April 18, 2009

In your name

Investigate. Prosecute. Pardon.


will shill for coin said...

I was a little disappointed. I mean jezz couldn't he tough it out for a little. I know I can't speak until I walk in the shoes, but damn I could hold my breath for 3 or 4 times how far he made it.

Wind Farmer said...

Very, very upsetting.
So's this...TMZ Tatoo contest:


Who the hell are we?

Anonymous said...

You think what happened to us during WWII and Viet Nam was strictly by the Geneva Convention?

We are the only country to be as civil as we are!

JAWS said...

This is no worse than most of the "reality TV shows" we're stuck with.

Anonymous said...

When the Khmer Rouge water boarded prisoners the USA called it torture.

hp fan said...

Who the fuck cares!

This country's the shithole of the planet.

We have a choice between Hoover Republicans and Hillary Democrats.

Flush Flush Flush !!!

Down the Shitter!

truthseeker said...

Truly sad ..That said i might feel a little less sorrow if that pile were to consist of mozilo , hank paulson , Dodd , madoff the list goes on and on .

Angry Leprechaun said...

Wow about 16 seconds from the first poor of water till he dropped the obeject from his hand. I need a little more of an example than this. Poor Vanity Fair reporter.

debt junkie said...

Wow, I don’t know why I’m writing this post except that I find it astounding, and I believe some of you here are good people worth sharing it with.

I wrote yesterday about the Republican party being like a Chinook with a broken rotor chopping itself to pieces like my uncles helicopter in Vietnam. I was surprised to find myself crying as I wrote that piece and wondered why I was acting so foolishly.

Not really crying or weeping, but there were tears. And I couldn’t understand why.

I was 6 when that happened, and remember when my father shut off the TV and said your mother needs to talk to you now. My younger brother and older sister were there also watching batman or some cartoon and we were annoyed that the tv was off. Turning to her only a couple steps away our annoyance turned to fear as we saw she was crying silently downward.

My mother (his sister) told us our uncle Dave’s helicopter was shot down. We did know that he was in a war (though it wasn’t like a big war like in the movies) and was flying a helicopter. I remember fear at seeing her face but she quickly told us that everything was ok.

There were questions like, if everything is ok then why are you crying? And I remember her saying “Because I’m so happy” and the curiosity and questions that caused. A funny thing is I always remembered this answer but had completely forgotten the circumstances it was asked.

And again the funny thing is, as children we never considered it a big deal. Uncle was hurt but everything is ok. Good. Back to the TV.

I spoke to my uncle about it 12 years later when I was 18 and he told my brother and I the details about the rotor hitting the fuselage, and being saved only through incredible luck, and there being a strong position of US personnel in the area. But Yet a very surprising thing to me, as I type this now is that even then my mind was, Sure, it was tough, you got lucky, and besides it’s ancient history, though thankfully good ancient history. Still we were both Wowed by the story and told him so.

But for the first time I find myself thinking about my mother’s situation. That it would be so difficult for her to tell us the good news. What if she had to tell us the bad news. How much more difficult would that have been. How could she even make herself do it. How my childhood would have been instantly destroyed. I just never stopped to reflect on that. The horror we were spared after coming so close.

Anonymous said...

You think what happened to us during WWII and Viet Nam was strictly by the Geneva Convention?

We are the only country to be as civil as we are!
That's the whole f*cking point you moron.

If America is to claim the moral high ground and be the shining example of human rights in the world then it can't go around murdering, torturing, beating innocent people in black sites, torturing children, sodomizing prisoners with poles drenched in battery acid etc etc.. These are the depraved and psychopathic acts that have been committed in the name of the USA and the "Global War on Terror".

Why do we have to explain these things to people like you. It's like a nation full of juveniles that can't think for themselves.

It isn't rocket science to understand that barbaric torture is criminal and contradictory to a regime that claims to be spreading democracy, freedom and human rights.



Anonymous said...

And one more thing - the supporters of this kind of depravity like to say well they are terrorists and they deserve this kind of treatment.

Well how do you know they are terrorists? They haven't even been through a formal legal process to determine guilt and in our supposed free and civilized society we believe an individual is innocent until proven guilty. There are too many examples of innocent individuals who have been swept up in this dragnet of war crime brutality and beaten into a liquified pulp like the case in the documentary "Taxi to the Darkside".

Is that what America is all about now? Nazi-style torture and Nazi-style justice?

Fake conservatives - it's really time to take your heads out of your asses.


randall666flagg said...


Wind Farmer said...

Very, very upsetting.
So's this...TMZ Tatoo contest:

Who the hell are we?



Mike Oxlong said...

Anon April 19, 2009 6:33 AM:
You come across as being pretty sensitive so I hope you don't take this the wrong way as it is meant as a reassurance...

Kids are pretty much only self-aware until they are 12 or more. So had your uncle died in 'Nam, you hearing about it would not have even affected you.

My 4-year old girl watched her grandfather die of cancer last year and went to the funeral. We also buried her pet guinea pig last year after helping me establish a little pet cemetary on my 40 acres. Not a big deal in either case. She has said and done some sweet things in memory of each, but she hardly talks about it anymore and her childhood is obviously not destroyed.

I also remember being about 8 and seeing my mom hanging up the phone and crying after hearing her uncle had died. I gave her a hug and a pat on the back, and went right back to what I was doing.

I think one of the things adults have to be careful of when considering kids is to avoid trying to imagine with an adult mind what a kid thinks and feels.

JaneZ said...

Wind Farmer said...
Who the hell are we?

We? Therein lies the problem. In America we have had Us and Them for many years now. Problem with Us and Them is that after a time there is no way to bridge the gap. That is why throughout human history there are violent uprisings to re-establish the rules and establish new Alphas.

Got Dog Whisperer?

Anonymous said...

Where the video of the Daniel Peral interogation?

Pain and death are not the same.

Kids please grow up and live in the real world!!

debt junkie said...

> You come across as being pretty sensitive so I hope you don't take this the wrong way as it is meant as a reassurance...

Yeah, that's a bit of a curse for me. But it only flares up like that very rarely. Thanks for the kind words though.

One other thing about that but on a lighter note, I used to so laugh to myself when we would be at family reunions at Thanksgiving, and he would occasionally be outside without a jacket, and to hear my grandmother go into a panic about it like he was five years old.

And I would think, God what he's been through, and she's worried about him catching a chill.

Anonymous said...

"sodomizing prisoners with poles drenched in battery acid "

Where do you get this stuff? Why do you believe it is true?

Singular said...

This is the end of the US. It is a rogue nation. 9/11 stinks to high heaven. How can we believe any of the confessions of people who have been tortured? Why the need for torture? To get false confessions to make the sheople believe in the lie that is 9/11? How can the American people be so complacent? I am really disgusted and disappointed by the American people. Why? Because although other governments torture people, the US Government is SUPPOSED to be unlike these other governments, it is run by the people, is of the people and for the people ... which means that the people of the US actually condone the torture. It is as if the people did the torture themselves - it is done in their name, unlike torture that is done by undemocratically elected governments.

That's what makes it worse. It is that much more hypocritical and cowardly and gives lie to America, to Americans. How can anyone trust what comes out of an American's mouth, an American who is always telling everyone how superior morally etc he is as a person as well as how better his nation is than anyone else's?

It makes me SICK the hypocrisy. I would rather hear "Yes, we are evil" than "We are the best morally in the world" as this seems to make the violation doubly worse somehow.

The American people deserve everything they get and they will get if karma has anything to do with it, and they will regret their years of boasting, self-lauding and pride. It will come back twofold to haunt them, their vain boastings will be ironic in the face of what will happen to them.

gutless and lazy said...

Pictures like this just encourage GOPers, they really get into weird st1t like that.

Keith, pls don't feed those barbaric animals.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get this stuff? Why do you believe it is true?Do a Google search and you'll find links to the John Yoo memos - it's a lot worse than that.

patrat said...

I am very sick of watching and hearing about this torturing thing non- stop.
Yes it happened - let it go. Yes now the world knows everything we did - so what?
Yes we shouldn't have done it. OK.
Other countries do much worse. Don't think they will stop because of anything we reveal.

Can we stop harping on it? The US already is hated around the globe, let's just make it worse. That's our goal, right?
I was living in Europe when all this was going on. CNN Europe is way different than CNN here. They blasted this stuff non-stop til I could just about puke.
US bad, US bad, US bad. Yeah, let's do it again.
We need that.

Mistake in my opinion.