April 10, 2009

I'm confused. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Hank Paulson, the entire GOP and their partner Fox News completely f*cked America. And NOW they're outraged?

At whom?

They're outraged?

At whom?

Uh, maybe I missed something, but THE GOP HAD COMPLETE CONTROL OVER ALL THREE BRANCHES OF US GOVERNMENT FROM 2001 - 2006, THEY TOOK US INTO A STUPID WAR IN IRAQ, AND THEN THEY ROBBED THE NATION BLIND WITH THE OWNERSHIP SOCIETY HOUSING PONZI SCHEME, and NOW they're outraged? At Obama, who inherited this epic and historic disaster just a few weeks ago?

Come on.

Tell me people in America aren't that stupid.

Oh, good, this just in, they're not that stupid. They're seeing through this one pretty easy. You can fool some Americans some of the time, but you can't fool all of 'em evidently.


And here's the left wing response, the first Rachel Madow video ever posted here I believe. But this one is pretty good.

Never forget folks who the real enemy was. Never forget who got America into this disaster. Housing Ponzi Scheme deniers may one day be like Holocaust deniers. They may try to spin the truth into something completely different that how we all know it happened. They're already starting, even on this blog.

And they can take that crazy somewhere else. America ain't buying.


Anonymous said...

You are 100% right.

But OBAMA is taking advantage of the situation and nailing in the coffin.

He is spending like crazy on non-essential issues.

Bush 1 Trillion in stupidity
Obama...who knows

And who pays?..the Chinese government idiots that are buying all that paper !

upon the swanney river said...

The below few paragraphs are ture. I remember reading an 8 page article in Fortune about it in 2005. It read like a suspense thriller (really). I was talking to a co-worker about it a lot. Turns out he thought I was a little odd for finding such an article so interesting. He went on to by a Million dollar death trap in CT in 2006. Any who. Needless to say he's done.

But the point is Bush probably percipitated this thing falling sooner than it otherwise would have. Which is good. Keith, you're a little loose with the facts here. But we know the deal. It's what Tolstoi was saying about stubbonness.

> Policy-makers were promoting these shaky loan practices for the usual purpose of gaining favor in the sight of prospective voters. Unfortunately, they demonstrated little or no concern for the fact that they were encouraging large numbers of loans that were destined to fail.

In effect, the government forced you and me, the taxpayers, into the position of backing risky loans that wouldn't have been approved otherwise. These policies provided a false sense of security to mortgage holders as well as homebuyers.

> This method of political self-promotion was almost criminally irresponsible. During the Bush administration, repeated calls for reforming lending policies of FannieMae and FreddieMac were aggressively thwarted and derided as creating an "artificial issue" by House Banking Committee member Barney Frank.


born to lose said...

Rachel Maddow always sounds like a40 year old talking to high school kids.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - what was the GOP doing-

that's right


But smiling all the way to the Bank, as usual !!!

i've had it said...

This woman is horrid. And the one providing commentary is a moron.

No wonder MSNBC's ratings have dropped off a cliff.

I was at one of the first tea bag protests in february and I'll be at one on the 15th. There were not just conservatives attending: there were plenty of leftists and libertarians. This issue is not a conservative issue.

I must say, though, I'm disappointed that the organizers of these events since they recruited Republican politicians to speak at them. I hope Ron Paul attends one.

Time for Sashers to leave their computer screens for a day and be counted!

keith said...

It makes me sick to see Fox News and mainstream republicans positioning themselves now as libertarian / Ron Paul republicans.

Uh, anyone remember how much Sean Hannity, Fox News, the GOP candidates and pretty much the entire Republican party dismissed Ron Paul's message in 2008?


And now they want to attend 'tea parties'?

Anyone sees a republican at any of those events, spit on 'em.

If any FORMER republican would like to disown their former party, and apologize, now that would be acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Hello keefer,

Faux Snews loves the sheeple soo much! LMFAO!!

upon the swanney river said...

Good God Man! That previos post I wrote was forgoten before you even finished reading it. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell if I was watching a 'reputable' news channel or the Onion.

Pretty funny either way.


Anonymous said...

History will prove you wrong

Anonymous said...

The Daily Beast, Dyke TV Whack job Rachel MADDow and her Lesbian Air America friend made me laugh with their snide left wing rant against the tea baggers.

We knew Obama was a Marxist and would redistribute wealth through his economy crushing bailouts and putting future Americans at great risk through increased taxation.

Next he plans on Amnesty for millions upon millions of border crossing invaders which will kill off any possibility of recovery.

Bush sucked but Obama puts nails in the coffin.

If you want to spit; Spit on anyone who opposes demonstrations against Obama's plan to make America the next third world nation of illegal immigrants and tax debtors.

MariothePainter said...

Keith, you are dead-on correct. But to the hard-core DittoHeads, there can be no convincing. When Rush and friends re-write recent history, these DittoHeads just wipe the drool from their mouths and go Yup-yup-yup! I have been involved in a mini-debate at another blog site and the intellectual thickness/dishonesty causes me to have blog-poster-rage. How can people be so feaking blind?

Ross said...

I don't even need to watch this video. I can tell by the stupid play on words(INSANITEA) on the screen that this is a piece of garbage report that is intended to marginalize Americans who are upset with the way their government is spending their money.

The Democrats, errr Liberals, errr Main Stream Media, errrr Comedy Central can rail against those that are expressing frustration with this administration all they want, but it won't stop reality from finally sinking in. Both parties are bought and the American public is waking up to it, FINALLY.

F*CK MSNBC. F*CK FOX!NEWS!!. F*CK CNN. It's all garbage Keith. I just threw up in my mouth and I haven't even watched the clip or eaten breakfast.

Anonymous said...

The lesbo forgets that 62 million Americans did not vote for her master.

Anonymous said...

FDR started this

Johnson added to it

Carter made it worse

Clinton Drove it over the edge

Bush did nothing about it

Obama will finish it (us)

JaneZ said...

The only way the teabag protest has a chance in hell of working is to have it broadcast on TV. TV is the only voice America listens to. Many attending will be hopeful of an autograph from Glenn Beck, and otherwise clueless as to why they are there.

So you have Fox & Glenn and Hannity making the Lipton Party televised. Personally, I can't stand any of them, but I say more power to them if they can get the TV drones up and off the couch.

What is more important your politics or your retirement and investments? If you really want the United States of Goldman Sachs to stop stealing your money, you will have to make some allowances for the brain deads.

We need their numbers. There are so many of them.

Anonymous said...

Observations from somewhere:

"Liberal talk shows are not really all that entertaining. The jokes tend to be mean-spirited personal attacks." "Liberal hosts like to snap and snip and chortle snidely, but they are weighed down by a complacent superiority complex, a paralyzing sanctimony."

Anonymous said...

From Brazil with luv:


les said...

Fox news watchers must be bigger idiots than MSNBC/CNBC watchers.

That clip was unbearable to watch.

Anonymous said...


What do you think of BO's world tour?

what would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the best score.

gotta love how he calls for disarmament (and ending missile shield research and development) as N. Korea launches a missile over japan.

Love Germany's response to being asked to take Gitmo detainees. they said something to the effect "if you don't need gitmo then the detainees must not be dangerous so why don't you let them stay in america"


Anonymous said...

It makes me sick to see Fox News and mainstream republicans positioning themselves now as libertarian / Ron Paul republicans.


kind of like how the democrats became the champion of civil rights when most of them were in the KKK.

Brandine said...

Bush & Co. screwed things up pretty bad. Obama & Co. are following suit.

This right vs. left bullshit is getting old. Both parties suck and it's time for people to get their heads out of their arses and deal with it.

It's a big waste of time pitting right vs. left while Rome is burning. That's what the PTB want us to do, remain preoccupied with this idiotic infighting so we are divided and weak.

Every time I see the right and left going at it, I see how blind even intelligent people can be, and the media and devil's advocates keep the shit stirred in order to keep it going.

We need to start thinking for ourselves and find some common ground.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, and the idiots believe in global warming studies and angry lesbo on MSNBC's payroll:

WSJ -- Researcher Faked Data in Sleep Apnea Study

More news on the research-fabrication front. Robert Fogel, a former assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, fabricated and falsified data in a study of sleep apnea.

Fogel, who worked at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the time but later moved on to work at Merck, told a former supervisor in 2006 that he had falsified the data, the Scientist reports.


But they're scientists and we're supposed to believe in anything they say, right domesticated morons?

Anonymous said...

That hairdo shouts "Lezbo" --

upon the swanney river said...

MariothePainter, I'll rip you up line for line. Did you read the 8 page fortune article in 05.

If you want to feel so enlightened you should go back and start with that. Yeah it's a lot of work. Nevermind.

Mitesh Damania said...

Rachel is so pro-Obama she can't get past her boyish hairdo. Whine whin whine whine is all I hear her do.

Anonymous said...

Umm, Keith, many of the people behind the teabagging were fed up with bush as well. You can go look at freerepublic last year and see many people there complaining about the bailouts, spending, and lack of border enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Who's the tranny on MSNBC?

I am with you on this one Keith. I am an ex-Republican because of these assclowns. They need to take every Republican leader (except for Ron Paul) and run em through a wood chipper. Yes, this means you Newt.

It's sad that conservatism gets a bad rap because of what they did. Spending like assholes is what Democrats do.

Anonymous said...

"They're outraged?

At whom?"

Mark Foley; principally.

Fred Barnes; honorable mention.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Hmm, once again, so predictable Keith. Your missing many parts of this Keith in your arguments. You fail to look at Obama's voting record since 2005 in regards to funding the Iaq war. In 2005 he took money from Fannie to keep shut about problems the company was having.

He did not walk into office and have this land in his lap. He did not walk into office and have this land in his lap. He did not walk into office and have this land in his lap. Read it one more time. look at history. He did not walk into office and have this land in his lap.

He took part in every aspect of it since his short career started in Washington. In my book if he walked into DC in 2005, and said wow this is fucked up, then why did he vote the way he did and why is he sealing the deal on all of this now? He isn't changing shit he is just as much part of the problem.

Let's say I walk in from work tonight and my wife is burning dinner on the stove as she ran to the store to get something. If I walked in and and turned up the burner and did nothing to stop what is happening I would think I was a bigger idiot than my wife(this is a mere example and my wife is very smart). Obama is doing just that.

A paramedic shows up to the house of an elderly person who is having a heart attack. Instead of doing CPR the medic takes out a gun and shoots the elderly woman. Once again a bad example but I think maybe you can see my point.

Your right Keith. Bushco sucked. Bush was reckless and is now discredited. Now as far as I am concerned you have joined him.

Once again Keith. If you can expalin to me what I am missing about the dumb fuck we now have in office please show me. I once again want hard facts, not that you saw him speak and your third leg grew again, and your bromance is in full swing. Further can you for one week justify anything Obama is doing without comparing it to Bush.

Anonymous said...

I just heard on CNN that Obama is being accused of being a fascist because he "took over" the banks like Mussolini. I almost had a stroke, I would like to squeeze the collective Republican party with one bare hand around their lying scrawny necks.

He didn't take over the banks, he saved their asses. They were ruined. Mussolini took them over because he wanted too. I'd like to see the banks speak up and tell those right wing wannabee fascists why they needed help. Is the right wing forgetting fascists ARE right wing?

Anybody see the hand of Rove here?
He always took what the Rep party could be accused of and promptly accused the Dems of it.

I can't stand them. Combed over, prostitute chasing, taxempting,
church hijacking, self-righteous
creeps. Has anyone but me noticed how plump and larval Newt Gingrich is?

I'm sorry, I'm having a venom moment. Bad Grandma...

Grandma PKK

Anonymous said...

I couldn't make it past 3:12, sorry. Too much editorializing. I want the facts efficiently so I can form my own opinions. I guess she and her masters would rather try to use cute quips to push their opinions into me via the anal passageway.

I don't know what MSNBC does in its entirety but I can't imagine this was a news broadcast. Does she do some kind of opinion or comedy spot?

Watching the little bit that I could stand makes me realize how much of my time I could be wasting with a TV on. It's amazing that this is what the free market wants.

Decades ago I was watching a local news man on a story about the homeless. When he finished he said, "You know, when I was young we used to call them bums". That was all he gave of his own opinion, but at the time it was an outrage.

upon the suwannee river said...

Damn. I was hoping MariothePainter would get back. I just got laid off today and wanted a mouthy uninformed lib to beat up on.

'Upon the swanney river', sometimes known as An Overleveraged sob, did (in fact) get laid off today.

I'm in aero and it's hitting here with increasing presence. Actually I'm not overleveraged , or leveraged at all (I pick names based on the things I hate (what do they call that? antonyms?)).

But yeah, when this econ hits S&Ashers (though we're from all regions of the country), I thought it's worth posting, for the record.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Even though retired, I still go in a few days a week/month for a major agricultural equipment dealer. I cover a five state area, usually in customer service follow-up.
While most of the farmers are die-hard Republicans (fiscal conservatives, most are very religious, but very few “bible bangers”) the lawn and garden customers cover the political spectrum. I like the job because it requires me to talk to a lot of people, over a broad geographic area.

Boys and girls, I'm seeing rage out there. It's simmering under the surface now, but it's only going to require that one tipping point to notch up the stove dial and bring it to a full rolling boil.

And whether they are "Idol worshippers" or not, Joe average DOES know who is responsible for their country's downfall, but unfortunately Joe just don't know who to point the gun at and how to pull the trigger.

A feeling of helplessness and hopelessness joins the rage I mentioned. The infatuation with Obama is wearing thin, even though most still blame the GOP for our current situation. Most people who voted for Obama realize its going to take more than a couple of months to reverse the last 6-8 years and still want to give the man a chance, but every day that goes by and they hear/see the same old, same old; well, for them, its starting to GET OLD!

I think we are approaching that point in history when the term "strong man" is right around the corner. I can only hope not, but the historical evidence is there.

Anonymous said...

Dykes I like-
Camille Paglia
Suze Orman(but not all her advice)

Dykes that make my skin crawl-
Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow

Anonymous said...

don't worry about it keith, the crisis is now over.

gee, i hate that bull dyke rachel maddow

Mike Hunt said...

New drinking game- take a drink everytime you hear the phrase 'teabagging' on this clip!

Note a goole search brings up the following: Tea-Bag - 8 definitions - Dipping your testicles into the open mouth of another person. Kind of like dipping a tea bag in and out of a cup of water.


How come the feminists aren't up in arms about this.

Anonymous said...

In a Texas-style kleptocracy, the pardners-in-crime ride off into the sunset with saddlebags full of offshore bank deposit slips.

Clawback, baby, CLAWBACK!

Mike Hunt said...

Barney Frank is the biggest teabagger in congress. How come his name wasn't mentioned?


Anonymous said...

it's nice to see that after bush fucked over the us economy that he's living the high life in a $2.5 million home. 10141 Daria Place:


JaneZ said...

Grandma pkk said...

Has anyone but me noticed how plump and larval Newt Gingrich is?

Perhaps he is going to metamorph into a beautiful Monarch butterfly.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it took that many comments for someone to note that "teabagging" is a sexual act that involves dipping one's testicles into another's mouth. That is why Maddow and Cox were having so much fun with the topic and why Maddow kept laughing. It's hilarious.