April 15, 2009

For the record, I don't support the Fox News Teabag Con Job™

Ron Paul supporters originally came up with the tea party concept, when he was running for President against Fox News the GOP field.

But now, in a brilliant and calculated political move (Karl Rove does work there after all), Fox News and the GOP mainstream has hijacked the deal, and tried to make it their own.

Not buying it. And you shouldn't either.

The original tea party effort was to rebel against the establishment, against Fox News, and against the Bush Administration and the GOP and the corruption and incompetence of both parties in Congress, who combined to get us into this mess.

And now Fox News, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the blow-hard right wing from the now-dead GOP, who did anything and everything they could to discredit and destroy Ron Paul's campaign, while taking American down a road of ruin, are trying to con America into thinking that they, the PARTY WHO CREATED THIS MESS, are the ones who are bravely acting to clean it up.

Yeah. Right. Good luck selling that stinking pile of sh*t.

So, to be clear, I am 100% AGAINST this effort. The Fox News "teabaggers" are a joke. And I encourage you to fight the real problem - the Democrats and the Republicans who created this mess. And especially Fox News, who promoted and served as the official propagandist for what we now know was the worst presidential administration in the history of the United States.

Enjoy this video. Teabaggers. You wonder if Fox News knows we're laughing.


Anonymous said...

it is an odd flip flop, but better late than never?

Anonymous said...

On the local news last night they had the dates, locations and times in our area for such tea-bag activities which I thought was strange.

Just like they were posting the times and dates for girl scout cookie sales.

Looked fishy to me.

Reality Check 101 said...

Where were all these "Revolutionaries" over the last 8-years?

I didnt see any of these cowards when the GOP blocked their fake 9/11 investigations and started 2-wars based upon BS and the Dick and Dumbya "fear campaign". You're right Keith.

Only a "media organized movement" such as this could only be created by the RCRN (republican criminal regime network) including AP, FOX, CNN, WSJ, CBS, ABC, AT&T, ETC. And yes, many of the democrats belong to this group as well.

The way I see it is if BO did not loan money to the BROKE criminal banks, we would be in a full-scale civil war because the banks and businesses would have no money to cash your paychecks. All the ATMs would be OUT-OF-ORDER.

Our nation has be robbed blind! Remember Ken Lay? What we need to do is find Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld! Maybe they're hiding in a hole in Texass! We have plenty of rope (thats made in China!)that will do the job well.

Then we could charge $25.00 to watch it live on TV/cable pay-per-view with the proceeds given to US arm forces families that got they're heads blown off in Iraq.

How's them $850+ billion dollar clusterfvck wars going dumbya? Did I miss the victory parades?
Fucking idiots!

Anonymous said...

Every Republican I've talked to believes their party created the tea thing, sorta like every Democrat believed in change...

Afterthought said...

Unless we have Constitutional reform allowing for third parties to have power equal to their support, it's going to be either the Republicans or the Democrats.

Most producers do not feel they get enough from government for their contribution to it. While one can debate that, one must allow them to seek redress through the system as it is before they "explode".

Why would a decent human being want his country to explode before they have exhausted Constitutional tactics?

The very size of America is causing a lot of our headaches. Splitting it up needs to be considered for better government and less "too big to fail".

My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

The Boston Tea Party was a protest against corporate welfare. The British Parliament gave the East India Tea Co. monopoly power to import tea to the colonies and lowered the duty on tea.

Thus, no one else could import tea and the company received a favored tax status.

Where the tax protesters during the last 8 years?

So much for the educational level in the US.

Banana Republicrat said...

A summary of the D/R combined record on recent, major issues:

"We're doing a great job securing the country (after the most colossal national security fuck up in sixty years happened on our watch!)"

"We're doing a great job ousting dictators and bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East (after we supported and armed the very same barbarous dictators while they gassed, raped and further brutalized their people. Oh, and by the way, it’s only freedom and democracy, if they vote for the right people!)"

"We're going to get tough and bring integrity back to Wall St (after our poor policy making stripped away time-tested regulations helping those same Wall St miscreants fill their coffers while putting the treasury department--filled with more Wall St dirtbags--and by extension, the American people in an untenable economic position!)"

They're doing it because it always works. You want a taste of the Zeitgeist Keithareeno: Me likey buy shiny! TV chicks hot! Loud man funny!


Brothers and sisters, we are alone on this journey. "Invest wisely."

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I view this as a test of the Faux News/Rush Limpballs/Reich Wing's ability to put people in the streets. Can they get thousands of bodies? Or will it be hundreds, maybe even awkward dozens of people milling around in various public squares looking at each other and saying "What do we do now?"

There's been a lot of effort by right-wing groups to boost this, especially via the media. I've also seen reports about the corporate sponsors and Republican politicians who will be speakers. If they expend all this effort and get only a handful of participants, the Right will look weak.

I don't expect much from the tea-bagging. Right-wingers don't like to protest like us dirty goddamn hippies on the Left do. Righties think it's gay. Plus, righties don't like to hang around with other people unless they're in ideological lockstep. And the racist "kill fags" lunatics will alienate the old-line conservative anti-taxers and uptight Christians, etc. Lefties don't mind the other freaks so much because we enjoy the outre.

Another question is: if there's a large turnout, will TPTB pay any attention to them? There were hundreds of thousands in the streets protesting against realPresident Cheney's wars. Didn't matter for squat. If there are 10,000 total tea-baggers, will Obama bow to them? Should he?

Anonymous said...

with all the teabagging jokes it was like a dumbed down version of The Onion.

MSNBC's spin/bias is the polar opposite of Fox. which makes them just as worthless.

Anonymous said...

I think you underestimate the possibilities of the situation - Rush, et. al., may appear to be leading it but I bet that just about EVERY issue here will really resonate with the folks who come out - including criminal prosecutions/special investigations, what to do with the FED, congressional corruption in both parties, and on and on... this is only a
Rush/Armey operation if he can control and shut down discussion of these wider issues - and that is far from certain -
remember - Louis XV called the estates general that beheaded him...

Anonymous said...

Anything to avert attention from how Obamas making it worse. What do they call that, straw man concept?

keith said...

I agree - I would have loved to have supported a 'tea party' effort - just like with Ron Paul and the money bombs. And nobody has been calling louder for a special prosecutor and justice than this blog.

But the 'tea bag' think has been hijacked by Fox News and the GOP. The two entities THAT CAUSED THE MESS, AND HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY.

There should be tea party protests outside fox news, and outside the GOP headquarters.

But what Rove is doing is brilliant - take your weakness and make it your strength. I just hope America isn't buying it. And Ron Paul supporters should be outraged at what Fox and Hannity et all are trying to get away with. They tried to run him down. And now they're trying to steal his message.

Anonymous said...

yeh and that stupid glenn beck is down here today taking advantage of the situation. seems i remember him dissing ron paul on numerous occasions. suddenly he is on our side now. talking about fema camps, and being the main stream alex jones....yeh we read your book beck. it was a short read and a complete waste of time, just like you are.

Pay Lay Ale said...

Many of the rank and file GOP and even some commentators like Rush, opposed the drunken sailor spending and open borders. Newt opposed Iraq.

We are getting taxation without representation. The people's representatives have only voted on $1.4 trillion of the $13 trillion of bailout loot. The FED printed the rest of it and imposed a hidden inflation tax on the rest of us.

PMSNBC also lies when they say that tax rates have not been increased in 16 years in this country. State and local tax rates are skyrocketing all over the country. Inflation raged against people's savings during the Bush regime.

Anonymous said...

Nothing funnier than "conservatives" against big-government.Get some skin in the game; don't let them pull one over.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Pay Lay Ale said...

Many of the rank and file GOP and even some commentators like Rush, opposed the drunken sailor spending and open borders. Newt opposed Iraq.

We are getting taxation without representation. The people's representatives have only voted on $1.4 trillion of the $13 trillion of bailout loot. The FED printed the rest of it and imposed a hidden inflation tax on the rest of us.

PMSNBC also lies when they say that tax rates have not been increased in 16 years in this country. State and local tax rates are skyrocketing all over the country. Inflation raged against people's savings during the Bush regime.

April 15, 2009 3:45 PM<<<<

according to the founding fathers , what happens when we have taxation without representation? no redress of grievances through uncaring elected corrupt representation and no remedy in this thing callec courts with corrupt judges? what happens then? what happens according to the men who founded this country? we all know the answer to that question. we all know what needs to be done. but we are bought off. we are confortable. we are fat and lazy. but how long will this last? how long? how long before this thing that we have allowed to fester, called the state, get in our collective faces and try to make us bow the knee? how long? how long will we put up with this madness. my country is dying and nobody seems to care.

Anonymous said...

by they way, keith. don't mess with the texas vote. we all know you packed the obama vote and many unknown people suddenly voted for obama in the soot and ashes poll, suddenly and mysteriously.....so we get it on the vote fraud. just don't play that game with the texas vote pard...ha ha

Amtex said...

I do payroll for a company with 30 employees. Every single one of them got a larger paycheck starting April 1st. The comedy of this is that 99% of the teabaggers got tax cuts!

Never underestimate the power of Rove/Fox News to get the average working guy to vote against their best interests.

Malcolm said...

I agree that this is nothing more than an attempt to steal the Ron Paul supporters. It reminds me of the parable of the king who said to an advisor: go and find out where my people are marching so I can lead them.
On a funny note… the only live shot I’ve seen today on Fox “news” showed about 9 people at a gathering. They had the camera pulled in close in the hopes you wouldn’t notice, but it was pretty obvious that the gathering they were at was a dud.

Anonymous said...

Here you have it folks from ABC news TODAY.

Obama NOT aware of Tea Parties.


What else is he not aware of??

Anonymous said...

What you fail to recognize is that we, taxpayers, don't care who joins the tea party. At least Fox is giving some notoriety to it, since the other globalist networks that work for Rahm E., Goldman Sachs, and Soros (Anderson Cooper, Olbermann, the entire MSNBC, NY Times, LA Times, etc) are trying to diminish the event or not covering it at all.

On that note, so much for your beloved blue states:

(CBS 2 Chicago) Illinois Income Tax May Jump 50 Percent

Income taxes in Illinois could soon be going up by as much as 50 percent to combat deficits in a difficult state budget.

As CBS 2’s Joanie Lum reports, Gov. Pat Quinn is reportedly considering raising taxes to deal with a growing budget deficit.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Quinn wants to raise the state income tax to 4.5 percent from 3 percent.


(Bloomberg) -- New York Governor David Paterson said next year’s record budget gap may be $3 billion greater than the $16.2 billion he announced earlier this week and hinted a tax increase on higher incomes is possible.

The newly estimated gap for the year beginning April 1 was 25 percent more than projections six weeks ago, he said.

“We are right now on the verge of cuts and service reductions that I would have to describe as life threatening,” Paterson said. “With situations like that, everything is on the table,” he said in response to a question about increasing the state’s income tax for high earners.
Pay up, suckers and don't even think about immigrating to red states! Enjoy your retirement in poverty for subsidizing all your life banksters, crooked liberal politicians, welfare parasites, illegals, and breeders in your blue states.

Look look sheeple, funny-man Olbermann is screaming again...don't pay attention to bailouts, tea party protest, or higher taxes. Look look, they killed a couple of dirty fisherman Somalis...it's all good now, go buy GE stock to subsidize Olbermann's paycheck and luxurious lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Google tea bag and you will know why the GOP loves this idea. They must get a lot of practice doing this all day long behind closed doors.

ex-HPer said...

What a bunch of lazy ass whiners..

All your populists revolutionary uprising and rioting you guys have been harping about and now that you have an opportunity to act, you come up with such lame excuses..

Ha ha ha ha ha..

Anonymous said...

Watch out for false flag attacks by the shadow gov to discredit the Tea Party event. Just a word to all the National Guard members out there: Your retirement money is being stolen by the same thieves and you're being taxed to the teeth like everybody else in the event!

>> National Guard On Alert For Tea Party Protests

The Maryland National Guard has been put on alert in anticipation of today’s nationwide Tea Party protests, while a Homeland Security spokesman refused to deny that protesters would be under surveillance from the DHS.

The Maryland National Guard issued a Force Protection Advisory on April 11 which has since been leaked to the Internet.

The document warns the National Guard to be on alert during the Tea Party protests because Guardsmen and Guard facilities might become “targets of opportunity.” The contact point for the document is listed as the Antiterrorism Program Coordinator.<<

So if you protest against exorbitant taxes in a peaceful manner, you're considered a terrorists now? Fascist Regime Alert!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was that Rick Santelli clip that got this current "tea party" movement started, as the Media Right seized on an an opportuntiy to assert their relevancy based on evidence of populist outrage originating from the outside their own echo chamber.

But, seriously, commentary from the Wuss Network is at least as biased and worthles as anything that comes out of Fox.

Brian Miller said...

The idea that the tea party thing was "hijacked" simply because FAUX News is covering it is silly.

There are plenty of Libertarians, liberal Democrats who are deficit hawks, and others who have been involved since the beginning.

Keith, I think your main problem is that the tea party folks are criticizing your preferred candidate, Obama, who apparently believes that the solution to fixing a massive economic problem caused by excessive borrowing is to mortgage the remainder of the country in a $9 trillion borrow-and-spend spree over the next few years.

Yes, there will be Republican asshats there who didn't object when Bush was pissing money away, but that doesn't invalidate the point that most of the people are there to make.

all talk no action said...


Dont participate..


Fine.. cut your noses to spite your face.


Guberville Smack said...

How the right is now blaming the left for this mess is really, really, really sickening. These are supposed to be our leaders, and they are all pathetic.
Left and right.
They have absolutely no moral fiber, no honesty, they take no responsibility.
After the entire country has been washed down the toilet, they will simply blame the other party.
I'm beginning to prefer dictatorships. At least all the dictators go down with the ship and eventually get hung up in public squares.

Anonymous said...

Keith and all H/Per's-

Don't let distractions or divisive politics take your eye or energy from the real problems.

If the ruling elite (and I would bet that Rove, Carvelle, Chaney and Emanuelle play golf together) can divide us and make people turn on each other, it will keep their power structure going longer.

They create an enemy so we won't look to them as the problem.

HB Slacker said...

i'd gladly dip my balls in one of these idiot right wing teabaggers mouth to shut them up!

Anonymous said...

Hoooweeee, this global warming thingy is bringing so much heat, eh? Prepare your wallets to transfer taxes to European banksters and elites through their latest scam called "carbon taxes".

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane residents get a white April

An unusually strong late snowstorm has closed roads and snarled traffic in the Spokane area Tuesday morning.

Icy conditions prompted closure of state Highway 291 near Suncrest.

Spokane already has received the most snow in its history this winter, and the total will increase after the blanket of snow that started falling yesterday afternoon.

Brandine said...

What a bunch of old grinches!


Always throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

It's "Us vs. Them" again. Same old shit, different day with you people.

I've read many reports where the organizers say this is not a republican or democrat thing, and they are not letting any such party-type people speak.

Maybe, just maybe the liberals (read democrats) don't want to give this thing any media, they do love "The One" so very much. His image must be protected!

I am a Libertarian and could care less about either party, but what stinks in these comments is the ignorance that can't see anything but the party or the messenger.

There are real people participating, independents, republicans, democrats and libertarians, who are expressing their discontent with the status quo. They are actually going out and doing something while you armchair warriors sit in your chairs with your fat butts and gripe on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

I think it was more Santelli as the inspiration and FOX grabbed and ran with it.


debt junkie said...

Why no rage over, say, the NY Times leans left.

Nope. Not a word. Not a care. That's all fine and good and plus it's just the way it is and deal with it.

I smell bullshit. The hate Fox news crowd is an organized propaganda effort intent on silencing the only outlet that won't drink their koolaid. But it will fail. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Forget the big-mouths at the top - go there and talk up Ron Paul, Ron Paul's issues, and all the issues we talk about here - see what happens - I bet a lot of the grass roots respond and I doubt Rush can shut you down - this is a long term battle and it takes time to build organization and political consciousness -
there were vicious internal struggles and splits in the anti-vietnam war organizations that took years to develop and mature - this is only the beginning... the tea bag gatherings are not a disciplined party that can freely expel anyone who disagrees - they are a forum to meet people who may have a LOT of agreement with our thinking...

alex3191 said...

Wow ! Obama start talking real things .. WOW !

what happened ?

Anonymous said...

the right has one news outlet (fox) and that is a bad thing.

The left has everything else and that is ok.


Anonymous said...

How the right is now blaming the left for this mess is really, really, really sickening. These are supposed to be our leaders, and they are all pathetic.

hmmm, i hear it differently. I hear these right nut jobs saying that BO's policies are mis-guided and won't fix the problem.

I am neither left nor right but I happen to agree that BO's policies are going to make things worse, much worse.

Anonymous said...

I do payroll for a company with 30 employees. Every single one of them got a larger paycheck starting April 1st. The comedy of this is that 99% of the teabaggers got tax cuts!I just send my tax return with a $3,000 check. My wife's had a paycut of 15%, like everyone else in the company of 150 employees. F*ck the Fed, f*ck BO bailouts to Goldman Sachs.

You must work as a government/taxpayer leech.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith. Have you googled "teabagging + urban dictionary" yet.

Which Republican party operatives came up with the idea? Maybe the Larry Craig who made that bathroom at the Minneapolis air port so famous with his shoe tapping code?

It sounds like a real good event for gay men (and clueless Libertarians).

The Republicans have another event planned. 2m4m Try googling that sometime.

Anonymous said...

I just watched a TEA demonstration next to my work in Santa Ana, CA.

What a joke! They were just motivating the crowd and yelling inaccurate facts.

They spent some time talking about taxes and spending... then they quoted Ronald Reagan, who's administration ran up a record deficit at the time, to support their claims

You can't make this crap up!

gutless and lazy said...

Never a more blatant attempt at propaganda in the USA.

Fox news execs should be taken out behind a barn and shot.

Anonymous said...

When you have a lot power as our federal representatives have there needs to be a bigger hammer hanging over them than simply losing their reelection campaign. A better approach might be death for them and their immediate family if their public opinion numbers dip below 30 percent let’s say—no doubt that’s failing. You might want to suck the corporate d*ck for your benefit and the benefit of your family but I highly doubt many of these self-serving morons would be willing to if the downside was death to them and theirs.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% and I also believe that 'something wicked this way comes' from this focused 'rage'.
Never trust FAUX news....EVER!

les said...

We need to put our support behind a third party. Libertarian, Constitutionalists, Green Party or Peace and Freedom. These four parties need to come together as one party. Maybe call it the Third Party.

If there is a time for a third party, it is now.

Anonymous said...

stop watching that bull queer on msnbc. and stop watching that half-wit hack olberman.

Here's my take, these left elitists are the worst sort: they're elite with my money.

Daphne64 said...

I went to one of the protests tonight. There were some republicans there, and some "a pox on both your parties" types there. I couldn't say what proportions.

I live in an area where at least half the adults have college educations, so I would guess most people knew that both parties have been culpable in the bank bailouts.

Speaking of bank bailouts, there were "stop the bailout" petitions going around. That and people handing out CD-ROMs explaining/promoting the fair tax.

No one was stupid enough to complain about tax increases - other than the future ones (overt or stealth-by-hyperinflation)implied by all the spending.

By the way, did you see the news story about the budget deficit for the first half of fiscal 2009 being $957 billion?

Got any idea how many months it will be before the Fed is the only buyer of Treasury debt? I'd be amazed if it's more than a year away.

patrat said...

The importance of the tea parties is that people got off their asses and away from their TV's and computers and got together. The reason doesn't actually matter. The gmn't is well aware of that and I am sure is taking it seriously. The people are starting to pay attention. That's the real point.

patrat said...

And organize...
that IS the real point.

Anonymous said...

What Keith fails to realize in why this movement started (and I happen to know it actually started in my hometown Seattle - not exactly a rightwing hotbed) is that the fact that his preferred candidate - now President - Obama promised "change" made people believe that there actually would be change. No, this movement didn't start during the last 8 years of Bush because people thought that voting for Obama WAS their protest against the last 8 years of Bush. To then vote for Obama, and then see that Obama is just going to continue the raping and pillaging policies of the Bush republicans and even escalate them by siphoning off the wealth of their childrens' children to Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Saudi shareholders, etc. is what has made people start to realize that the only thing left for them is to take to the streets. It has finally started to sink into even the densest voter that there REALLY is no difference between the dems and repubs and it doesn't matter how pretty any of their candidates talk or doesn't talk; both parties are just picking their pockets.

It is the height of irony that a blogger like Keith, who for years now has been asking when enough will be enough for people. Who has been predicting riots in the streets for all those years, now is ridiculing people who are beginning to protest, peacefully, the larceny the gov't has been perpetrating against them by calling them the filthiest of names which one previously would only hear as a disgusting slur against gays.

Those are the depths that once principled bloggers, as well as the media are now plumbing.

keith said...

It truly saddens me what happened with the Fox News protests. I wanted people in the streets. I wanted protests.

But I didn't want Fox News to be at the lead. I wanted protesters OUTSIDE THE FOX NEWS OFFICES.

But Karl Rove truly is brilliant. If you can't see what Fox News and the GOP have done with this, you're blind. It's obvious. They co-opted the movement and are trying to make it their own. Even though they should be the TARGETS of the movement.

They wrecked America. They were in power, they caused the problem, they wrecked the country. And to now pretend that they're outraged and want to clean it up is sick. And I'm not buying, and I hope you don't either.

That said, protests need to happen. But they need to happen OUTSIDE of the GOP or Fox News. Perhaps next time there are protests, there needs to be a lot of 'REPUBLICANS SUCK', 'ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY' and 'FOX NEWS IS PROPAGANDA' signs and speakers.

Otherwise all these protests will do is let the bad guys off the hook.

Man, I hope they don't get away with it. Sounds like they are.

Karl Rove - brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who created it, the idea is we need to let our government know that enough is enough. The TEA Parties that were held were just one way to start that process. It's sad that the mainstream news media chose to mostly ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Accidently walked through a tea party rally. The only thing of note was a sign which said "I SHAVED MY BALLS FOR THIS?"

I laughed for a good 10 minutes.

Anton Chiguhr

Anonymous said...

I am with anonymous 8.15am.

To those of you who disagree with participating in the tea bag demonstration, I trust you will be able to look back at this moment.

One day, your child will come up to you and ask 'Why am I paying so much taxes that I can barely feed my family ?'

I hope you CAN find an explanation for this President's profligacy.

We are not looking at a once-off trillion dollar deficit, we are looking at MULTI-trillion dollar DEFICITS as far as the eye can see.

It won't be us thats paying for this down the road.

It will be your children and your children's children that will be paying for this.

What we do now, may well determine the direction the USA takes.

Isn't doing something better than doing NOTHING at all ?