April 13, 2009

ThailandPANIC - And the Thai military, perhaps inspired by great massacres like Tiananmen Square, opened fire on their own people

Ah, you have to love it when desperate despots send the military out to kill the people, and open up with the live fire.

Nice move. Yup, that'll do the trick.


After the Thais take back their country, I hope they string 'em up.

Welcome to the Summer of Rage World Tour, Presented by Goldman Sachs.


Anonymous said...

"Ah, you have to love it when desperate despots send the military out to kill the people, and open up with the live fire."

Wait a little longer for violent, bloody murderous US version. Hopefully the riots and killing begin in DC and work westward...

When BoJangles and crew rat fuck the people just a little more and the people become homeless, hungry and sick the US version this summer or sooner will make the Thai version look like practice for idol.

America, sick POS. Revolution waiting to happen.

America, Turd World Nation of Nothing and serial political thieves.

Fuck America.

Anonymous said...

Hey but the sheep loves the military in the streets. Just look at the American fools who don't mind having the Marines alongside local police doing DUI checkpoints in Cali and AZ. That's unconstitutional, BTW, against the Posse Comitatus Act.

But when your try to open the eyes of the sheeple, they claim we're tin foil hats, or pull the conspiracy card.

When you confront authorities about it, they play the same bull argument, "but it's for a good cause; what do you have against the military helping us to fight DUI?" The corrupt media doesn't mind either and plays along.

You see, this is domestication program, to let you get used to the military in the streets, asking you for papers. That's how fascism starts. That's the same domestication program they're using at airports. The message here is to get control over citizens, to have them feel inferior, submissive, under control by superior cast, even though those idiots are getting paid with our tax money.

They get your money to threat you like trash, a criminal, while the real criminals run wild in the country. Do you get that, domesticated retards?

For instance, there are dozens of videos on youtube showing border patrol checkpoints up to 100 miles inland, bugging the hell of American citizens, while the borders stay open to any illegals to walk in as they please.

And now they're using the drug war at the border as an excuse to confiscate your guns, to destroy your 2nd Ammend. When the citizens are disarmed, it's much easier to install a fascist regime.

The same proponents can't control the flux of criminals and drugs into the US for decades, but not one retard, either politician, citizen, or corrupt media, realizes that guns could also be easily smuggled in from Mexico, like anything else.

What a beautiful Democratic party plan: Disarm the productive citizens, while the criminals get their guns through Mexico, like they get their drugs.

Oh and nobody confronts the Israeli Rahm E. about how come his beloved Israel can arm its citizens to the teeth, but America can't. Have you compared the violent crime stats between the two countries, before trying to rationalize bull$hit and come all defensive yacking nonsense at me? Check the numbers, fools.

Do you see the pattern here? We can tell the border patrol agents on those checkpoints, 100 miles inland, that we know where illegals are, but they get mad at you, threatening arrest and sh!t.

If you tell these border patrol agents, doing checkpoints 100 miles inland, that you can take them to the nearest Home Depot parking lot to show them where the illegals are, they go bazerk!

They aren't there to catch illegals; they're there to play a sordid little strategy of domesticating productive citizens into obedience for the up coming fascist regime. Do you understand that?

Next time you see any military in the streets, for ANY reason, you know what's the purpose: TO DOMESTICATE CITIZENS INTO OBEDIENT SHEEPS.

No matter what the corrupt media tells, no matter what crooked politicians say, the main purpose is to domesticate you. The same way they're doing with the global warming Ponzi scheme, by asking all the sheep to turn off the lights at certain time and date. That's a huge mind game and most of you are playing right into it.

Pay attention how, after a simple shoot out by any freak, there's unnecessary military patrolling the streets. Do we need military for a simple shoot out? What about Coast Guard and other military serving food at soup kitchens? Do you see how the game is played?

There will be a time when you're so domesticated that you won't even mind being thrown against the wall and frisked by military, on the way to work. The more rights you give them, the more it escalates.

Anonymous said...

After the Thais take back their country, I hope they string 'em up.

Keith you are such a naive rube!

The guys with the guns and tanks NEVER lose.

If you want "change" you have to convince them to switch over.


Tyrone said...

Here's some additional footage...

Bust A Move.

Anonymous said...

Keith, soon you may be able to add RussiaPANIC to your list. Welcome to capitalism my comrade chums. Bwahahahahahaha!


Smug Bastard