April 15, 2009

Finally, a US Senator calls for a subpoena-powered investigation into the Crime of the Century. Guess he didn't check with Chris Dodd or Harry Reid.

"We need a select committee in the United States Senate with subpoena power that gives us the narrative of what happened so that everybody understands what happened. We need a financial crimes prosecution task force down at the Justice Department right now, working on these issues"

- ND Sen. Byron Dorgan, a voice in the corrupt wilderness of the US Senate, April 2009



yoski said...

ND Sen. Byron Dorgan probably won't be re-elected. He probably doesn't know who he is messing with. He's trying to investigate the people that own this country. Those people stole America from the population while they were watching American Idol. Shit, most haven't even realized that they lost the country to banksters and corrupt politicians.

yogurt said...

About time!

After that, how about looking into illegal immigration too, before the USA turns into Mexico?

Jasen said...

Dorgan was one of the only Senators to fight against Phil Gramm back in the 90's on Gramm-Leach-Bliley. The man could see the future. These are some choice cuts from his Senate floor speech. This was very late 1999:

“And so we modernize our banking system. This is unregulated. This isn’t a bank; it is an unregulated hedge fund, except the banks have massive quantities of money in the hedge fund now in order to bail it out. What does modernization say about this? Nothing, nothing. It says let’s pretend this doesn’t exist, this isn’t a problem, let’s not deal with it. So we will modernize our financial institutions and we will say about this problem—nothing? Don’t worry about it?”

“So now we have the kind of initiative here in the Congress that says: Let’s forget the lessons of the past; let’s believe the 1920s did not happen; let’s not worry about Glass-Steagall. In fact, let’s repeal Glass-Steagall; let’s decide we can merge once again or fuse together banking enterprises and more risky enterprises, and we can go down the road just as happy as clams and everything will be just great. And of course it will not.”

“Does anybody here think this makes any sense, that we have banks involved in derivatives, trading on their own proprietary accounts? Does anybody think it makes any sense to have hedge funds out there with trillions of dollars of derivatives, losing billions of dollars and then being bailed out by a Federal Reserve-led bailout because their failure would be so catastrophic to the rest of the market that we cannot allow them to fail?”

part 1.

part 2.

Anonymous said...

Did ENRON insider Phil Gramm also have 'inside' information concerning the 'terrorist attacks' on 9/11?

"...Senator Phil Gramm announced his plans to leave the Senate exactly one week prior to 9/11, on Sept. 4, 2001. This was a very surprising announcement, as it came out of the blue, after 24 years in Congress..."

Extremely suspicious behavior prior to 9/11 -- this Texas cockroach is as dirty as they come...

Anonymous said...

Where is North Dakota?

Who lives there?


Jayman01844 said...

I occurred to me today,that the President and the news media would like us to believe that this crisis happened just because of bad luck and bad business decisions.
Maybe a little fraud?? a tiny teenie itty bitty amount?? Maybe...yes??... you think??? maybe Barack??

Anonymous said...

Investigation? Won't happen. Plutocrats won't let it. Give Dorgan credit for trying, but he'd better watch his back.