April 18, 2009

Check out the name of this blog. Cool? Now, if you're a perma-bear, an ignoramus or Sarah Palin, you're not gonna like it here

Fox News watchers, George Bush supporters, Chris Dodd, realtors, racists, homophobes, religious zealots, 9/11 truthers, misogynists, illegal immigrants, Constitution haters and Hummer driving Wal-Mart shopping exurban sheep will hate this blog too.

No more anon's who don't sign their posts either for a bit, I'm done with 'em. I'm tired of the shrillness and repetitive nature of our anon friend (friends).

Participate, keep it civil, get a handle, and let's have some fun again.

You're in my house. Debate the host and our guests, but don't be a bore.


msNJ said...

"Keep it civil".. LOL.. is the obammmy guy going to be posting "May I please have some cheese, sir?" now that he can't be anon??

In all seriousness, hooray for QC, Keith, and for thoughtful(ish) discourse.

BuyerWillEPB said...

I'm a Fox News watcher.

And I like it here.

Now what, Bitch.

Guberville Smack said...

Hope you remember the commentary from all view points and Anons has helped make this site as entertaining as it is.
Once only like-minded people are posting, it will get boring here very quick.

And please remind me what was the approval rating of Bush after one year in office?
The game is won after four quarters, not after the opening drive.

Gosh. I hope that was brilliant enough to pass censorship?

Stuck in So Pa said...

Bout time!

will shill for coin said...

msNJ dude, this is the second time I've heard you writing about the stress the Gimmee Cheese guy apparently gives you. That's about a 1 on a scale of 10 how rough it can get around here. What's wrong with you?

Nimesh said...

Yes, BRAVO, I agree 110%. How much effort does it really take to user your name. Or if you don't like using your name, you can just make up a nickname like "Bubba from Alabama"

Fruity Pebbles said...

I personally like it here.

Formosan said...

I really appreciate it, Keith. It was getting to a point where I was not wanting to read SA. There was just too much crap being posted by anons.

Thank you!

consultant said...

Agree. 100%.

JAWS said...

Well, as expected, reverse-psychology takes hold in Las Vegas.

The threat of Hummer being sold or off'd to someone else has caused them to sell. They're all over the place now. Always sort of were but now more than ever. Apparently, folks are afraid they won't be able to get one so they're buying them up - and gas isn't so bad these days.

There was a Hummer lull for a while but now they're back!

Ola Dunk said...

The right was wrong, but there is also madness in the left.

Immigration is making Europe unsafe, not just in terms of violent crime, but for the future, as we're all headed for minority dhimmi status.

keith said...

actually I watch fox news too, but I see it for what it is

there's watching fox news, and then there's being a 'fox news watcher'.

see the difference?

kind of like watching msnbc, and being a 'msnbc watcher'

once you're only consuming media that you agree with 100%, you're a good little zombie

msNJ said...

Oh, I'm not stressed by the cheeese dude, wsfc. I just was trying to come up with a humorous example of how the level of discourse around here might rise.

I like cheese as much as the next fella. My unemployment cheese is helping me get through a pretty shit time right now, so let's not get started on what's wrong with me.

Let's talk about what's wrong with everything else!!!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

But I enjoy pissing off the anonymous!

Brian Miller said...

Immigration is making Europe unsafe, not just in terms of violent crime, but for the futureYeah, THOSE PEOPLE are seeking to destroy us! If we could just kill them all, life would be so much nicer. Right?


i've had it said...

i'm not sure turning off the anon's is a good idea. people should be able to say whatever they want anonymously if they want.

as for foxnews: it is a breath of fresh air in the liberal dominated media. they do bring the truth for certain things. for example, the tea parties. these hundreds and hundreds of protests got about 1 million or more people from tiny towns to huge cities. the msm panned or ignored it, while they gave copious air and print time to seven paid ACORN activists who rented a bus and drove through a town in connecticut that is home to two AIG executives.

hmmm....1 million people protest and they are ridiculed and ignored by the liberal press and 7 morons from ACORN are lionized by it.

seems like foxnews is doing its job and the msm isn't.

this is why foxnews is so important. and it is why the msm is dying.

keith, pretty soon the only two news sources that will still be around will be foxnews and sootandashes!

Ross said...

Keith, you have their IP addys, why not just assign them nicknames yourself?

debt junkie said...

What is fox news? Fools like to say it is Hannity.

I think more closely it is the Sunday table with Birt Hume. Again you'll forget this before you even finish reading.

Maybe I should get nasty again. And by the way, I know I don't need to get published to hurt. It's only human, that truth hurts, and one must read it or know inwardly they are a coward.

And I was preparing such a nice anti-housing bubble post before coming tonight.

Single said...

Sure I'll sign my name Keith. However, this blog seems to have gone so far over to the left that I have slowed down coming here. Yes, I know there will be plenty of folks who disagree with that statement but one thing you will agree with is that how far right or left something is depends on where you stand; and yes I stand to the right.

As for watching/listening to the 'other side' (other point of view) I believe that I pretty much know what the loony left thinks about most subjects. I can pretty much look at a story or issue and guess what kind of whack spin they will put on it - I'm right 99% of the time. Therefore I don't read much of their dribble as it's the same ole rehashed pablum that they spew time and time again. In otherwords, I really DON'T learn anything new from the left, reading them (and MSM is part of that left) just reinforces my opinion of them.

Oh, for the record, Obama is a disgrace. Not that the republicans offered up anyone much better, but Obama continually shows his inexperience day after day after day.

Hope this makes it through the censors.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Yawn! This is the most boring post yet.

I have one request, let the cheese guy post as the only permitted anon.

Keith, this site should be beyond these arguments.

unknownpoltroon said...

And then theres the grey area of anon

Saul said...

"Perma-bear". Hmmmmm. What if, at the moment, this is the only logical way to be? What if it looks, at the moment, like this isn't going to change? Does that make me a perma-bear? Is that really wrong, considering?

keith said...

If you were a perma-bear in the stock market, you just got your head handed to you.

This is not the time to be a perma bull or a perma bear

As events and information changes, you have to be willing to change your strategy with it.

Or you'll get slaughtered.

Paul E. Math said...

I have to agree with Saul - there are too many fundamental problems with our system to believe this latest bull rally will last.

Perhaps I'm a permabear, although I did okay during this last rally anyway.

Obama is trusting Larry Summers and Ben Bernanke (Geithner is a tactician, not a strategist). But their Keynesian framework is fundamentally flawed.

Hey, maybe they'll manage to save us from this current crisis just like Greenspan and Bush did when they dropped interest rates and taxes after 911.

But, like Greenspan and Bush, they are only postponing the inevitable, kicking the problem down the road to some future bag-holder: the next generation.

We face an inevitable day of grim reckoning and the longer we postpone it the worse it gets.

les said...

I agree. I don't like to argue or make comments about an anonymous post.

Anonymous said...

The Obama gimme cheese guy essentially stole my original phrase of Bama gonna gits me a checks.

Scott said...

Yeah, censorship and marginalization, that's the way to go!

Let's also keep out the gays and Muslims, and make everyone wear flag pins too.

And anyone who criticizes Keith is branded as "unpatriotic."


That sounds familiar...

euonymous said...

I have nothing to add to this post, but I need to know for future reference:

Now that I have a real fake name like (most) everyone else, can I post on S&A, if I'm so inclined?

You're right, it IS more fun with real fake names! Makes me think and post better!

Also makes me wonder just a little if The Great One's ideology/methodology is rubbing off a little on ya, Keith!

Sad, sad, sad, sad.

That's exactly why he's so dangerous.