April 13, 2009

Has the anti-realtor backlash started yet? And if not, WHY NOT?

You'd have thought the people would have turned against the NAR and realtors on commission by now.

You'd have thought screwed homedebtors would be suing realtors in waves for false representation, fraud, withholding information and deceit. Or at least to get their commissions back.

Yes, in the end, the housing gamblers and mortgage fraudsters are to blame. But I believe most screwed buyers simply wanted to buy a home, and went to a realtor for advice and conusul. And we know how that turned out (got 21 reasons?).

The 1.2 million conmen realtors on commission made their 6% on the way up, and now they're making their 6% on the way down. They pimped obviously overpriced debt-traps at $500,000, stealing $30,000 from the buyer a few months back, plus some below-the-table cash bribes from the developers, appraisers and mortgage brokers.

And now they're selling the same house, most likely a foreclosure, for $300,000, and nabbing $18,000 more in their greedy paws. Plus any additional bribes of course. Probably in cash. Tax free.

Hey, not bad work if you can get it. Oh, wait, check that, anyone can be a realtor.

Check out this report on a realtor who's cashing in on the collapse - that he and his ilk helped cause of course.

Realtors. What a scam.

Here's an ad they put out in Jan 08, before homes fell ANOTHER 20% and more. But hey, what would you expect from financial advisers on commission?


vanilla ice said...

I've always hated the realtwhores, ever since I was little and my parents tried to buy a house through one of those bitches.

John said...


You give most of the realtwhores too much credit. They were just doing what they were trained to do. Most of them don't even have a college degree, they were not smart enough to figure out this was a bubble. Most of them are idiots.

And people have short memories, which is why they are being punished as a whole. The cycle continues.

Bryan said...

I love how real-a-TORR (when she says it) rhymes with Skeletor.

"There has never been a better time to buy, BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!"

('80 cartoon reference regarding the nemesis of "He-Man," for those out of my demographic.

casey said...

Because realtors are seen as being able to make you money.They totally scammed the avg homeowner.

How is greg swan and suzanne doing these days.Must be a bitch to live off the dollar menu at mcdonalds.

Never trust anyone giving financial advice or selling on commission.If they are in a suit turn around and run as fast as you can.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to happen. Nothing is going to change. Everything is going back to the way it was. Its like the Simpsons episode where Lisa wires a cup cake to the electric grid to see if Bart is able to learn from his mistakes.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the real estate sales people encourging the sheep to buy and submit liar loans to crooked loan agents ,the mania would never of happened .

Where do Sales people get off giving bogus future value investment advice anyway ? They are people from Hell who would sell their mother for a commission .Nothing but a bunch of Ponzi-scheme cheerleaders who contributed to the fraud market .
Their job was to bring people to houses they could afford by a careful screening ,and instead they sold people out for a buck .
They were all a bunch of greedy
people just looking for a commission .The relors could of stopped the fraud ,but they were amazingly silent ....Wonder why ?

Stuck in So Pa said...

I love the "wealth" pitch. Makes me want to reach right through that screen and bitch slap that......well, you know!

I remember ages ago, back on HP, when a poster tore apart ALL the B.S. NAR talking points about home ownership being a source of wealth.

Homes are, except for a very few, a pain in the a$$ from the time you acquire the payment book, till you sell, are foreclosed on, or die.

Stop with the wealth CRAP, already.

Anonymous said...

Meh -
why bother-

most female Relators are back to dancing on the pole or the Cosmetics Counter at your local Dept store..

Most Male Realtors are back to being Managers at Wendys or at Home Depot....

Mr.Hayek said...

"...You give most of the realtwhores too much credit. They were just doing what they were trained to do. Most of them don't even have a college degree, they were not smart enough to figure out this was a bubble. Most of them are idiots."

So true. Over the years, I have met quite a few realtwhores at social gatherings. The women were mostly single mothers of limited education but with maximum sex appeal. These women got rich quick but then lost most of it. Back to the pole for most of them I guess. Of the guys I met, most were educated but from other fields (one was a former song-writer who cowrote a few songs with John Denver--or so he said). Almost to a man these guys had huge-belly-fat-flopping-over-the-belt and were heavy mouth-breathers. A few of these guys were smart enough to make the slide over to working for foreclosure relief firms. Most are back in mom's cellar web-surfing for porn.

Anonymous said...

They were salesmen. Everyone knows to not take advice from a salesman about his own product - like who trusts a used car salesman about a car he is selling - you: "was this car in a crash?" car salesman" "no" you:"then why is the rear taillight broken, the trunk lid bent and the paint job ends just under the weatherstripping of the rear window?" car salesman : "This is a great car! Are you ready to buy Today?"

Real estate salesman conversation the same thing. Bet the car salesmen are upset that they only got 500 per car while the real estate salesmen got 36000 per 600000 house. But maybe that shows that there are levels of low even a car salesman won't go to just for money.

Anonymous said...

I have decided that the majority(if not all) of you have tried to WING IT on your own, and got burned. I wish you all knew as much as you think you do. Too bad you have a minority voice. I would bet that you are all the type of people who would blame fast food restaurants for making you fat. Just a thought...