April 26, 2009

Great. At this point, a global flu pandemic would be the LAST thing we'd need

Well, look at the bright side... These bozos aren't around to f*ck it up anymore.

Possible Swine Flu Outbreak At NYC Prep School...
Most fatal flu victims aged between 25-45...
Swine flu could infect trade and travel...
Schwarzenegger has 'rigorous' plan...
WHO ready with antivirals...
The mysterious respiratory illness...
CDC says too late to contain...
60 DEAD: Mexico City launches huge vaccination campaign...
Heighten Risk of Pandemic...
Concerns in California, Texas...
Mutated from pigs, transmitted to humans...
Mexico has not suffered serious flu epidemic before...


Positive: NYC students...
WHO: Swine flu could mutate to 'more dangerous' strain...
Flu fears prompt quarantine plans...
Mexico City residents staying at home...
Russia Suspends Imports of Meat From Mexico, Some U.S. States...
New swine flu likely widespread...
Asia on alert...
10 New Zealand students in scare...
Mideast First: Israeli man hospitalized on suspicions...
Spain announces 3 suspected cases...

* The World Bank estimated in 2008 that a flu pandemic could cost $3 trillion and result in a nearly 5 percent drop in world gross domestic product. The World Bank has estimated that more than 70 million people could die worldwide in a severe pandemic.

* Australian independent think-tank Lowy Institute for International Policy estimated in 2006 that in the worst-case scenario, a flu pandemic could wipe $4.4 trillion off global economic output.

* Two reports in the United States in 2005 estimated that a flu pandemic could cause a serious recession of the U.S. economy, with immediate costs of between $500 billion and $675 billion.

One report, from the Congressional Budget Office, said hospitals would have difficulty controlling infection and might become sources for spreading the illness.

A second report by New Jersey-based WBB Securities LLC predicted a one-year economic loss of $488 billion and a permanent economic loss of $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy.

* SARS in 2003 disrupted travel, trade and the workplace and cost the Asia Pacific region $40 billion. It lasted for six months, killing 775 of the 8,000 people it infected in 25 countries.


Anonymous said...

I've got one thing to say... NWO!!

Anonymous said...

With the world being destroyed by filthy and greedy pigs of every kind, how fitting it is that we are now threatened by "the swine flu."

Mammoth said...

Interesting, that all the bullet points listed in the post refer to dollar losses, rather than the number of lives lost.

Anonymous said...

my brother won tickets to mexico for next week, and he WAS worried about the drug problems, not anymore. HA, HA. here will be cars lined up trying to get into the US for their free medical services.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Obbbammmyyy will shut the border down and do the right thing. Not, your going to get another good look at your NWO fearless leader. Bukko, head down to Mexico to wipe some arse. It could solve that problem.

amigauser said...


You really need to stop falling for these science scares :-

global warming
climate change

how many of these have come true

Even al gore has stopped talking about the decreasing antartic ice

You should realise that science lab funding is usually for 2 years, so they need to create excitment about their science field if they are to get their funding renewed

Anonymous said...

Like Michael Moore said in Bowling For Columbine: "Keep the fear up. Just Fear " Going to Walgreens to get me a mask, and then some ammo....

mimi said...

Okay - but look at the bright side - for those of us that don't die - housing supply will go way up which should really help correct the prices. And although the survivors will consume less - you still need to fill essential jobs so perhaps unemployment will even go down. There may not be any openings for hedge fund managers but you still need people to run the electric, water and sewage plants. Maybe even China will change its one-child policy.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, this is no joke, this is a very serious matter. Pray that it is not a killer because if it is, the wrath of GOD will be upon us!

les said...

1000 people infected, 60 deaths.

Chances are you'll survive.

les said...

Perfect timing.

News media will run with this story.

Drop the Merrillgate story like it never happened.

Swine/avian/human virus that is highly contagious and appeared out of nowhere. It's difficult for a virus to mutate between two species but to develop between three is almost unheard of without the help from science.

Life is stranger than fiction.

Someone planted this virus.

Anonymous said...

Re anonymous : filthy pigs and swine, thanks for the laugh.

We don't want flu...I had influeza in 1971, supposedly not a bad year. I took my son to school and daughter to preschool, picked her up at 11:30, came in and thought I was getting a little achy, catching a cold, sneezing. Got son at 2:30, fixed them a snack, laid down just before dinner and didn't get up for 10 days. Lost 10 pounds and my hearing for a month. Had to read lips and write notes.

When the swine flu scare came in 1976 I got a vaccination because I was alone with my kids by then and was afraid there would be no one to care for them if I got flu again. Didn't.

The fact this is in that demographic that every country needs most is not a good thing.

I'm getting more sanitizer this week and some masks ahead of time, and a bottle of bleach just for washing down. And some gargle...
And some chicken bouillon (knorr brand is great), garlic and pepper flakes. Make a potion of that with emphasis on the garlic and pepper flakes, as well as black pepper, and no one will come near you and I guarantee cleared sinuses at least for 15 minutes.

Bless us all and let us pray in our own fashion, that this is not
the one we've dreaded.

Grandma PKK

Anonymous said...

Good God!

Bush ain't president anymore!


Anonymous said...

Black Swine

will shill for coin said...

Where's my Case-Shiller numbers. I want them NOW!

Dpahne64 said...

This epidemic sounds quite a bit like the 1918-1919 flu pandemic, most notably in that it kills healthy young adults primarily (because of a cytokine storm - it's actually a disadvantage to have a healthy immune system).

My take on it is based on an extremely gloomy viewpoint that we are hitting peak everything and global warming simultaneously, and that the world's population will be at most 2 billion in 50 years time.

So I figure: let's get the deaths going now before we totally wipe out what's left of the world's wildlife and rainforests (which is projected to happen as billions of people try not to starve).

Yes, this is bad thing, but it may be the best of the bad possible futures.

speedingpullet said...

Les - that's a 6% mortality rate.

The Flu Pandemic of 1918 -19 had a 2.5% mortality. Compare and contrast.

Or, put it another way - if the entire population of the US - 330 million - are exposed, then you can expect a die off of between 15 - 18 million, give or take.

I'm not trying to instill panic in anybody, but laughing it off isn't the way to go either.
Don't think that 'flu is some lame childhood disease - its not.

Anonymous said...

Calm down, if you saw how many people die of of Pneumonia each year it would make people go into a panic if it were labeled a new disease. Put things in perspective before you freak out.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens and how badly our government fucks things up, the one thing I am always amazed by is how people just place 110% faith in our government. For example, I was sitting in a restaurant with my family and the group behind me was talking about the swine flu. Then one person said "don't worry, the government will make sure that won't happen here in America" and then everyone agreed. We Americans have a tremendous amount of faith in our government.

Anonymous said...

This could be a terrorist act people! Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee! There are people in the world who hate what America stands for and will do anything to destroy our way of life.

Anonymous said...

Swine Flu = GOP = Group of Pigs




This is all a plot by Muslims to destroy the entire Christian world!

It's swine flu, right?!? And what religion doesn't eat pork?!? The Muslims!!!

OK, the Jews too supposedly, but I knew a Jew guy in college who liked BLTs, so you know they're all hypocrites, and they're going to get it too! And even the Hebes who don't eat pork are going to be left all alone to fight the Muslims, them and the weak pansy vegetarians, once the swine flu has killed off everyone else! A billion angry Muslims against a few Jews and some dirty goddam hippies -- humanity won't stand a chance!

Wake up America! Can't you see that the Muslims are sending biological suicide bombers across our open border, disguised as Mexicans?!? I can't tell the fucking difference!They're everywhere among us right now, breathing the germs of genocide in our precious clean air! We have to stop them, before Obammmmmmy takes our guns away!

goadam said...

If this virus has a 6% mortality, then it is pretty bad. Spanish flu had around 2% mortality. Hmmm? 300 million people. Around 40 million get it and around 3 million die. So someone you know dies. not tooooo bad.

too much rope said...

les said...

"1000 people infected, 60 deaths.

Chances are you'll survive."

Is this a serious comment, or just sarcasm? Either way it is not very intelligent or funny. If this thing gets out of hand it will predominately affect the young and elderly. To some there are bigger threats than what happens to people other than themselves.

moretroops said...

Keith, why does it feel like most of your readers live in a cabin in the Dakotas and use a dial-up connection to talk about their apocolyptic fantasies?

Anonymous said...

For the last few years (since at least 1997 or there about), the WHO and the CDC has been stating it was just a matter of time, when a strain of the flu would cause another pandemic. Is this the one? We shall know in a month or two, but if you read history and the Spanish Flu of 1918, it also was a lower grade flu, the first wave, and then the second wave hit, and it was a blockbuster. Will this happen with this swine one? Wait and see, but you should read up on the Spanish Flu (google it) and learn what you would need to do. And now more people by far to spread it. Not good!

Bobbie said...

"1000 people infected, 60 deaths."

94% survival rate.

I like those odds. And thats only after you contract the swine flu. What are the chances of actually contracting it AND dying?

keith said...

Has someone put out an explanation yet how a pig, bird and human got together on this one?

Or have they named the Captain Trips lab yet?


keith said...

Anyone considered yet what this is gonna do to the Mexican economy?

Think tourists are gonna be getting in crammed planes to visit the beaches?

Think the restaurants and markets in Mexico City are gonna be packed?

I could go on and on.

If Mexico was in danger of being a failed state before, just wait.

FYI Mexico City is the 2nd biggest in the world (metro) with 22 million tightly-packed-in people


Anonymous said...

Great, now Al Gore gets to climb out of his hole to lecture us again regarding the effects of Global Warming, and how he has been warning us and now is the time to do something before it's too late.

Message to Al...Save the drama bro!


jim said...

You can not believe in climate problems and pandemics all you want, that doesn't mean they don't exist.

les said...

Speeding pullet

I wasn't trying to make a joke out of it. But, it's definitely not the end of the world.

The 1000 cases are people who actually got sick enough to go to the hospital. How many others got this flu and stayed home? I would guess that there may be as many as 5000 or more undiagnosed cases in Mexico. Maybe 20,000 people exposed to it. It doesn't appear to be a super strain. Early reports claim it's very treatable. Mortality rate is probably the same as the common flu.

Anonymous is right about Pneumonia.

Pneumonia kills 60,000 a year in America alone.

I would be more afraid of MRSA. Cases of MRSA are exploding.

keith said...

When AIDS was breaking out you could have easily said "Hey, only 1000 are sick, and only a few have died! Nothing to look at here - move along"

Actually, I think that's pretty much what Ronald Reagan and the GOP did.

People who don't understand viruses or pandemics don't understand math or the exponential function. Probably the same people who don't understand evolution, the big bang, gravity or global warming too.

Some people for whatever reason just hate science.

Shows just how ignorant a good number of Americans are. I blame the failings of the US education system. And the churches preaching ignorance over science.

keith said...

Little heads up for you, in case you're thinking of preparing, even if this amounts to nothing:


In terms of personal finances, other than investing your money in survival goods like food, water, candles, kerosene lamps and stoves and so on (in case of a power out), and taking some money out for use in buying what goods are available, there's little to do. Make sure you have an up to date written statement of your assets every month, so that if records are lost you can successfully argue with your bank/broker about what situation you were in.

Most stock markets will shut down for the duration of the crisis, either voluntarily or by government fiat. However some may stay open. The action on those exchanges will be wild, and probably very depressing. Ignore it for the duration. Don't sell, don't buy unless you are a trader who knows exactly what you're doing. Many companies will get bailed out after the pandemic is over, and what the stock price a year from the pandemic will be is impossible to tell.

The most important thing you can do before the actual pandemic starts is make sure your personal relationships with whomever you live with are in good shape, that you have a circle of friends and family you can trust and that you have a relationship with your neighbors and any important people in your neighborhood. Leaving aside personal health factors one of the most import predictors for survival will be the strength of your social ties to others. You may need help. Almost certainly someone in your family or social circle will need help. Make sure it's there, by making sure ahead of time that people like you and want to help you and can't bear the idea of you suffering or dying alone.

Anonymous said...

Social Disruption May Be Widespread

* Plan for the possibility that usual services may be disrupted. These could include services provided by hospitals and other health care facilities, banks, stores, restaurants, government offices, and post offices.
* Prepare backup plans in case public gatherings, such as volunteer meetings and worship services, are canceled.
* Consider how to care for people with special needs in case the services they rely on are not available.

top of page

Being Able to Work May Be Difficult or Impossible

* Find out if you can work from home.
* Ask your employer about how business will continue during a pandemic. (A Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist is available at www.pandemicflu.gov/plan/business/businesschecklist.html.)
* Plan for the possible reduction or loss of income if you are unable to work or your place of employment is closed.
* Check with your employer or union about leave policies.


Anonymous said...

Captain Trips is a fictional virus occurring in the Stephen King novel The Stand.

A form of superflu (influenza), it originates in an American biological weapons laboratory under the Mojave Desert in California, commanded by a General William "Billy" Starkey, and is hinted to have been created by breeding a hybrid of influenza and an AIDS-like illness. 99.4% of the human population is vulnerable and the disease is universally and swiftly fatal to those that catch it. Those who are immune to Captain Trips are utterly immune — in one instance, protagonist Stu Redman is unknowingly injected with the virus, only to have his immune system kill it. No medical basis for this immunity is identified in the research conducted, nor is it discovered why some people have immunity (although it is implied that the survivors are chosen by a higher power). The only evident connection between the immune persons that doctors identify is that all seem to be heavy, vivid dreamers.

Captain Trips is given several other nicknames by survivors, including “the rales,” and “Tube Neck.” “Captain Trips” and “the superflu” are the dominant names. The official code name of the virus development project was “Project Blue.”

Ron said...

"Or, put it another way - if the entire population of the US - 330 million - are exposed, then you can expect a die off of between 15 - 18 million, give or take."

That is a stupid arguement. That is assuming that the infection rate is 100% (everyone gets it).

Ridiculous. What is the infection rate? 5% ? Therefore out of a 330 million population 16.5 million catch the swine flu. Out of those people just under 1 million die. Not good but certainly not what you are making it out to be.

Stephen said...

Or have they named the Captain Trips lab yet?"

Captain Trips had a 100% infection rate and probably a 99.5% mortality rate. If this is Captain Trip then its goodbye to everyone

Ralph said...

This is getting scarey now! Eye witness accounts ...


Despite the heroic efforts of all staff (doctors, nurses, specialists, etc) patients continue to inevitably die. The truth is that anti-viral treatments and vaccines are not expected to have any effect, even at high doses. It is a great fear among the staff. The infection risk is very high among the doctors and health staff."

randall666flagg said...

And thus my screen name is "Randall666Flagg". Do you all Americano now know the reason behind my screen name ?

... And Trashcan Man, I will set you to burn...

keith said...

Not to be cold, but do you know what this will do to world commerce, tourism, travel, supply chain and stock markets, even if it amounts to not a lot?

When the genie comes out of the bottle, it's tough to put back in.

Anonymous said...


Do you think they should temporarily close the southern border? The places least affected by the 1918 flu severely restricted travel.

Also, please don't lump warming skeptics together with flu skeptics.

Fanny Alger said...

The Mexican economy is at bat.

A corrupt gov't.....strike one
Drug wars......strike two
Fear of pandemic......strike three

They are going down and it will spill over into the US

Anonymous said...

Here's our Black Swan Event...

keith said...

That's fair - I do not dump warming doubters together with flu doubters - not all of them.

But I do hope when it comes to ANY scientific issue that you read the science, REALLY devour the science, and trust the scientists, not the government, not your pastor, not the guy on talk radio, not Fox News or MSNBC, not the blogs, not your buddy at work...


Just the facts said...



But then you have



2) PAID-OFF SCIENTISTS (that lie for cash)

Like the GOP 9/11 investigators.

The REAL SCIENTISTS say 9/11 was a plan by the Texas/Energy GOP-CIA regime, and all of the facts prove it was a "fake attack" - meaning it was fabricated to "look like" 19-hijackers controlled by a caveman with a walkie-talkie. 80% of the world knows from all the scientific investigation movies on the web and reports, etc. The scientists can prove that Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc., LIED about 9/11, and should be held responsible for their unprecedented crimes, actions and terror raids against humanity.

The PAID-OFF SCIENTISTS say 9/11 was a real attack because of the "Pancake theory" and "$1.29 box cutters" and other funny crap that shows zero scientific facts of what really happened on 9/11.

And who owns the major news and media networks in the USA?

Bush Regime Members.

Now you know the rest of the story.

goadam said...

Has someone put out an explanation yet how a pig, bird and human got together on this one?

Or have they named the Captain Trips lab yet?


Do some research. All flu leaves human hosts after some level of immunity and inhabit pigs and birds. Then it mutates and jumps back into humans.


Anonymous said...

Conflicting account:

"The outbreak coincided with President Barack Obama's trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at the anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archaeologist who died a week later.

Mexico's health secretary, Jose Cordova, said Solis had a pre-existing illness and died of pneumonia unrelated to influenza."


God this would suck if it gets out of control.

Anonymous said...

Keith, why does it feel like most of your readers live in a cabin in the Dakotas and use a dial-up connection to talk about their apocolyptic fantasies?

April 26, 2009 2:50 AM

You fucking moron. I have a cabin in the Dakotas and was born and raised their. They are the most intellgent honerable people in this country. There was no housing crash there and they have the best economy in the country. Your a pole smoking dumb fuckin retard. And ya asshole this collaspe is happening this will end up making the great depression mild. Onward through the fog retard. After hyperinflation has had its way and the currency fails assholes like you will be eating each other. That will not happen in rural America.

PS We all have guns in our trucks at all times and know how to use them so just sit in your big city condo starving when this shit reaches its END. Come looking for food where it grows you will be disapointed.

speedingpullet said...

@Les - its OK dude, my hair's not on fire ;-)

We don't know yet how infectious this flu is - we have an idea, out of the reported cases, how many died - and that's pretty severe at 6% - but until they can get a handle on how the "get it/die from it" ratio - then we're groping in the dark.

And, yes, many people do die annually from the 'flu (or complications from 'flu such as pneumonia) - estimates in the US can go up to 50,000 per annum for the young/old/compromised. Healthy young adult deaths are rare - which is why this strain of 'flu is unusual.

Along with that - the time of year is wierd - normally 'flu season' happens in early spring (jan to feb) and a smaller spike in Fall (oct, nov) - so this, coming after the peak time, makes it unusual.

As for the "ManPigBird" nature of it - the influenza virus, like a lot of other viruses, is a wierd little bastard.
Although originally a disease of birds, influenza is sloppy enough in its replication to gerrymander any old RNA it can find to fit - hence its success in using both swine and human as vectors.

Plus, it mutates FAST - unlike other organisms that have to rely on DNA, using RNA means it changes its genetic signature very fast.
Which is why it can 'mix 'n match' from various species, and why every strain is slightly different - and why you need to have a 'flu shot for several different strains every year.

So, until more data comes in from testing around the world, its a good idea to keep an eye on what's going on.

The US may have dodged the bullet - as the cases (so far) have been non-lethal. However, due to the nature of influenza, there's no guarantee that the H1N1 strain (of which this is one IIRC) won't further mutate into something more lethal - the Flu Pandemic of 1918 - 19 was actually 3 separate waves of 'flu - the first mild, the second much more lethal and the third the most lethal (which was mitigated by many already having a small immunity from the first two waves).

As I said, my hair's not on fire, but this thing has my attention - we're due a pandemic soon anyway, such is the nature of these things, and our overpopulation and mobility nowadays is beacon for infectious diseases to make thier way around the world.

And LOVE all the "The Stand" references! It's one of my favourite books of all time - like playing "Fallout 3", it indulges me in my 'Die! Humanity! Die" fantasies, without it really happening - which would be a bummer ;-)

"Did you set fire to Mrs Semple's check, Trashy?....."

speedingpullet said...

PS: if you're interested in tracking what's happening with this 'flu, in a calm and unpanicky way, there's a wiki on it that's worth tracking:


As usual, the US MSM is encouraging us to believe the sky is falling.... so read up on it and do your own analysis

Mike H. said...

Someone said this will effect infants and the elderly.

Then something clicked in my mind.

Obama talking about addressing the entitlement programs. Unleasing the swine virus on the elderly should help pop the entitlement bubble of social security & medicaid, don't you think?

Sarcasm off.

This could turn into something pretty scary. Although it's only likely to be a 15% chance of a bad outcome in my estimate, at this time.


Bo Jenkins said...

The flu comes and goes every year. The flu kills thousands every year. Swine flu has been around before, in the 70's. They gave a vaccine for it that made people sicker than hell, with Gillian-Barre syndrome.

The media has been laying a foundation for mass hysteria for a flu pandemic for years.

Be cautious, but tone down the hysteria.

too much rope said...


Whats the deal with some posters using the term "Americano."? Is there some deeper use to this word, because to me it always sounds like it is being used by some community college dropout who jerks off to a poster of Che Guevara.

i've had it said...

Another "crisis" created by the UN's WHO.

We saw the same thing a few years ago with the Bird Flu from Asia. Month after month articles were written every day about the Bird Flu that was marching its way across the world. They talked about 150 people or so being killed by it...it's just that as time went on it was revealed that this number was killed over a period of like five or six years.

This swine flu things is just the same hype. It's done by the WHO for promotional purposes: to promote themselves and their role in the world. Like all UN agencies, they want to call the shots worldwide, so these types of scares are great opportunities for the UN bureaucrats to issue statements and proclamations to the world, all for the purpose of conditioning us to look to them to solve our problems and take their orders.

Can we get rid of the UN once and for all?

Finally, if this swine flu does materialize into anything, it will be because of illegal aliens bringing it here. The people who get swine flu are those who live with pigs on farms and in shanty towns in Mexico. These dirt poor people then enter the U.S. illegally and infect everyone else. This happened with bedbugs. Bedbugs have been a very rare thing in America up until five to ten years ago when all of a sudden they were coming out of the woodwork. These critters are traceable to the millions of illegal aliens who brought them here when they crossed the border, then transfered them unsuspectingly to other households where they worked (and still do) as nannies and laborers. The new illegals go live with the older illegals and bring in more bedbugs...and god only knows what else.

Shut down the border and we won't get swine or bird flu, and nasty critters like bed bugs.

ATE-UP said...

too much rope:

"Americano is with respect, deference, and adulation to the LATE GREAT ANDREW HAC!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone said this will effect infants and the elderly..

Actually it's the opposite. It affects the young and fit the most like the bird flu which appears to be due to it's effect on the immune system which triggers a cytokine storm response (look it up).

The immune system effectively overwhelms and damages the organs of the human body so a stronger immune system appears to be a disadvantage in this case.

As for the idea that this may be an intentional release it's not beyond comprehension.

Just a few weeks ago the vaccine supplier Baxter had supposedly "accidently" released vaccines with live bird flu virus which were only detected when test gerbils (I think they were gerbils) died in the lab and set off the alarm. Do a Google news search for Baxter and bird flu vaccine for more info. Of course the US media didn't bother mentioning this very disturbing incident.

As for why would anyone want to intentionally release a pandemic flu. Well you need to watch this film to get an idea of that:


Not to mention the opinions of some of those even on Soot and Ashes that think it's a good idea for population control. Why don't you advocates for population control lead by example and sacrifice *your* lives for the sake of the environment?


Anonymous said...

Big Pharma is licking its chops over this *opportune* outbreak.

Economic stimulus project?

Anonymous said...

I recommend everyone go to wikipedia and google pandemic flu 1918.

That scenario is what is behind the worry. Early estimates were that 20 million died. Current assessment is that it was more likely 100 million.
It was everywhere and had a 50 percent infection rate. Can you imagine trying to run a country, any country under those circumstances, let alone the aftermath? Talk about Depression, we'd have both kinds.

Grandma pkk

Anonymous said...

20 cases of swine flu so far.

8 - Queens, NY
7 - San Diego & Imperial County, CA
2 - San Antonio, TX
2 - Dickinson County, KS
1 - Lorain County, OH


The new local victims of swine flu were a man and his daughter in San Diego County (California), and a 41-year-old woman in Imperial County (California).

Two teenagers in San Antonio, Texas have also become infected.


All seven of the state's confirmed swine flu cases have been found in San Diego and Imperial counties


Two in Dickinson County (Kansas) Test Positive for Swine Flu


New York health officials said the eight were among more than 100 students at the private St. Francis Preparatory School, in Queens


Agents with the Ohio Department of Health announced that a 9-year-old boy from Lorain County has been diagnosed with the disease.

emmy said...

6% mortality is high. Every year the elderly and sick die of colds, pneumonia etc.But 6 percent of the population does not die. This kills young healthy people, so this is very concerning..6% of the people who catch a cold do not die...it is not good.

Anonymous said...

Yet another fake distraction is created to keep the prosecution of torturers and banksters out of the main stream, thus giving cover to the Messiah, the Dem party, and CIA. How predictable. This Flu is made in lab, sheeple. Don't you think that the timing and place of origin is too convenient and coincidental? Didn't happen in Asia, but south of the border, and right after Tea parties all over the country, more bank heists, and heated torture issue. When the times get tough, bring pirates and Flu to maintain sheep under control with scare tactics. Keep your heads in the sand, nothing to see here.

We've warned you that the global elite would bring a lab-made pandemic to reduce drastically the world population, since it's one of their goals (on record). I don't believe that's it yet, because one world currency and world central bank comes first. However, we're getting close because they're about to push the cap-and-trade scam, which is another goal on the list. Enjoy your new fascist regime, disguised as "change".


Anonymous said...




ponz and fisher (sp?)
korean cloning guy?

There are many many others.

Geez, Keith, on one hand you say question question question and think for yourself

on the other you say "Trust the scientists?"

Anonymous said...

Just to refresh your memories:

Toronto Sun; Feb 2009 -- Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus

The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.

And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabelled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

The contamination incident, which is being investigated by the four European countries, came to light when the subcontractor in the Czech Republic inoculated ferrets with the product and they died. Ferrets shouldn’t die from exposure to human H3N2 flu viruses.

Public health authorities concerned about what has been described as a “serious error” on Baxter’s part have assumed the death of the ferrets meant the H5N1 virus in the product was live.

The contaminated product, which Baxter calls “experimental virus material,” was made at the Orth-Donau research facility. Baxter makes its flu vaccine — including a human H5N1 vaccine for which a licence is expected shortly — at a facility in the Czech Republic.

People familiar with biosecurity rules are dismayed by evidence that human H3N2 and avian H5N1 viruses somehow co-mingled in the Orth-Donau facility. That is a dangerous practice that should not be allowed to happen, a number of experts insisted.

What a coincidence! This happened 2 months ago. What's on Idol and what Bo, the White House dog is doing today?

keith said...

Last Anon, I'll remind you of this from my hood:

Foot and mouth lab failure causes outbreak

A biosecurity failure at a research laboratory has been pinpointed as the likeliest source of Britain's foot and mouth outbreak.

An inquiry by scientists is centring on fears that the virus escaped from the Pirbright laboratory site in Surrey, the only centre licensed to work with the foot and mouth virus. It is feared that the virus, carried on the wind, infected cattle grazing in a field three miles away.


Anonymous said...

Could this 'crisis' have anything to do with a probe of the FDC's *cozy* relationship with Big Pharma?

Or potential funding cut-backs for CDC 'research' programs?

After all, this is how the game is played in the halls of power...

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous some H3N2 and H5N1 viruses released by a lab resulted in a new strain of H1N1 killing people in another country. And the moon landings were fake.

And keith mixing and matching is what influenza does. That's why it's such a PITA of a virus. Someone or some pig managed to get all all three at once and the viruses did a "here have some of me, and I'll take some you" exchange. Or someone with human/bird mixed already got infected with the pig variety and mix-n-match away.

Anonymous said...

Mexico City Airport is still open with 70,000 ppl going thru each day.

moretroops said...

Anon said: "You fucking moron. I have a cabin in the Dakotas and was born and raised their. They are the most intellgent honerable people in this country."

Point proven. You're hopelessly ignorant. There was no housing crash where you live because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THERE. That's why it's rural. That's why you're alone with you buck toothed family, surrounded my meth addicts and low-information voters who spout religious prophecies like it's the weather forecast.

If you really think that I'm going to run out of food in my "big city condo" than you're dumber than you sound. The world isn't coming to an end, despite your knuckle dragging fantasies. Now go drink a Coors Light and plug your fat wife.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the opinions of some of those even on Soot and Ashes that think it's a good idea for population control. Why don't you advocates for population control lead by example and sacrifice *your* lives for the sake of the environment?

all we need to do is provide abortions for free and make it easy. no parental authorization needed, no matter what age. heck, pay people to have abortions.

problem solved.

Mike H. said...

All you posters who quote "The Stand"- yes it was a very good book and kept me riveted when I read it... back in 9th grade!

Thinking back now, it's pretty stupid that it's so America focused. Then again, King is a pretty small town guy who doesn't get out much. North America has what - about 8% of the world population?

If the Stand were to play out the bigger story would be what happens in places like Asia, where all the people are.


Anonymous said...

Another engineered Black Swan has arrived, just like 9-11. As Rahm E. would say, "How can we take advantage of this opportunity?"

Anonymous said...

So what's the angle here? How do we make money? Short airlines and hotels? Short bacon cheeseburgers...what?


Goldman Sachs

Anonymous said...

Hey Napolitano, I'm so radical that I've just leaked the elevator's buttons. I'm craazzzyyyy!!!! Look look Olberman and Janeane Garofalo, I'm now leaking the office building's front door knob. Crazzzzzzyyyy, radical right-wing sh!t!!!

Disclosure: never voted Republican in my life.

Anonymous said...

"...The GOP base is convinced that Obama is going to raise their taxes, which he just lowered...It's not about what Obama's done. It's what he's planning...

...I get it, "real America." After an eight-year run...this latest election has you feeling like a rejected husband...

...You're not ready to let go, but the country you love is moving on. And now you want to call it a whore and key its car...the bitter divorced guy whose country has left him -- obsessing over it, haranguing it, blubbering one minute about how much you love it and vowing the next that if you cannot have it, nobody will...

...The healthy thing to do is to just get past it and learn to cherish the memories. You'll always have New Orleans and Abu Ghraib...

...I say to them what I would say to moderate Muslims: Denounce your radicals. To paraphrase George W. Bush, either you're with them or you're embarrassed by them..."

Anonymous said...

There could be some good news out of all of this.

People hit by the economic down turn could be getting a price break.

With less people traveling by air due to this global flu pandemic, airline and tourist industries could take a hit like they did in the 2003 SARS outbreak.

If so will crude oil price could take a hit if demand for jet fuel fall.

If crude oil price fall then airline can charge less.

If airline ticket price fall then Brazilian and other Latin American guest workers can keep more of the $3,000 they get back from the Japanese government.


Japan Pays Foreign Workers to Go Home.

Under the emergency program, introduced this month, the country’s Brazilian and other Latin American guest workers are offered $3,000 toward air fare, plus $2,000 for each dependent — attractive lump sums for many immigrants here.

Workers who leave have been told they can pocket any amount left over.

But those who travel home on Japan’s dime will not be allowed to reapply for a work visa.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Moretroops -- excellent slamdown of the North Dakota anonymous!

Anonymous said...

gotta stop all these stock up panics as i tend to eat more and gain weight

Anonymous said...

gotta stop all these stock up panics as i tend to eat more and gain weight

Anonymous said...

Point proven. You're hopelessly ignorant. There was no housing crash where you live because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THERE. That's why it's rural. That's why you're alone with you buck toothed family, surrounded my meth addicts and low-information voters who spout religious prophecies like it's the weather forecast.


Like all liberal fucks you insult entire classes of people and regions. You know nothing of either. You remind me of Bukko, a brain dead wanna be man. Hated by all but mostly by himself for being the total failure he is and hating everyone for it. You are a hater like Bukko and man of no substance or intellect. Like Bukko you are just a dumb monkey that throws shit through the bars because it makes him feel better.