April 17, 2009


les said...

I need to smoke some pot in order to watch that video. Video is too slow, too intellectual, too jazzy for the unaltered mind.

Like that picture of Anywhere, USA.

JaneZ said...

les said...

I need to smoke some pot in order to watch that video. Video is too slow, too intellectual, too jazzy for the unaltered mind.

This one is pretty zippy and spot on. Even comes with a money bag.


Tony said...


Is Europe mostly dry desert?

Do showers cause all that much damage to the environment?

Does the UN disapprove of personal hygiene?

Is there a carbon tax on body soap?

Is a clean and healthy body beneficial to Israel?

Does Brussels regulate water temperatures in peoples bathrooms?

Is it ONLY a Capitalist thing to be conscious of body odor?


Anonymous said...


Gimme Cheese.

keith said...

This video was posted to watch with a good cabernet, or a tightly rolled joint. Or maybe some absinthe, or ecstasy.

Which of course should be your free and legal choice.

Anonymous said...

Here is an vision

More than half of the country's foreclosure actions from March occurred in just 3 states -- California, Florida and Nevada.

Those 3 states represent just 19 percent of the nation's population.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Keefer, what happened to the posts prior to the pot comment..


keith said...

This thread should be about conformity, drug legalization, suburbia, the dumbing down of America, the mass hypnosis by the mass media, and shaking America out of its trance.

Or something like that.

So the first post was something random and off subject, and I took artistic license and pulled it.

Make this thread a good one. Take the crap posts to another thread.

Illuminate us with your genius.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a generation lost we are in know, and didn't the main stream visionaries tell you that you are part of the American dream when you maxed out your credit to purchase the American dreams.

Weren't there many HPers warning you of the danger to come and didn't the main stream visionaries blasted them as hallucinogenic chicken little.

Now as the main stream visionaries tries to spin out of their web which became their tomb, they try to tell you that every thing is just okay.

Are they trying to put a facade on a broken house and trying to sell it to you as a new mansion.

Isn't responsible spending, honest work, and integrity the foundation of the American dream.

keith said...

nicely done anon

give me some poetry

this thread only, I delete all idiots and shallow posts

surprise me

Anonymous said...

Anon said:
'Isn't responsible spending, honest work, and integrity the foundation of the American dream.'

you sound like a Neo-con.

Dancer said...


Wouldn’t it be way cooler if you allowed the participants of this blog decide what is poetic?

What makes this blog unique?

Please do not respond..

Mammoth said...

For a country that presents itself both to the rest of the world, and to itself as 'the land of rugged individualists,' that aerial shot of suburbia is chilling.

Perhaps 1,000 years from now, people will look at this photograph and wonder how people willingly lived in places like this.


Anonymous said...

Timmy is making poetry


With respect to China, which has been highlighted in the Report in recent years, our conclusion is based on the following factors.

First, China has taken steps to enhance exchange rate flexibility.

Chinese officials reaffirmed in January 2009 their commitment to greater flexibility and the need to allow the exchange rate to adapt to an equilibrium level.

Second, the Chinese currency appreciated by 16.6 percent in real effective terms between the end of June 2008 and the end of February 2009.

As the crisis intensified, the currency appreciated slightly against the dollar when most other emerging market and other currencies fell sharply against the dollar.

Third, official statistics suggest the pace of China's foreign exchange reserve accumulation slowed in the fourth quarter of last year.

Fourth, China has enacted a large fiscal stimulus package – second in size to that of the United States in the G-20 – which should help spur domestic demand growth and rebalance the Chinese economy.

Even so, Treasury remains of the view that the renminbi is undervalued.

Paul E. Math said...

A culture led astray
milk-fed and dependent
will never be told
that it is lactose intolerant.

Perched on stools
at the soda counter
sipping malteds
and contemplating a future
without limitation,
or responsibility.

like a sponge-absorbent sponge
unable to cope with
or wipe up
the spilt milk
of personal freedom,
crying over it.

What blissfull ignorance
was savoured
like a last sweet slice
of cheesecake
before the long-promised diet,
immediately broken.

Squeeze those teats
with fists of righteous indig
too blind with thirst
too mad with entitlement
to realize
you're milking the bull rally
in a bear market.

Anonymous said...

A generation lost is tied to its economy, and it economy is tied to it jobs.

Look at the March unemployment number of three states with the highest foreclosure.

Let see how the main stream visionaries spin out of this one.


California 11.2
Nevada 10.4
Florida 9.7


Unemployment in Riverside and San Bernardino counties surged to 12.9 percent in March


Silicon Valley unemployment rate jumps to 11 percent


Las Vegas, state jobless rate hits 10.4 percent

Wind Farmer said...

Spent it, smoked it, snorted it, blew it. Screw it. Walk away or run.

Cabernet is one thing...Jack Daniels and jazz quite another.

Ross said...

Housing Ponzi Haiku

Bought a McMansion
The rate won't adjust he said
Moved back in with Mom

JaneZ said...

Paul E. Math said...

A culture led astray
milk-fed and dependent
will never be told
that it is lactose intolerant.

You are really a poet and I didn't know it. Damn....

Anonymous said...

Here's an important article on the duplicity of Obama and the many liberal anti-war groups.

Liberals Love War AgainI guess the Kool-Aid is just too strong.

Look, I like Obama on a personal level. He seems like a nice, intelligent guy who would be interesting to have a beer with whereas Bush was an arrogant, fake cowboy, lying, evil, stupid silver spoon fed Yalie son of a bitch.

HOWEVER! Both are clearly representing the same interests and ruling class in America.

Just look at the results. Obama talks a good game but he does the opposite of what he says. It's disgusting but it's enough to fool the true believers like Keith.


Anonymous said...

is that kramer?

Anonymous said...

Freaky stuff, reminds me of LOST fools from the 1960/70 when living in Brooklyn.

Still lost and searching for .....maybe.. now 2009...maybe, maybe,

vanilla ice said...

Kill suburbia

upon the suwannee river said...


Anonymous said...

Stomach clenched, teeth clenched
A sunny afternoon - outside the endless ribbon of cars
Back and forth to work
Day in and day out
Twenty years
Down the tubes
All for the sake of trying to do the right thing.
We don't need a revolution
We just need to pack it in