April 11, 2009

Schiff: "If history's any guide, you do get the civil unrest, you do get the riots and the looting,"

In America, it'll be the plant closings that get ugly.

Around the world, it'll be overthrows of corrupt governments one by one.

The people of Georgia are taking out McCain and Bush's best buddy their US puppet ass-clown president Mikheil Saakashvili this weekend, if you'd like to drop by. If there's one piece of scum in this world that needs the boot, it's him. Maybe he can stay at Condi's place. If they don't string him up in Georgia

Welcome to the Summer of Rage™

And yes, this is actually a healthy part of the process. After the people rise up, and the corrupt are forced out, we can start again. Probably with more corrupt monkeys, but I have hope.

Here's the WorldPANIC update, as of this morning, even though things are moving fast this weekend around the world:

- BulgariaPANIC - Riots but oddly quiet now: 2.0
- LithuaniaPANIC - Riots but oddly quiet now: 2.0
- EstoniaPANIC - Pressure building: 2.0
- ThailandPANIC - Mass protests, government on verge of collapse - 4.0
- UkrainePANIC - Economy tanking, protests building ahead of vote - 2.0
- IrelandPANIC - 100,000 protest, bank takeover, default possible, no violence: 3.0
-MoldovaPANIC - full scale riots, Parliament torched, government about to collapse: 5.0
- GeorgiaPANIC - full scale riots, government about to be forced out: 5.0
- RomaniaPANIC - Tension: 2.0
- SpainPANIC - Credit rating cut, unemployment soaring, default rumors: 2.0
- FrancePANIC - Lots of protests, but nothing important, French have better things to do than overthrow their government: 1.0
- GreecePANIC - Scattered riots, chance of showers: 2.0
- BelarusPANIC - Tension with censorship: 2.0
- UKPANIC: G20 riots quickly replaced by American Idol:1.0
- SouthKoreaPANIC - Violent protests demanding government resign: 3.0
- DubaiPANIC - Unease, soaring unemployment, crashing real estate: 3.0
- MexicoPANIC - Murders, remittances drop first time EVER, jobless illegals coming home to no jobs, troops to the borders, government about to fail: 3.0
- PakistanPANIC - Riots starting: 3.0
- VenezuelaPANIC - Protests: 2.0
- RussiaPANIC - Protests building but will be violently suppressed, another reporter murdered: 1.0
- ChinaPANIC - Protesters will be killed again, government in control of a weak people: 1.0
- IranPANIC - elections upcoming, growing unemployment, oil revenues dry: 1.0
- AmericaPANIC - Idol on, McDonalds still open: 0.0
- BahrainPANIC - Riots break out, 10,000 Shiites rage against ruling Sunni elite: 3.0
- MadagascarPANIC - violent protests, GOVERNMENT COLLAPSES - 3.0


Anonymous said...

That's right folks. It's time for some non-violent civil disobedience.

April 15th is TAX DAY TEA PARTY. They're happening all over the country so make sure you get off your fat heiny and go out their to make your presence felt!!

For the OCers:

OC Tea Party

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I don't see Oz on the list. Not likely to have the Winter of Rage (because that's the season coming up here) this year. That's because the true motto of Australia isn't "No worries, mate." It's "I can't be bothered." As in "I can't be bothered to riot -- the footy's on!" Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Now excuse me -- I've got to go check the post box to see if my $900 bribe -- excuse me, "economic stimulus payment" -- from the Aussie government has arrived. I wonder if my wife's going to get one too?

Anonymous said...

Gimme these

keith said...

Hmmmm... maybe summer in Budapest isn't such a great idea... Although this could be written about Detroit too:


Hungary on the ‘brink of ruin’

BUDAPEST – If anyone wonders how bad the economic crisis is in Europe, consider this: While shooting a story in Budapest, last week we parked our vehicle on a street in a part of town that has fallen on hard times.

Our translator, Andras Krucsai, suggested we not stray too far from the car. But it was broad daylight. And we weren’t headed far enough away to lose sight of the vehicle.

Still, within no more than three minutes, vandals struck, seemingly out of nowhere. In a blur, two teenagers broke the glass and grabbed our GPS navigational device, which was sure to fetch good money on the black market. They'd disappeared by the time we ran the distance – around 300 yards – screaming all the way back.

Mike Hunt said...

The Europeans are, ahem, revolting.


Anonymous said...

Nickel and dimed to death is more like it in the US...

NY Times: Cities Turn to Fees to Fill Budget Gaps


Anonymous said...

Doubt any of obamas base will be at the tea party ,not to many of them paying tax anyway , perhaps if you offered free crack you would get a huge turn out .
Anyone who turns out should be tax exempt for next year. Those that can't be bothered deserve to continue getting screwed

Anonymous said...

Dear California Taxpayer:

Congratulations; your 2008 return has been accepted.

Unfortunately, due to the budget situation, we are unable to process your refund at this time.

We will revisit this decision as the situation improves.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter...Chump.

Anonymous said...

Oh please Keith. Don't we have enough real problems without you playing drama queen inventing things to be angry about?

Mammoth said...

Good Link, Anon 11:32 a.m.

The population is already thoroughly disgusted by watching the Government hand billions and billions of dollars of taxpayer money to the undeserving elite.

Now, this same angry population, already economically squeezed, is being 'nickle and dimed' by all sorts of new fees & taxes by the Government.

Some of these people may soon feel that they are being pushed just a bit too far, and then - Watch Out - they may suddenly push back in ways which surprise the 'authorities.'

just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Civil unrest will happen because the people are hurting and just finding out who got the m-o-n-e-y.

Anonymous said...


Nothing new..

Just another barbaric, savage, brutal day in Eurotard land..

Anonymous said...

I think instead of rioting like animals, we should engage in non-violent civil disobedience. I think it was Jane Z on this board who first brought this idea up. If millions of us engage in acts of civil disobedience (non-violent) then we can bring these criminals to justice.

patrat said...

I love the "no comment" news clips in Europe. (They are just scenes with no dialog - no editorializing about them.) They really make you curious to find out what is happening.
I'd like to see something like that on American TV.

Mitesh Damania said...

See Larry Summers' presentation interrupted by Code Pink:


Anonymous said...

I vote for a tax revolt.

Its way past time for ordinary taxpayers to learn how to obtain the same benefits as the Obama nominees who so conveniently forget their tax obligations until they were put forward for high office.

Leadership by example.

What is good for those who believe they should be leading the nation based on their 'temporary amnesia' with regards to their overdue tax obligations should serve as a shinning example for ALL taxpayers to follow their example.

Do more barter trading for goods and services.

At the same time, you won't be so dependent on your salary WHEN it is cut.

You'll never see the fat cat politicians and CEOs take a pay cut.

They are all parasites living off the taxpayers.

God bless America and good luck to everyone.

les said...

One man breaking a window will get more notice than a million people in a peaceful march.

Anonymous said...

In the photo the people in the background are laughing at that old guy.

The video is almost two years old.

Not sure what you're getting at here.