April 25, 2009

"This would be a disclosable event and we do not want a disclosable event.”




keith said...

Denninger sums it up nicely:

"That is precisely the sort of nightmare scenario that I have been sounding the warning horn on for nearly two years. When government becomes the felon instead of the cop there is a very real possibility that both domestic and international support for your government will be lost. When you require that support in order to survive as a consequence of your heavy borrowing demands you are at severe risk of both economic and political collapse.

This is far more serious than Watergate and it requires immediate attention. If Cuomo is the only man with the balls for the job, then Godspeed Mr. Cuomo, and I hope you haven't patronized any high-dollar hookers at any time in your life, as I'm quite certain your political opponents are looking into it at this very moment."


Ron Paul is right! said...

He's not the ring leader, but I imagine he is pretty high up the food chain. He could finger everyone, thats for sure. I hope they take him down, it would be a start.

les said...

This should be front page news or the lead story on any tv news program. I haven't heard anything on TV and it is practically buried in online news sources.

The media is definitely trying to bury this story. I should say someone higher up is trying to bury this story.

Cuomo should be very afraid.

America is corrupt.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Keith, I checked in to see how many times your anonymous commenter who likes to label Obama a fascist for shit-canning Waggoner from GM was NOW writing to say "Bush and Paulson were fascists for dicking around with the bank CEOs." Nothing yet. I guess I'm just early. I'll look back later for the "Bush fascist" remarks.

My take -- Bush AND Obama are front-men for the financier fascists. It's just that Bush was a moronic, torturing, country-invading fascist. Obama's the kinder, gentler fascist. If we're gonna be fasc'ed, might as well be fasc'ed gently...

Mike H. said...

We are going to have another suicide hanging / self inflicted gunshot. Cuomo please be proactive and announce a release that you are very happy and are absolutely not thinking of contemplating suicide.

Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

The snap you have chosen says it all;

"Dare to touch me, you beast, I can hit anyone in the Universe".

Rings me of Jeffery Skilling.

Anonymous said...

We all know that this sack of shit shit stole our money on behalf of his masters at Goldman sacks .
So i don't want to hear about cap and trade , global warming , or any other bullshit program from this congress who are guilty of letting this bastard walk around . who the hell cares about their latest distraction (waterboarding) that would be kind in comparison to what they are letting this scum get away with doing to the American people .
The only change i want to hear about or deal with needs to begin with holding these people accountable but that would never happen . Hell our president still refuses to produce his birth certificate .Still refuses to enforce current immigration laws .
The wisdom of the constitution has never been in question only the lack of accountability of our leaders , what is the response trample all over the constitution the very principles that paved the way for our nation to become great and increasingly hand over our power and freedoms to the very people that created this mess and will not face accountability . And that includes both parties for those of you dumb enough to still believe your vote makes any difference ..

Afterthought said...

Like the fraudulence of the "stress tests" now, we knew this in real time.

Faced with the impossible task of selling America on its new standard of living or lying, they chose lying.

When average Americans grow up then I'll get mad about the liars and thieves at the top.

casey said...

I wonder if he bangs abby joseph?

remember when they were pimping oil to go to 200?

Also how they were buying up oil off the market and storing it so the supply would be tight.How many dollars did GS steal from america?

Anonymous said...

Seize all Family assets.

Execute publicly immediately.

Burn the Body.

Flush ashes down sewer.

Celebrate with a good bottle of red.




RICO said...

"... we do not want a disclosable event.”

They're gonna try to wrap this up in the flag...

This whole sh*tty bailout scheme will be defended as a national security 'crisis'.

In reality, it was another off-the-shelf *pre-planned* worst-case-scenerio emergency action - like the P.A.T.R.I.O.T act.

This was premeditated theft of Federal Treasury funds!

They may be able to hide their true motives, but they can't hide the smell. This smells like misappropriation of federal funds and malfeasance, it reeks of collusion by Wall Sreet banksters, and it has the STENCH of unprosecuted THEFT!

Anonymous said...

Great time for a swine flu epidemic to get our attention diverted and cull the herd a bit too huh?

Pretty devious to plant it in Mexico first, third world, bad reporting and desease tracking and it'll get to the states yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Bukko in australia:

You got that right. It started with Clinton, got worse with Bush and who knows how will it end. It is JUST PAPER Money you fools.

Where is the backing for all those trillions? where is the collateral?????

Your children's great grand children's money or a chinese invation with Pay me Now demands???

Guberville Smack said...

And how about we investigate the Countrywide purchase as well? It was only obvious we got screwed when BOA bought Countrywide, only to have the toxic loans absorbed by the taxpayer through Freddie and Fannie immediately after the purchase.
But then again, thank God we have these brilliant minds to get us out of this mess. We should give them all a bonus so they don't leave and start flipping burgers somewhere instead.
Then what would we do?

Anonymous said...

Kieth as an addition to your wonderful community service in the "arrest Mozillo" campaign....can you ad this story:

Key Dem: 'Nobody in this country realizes that cap and trade is a tax, and it's a great big one'...

A post on this every week would be good to keep people focused on the next big assault on our wallets by Gov. and Bankers.

Anonymous said...

How many other strong-arm tactics were used to ensure that GS counterparties met their obligations?

This has mafia/organized crime written all over it!

BuyerWillEPB said...

Spot on keith.

Seriously, after HousingPANIC I think you should have named the blog AmericaPANIC. Or WorldPANIC.

We are still way too early for Soot and Ashes.

BTW - I too was one who wanted to be contrarian by being on the hopeful side while the whorld was crashing.

Like that? "Whorld?" I just made that up by accident. But how appropriate. You can use that from now on to describe the current Whore - world events.

yoski said...

"If Cuomo is the only man with the balls for the job, then Godspeed Mr. Cuomo, and I hope you haven't patronized any high-dollar hookers ..."
Or have any immediate plans to hang yourself. Paulson got your rope ready.

Anonymous said...


Sums up the economy pretty well

He "Pulled a Paulson" said...

Pulled a "Paulson"

I told you that last October...You didn't want to believe it & now its too late.

The biggest crime in the history of the world and it took you 6 month to realize it...They are really good.