bet the red states would have a positive trade balance.

blue states are saddled with a lot of illegal immigrants and welfare recipients. only a very few blue staters are keiferenos like you.

the red states would include alaska.

perry does have a valid point. the federal government is over-reaching and needs to be scaled back.

les said...

America is going to collapse sooner or later. Maybe it's a good idea to break up into smaller nations and leave Washington DC holding the bag of debt.

Last one out is a rotten egg.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the red states leave? Good riddance I'd say. They probably account for 10% of the GDP of the US, and about 2% of the brainpower. Maybe Texas could take Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia with 'em. Arkansas too. Oh, and Utah. That state needs to go. They can put 'em all together and call it


If you think conservative states are going to kneel and become a slave to that wackjob Obbammmy and his wingnut henchmen your as crazy as they are. Clownifornia, Minnesota, New York and the rest of the bankrupt socialist shitholes can go screw themselves. Getting nervous my socialist friends? Get very nervous. Your wingnut masters are pissing people off, severely.

Afterthought said...

I favor this.

Anonymous said...

Way off topic, but just an idea. A very good suggestion actually.

Read (or listen to) Anna Karenina, widely considered to be the best novel ever written. The audio version is marvelously done.

After about a hundred pages it begins to just burn like a fire that warms you. Sounds crazy but you'll know what I mean if you check it out. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Markus Arelius,

..."we gotta long way to go and a short time to get there..."

Anonymous said...


God bless America,

Don't mess with Texas

God Bless Jerry Reed, he's gonna be missed.


Anonymous said...

Yes, PUHLEEEZE rip off that backwards ignorant redneck red state from the rest of this country and stuff it up the ass of George Bush!

Anonymous said...

texas will make a great buffer between us and the mexicans.

it's a differnt world than lincoln's. allowing seccession is the right thing today. though it probably was right back then too.

Eric said...

The irony of a republican bitching about interference in peoples lives. This from a party that wants to interfere in every aspect of your personal life, with the exception of your right to own a gun and go to church.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

"Oh yeah, your beloved ultraliberal California has been doing much better, and it's a model to follow"

Wow. You base your analysis of California's economic condition on the amount of movie & TV production in the Los Angeles area? Good thinking there, Clem.

The "runaway productions" left because dimwit states like South Carolina and Arizona offer tax incentives of up to 50% of the cost of filming to the producers. Californians are way too smart to fall for that one - the cost/benefit analysis, when you factor in the disruption to local business & traffic when you have a big production shooting in a location, plus the re-tasked law enforcement and firefighters (all earning time & 1/2), mean that you come out behind, even when the state taxes the money that the workers allegedly make on the production.

So sneer all you want, Huckleberry, but the fact is that YOU are the one subsidizing the Hollywood stars and producers to snort coke & fondle your starry-eyed local girls, whilst you sit in your mom's basement, yanking your wire and spewing ignorance on this blog.

For a better view of what's starting to happen in CA, check out BizWeek and the Economist. The VC firms are starting to loosen up and fund startups again.

The computer software that you're using to exhibit your lack of knowledge comes from California. The clean, renewable energy sources of the future will all send their revenues here as well. And when the wells run dry in Texas, the rednecks there will all be selling their daughters to the porn producers in Chatsworth for meth money.

Kinda like now.

Wacko Tex-ass Go By By? said...

But never forget Texas, our U.S. missles could wipe out your entire state in under 15 seconds flat.

Think about it fvcked oily tacos.

Roccman said...

this is not what it appears

divide and conquer

Perry is the establishment

Anonymous said...

Up and away from Obamaramalama land is SMART.


Guberville Smack said...

"Wouldn't it be interesting to see the red states leave? Good riddance I'd say. They probably account for 10% of the GDP of the US, and about 2% of the brainpower".

Statements like this prove how fake liberals really are. They talk endless idealistic crap like "equality", but deep down inside they think they are smarter and better than everyone and others are beneath them. They use social programs to gain power, see ACORN.
Then you have the 2008 campaign tactic of showing pictures of McCain with Bush, (or Perry with Bush), so people think you are dealing with the same ideology.
Texas has cowboys and roughnecks that work incredibly tough and dangerous jobs, while your metro sexual, Cali femi-male is getting his fingers manicured.
(I know I am stereotyping to keep it short).
Like Anon said, California shows you how smart liberals really are.
I say we sell California to Mexico and keep Texas.

Anonymous said...

There are secession groups in every state. Native Hawaiians, Hispanic Californians, white supremacists in the Pacific Northwest. Northeasterners were talking secession prior to the 2004 Presidential election. Cultural diversity gives way to the reality that humans (or monkeys as Keith refers to them) can't always get along. They will fight about money, sex, and religion.

Democracy always suffers from the Tyranny of the Majority. Presently, the Federal government is growing in size and power. Higher federal taxes, more bureaucracy, more socialistic policies are on the way. The majority voted for this. Most of this power comes from progressive taxation. Approximately 25% of the US population contribute 96% of income tax revenues. People will always vote for a free lunch. Blue states are wealthier and have higher GSP/capita. In general, the Red states are faring better fiscally then the Blue states.

Texan politicians are just trying to reassert state sovereignty at a time when federal power is growing. Talk of secession is just a distraction. Is there some political posturing? Sure, ALL politicians politically posture.
Getting mad at politicians posturing is akin to frustration when the scorpion stings the turtle.

PFL0W said...

Oh, God, don't tease me! The Southern, Redneck, Right-wing, Southern Baptist, narrow- and closed-minded Red states LEAVE THE UNION!

OMG. If I weren't an educated, secular humanist, I'd say THANK GOD! As it is, I'll just say praised be!

i've had it said...

Right on Gov. Perry!

The Feds have run roughshod over the States for decades now and that has to stop. The Federal Constitution is a limited constitution, and the 10th Amendment ensures that.

The 10th Amendment is one of the most powerful provisions in the Constitution and the Feds have flipped it the middle finger since the Great Society.

Go Texas!

Anonymous said...

Great I want all the Jews,Muslims,Blacks,Mulattos,Mastezos,Asians, and all other non Europen people to live together in their own cultural states.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"...it's a good idea to break up into smaller nations and leave Washington DC holding the bag..."Could you imagine the freedom and prosperity?

You left out New York though. Think of all the good we would be without them both.

PFL0W said...

this is so irresponsible on Perry's part, it's hard to believe he did this. I can just imagine every yee-haw redneck, coat-to-coast, thinking they know something about what they're talking about, spewing secessionist hate and ignorance, for the foreseeable future. Yi. It's not going to be pretty.

Jon King said...

Good riddance. Texas is a total waste.

Anonymous said...

blue states get to keep octopu**y

Anonymous said...

20+ states have already passed legislation to affirm the Tenth Amendment. It is a warning to Washington, but nobody wants to cecede. Keith knows that full well.

upthecreek said...

all i can say is California is screwed BIG TIME.

Anonymous said...

"...Federal government is growing in size and power..."The GOP suddenly remembers it's roots.

What a joke.

RICO said...

Good riddance to the God-awful Texas oil syndicate and their MIC partners-in-crime.

These tax-dodging corporate welfare specialists have sucked the life-blood out of this country, ruined our national reputation, and sold us down the river with NAFTA and GATT -- and then proudly announce that they want to be the first rats to jump ship when the going gets tough.

But that's not a problem...

As long as they agree to extradite GWB, Cheney, and all their henchmen when the prosecutions commence.

Adios Motherf*ckers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, aint this a bitch... After your Bush boy ruins the country- now Texas wants to leave!?! No, keep your asses right where you are and help pay for all of this stuff your boy helped create...

Anonymous said...

If Texas and the south are so unimportant to the Blue states then why on gods green earth did we fight a civil war the first time around?

Perry is doing the right thing. The Constitution has been trampled on for decades and it is about time someone does something about it.

pheenix11 said...

Keith, you're a fucking idiot. You better pray the red states never leave the union because the blue states would have no one left to tax. They would actually have to go out and get a real job.

I'm a Bostonian living in Florida, if there is another Civil War my money is not on the on blue states. Good luck with a nonexistent manufacturing base and a bunch of latte sipping metro's for soldiers.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

This is gonna be so cool to watch! In the back of my mind when I left the United States was the possibility that it would fragment violently into different nations, a la Yugoslavia. Jeez, I had better buy another couple years' worth of popcorn for the disaster food stash.

Gov Watch Dog # L-542,302 said...

RE: "As long as they agree to extradite GWB, Cheney, and all their henchmen when the prosecutions commence."


Right on!

Hang'em high!

(Or torture them in public with oil and hot coals)

Texas is going down!

Anonymous said...

Nothing ever good has come from Texas. Nothing. Just a bunch of criminals, gays and red necks.

Anonymous said...

The Balkanization has to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that the Lone Star State has more Fortune 500 companies than any other?

Texas is the Fortune 500 capital

Texas is one place that really fits the bill; there is no state income tax. That creates a favorable environment for businesses to set up shop. Let's face it, states compete with each other for employers and jobs just like nations.

Is it any wonder that the Lone Star State has more Fortune 500 companies than any other? The tax issue isn't the only determining factor, but Clark believes it's the most important one. That's why ultra-high tax state New York -- traditionally the center of business and finance -- has seen an exodus of major corporations for years. The Empire State's loss has been Texas' gain, as the latter has been a major job growth center for the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what all those ultraliberal bums, who are californicating places like Austin, are going to do? Where are they going to live now?

Perhaps they should all join Burkko in Australia.

Anonymous said...

a sitting governor actually citing the Tenth Amendment in this day and age of FedGov handouts??!!

somebody call Satan and tell him to buy fleece and snow boots!

Anonymous said...

Funny how the massive exodus going on in the country is from people who used to live in blue states like CA, IL, and NY, and are now moving to red states like TX, FL, GA, NC, etc.

Don't expect Keith to disclose that.

Reuters -- Middle class exodus from New York

Mar. 3 - A new survey shows tens of thousands of New Yorkers are leaving the city because of the rising cost of living.

The Center for an Urban Future says more than 150,000 middle income residents left the city three years ago.


California exodus turns to stampede

WASHINGTON – California, which once lured Americans from near and far, is now driving out millions of the most productive residents – including high percentages of the most affluent.

And it's not just the rich leaving.

Based on data from moving companies, California had the second-highest domestic population out-flow of any state in 2005, according to the report, "despite the beautiful weather, beaches, and mountains."
Glad to help. Keep subsidizing welfare breeders, union parasites, celebs, illegals, gang-bangers, and Pelosi's plastic surgeries with your money and hard work in oh-so hip California, fools. Enjoy your retirement in poverty at your blue state. Hey but you have iPhone with an $300/month AT&T bill and soon gay marriage...that's what really matters, right? Look look a Hollywood celeb, throw your money to subsidize their luxurious lifestyle.

keith said...

Texas is the arm pit of the nation. Houston and Dallas are easily two of the worst, most disgusting cities. Urban wastelands, strip mall hell, with no urban planning, no zoning, terrible crime, massive black/white race problems, huge illegal immigration problems and one word - ugly.

And the people? Generally arrogant, fake and that odd combination of ignorant but don't realize they're ignorant. Some lovely people, but few and far between.

Seriously, of all 50 states, I think Texas ranks last with me. For the heat and humidity and cockroaches alone, it's back of the pack. I truly feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer there.

Except Austin. That town's OK, for Texas. But I bet even they would like to secede from Texas.

The fact that Bush came from there should be grounds for kicking them out of the union in the first place.

Banana Republicrat said...

"Texas is a Donor State. Texas taxpayers receive less federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid compared to the average state."

..but per your link (skip this part Hannity fans) TX receives more per dollar taxed than NY, NJ, CA, IL, WA, OR, MA, MN, DE & MI. (FL gets 3 cents more than Texas, but is also a "donor.")

I would think that any state with enough industry to support a large population is probably going to end up being a donor state (with the exceptions of GA, OH, NC and PA which are all slightly in the negative, while VA, MD and DC which are higher in federal spending for obvious reasons.) An exception on the plus side would be NV which is low in population, but 2nd best $ rec/$ taxed (again for obvious reasons.)

It is interesting that the red states tend to take in more than they pay, particularly in Sarah "Thanks, but No Thanks" Palin (3rd) and Bobby "Damn the Rescue Boats" Jindal's (4th) respective fiefdoms.

Interesting facts, but it is sad to hear of Texans wanting to bail out now that the going is tough. I always thought they were made of better stuff than that. Guess maybe the libtards were right about Texas...

Go if you must, but please, take Tom DeLay, Halliburton, and some of our toxic debt with you!

Anonymous said...

"And the people? Generally arrogant, fake and that odd combination of ignorant but don't realize they're ignorant. Some lovely people, but few and far between"

Sounds like you are describing California to me.

PFL0W said...

We all need to chill, stop breaking ourselves into these tiny little, intolerant groups and remember to be Americans, first and last, and then work to solve our problems.

Anonymous said...

rick perry is a punk. he will look good suspended from a hanging tree in austin texas, hanging by the neck with some real nice chinese made rope purchased brand new from home depot...

Ross said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the red states leave? Good riddance I'd say. They probably account for 10% of the GDP of the US, and about 2% of the brainpower. Maybe Texas could take Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia with 'em. Arkansas too. Oh, and Utah. That state needs to go. They can put 'em all together and call it


Keith, this doesn't help. Have you spent any time in the South? There are a lot of good, hard working people there. I am a little disappointed to see you say something like that.

keith said...

Actually, spent a LOT of time in the south.

Lot of good, honest, hard working people there.

And a LOT of ignorant, lazy, mean-spirited, fundamentalist nuts. Which is true throughout America, but higher concentrations in the South.

America is a funny country. And the South is America at its funniest. And scariest.

Brandine said...

The public schools, colleges and media has succeeded in brainwashing the people in this country so well, we have a hard time thinking an original thought.

People don't know how to be free anymore, nor do they know what freedom is. It's a constant game of republicans vs. democrats, and so many have bought into the delusion.

It's really sad, and funny. Funny that liberals think they are so intelligent and conservatives are ignorant, and vice versa. You're both ignorant when you see only your party and discount anything else.

Red states, blue states, what happened to the INDIVIDUAL in all this? Some of you don't even realize how stupid you sound with your colored states. You should still be playing with coloring books and crayons.

Collectivists make me sick.

gutless and lazy said...

Been to Texass many times, but I never get used to that filthy third world sh1thole. I swear it's the rectum of the USA. Most of the most harmful political types have come from Texass. LBJ. Bush2. Tom Delay, etc. Not only that, but so many tragedties has taken place there, the Alamo, the '60s college gunman on the clocktower, JFK's assination, Waco, etc. The place is cursed. Plus, it has no culture, has a terrible education system, it thinks high school football is a religion and it's overrun with illegals everywhere. Ignorant Texans think BBQ is haute cuisine. Also, the local mentality of "bigger is better" and "don't mess with Texass" is beyond cartoonish and moronic. I think nearly 90% of them are disgustinly obese as well. If we nuked that hell hole, along with it's 3rd generation or greater inhabitants and turned it into a glass parking lot the country would be much better off. But let me tell you what I really think of that festering sewer pit ...

gutless and lazy said...

Just read Keith's description of Texass as the arm pit of America.

Could not agree any more.

Wait... the arm pit is too nice. I'll stick with the rectum I mentioned earlier.

Anonymous said...

TX has the most Fortune 500 HQs

this doesn't include The Orange One's spawn blue state companies

Anonymous said...

The question is, do they have enough room in Texas to hold all refuges from other States and other countries from around the globe wanting to live in freedom once they secede?

Some of my relatives did,


Mitesh Damania said...

Texas sovereignty, some real interesting info that Texas renews its treaty with the US every year to stay part of the union: