April 18, 2009

Obammmmy Gimme Cheese!!! More cheeeeeese!

Man, that phrase gets me every time. Started with this post I think?

Catch phrase of 2009 I say. At least in our small little world. Supporters and haters both should enjoy the humor. We should do t-shirts.

Obammmmy Gimme Cheese!!!


Anonymous said...

Neither supporter nor hater. Disappointed yet not at all surprised that he's obviously just another in a long line.

More disappointed in people who only now embrace their inner fiscal conservative.

Where were you on the GAO audit; on the $10 Billion Iraq embezzlement...

the $Trillion+ to bank shareholders?

NOW is the time to finally put your foot down, right?

Tyrone said...

Sometimes you really scare me. That phrase has the exact same affect on me. Cheers!

Ross said...

Effing love it. Gets me every time.

truthseeker said...

I have my own cheese that i worked hard for sacrificed for and saved ..

ooooobamy leave me my cheese !!!

Pretty please ...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

How many times can you tell a gag line and still have it be funny? Depends on the person reading it. For me, more than twice with this one was the dullsville limit. Even the best "Saturday Night Live" catch phrases lost their lustre...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Now if you riff off a catchphrase, that's less repetitive.

Like "Obammmmmy -- Gimme bread!!!" As in money, or bread lines.

Or "Obammmmmmy -- Gimme soup!!!" Like soup lines, or if you're a right-wing nut case who thinks Obama is a new totalitarian, he's the Soup Nazi from "Seinfeld."

Or "Obammmmmy -- gimme lines!!!" like those soup lines, or the lines of coke he did in college. (I'd lay 2:1 odds that Obama didn't snort as many lines as George Bush, though.)

Mammoth said...

Perhaps one of us older folks (who has more free time on his/her hands than me) can provide to the younger set an explanation & provide more background on what this phrase is about.

(Hint: ~25 years ago, wasn't there a lot of talk about the Covt. giving the poor excess cheese that was produced thanks to Govt. subsidies of dairy farmers?)

Perhaps the master cheese-cutter himself may perform said research and report bact to S&A.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Mammoth, that's how I read the "Gimme cheese" line -- a reference to the U.S. government giveaway of surplus cheese (plus peanut butter and other commodities that the .gov bought as part of its price support program.)

I was a young newspaper reporter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula when that started during the Reagan Recession. It was novel -- the federal government giving massive amounts of food to poor people -- so I showed up at a hand-out centre to take pics and interview folks who were getting it. I was a bit bummed that I wasn't receiving any of those 2-lb. loaves of Velveeta-style plastic stuff, because I like macaroni and cheese, and that stuff's perfect for it! But I didn't feel all Rick Santelli about it, because I knew I was better off than the unemployed loggers and people who had been dependent on the tourism business around Lake Superior. I even wrote a humourous fantasy column for the editorial page about the mischief that ensued after a future government give-away of surplus M-16s and tanks that had been supplanted by the new particle beam energy weapons.

Just you wait, though -- someday it's going to be a government give of $1 bills, just as soon as hyperinflation adds a zero or two to the ones that everyone needs for daily transactions.

Markus Arelius said...

And what's wrong with cheese?

The Greeks, French, Germans and Maltese like it only a little bit more than Americans do.