May 16, 2009

Bernanke and Goldman Sachs' CEO Hank Paulson got some splainin to do. INDEPENDENT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ALREADY!

Man, those grifters were good.

Real good.


Mitesh Damania said...

It's Dr. Michael Hudson madness!

You guys should check this guy out! he speaks the truthlike no other and also presents current events in a good historical context.

Remember history repeats itself!

Anonymous said...

How do banks get on the FDIC faild bank list.

Seattle-based HomeStreet Bank today signed a cease-and-desist order with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Anonymous said...


They had to pay 100%. This was the deal made in order for China and the Prince in the desert to continue to finance our lifestyle.

Could I be wrong?

Maybe Ben could sign in as Andrew and tell us more about the Snapper Turtle.



i've had it said...

Yep, these grifters are the best ever to walk on American soil. Never been any others like them...not even the robber barons. And there's a lot more grifting that we don't know about and never will...

i've had it said...


this guy hudson is ridiculous. he's saying things that are just not true and also just don't morally right:

1) it's only the creditors who are at fault for the housing bubble. that's just wrong, as well all know. yes, they are partly to blame but it is also largely the debtors who took out the loans. he uses this assertion for #2...

2) govt. has to wipe out all debts and everyone starts over again. bullshit. we're not doing that. those who took out the debts and can't repay will have to take the losses themselves. the responsible people are not going to pay for them.

3) starting over means a managed economy based on production. well, managed economies don't work...soviet socialism proved that. as for production, well, there's nothing for us to produce least not in the West. Production flows to low-cost producing countries, so there is no new economic basis for the West to "start over" with.

Anonymous said...

"...those who took out the debts and can't repay will have to take the losses themselves. the responsible people are not going to pay for them..."You're shitting us; right?

Maybe you haven't read any bailout headlines from the past year-and-a-half. I suppose it's possible.

" the best interests of the financial system..."

Truer words were never (unintentionally)spoken.

Martin said...

People, People People!!!

Here is testimony that states flat out that the American Citizen was ROBBED!!!! That instead of it being simply a case of paying off the failed AIG CDSs at their market value, using American taxpayer money that should not have been used in the first place since the American citizen did not write these CDSs,( AIG CEO did it all on his own), We learn that they were paid off at many times their value so that the banksters could get not merely a handout but multiple times that amount as an outright gift (or really a political campaign contribution payback), with the American citizen (even those that are just babies) on the hook for the amounts involved. This is more than just taking candy from a baby - it is turning millions of babies into perpetual serfs for life to pay off debts that were incurred to give vast amounts of money to banksters!!!!!

And here you are going on about Hudson!!! Focus on the ball people!!!

Paul E. Math said...

Everytime I think about this it makes me want to throw my laptop through the window.

Why is that, I wonder?

Is it because I don't like my income being coercively redistributed in a sneaky, back-door manner?

Is it because I don't like being lied to?

Is it because I feel absolutely powerless to defend myself against this injustice?

Let me say this: I'm not rich but I don't need more money. I don't mind paying taxes or sacrificing a significant portion of my income. If the cause is just.

It absolutely enrages me that millionaire bankers are being bailed out at my expense.

West Coast Willie said...

Money for nothin, chicks for free.

Alan Static said...

Paying 100% seems to also have been in the best interest of Pauslon:

Lost Cause said...

You know what's even worse than reading things like this? Writing a check to AIG every month to pay your car insurance.

BuyerWillEPB said...


Haha - as if we are a nation of laws, Keith. Good one.

You should be calling for, the Committee_of_Public_Safety instead.