April 11, 2009

Maybe he was advised this was protocol. Or maybe he's admitting what we all know is true. Here's Obama, bowing before our Saudi master.

This is pretty grotesque. The full deep bow comes at around 0:50.

Bush and Mr. Oil King held hands like sweet lovers, so there is precedent for gross behavior on the part of our presidents to our Saudi masters.

But this one surprised me. No American president should be bowing before anyone, especially the leader of a despotic, corrupt, cruel and evil regime.

Little 'yo, wassup' head nod before the pope, sure. Nice 'sup' nod to the Queen of England, sure. But a full-throttle you-are-my-master-may-I-kiss-your-ring-waist-bow to a Saudi king? No f*cking way. Gross.

You've been busted. Now come clean.


Anonymous said...

common, give BO a break.

BO is of arab descent (says so on his birth certificate, which is why he won't release it) so it is natural for him to bow to his king.

Anonymous said...

in just 2 short months BO has proven to be a complete and total embarrassment.

he is going to screw up the pirate hostage situation, his first real test.

BO, "readership we can believe in"

Anonymous said...

oh, have you heard the latest?

the pirates are demanding the ransom NOT BE PAID IN DOLLARS!

they want euros.

Anonymous said...

not only did he bow to the saudi's, he was on the second row when the picture was taken!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Don't forget how Bush literally kissed the Saudi king, in addition to the hand-holding you mentioned. I'm not offended that Obama bowed, because in the world of diplomacy, it doesn't hurt to show respect. Should Obama have sneered and said "Fuck you"?

What bothers me most is the unseen obsequiousness, in policies and monetary dealings. The Saudis get too much of that from the U.S. So do the Israelis and Chinese. But that's what happens when you owe everyone too much money, or are overly influenced by a politically powerful religious minority.

America -- when you're some country's bitch, you have to bow and scrape.

Mike Hunt said...

Maybe he bowed to the Saudi King to throw off all the NWO people who says Obama is bought by the Jewish Elite?

This should stir the pot while the economy continues to tank. More TALF money frittered... PPIP fraud program. What's on idol? Did Obama bow to the Saudi King?


Anonymous said...

Please, you uncouth hooligans! I steeled myself to watch this video, fearing some humiliating show of disgrace to our fair country. To my relief, I saw nothing like that. To my eyes, Obama simply showed his respect and courtesy to a fellow head of state. The bigger the man, the more gracious he can and should be. America, please stop seeing yourself as the playground bully to whom others must bend, as you yourself stay arrogant and unmoved. Get some manners, for God's sake. Let our President be a gracious and magnanimous representative of our confidence as the world's great power.

Anonymous said...

Being king of a sandbox must be nice. If this camel jockey had no oil he would be smoking hash in his tent.
Now look at the achievements of the USA in its short history whereas this pathetic prehistoric dirt bag oppressor of man and women alike has only achieved an arrogant hypocritical attitude.

Does our President have an inferiority complex?

Mammoth said...

"Should Obama have sneered and said "Fuck you"?"
No, but America's president should have whispered in the Saudi king's ear,

"That bow was just for the camera, boy. The truth is that I, and the rest of the non-muslim world, wiew you and your brethern as dogs."

Anonymous said...

The Saudi should be kissing America's Feet because we saved his rag-headed ass during Desert Storm. And, we have had the goodness not to blow up his shit on our way out. I remember when it was said he wanted "All American Troops off his soil before August of 1991". Of course at the time I was there and plenty glad to hear that. I had decided there and then never to participate in a war where you cant go downtown and buy a decent cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...


JaneZ said...

So it is better to kiss King Faud and hold his hand then to bow?

Am I the only one that thinks "hypocrit" about this B.S.???

It is okay for American Presidents to act gay? Because, both Bush & King look a little light in the loafers in this flick:


While you are getting all excity titey about the ObamaBow, Goldman is stealing your money tools.

Anonymous said...

all them oil kings are british installed puppets

Anonymous said...

At least Obama was facing him when he bent over...kinda like picking up soap in the prison shower.

Bush held their hands while they raped us with $150/bbl oil.

Anonymous said...

First I thought it was humiliating...but now I just think it's sad to all Americans.

A POTUS bowing to the Saudi King...of all people!

The only person worth bowing to in that group is hot Carla Bruni.