April 13, 2009

Here's the NAR's Chief Monkey Dick Gaylord in February 2008 telling people that it was a good time to buy a house.

2004 - it's a great time to buy a house
2005 - it's a great time to buy a house
2006 - it's a great time to buy a house
2007 - it's a great time to buy a house
2008 - it's a great time to buy a house
2009 - oh, f*ck.

2010 - I take the fifth
2011 - Would you like fries with that?

I like the CNBC dude calling a spade a space - "Mr. Gaylord, with all due respect, I've never known a real estate agent who didn't insist that whatever moment they were talking to me, was the best time in history to buy a house"

But next time a realtor on commission - ANY realtor on commission talking head, like Connie DeGroot or Kendra Todd or Tom Adkins or Dick Gaylord, comes on CNBC or any media source, I want some RAGE. Something like "You lying piece of sh*t. You and your ilk have been forever discredited. Why do we even have you on this show? You're a clown. And anyone who listens to a word you say is an ignorant fool"

Something like that.


Alan Static said...

Wow, Gaylord pronounces the solution to our debt is, once again, more debt. Brilliant.

casey said...

Did I see him in a video with ron jeremy?

Buy now or be priced out forever.

Anonymous said...

Dick Gaylord...


Anonymous said...

Higher loan limits!!!

Prices are leveling off; down 50% last year in Merced, CA.

Money shot: "...get some good advice..."

Soft Landing said...


Anonymous said...



From Patrick.net. A stooge buys a house on a cul-de-sac north of LA. During the open house the neighbors are having a big barbecue. Lots of activity.

He buys for 480k and when he moves in the whole neighborhood is empty including the house where the party was going on. Turns out the barbecuers were ACTORS and he's the barbecuee.

A new all time low. You couldn't make this stuff up.


money shot said...

Is he gaylord focker?

vanilla ice said...

"A new all time low. You couldn't make this stuff up."

Unfortunately, you could make it up. I was taken aback as well, until I realized the day of the story, April 1st.

Aldo Nova said...

Q: So if the housing industry is gone, and the auto industry is gone, and the banking and financial industries are gone, and the consumer retail industry is gone, what in the world is left?

A: Soot and Ashes!

I thought you'd like that one Keith!

Thanks for your continued coverage of the Bush and Cheney et all aftermath. And we thought the Enron scam was bad - Remember Kenny Lay? Bush's best friend was America's largest corporate scam criminal!!....

"Ah...Attention all customers...We need a clean-up on isle 9"

Anonymous said...

Where's that TV news show, "The Fleecing of America"???

Is that still on TV anymore?

HB Slacker said...

Whos gonna take a guy serious anyways named Dick Gaylord?

Stuck in So Pa said...

I love it. On Wednesday we will have higher loan limits.

Why just settle for that $500,000 $h*tbox that you can in NO WAY afford; shoot for that $1.4 mil beauty.

Happy days are hear again!

Formosan said...

Anonymous said...
"A new all time low. You couldn't make this stuff up."

It was an April Fool's joke.

les said...

Watch for a run on silver and gold this month.

Wells Fargo, record profits
Goldman Sachs, record profits.

more to come

If this isn't a sign of corruption or a sign that inflation is about to hit us, I don't what is.

Remember, the FED has "loaned" over 8 trillion to these banks in the last 6 months. This stock market rally is artificial.

Currencies around the world are all jacked up. Gold and silver is one of the few temporary safe havens.

The dollar has topped, why would you hold it now? it can only go lower.

Anonymous said...

> I was taken aback as well, until I realized the day of the story, April 1st.

Well those are some imaginative sobs. Good one!

Anonymous said...

"...So if the housing...auto...banking and financial...retail industry is gone, what in the world is left?.."

Defense, and government employment.

Actually saw a MSM article about how the ONE BRIGHT SPOT is increased Federal employment; without the slightest reflection on where the funds come from to pay for it.

Catherine Austin-Fitts on the Tapeworm Economy.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait to lose money on RE, buy now and wait...

Anonymous said...

Dick Gaylord: Housing Porn-star?

Anonymous said...

And here is where many of those who took his advice in 2008 will find themselves:


The Bankruptcies are Coming! The Bankruptcies are Coming!

When this surge is done, more lenders will have lost more money on more deals... Happy talk be damned. Bull Trap head fakes in the stock market be damned. This is where the rubber meets the road and no amount of happy talk from the enablers within the political parties are going to stop it. This is going to crush any false hopes out of these idiot Pollyannas by Summer. Remember stock investors: sell in May and go away.

Smug Bastard