April 4, 2009

You've been taken for fools before. And you'll be taken for fools again. Why? Because you are fools.

And they're good.

REAL good.


Anonymous said...


Gimme Cheese.

master of pupptes said...


This is a big conspiracy; the ‘masters’ are forcing camels on the poor ‘puppets’

I say we riot.

I’m outraged!

At a minimum throw a tobacco leaf party.

There is definitely one single person responsible for the tar in tobacco..

Hmmm; it’s the elite.. Got to be these elites,

They are the ones pinching little crumbs off the edges of them cigarettes…

If the goberment can’t police them then I say we take it to the streets.

Rah ra rah!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE help spread this word to everyone who has recently been given a pay cut or "furlough" by a big corporation:

If your company has cut your pay or instituted a "furlough", telling you to be happy you still have a job (some of the companies doing this are in good financial shape, and are using the current fearful climate to exploit their workers), here's one thing you can do to express your disapproval: cut your 401(k) contribution to zero, especially if the company matches your contributions with their own stock. Contributing $0 defeats company stock matching. Company stock matching facilitates regular purchases of their own stock with your 401(k) money, which helps to prop up their stock prices. No company that exploits your fear deserves to have your financial support! While they continue to employ you, they are entitled to an honest day's work from you, nothing less, nothing more.

This is one of the few ways the "little people" can fight back.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Anonymous said...

Schiff's video blog from yesterday really good.

I signed up to get the pw, and it's INFLATION.


Anonymous said...


54 million dumbshits voted for this Marxist we have now!



Anonymous said...



Yeah, right!


Anonymous said...


Tens maybe hundreds of millions will fall hook line and sinker for the Antichrist!

The ultimate in deception!


Anonymous said...

Deficits don't matter.

nenwerd said...

Anon 11:13 - Hmmmmm - I stopped contributing some time ago because what the hey - I figure 401K's all will go up in smoke and I might as well minimize my losses. But now I feel even better about the decision assuming what you wrote re: compnaies buying their stock with my money is true. Of course it certainly sounds true given that this is the land of theft and deceit.

Ross said...

That's funny Keith. I have been thinking about the smoking hoodwink that so many fell for, not that we've all been duped again. We are not different now. We are not any more smarterer.

P.S. Gimme Cheese Guy got me again. I almost spit cola all over my keyboard. Why is that funny every time?

Anonymous said...

This is just too good. Really. Think Moyers is getting warmer now.


Anonymous said...

"...cut your 401(k) contribution to zero, especially if the company matches your contributions with their own stock..."

I would say it's more like 'only' if the company matches with stock. Otherwise you are throwing away a match.

Anonymous said...

Cigarettes 50 years ago are like eggs a few years ago - their benefits or potential harm were in dispute.

I guess I'm not sure what point you're making. But I bet it really had potential!

Anonymous said...

I'd walk a mile for a camel!!

So then the cigarette thing that you die from them is a scam?

Cigarettes don't really cause diseases?

DAMN!! and after all that trouble and frustration I went to to quit 15 years ago!!! I want to sue someone!!!

Anonymous said...

smokes are like 7 bucks i did my own revolt and quit 3 days ago.
Thanks for the no new middle class taxes tax it finally made me quit and i feel great!

Anonymous said...

Wait Uncle Tombama smokes..
Whers the ad where most puppet presidents smoke Camels.. No way somebody do a photo shop of Tombama on a Camel smoking. lol

Anonymous said...

It Bush's fault!

Anonymous said...

You'd think we could at least get some vitamin-fortified cigarettes...

Singular said...

This post reminds me of what I was thinking yesterday. This is a good time for the 'elite' to unleash drugs on the community. Amp up the addiction index with alcohol and illicit drugs. The rationale for this is to keep the people sedated and passive during the coming hard times. Stops them rising up and causing complications for the elite. Even if some people realize what's happened and try and get people to do something about it, the people will be too zombified on substances of abuse to be effective. Pretty much like the Chinese as their empire was crumbling around them.

The USA is already a medicated society, it wouldn't take much to put them deeper into this. And the fact that the USA (and much of the western world for that matter) is a drug-addicted nation (addicted to legal and illegal drugs) could explain the lack of outrage, ignorance and apathy in the face of the economic collapse happening in America right now.

The medical system is a very important part of the elite's nexus of control (as well as the educational system). Hence the reason why they put so much money into it. It is to lull the people into thinking the solution to their problems is to pop a pill when in fact doing so creates side effects and masks the problem attacking the body and mind.

If the USA was a person, it would be Anna Nicole Smith: bloated, uneducated, simple-minded, illiterate, easily influenced by others, addicted to drugs, overmedicated, overmedicalized, obese, greedy, fake and plastic, superficial, crass, empty-headed, insular, and ignorant.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Judging from the comments, a lot of people didn't read the (somewhat dated) article you linked to. I did, and while it seems plausible at first glance -- just because the financial economy is falling apart, it doesn' mean the "real" economy will -- I don't subscribe to the premise.

That's because, unfortunately, the "finance" economy is like oil to the "real" economy. Finance lubes society, and if it's fucked up, so is society.

You could have vandals that drained the oil out of a car's engine (a most heinous way to get back at an ex-wife, not that I'd know anything about that) and the parts of the engine would still be intact. But in order for it to run, it needs that oil.

Same thing with financial companies. If your bank craps out, there goes the money you had in there. There goes the stock market, on which your retirement account was based, and your dream of cruising the country in an RV is replaced by a vision of grubbing through rubbish with arthritic fingers in search of food.

So I don't go for the disconnect between finance and real. Would that it were so! However, as long as we wish to have a society more complex than a Third World grow-what-you-eat nation, we need those bank maggots at some level.

The place where we WILL get fooled again is if we believe that the current raft of bullshit can be re-floated. This is where I dislike what Obama is doing. I'm not a hater -- I wish the guy would succeed -- but all I see him doing is propping up the same house of cards. I want a new game, and I want the cheaters punished. All I see is a president stacking cards.

The key to NOT getting fooled again is to keep both eyes wide open to see how the game is being played. And then to figure out how to make the rules work to our advantage, or at least step out of the game in such a way that we don't get crushed when the next inevitable collapse comes.

That's why I read the blogs, to get a glimmer of what might be coming. That way, I can jump before I get pushed.

Pheenix11 said...

Hey Keith, make up your fucking mind. You are worse than Clinton for christ sakes with your fence straddling.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

"If the USA was a person, it would be Anna Nicole Smith" -- Singular, I like that. I'm gonna steal that line and use it on other blogs!

Anonymous said...

did anyone read the armys survival manual that lists cigarettes tobacco as a stomach stress releiver?

Anonymous said...

To Bukko in Australia,
Good point about Obama.

Despite all he's done, I still feel that we are getting fooled. I won't trust any of it unless all the guilty, not just a few scapegoats, get punished.

Anonymous said...

"If the USA was a person, it would be Anna Nicole Smith: bloated, uneducated, simple-minded, illiterate, easily influenced by others, addicted to drugs, overmedicated, overmedicalized, obese, greedy, fake and plastic, superficial, crass, empty-headed, insular, and ignorant."

That about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

What America needs is a Green cigarette with an exhaler that powers your car...

From the Jimminy Cricket, Something-for-nothing school of American thought...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the black and white clip of the scientist drinking some 2-4D straight up?
Holy Frijoles.

Ross, the picture of the house ktfo of that guy is hilarious.

Anton Chiguhr

Anonymous said...

Mmmh! Al Gore brand. It says "Saves Polar Bears and Africans" right here on the box!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Gore brand smokes,

All hot air

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