April 11, 2009

A message to Obama, and the US military off the coast of Somalia - kill the pirates now. All of them.




You don't negotiate with hostage takers or terrorists.

You never show weakness.

You sacrifice a hostage now and then if you have to so that more hostages aren't taken in the future.

You are ruthless with bandits.

Kill them.

Get your snipers out on the bridge and kill them. Hope that the lone hostage can survive. Then after you're done with them, go blow up all their support boats too.

Send a message.

You take an American ship, you, and your friends, die.

You take a French, Saudi or South Korean ship, you get tons of ransom from pussies (so you'll of course take more ships and hostages from pussies).

But take an American ship, you die.

Thanks for playing.

Here's Obama's first Jimmy Carter moment. Let's see if he passes. I have my doubts.



Anonymous said...

oh keith, I love it when you talk dirty like this....

keith said...

I subscribe to the Israeli model - kill hostage takers, ask questions later.

As someone who does not want to be taken hostage as I travel, I need the US to get medieval here.

Take an American, you not only don't get a ransom, you die.

And please, no 444 day disaster. Make it 48 hours and be done with this.

bond , james bond said...

Sink that little as dingy ship they are floating in and watch the sharks eat them.

Anonymous said...

Right on Keith.

hmmmm, the French get this, but we don't. What the hell has happened to this country?? American Idle??

Anonymous said...

So far I have no faith in this administration to do the right thing.

Probably, they will just bail the pirates out and give them a billion dollars.

Every qualifies! Doesn't matter if you beg, borrow or steal.

It is the O way!

By the way, were those shoots indica or sativa?

I prefer sativa. That indica stuff puts you to sleep.

GenX said...

Keith Your spot on as usual. If the mighty US military cant take on a bunch of pirates we are all in trouble..I wondered the same thing.... how come our snipers didnt kill the pirates already? Blow those Pirates to peices and save The American Captain. It used to mean something to take an American Hostage...or to be an American for whats it worth..Nobody would Fuck with us... Pirates arent even afraid of the US.

I want that captain saved!!!!!

Anonymous said...

AND allow these shipmen to carry weapons so they can defend themselves from pirates in the future!!

The Israeli Zim shipping line is never attacked by pirates because the crew carry UZIS!!!

The poor US shipmen are not allowed to carry weapons. It's absolutely INSANE!!

keith said...

Agree - the UN Security Council needs to mandate that all commercial ships passing Somalia MUST be armed with automatic weapons and flame throwers beginning tomorrow.

Pirate problem solved.

OK, what else do we need to fix tonight?

And why is the world run by monkeys?

Ross said...

I fully support a Federal bailout of these Pirates. They are very clearly too violent to fail.

They also deserve the money more than Goldman Sachs!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LMAO LOL
haha ha...

I am imitating Hillary ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start chronicling the stupid things that Obama says - which are pretty constant, since everytime Bush said something stupid (which also was pretty constant), it was a day-long news story and blogs like this one made much snark over it. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Bush, but fair is fair, and Mr. Incurious, Never Reads a Book, Doesn't Know Much About History-Obama and Bush are like peas in a pod.

Obama's latest:

"It was also interesting to see that political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate. There’s a lot of — I don’t know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing — and, you know, people are pursuing their interests, and everybody has their own particular issues and their own particular politics."

There is no such language as Austrian. The official language in Austria is German, which over 90% of people speak. Others speak Croatian, Turkish, Hungarian and a few other languages. Austrian is what the people are called.

Not to mention, how illiterate do you have to be to just now (at 47 years old) realize that Europeans practice constituency politics just like us Merkins.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Keith - can you please stop uttering the WH party line that Obama "inherited" the fiscal mess we are in. People "inherit" stuff passively from dead forebears. They don't usually have all that much to say or do with what they inherit.

Obama didn't "inherit" what he's facing. He went after the Presidency like a ravenous lion after a gazelle, stomping on as many people as he could to get it and "raising" over half a billion dollars from "average donors" so he could buy the job. If he's unhappy with what he knew the job was going to entail, why the hell did he slobber after it and throw practically everyone he knew under the bus to get it? He needs to stop whining about all the hard work he has to do and go kill some pirates now!

Oh, and of course, the GOP is hitting him now. What in the world did you expect they would do?? Of course, they are hypocrites - do you think they care?!! Sometimes you sound really naive, Keith.

Anonymous said...

you have your doubts?

he is working the diplomacy channels, him and Joey B.

next he will go the UN and ask the security counsel to declare piracy wrong and illegal. this should get the pirates to stop.

Kerry is going to hold hearings on the pirate problem. now there is some decisive action. to bad he didn't win in 2004......

perhaps the pirates will accept some treasury debt or tarp money in return for the hostage.

Anonymous said...

i love how Gibbless said that BO was gettting updates on the hostage problem from a multi-agency task force.

The task force includes the department of transportation.????? seriously, he said that.

perhaps the department of transportation is there in order to "build a road to diplomacy with the pirates"


BO and crew are just a bunch of clowns.

Hillary is looking like an oracle for her 3am phone call statement and "not a position for on the job training"

Anonymous said...

come on Keith, give BO some time.

it takes a while to take polls in order to figure out what to do.

Clinton had the same problem. it is difficult to react quickly when it takes 3 days to run an accurate poll.

Anonymous said...

i am really surprised that BO's handlers haven't uploaded something to his teleprompter for him to read to the people about the whole pirate hostage thing.

Anonymous said...

hmm, just curious as to how you'd feel about the situation if YOU or one of YOUR loved ones was the hostage?

Anonymous said...

Sure negotiating with pirates is bad and all, but how about an exception?

Will they take Paulson or Bernanke in a hostage exchange? We could even do a 2 for 1 deal and they can have both!

PFL0W said...

oh hell yeah! don't give 'em another dime and blow their sorry asses straight to hell in the biggest, ugliest, goriest explosion you can create, so it can be seen and heard all the way to the shores of Somalia.

hell yeah.

And video it and put it on YouTube--for their education and our entertainment.

Anonymous said...

OT, I work in CPA firm in West Los Angeles and I am seeing the biggest law firm partners quarter 1estimates for 2009 and they are falling off the cliff as estimated per unit fees for 2009 are down 80%from 2008.

Yikes, now we will see the big boys take the big hit and big homes now going on the market on the westside of LA (ie BH, SM and PP).

Good luck folks!

Mammoth said...

Blow those #$%&* pirates out of the water, and then go in and obliterate those towns along the Somali coast which derive all their revenue from piracy. Just flatten them and kill every single inhabitant.

Yes indeed – this is Obama’s ‘Carter moment,” as you so succinctly put it.

Sorry, but in the real world, inaction is a sign of weakness and an invitation for others to walk all over you. That’s reality.

What the US should have done back in 1979 – when Iran took the Americans hostage –was to give them one week to set them free. If the hostages were not freed, then we should have nuked Tehran and a few other major cities in Iran.

Sounds harsh? Yes. But if America had shown some strength back then, then NOBODY would’ve f*cked with us since then – NOBODY!


Anonymous said...

me thinks there are going to be a lot of "carter moments" over the next 4 years.

December 2008

Anonymous said...

I don't know what numb nuts will do neither does he . What does the teleprompter say !
I do know what absolutely should be done but that would make sense and we are now running this country void of common sense

Anonymous said...

OMG the french raided a ship that the pirates had taken hostages on.

The french!

i knew the next 4 years were going to be bad but I never thought that I would be looking at the french with "military admiration".

Anonymous said...

And please, no 444 day disaster. Make it 48 hours and be done with this.

pretty sure it has been over 48 hours.

they ought to raid the survival boat and if the hostage gets killed we ought to pay the hostage's family the 2 million the pirates have asked for in ransom.

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right. start with jews.

George L said...

wish you were a Somali pirate.


I leave a couple for 2 months and comeback to find out you've gone completely pozzo.

how the hell did you go from housing to pirates?

get well soon,or not.

soft landing said...

AMEN Keith!
I rarely am in full agreement with you.
The Navy SEAL team should be in position by now. But why did this even happen? Reportedly, this ship was chased for several hours prior to the boarding and kidnapping. WTF is our military doing?

And the current Pres always inherits the situatiion. GWB and Saint reagan inherited quite a mess too.

Anonymous said...

With the destroyer deployed to the area now sitting idle and watching, I have to imagine we already spent what we could have just given the pirates for ransom. A few bullets, comparatively, are cheaper beyond measure.

Found this on the web: "Pirates operate with relative freedom and impunity in and around the Somalian port city of Eyl in the semi-autonomous Puntland region, where officials say more than 300 hostages are being held and several hijacked ships are docked."

The US lets so many Somalian immigrants in...why do we do human trade with a lawless country?

Captain America said...

Mos def, Keith. You are right on with this. Those Israelis don't play when it comes to hostages and the world respects that. Negotiating with terrorists is a no win situation, and yes, you can come out looking like a pussy and losing the hostages anyway.
Fire on those muthas!!

Mitesh Damania said...

We're all living in Pirate economy, every man for himself.

These people are starving and looking for food and money. What would you in their case when the NWO keeps hitting the country.

Things always come full cicle don't they?

Oh, don't forget all about the toxic western industrial waste that washes up on the coast of Somalia.

Anonymous said...

How about sending some mortgage brokers to Somalia, with 4.2% NINJA loans and the pirates can legally steal from the banks by borrowing money to buy straw huts for $100,000 a piece instead of illegal stealing from ships.


Mortgage Rate May Fall to 4.2% By End of Year: Economists

"We expect that disinflationary forces combined with overt quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve will push the 30-year fixed rate mortgage down from the current 4.85% rate to 4.2% by year-end," the firm said in a note from Bank of America-Merrill Lynch economists Gary Bigg and David A. Rosenberg.

Wind Farmer said...

Right on Keith!!!
Couldn't agree more.

Hey, perhaps Osama is in Somolia. Where would you rather hide:
Afganistan or Somolia (the beach).
We left Somolia with our tail between our legs...so what are the odds we'd look for him there? Pretty slim, I'd say. Also, I suspect there is a mastermind behind all this pirate business.

Anonymous said...

BO and his clinton administration are proving themselves to be a bunch of assclowns.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't get it....... How many days can they bob along in their boat without food and water? It's better the US surround them and hope they start sipping salt water while waiting for time to end. They are just as F'd, if they kill the captain then there is no need to not sink their vessel. If they turn the captain over, there is no need to not sink their vessel. If they die from dehydration, a miserable death...... there is no need to sink their vessel. All we have to do is hope the captain can survive longer than the idiots. Once they have the captain, I say blow the "support" boats the pirates have, out of the water. Message sent.

les said...

Every port and every ship on the Somalia coasts should be bombed.

When they rebuild, you bomb it again.

They have lost their rights to the seas.

Or send Obama to Mogadishu to negotiate with the pirates.

Rick said...

I love how everyone seems to think we can just take charge of this situation as if in a Bruce Willis, Steven Segall, (insert your favorite movie hero here) Kill em all the hostages and everybody!! That's the answer!! Didn't we just go through 8 years of that type of thing? Where did that get us...whats this blog called? Possibly they actually are trying to save the hostages first...I mean can't we always "blow em to smithereens" any way if things go south? This pirate "activity" has been going on for quite some time. I do believe these are (companies doing business) and sailing in these "foreign" waters They (the business ventures) ought to be be prepared for this sort of thing don't you think? I mean they are telling tourists to stay away from Mexico for the same reason...but we have to go over and blow everyone away because why again?

SeattleMoose said...

This is pathetic and reflects pure stupidity on the part of whomever decided these big freighters SAILING THRU WATERS INFESTED WITH PIRATES....should not have the means to defend themselves and their ship.

EXCHANGE THAT GENIUS for the captain.

And if things go sour.....

For every hostage killed....one Somali village leveled.

Amtex said...

Agreed. They have to die, plain and simple. If the Captain makes it, great. But this has to end with an armed assault on the pirates and them dead.

But lets knock off the Bush-Obama score card crap. Bush was an epic disaster on every single front. Obama has already improved our world standing 100000%

Anonymous said...

Supose it was not pirates? Supose it was Iran? or North Korea?

Are pirates not members of the "axis of evil"?

This should have taken about 15 minutes to solve after our Naval Ship arrived.

Lock and Load.

jim said...

"You don't negotiate with hostage takers or terrorists."

Sure you do, if it buys you time or your people. Then, after the crisis, you send in people to wipe out everything to do with them, their families, and whatever they were fighting for.

Anonymous said...

You take a French, Saudi or South Korean ship, you get tons of ransom from pussies (so you'll of course take more ships and hostages from pussies).

Actually, it is the French who free their hostages. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't shoot the pirates. Just give them some of our good dollars with the stipulation that they only shop in America. This should stimulate the economy in the short-run. Of course should they refuse to shop at american shopping malls- then we should kill them!!!

Anonymous said...

French hostages freed off Somalia

One French hostage has died and four others have been freed in a rescue operation by French troops on a yacht off Somalia, French officials say.

Two pirates were killed in the operation and three were captured, the French presidency said.

Tyrone said...

And Obama, you do not bow down to arab kings...

Obama, Bow Down!

Anonymous said...

The great O has been going around debasing the US, kinda makes you wonder - WHY did he want to be POTUS ?

Huh ?

He has said in effect that the US has FAILED just about everyone and everything.

His 'triumphant' european tour where he kept stressing everything done by the US prior to his presidency, was either inadequate, wrong, unfair etc
makes a person think - maybe he does think of himself as the Great Messiah !

He would probably say these Somali pirates have 'just cause' to do what they are doing because the US has in some way or other 'failed' these people.

Humility is to be admired but WHEN does a POTUS begin to stand up and take pride in the US instead of bad-mouthing his own country ?

And by the way, HE also inherited 'this' problem.

Its just sooooooooo unfair !!!!!!!!


ME said...

Why are these huge ships be taken hostage in the first place? One guy with a machine gun should easily be able to take out a dinghy or two as it approaches. Hell, I volunteer to do it myself. In these troubled times perhaps shipping companies can offer safaries for the rich. Machine guns and all-you-can-drink included in the price. All filmed from the bride so you can show your pals when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the fact that the Fench sent in the Commandos while the US didn't even try and help their guy when he jumped overboard (what better time to fill up the boat he was just on with lead) stop you mocking the French.

RICO said...

What are we gonna do about the Goldman Sachs pirates that have hijacked the Treasury and are holding Obama as hostage?

Anonymous said...

"And why is the world run by monkeys?"

Keith, you keep saying that...
and you're pissing off the monkeys.

Monkeys, as you DO know, are intelligent, and for the most part loveable little creatures.

Stop comparing them to the clueless assholes in NY, DC, etc.
It's simply inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

There's only one man who can save the day.

Anonymous said...

perhaps we can give the pirates walmart gift cards.

Anonymous said...

The irony of it all is that those $'s that the pirates are given will buy jack shit in about 2-3 years as the dollar devalues.

Bank on it.

Anonymous said...

Finally only Wall Street Pirates can save us from Somali Pirates. They know the trick of extracting money from the Pirates. Leave it to experts. Hate Government interference.

Anonymous said...

said Vice Adm. Bill Gortney of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. "The United States Navy and our coalition partners will continue to fight piracy, and work with the international community to find a long-term, shore-based solution to this maritime crime."

PRR said...

They could start picking off the pirates any time they want. The goal is to get the hostage out alive. If you're really good, you can achieve that goal via show of force (check) and the right words (mate).

I'm sure the corporate actuaries have made the calculation that arming the ship is not worth it. And flamethrowers on an oil tanker? Maybe not too bright.

What I want to know is why they don't find and convict the pirates that got away. Apparently they go back home and live large - should be easy enough to haul them in, removing the incentive to future desperadoes.

The time to use military force is when we are attacked by a foreign country. This is more of a policing issue, is it not? Here's an expert from the FBI:

Anonymous said...

I forgot something......

We could get the RIAA to sue the Pirates in court. They stopped illegal downloads of music so certainly they can stop these illegal downloads.......

Anonymous said...

I just want to put this out here: the MSM media needs to paint a clearer picture about the situation.

Somalia has about 14,000 miles of coastline...it's huge! Apparently Europe et al have been dumping nuclear waste in in other parts of the waters, fisherman from other countries are raiding whatever fish are left. (Depleting their food and jobs!)

It seems that Somalia is overrrun w/ pirates, a corrupt government and devastiting poverty. Very little to none of the aid gets to the citizens because of the above 2 entities. The pirates are desparate..I am not justifying pirating, kidnapping etc. but there is a bigger probem here.

Personally I want to know a lot more about the circumstances surrounding the pirates, Somalia and the condition of the people...and I am not a liberal either!

Look, we spend a lot of time on this site, ferreting out the BS in the USA - anyone want to add any links that provides a more complete picture?

This pirating has been going on for years! When they grab a US boat suddently everyone cares. I agree with an earlier poster..I can't believe the US ship was unarmed and unprepared, wtf? Just more dumb fuck decisions from US govt.!

Anonymous said...

This is a media sideshow.

Don't buy the hype.

There are some important goings-on happening *behind the scenes* in Iraq.

Something to do with oil contracts...

Tony said...


Can’t we resolve this with Dialogue?

Its not like these pirates are causing any discomfort to the Eurotard..

Where is the BBC and Al-Jazeera with the ‘we need to look ate root cause’ bullshit.

Or your ‘fair and balanced view’ ‘ both sides of the story’

Isn’t one mans pirate another’s ‘freedom fighter’?

Ya cant have it both ways said...


Are you suggesting ‘disproportionate force’?

Has the UN approved?

You are sending very mixed messages!

beggin for sanity said...

Yo, get with the program. Our State Department says these Somalis aren't pirates, and they certainly aren't terrorists. No, Hillary has deemed them "extremists". That way we can negotiate and do business with them and not cross those lines that make politicians nervous.

Some asked why they didn't just shoot the pirates in the lifeboat when the American jumped overboard and tried to escape. The answer is our fu*ked-up rules of engagement that tie the hands of local commanders. Before a shot is fired down there, some pale pierced person in the White House legal office has to run around and get a sheaf of forms signed in triplicate. After all, these are extremists, not terrorists, and they have due process rights under the UN conventions.

LOL - typical clusterfu*k. Anyone remember Waco and how well that was managed by the White Hose and FBI?

life lover said...

Where are the disgusting and despicable Eurotrash with running on the media suggesting that Americans ‘act with restraint’

Pirates have no oil?

DIE -> Europe!

Brandine said...

Okay, let's see...ships are being hijacked and hostages are being taken. Some hostages have been killed, hundreds are being held captive in Somalia. Ransoms are being paid.

Ships and boats keep traveling in these waters with no means of protecting themselves.

That fits the definition of insanity pretty well.

Anonymous said...


I don’t get it..

Don’t you create more pirates if you are tough on them?

Peace and carrots said...


1)The ‘Arab street’ does not approve. Ya all know what that means.. More daily rage in the Arab and muslim countries, (aka: UN charity receivers) more burning of American flags, burning tires and awwww little ‘victim’ kids throwing rocks at cops..
2)The ‘international community’ will not wike us, we are going to have to apologize to the ‘international community’ so they respect us, we do not want to act in a way that thy will call us ‘arrogant’..
3)I say we give them the darn ships and whatever else they ask for, like this they will wove us..

Ross said...

Wow! It looks like Big Mouth Biden was right about something for once!!


He got the timing right and everything. Sarah Palin could never have made a prediction like that!! Go Dems! You guys are swell!!!

Anonymous said...

U.S ships are very rare on the high seas, about as rare as wanting to pay full tax, registration, charity, fee, insurance, wage, benefits...ect..ect,,,,,... perhaps it should be the one place hostages dont get blown away in the rout to pirates????????????/

Devestment said...

America, will you have the ability to take her back after government has taken your guns and privacy?

Anonymous said...

Boys,boys come LOOK over here..it's a feight!!!

While we watch the feight the money changers run off with YOUR TAX $$$ on a flight toooo pina colada land!!!!

SO why??? should Obamalamara stop this scene......by sending in the best of the best Marines...This fight be over in a day or less....No,no we negotiate.

Calling Carter, calling Carter.Jimmy, its your second coming hurry hurry peanut man hurry and f*ck us up some more.

Thought I never say this but...George we NEED YOU NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

"...we spend a lot of time on this site, ferreting out the BS in the USA..."

Amen. After ALL THE LIES, are we going to swallow this one unquestioned?

It may be the truth, but that's the problem once your credibility is blown.

Less and less people believe you.

Anonymous said...

this is turning into such a "carter" moment.

Anonymous said...


I don’t get it..

Don’t you create more pirates if you are tough on them?

exactly. if we start killing pirates that will just make more people want to become pirates.

therefore, we should dismantle our navy. that will cause the pirates to stop being pirates.

attacking pirates makes the world less safe.

Anonymous said...

Obama should call John McCain and ask what to do.

Anonymous said...

Kerry is going to the UN to get the UN do denounce piracy and demand the pirates release all illegally held prisoners.

that will show them.

Anonymous said...

where is jack baurer when you need him most?

Anonymous said...

perhaps BO can ask the french for help.

in return we can go back to calling freedom fries french fries in the capitol cafeteria.

Anonymous said...

assclowns i tell you. assclowns in the white house.

they probably see nothing wrong with paying the ransom as it is simply a transfer of wealth from those who have it to those who don't.

Anonymous said...


you need to start a "pirate timer" on your front page. i suspect this one is going to go on and on and on

Anonymous said...

BO is can't make a decision about what to do because this is a no win situation for him.

as bad as bush was he was decisive and could come to a decision.

god help us if BO gets a 9/11 type of event. they will spend months polling the public, discussing what to do in cabinet meetings, refining plans, and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

"...god help us if BO gets a 9/11 type of event..."

VP Biden warned us that Obama would be 'tested' early in his administration.

Is this a Presidential 'stress test'?

Maybe the pressure he's applying to the Pentagon to cut defense spending is related to this over-hyped media fiasco.

Maybe the MIC will take this 'test' to a higher level with something more sinister...

Europe smells said...

We are shocked that you are recommending "excessive force".

Stupid Eurotards!

Bryan said...

Isn't the new act of piracy against an Italian-flagged vessel?

patrat said...

It was described to me like this, by someone who follows it a lot in international news:

Somalia is a lawless country. There is no government, so none that you can negotiate with. Since the collapse of the government about 20 years ago, the fish population off the coast (and the Somali fisherman's means of living) has been decimated by commercial overfishing by many nations.
The "pirates" use fishing boats to get near their targets (should we fire on fishing boats?). Then they use small boats to go to the target ship. Unless there is some kind of constant surveillance, the small boats aren't noticed, especially when they are very close to the hull of the target ship.
Once at the hull, they use ropes and ladders to board the target ship.

I guess they go unnoticed for the most part until they are on the ship.

I guess there needs to be a way to detect them somewhere between the fishing boat and the deck of the target ship.

Now that they are making so much money doing this, the fishing thing is kind of history.

Can anyone else elaborate?

JaneZ said...

Anonymous said...

BO is can't make a decision about what to do because this is a no win situation for him.

as bad as bush was he was decisive and could come to a decision.

Yea I loved the decisive "My Pet Goat" moment. You know the Seven Minutes of "Decisive Silence"?


U R Dopes said...

Why is everyone taking this at face value and going with knee jerk reactions like 'kill them all' etc.

Dopes. Think about this for half a second: WHY don't ships have ammo to protect themselves when they know the area is big trouble? WHY aren't those pirates blown out of the water yet?

Dopes. It's all about money, insurance premiums, liabilities, lawsuits, setting precedent. Nothing to do with a 'Carter moment' and being wimps. The insurers, shipping co's, international lawyers are calling the shots here, not Obama, not 'liberals'. Dopes. If any of you think this is about some 2-bit captain's life - the poor schmuck - your beyond ignorant.

Now think for a second more - who wants to bet that when we put a "defense mechanism into place", it'll be Blackwater with a $ billion contract? Bet they already already have 10 proposals in front of the Security admin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Keith, shippers and captains aren't bankers from Wall Street and don't belong to the Bilderberg group.

No interest for any action here, moving on...

keith said...

Could you imagine sailing by Somalia without a gun? Not only a gun, but a Rambo-type arsenal of death?

Our entire society has been pussified. They don't let them have guns, and when they're taken hostage they pay ransoms.

And the Somalis are laughing all the way to the bank. Just like any good criminals would be.

Why do I see such a connection between Angelo Mozilo and the Somali pirates?

When crime goes unchecked, you get what you get.

Anonymous said...

What happened to all those flicks of Navy Seals kicking kidnapper's arse on ships? Uh-oh, sorry, I forgot it was only Hollywood BS. You know, the same full of sh!t Hollywood that makes mostly movie of shooting and bombing but have the nerve of pushing "gun control".

Sure Clooney, when it's for you to make money by playing soldier and thief, shooting everything on sight, is ok, but god forbid if a father has a gun at home to protect his family from thugs. Not everyone can live in a castle in Lake Cuomo or in Beverly Hills, hypocrite Clooney!

Anonymous said...

Well, your pu$$y hero Clinton didn't finish the job in Somalia when he had the chance, so don't come crying now when your other pu$$y messianic hero doesn't do crap about it either and puts his tale between the legs.

Anonymous said...




yoski said...

Putin took a hard nose stand against hostage takers. Seems to have calmed things way down. The more bailout/ransom money you pay the more bad behavior you get. In that aspect bankers are no different than terrorists or pirates.

Anonymous said...

JaneZ said:

Yea I loved the decisive "My Pet Goat" moment. You know the Seven Minutes of "Decisive Silence"?


but that is exactly my point! that seven minutes of indecisiveness is looking pretty damn good right about now!

Never thought I would think that.

just like I never thought I would be wishing we had the military-decisiveness of the French!

face it. we had a chance to rescue that brave captain when he managed to jump off the boat.

but our numnut white house had the military hamstrung so they couldn't react in time. I read the guy was in the water for something like 20 min.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they get input from Barney Frank, since he's knowledgeable about "pirates". The B type.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal?

Why can't they just print a couple extra $million?

And Ben has the chopper to make a clean delivery.

No muss, no fuss.

Mitesh Damania said...

Somali pirate the untold story:


vanilla ice said...

Kick some ass. Send in the Marines!

Anonymous said...

have a navy seal swim under the boat and start a slow leak. eventually the boat will sink and the pirates will be ask to be rescued.

Anonymous said...

now they are saying negotiations have broken down. what a surprise. we were insisting on the pirates surrendering to be arrested.

i bet BO is simply astounded they didn't surrender.

bunch of assclowns in the white house.

Anonymous said...

has the administration figured out a way to blame this pirate hostage situation as something they inherited from bush?

Anonymous said...

keith you are a dolt. I got this froom freerepublic, even those maniacs have a better perspective than you.

Johnson — Killed (34), USS Liberty, Israel
Johnson — Hostages (82/1 Killed), USS Pueblo, 11 months, North Korea
Ford — Hostages (21), SS Mayaguez, Cambodia
Carter — Hostages (52), Tehran Embassy Hostages, 444 days, Iran
Carter — Killed (8), Operation Eagle Claw, C-130, Iran
Reagan — Killed (241), Marine barracks bombing, Lebanon/Iran
Reagan — Hostages (20), Islamic Terrorist Hostages, Lebanon/Iran
Reagan — Killed (5), Islamic Terrorist Killings, Lebanon/Iran
Reagan — Killed (37), USS Stark Missile Attack (FFG-31), Iraq
Clinton — Killed (6), 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan
Clinton — Killed (168), Oklahoma City Bombing, Domestic Terrorists, U.S.A.
Clinton — Killed (19), Black Hawk Down, Somalia
Clinton — Killed (17), USS Cole Bombing (DDG-67), Al Qaeda, at port in Yemen
Clinton — Killed (142), TWA Flight 800, Terrorism [controversial*], Terrorists
Bush — Hostages (24), Hainan Island incident (EP-3 Aries), 11 days, China
Bush — Killed (2,998), 9/11 Attack, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan
Obama — Hostages (1), Somalian pirates, ongoing currently...

Johnson — USS Liberty Incident - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident
Johnson — USS Pueblo Incident - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Pueblo_(AGER-2)
Ford — SS Mayaguez Incident - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayagüez_incident
Carter — Iranian Hostage Crisis - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_hostage_crisis
Carter — Operation Eagle Claw (rescue) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Eagle_Claw
Reagan — Marine Barracks bombing - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983_Beirut_barracks_bombing
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Reagan — USS Stark Missile Attack (FFG-31) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Stark_(FFG-31)
Clinton — 1993 World Trade Center Bombing - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_World_Trade_Center_bombing
Clinton — Oklahoma City Bombing - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing
Clinton — Black Hawk Down - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mogadishu_(1993)
Clinton — USS Cole Bombing (DDG-67) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cole_bombing
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[*controversial - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWA_Flight_800_alternative_theories - http://twa800.com/ ]
Bush — Hainan Island incident - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hainan_Island_incident
Bush — 9/11 Attack - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11

Anonymous said...

The French are showing us up...

JaneZ said...

Anonynous said...

but that is exactly my point! that seven minutes of indecisiveness is looking pretty damn good right about now!

You're right.

JaneZ said...

Rick said..
...but we have to go over and blow everyone away because why again?

Because Goldman Sachs is stealing our money and we don't know what to do about it except have tea parties.

Blowin shit up makes us feel good. That's why we do it every few years. It just feels so goddamn good.

investorinpa said...

Yes, unfortunately the pirates have learned what America has known for much of its history (pay attention here, Keith).....when you look a liberal in the eye and challenge them, they quiver at their lips and hide in fear. The liberals are weak and this is further proof of it.

Now, I'll admit, conservatives are as stupid as liberals are weak. No doubt about it. But on this count, you know Cheney would have blasted those pirates to smithereens after they were walking the plank.

Best suggestion I read all day:

How about sending some mortgage brokers to Somalia, with 4.2% NINJA loans and the pirates can legally steal from the banks by borrowing money to buy straw huts for $100,000 a piece instead of illegal stealing from ships.

RedBeard said...

Pirating will stop only when the pirates understand that they will be facing a swift and certain death if they even attempt to board a ship. The US must announce a policy of summary execution of any and all pirates, with their bodies to be buried at sea as a warning to future pirates. We make no attempt to capture pirates and we take no prisoners.

Yes, we must take precautions to try to minimize casualties of hostages, but the pirates must meet a swift and certain death and some casualties of hostages must be accepted to make sure that no pirates get out alive.

Who would pirate a ship if they knew it would mean a swift and certain death?

P.S. Please quit complaining about pussies. I rather like them and none of us would be here without them!

Now, who can hack Obama's teleprompter and put these words up there?

Anonymous said...

"...has the administration figured out a way to blame this pirate hostage situation as something they inherited from bush?..."

Deranged Partisan Mantra: Everything was fine January 19th...

PIRATES SUCK!!! said...

Damn right the U.S. Navy should kill those pirates! They're in a fucking orange rowboat with a camper shell on top! Blow the living shit out of it with a 50-caliber machine gun! Film it and put it on the Internet like the Muslim terrorists do! It would make a great advertisement for the awesome power of the U.S. military! I'd download that YouTube and use the soundtrack for a ringtone on my iPhone!

And I don't give two shits about the life of that American captain! It's too bad, but the life of one guy is like nothing compared to America not looking like a punk! This is war, goddamit, and if the U.S. Navy kills one American to kill four pirates at the same time, so what?!? Do we want to look like pussies to save one stinking guy?!?

I think that's what should happen to every ship that gets hijacked by pirates and held for ransom! As soon as it the word gets out about some ransom demand, send a fighter jet to rocket it until it's nothing more than a burning oil slick on the water! KILL ALL THE PIRATES AS SOON AS THEY SAY "GIMME MONEY, OBAMMY!" It might take a couple of dozen ships, but sooner or later the pirates will get the message, or there won't be any more pirates left!

So what if the companies that own the ships lose their cargo?!? THAT'S WHY YOU BUY INSURANCE, MORONS! And fuck those crewmen on the ships -- they're mostly Filipinos and Asians! Their lives are more important than the principle of stopping piracy, and not having the United States military look like a bunch of fairies that get pwn'd by the French?!? Hell no!

Plus, if ships' crews know that they're going to get killed by missile fire from U.S. airplanes, they're going to fight like hell to stop the pirates! That's their job, to not roll over like weenies and get a paid vacation while pirates play Tiddlywinks with ransom negotiators! Make them earn their money or get blown to pieces by the U.S. Navy! That's the free market solution to the pirate problem!

Angry Sarcastic Leprechaun said...

Keith said:

"Could you imagine sailing by Somalia without a gun? Not only a gun, but a Rambo-type arsenal of death?

Our entire society has been pussified. They don't let them have guns, and when they're taken hostage they pay ransoms.

And the Somalis are laughing all the way to the bank. Just like any good criminals would be.

Why do I see such a connection between Angelo Mozilo and the Somali pirates?

When crime goes unchecked, you get what you get."

One day you want to convict Bush and Cheney and now you want to act like a neocon. Make up your mind Keith about how you want the to handle threats to security............. Oh shit my bad, your guy is in office now so it is "ok". Blow the shit out of em. Hell we are going to need Gitmo now!!