May 16, 2009



keith said...

Here's a view of incompetence and corruption in full bloom:

yoski said...

No problem, we just charge the deficit to the expense account.
What's Brown's biggest accomplishment? Selling off the gold reserve at the bottom of the market?

Happy Leprechaun said...


As if the retarded brits are doing fine and their PM is the problem.

It’s the dumb-ass brtis!

Nothing can save them at this point..

i've had it said...

this is a minor issue compared to what the socialists have done over the past decade in the uk. gordon brown and his merrymen of socialists - have constructed the most fascist country the West has seen. these socialists monitor and track everything uk citizens do. they speak to them through hidden loudspeakers at crosswalks, telling people to step back onto the curb if they are on the street. they photograph you hundreds of times a day in london. the photograph your car on the highways and record where you've been. they track vehicles through ez-pass technology and gps. they have installed speed cameras everywhere. they have encouraged their citizens to spy and report on one another for, say, not closing the lid to their trash cans.

the uk has become - at the hands of the socialists - the worst country in the world. they are fascists, plain and simple. thank god their ancestors revolted against them in 1775 here in the States.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I had the same advice for Chimperor Bushwit and Dickless Cheney in late 2006/early 2007 -- "Resign now! The implosion is coming! Your party will be destroyed because you fuckers will rightly cop the blame. Let Nancy Pelosi become president. She might do something to avert it, but otherwise she'll get the rap for the total economic collapse of the (for now) United States."

Not that I had any love for the Repube-lickin' Party, but I was hoping that America might avoid what has already happened, and what's still to come. But did realPresident Cheney and Bush listen to me? Hell no! Nobody does, not even my wife. I told her to turn left on Koorong Road tonight, but she went straight on through the intersection...

Seriously, though, Brown won't quit. People with power do not give it up willingly, not unless forced by their party. Is there a serious rebellion in New Labour? They're too busy with their own slimy scandals to think about the health of their faction. Brown thinks he's the financial master! Hubris is the word. He waited all those years, sniffing Tony's butt crack, just so it could be his turn. He doesn't realise he's the ultimate Pommy patsy, left to stomp out the flaming sack of dog poo that B-liar left on Jolly Olde Blighty's doorstep.

I don't like the Tories any more than I like the Liberals here. But it's time for all sorts of bastards from incompetent governments to be thrown out. And then throw out the next set of bastards as soon as they fuck up. And the next...

Except it's probably too late to solve things with peaceful electoral processes, before societal and ecological collapse does the same thing as overturning the table when you're losing a chess game.

Anonymous said...

The UK has the shame of becoming the first country to be demoted from first to third world status.

Anonymous said...

obammmyyyy give me military tribunals!

i guess bo is just now figuring out what that idiot bush knew all along.

that it would be impossible to successfully prosecute prisoners in our civilian system who were caught on the battle field. lack of search warrants issued on the battle field and such. improper evidence collection....

will shill for coin said...

Greenspan renounced allegiance to Ayn Rand, turned to the Dark Side.

Anonymous said...

What gives with the "Where are we now" poll? I wanted to click all three Fear Desperation and Panic.

yoski said...

Reduce the number of MPs, layoffs coming to parliment...about time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Tundra Kat said...

There are no minor issues - string them all up, Mussolini-style.

And is there a suicide watch on Stephen Friedman? That dude knows too much to be walking the streets safely.

Anonymous said...

But if he resigns, who's going to make a zillion speeches to sell the carbon tax scam, which is nothing but another transfer of money from the American taxpayer to support the lazy a$$es of the European elite.

Have you noticed that Europe's beloved socialism and union just works if American slaves are working hard while the socialist Europeans kicks back, sipping Bordeaux and smoking at Cafés, bragging how little they work and how Americans are so bad and ugly.

Why would they change so fast? Not many years ago they're raping the rest of the world from natural resources to live large in oh-so sophisticated Europe.

Where have they got the diamonds, gold, oil, timber, metals, gems, slave labor, coffee, latex, rice, sugar, exotic woods, etc? By raping other nations and colonizing them by force. That's your European socialism in a nutshell.

They're next scam now: Fake environmentalism to collect carbon taxes from the rest of world.

Anonymous said...


* News
* Politics
* Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown's makeup secrets left in taxi

* Hadley Freeman
*, Monday 11 May 2009 22.07 BST
* Article history

Gordon Brown can console himself with this thought: mockery will not be the public's initial response. That will come second. News that the prime minister's makeup tips were left in the back of a London taxi is more likely to prompt astonishment that Brown has even heard of the term "concealer", other than in the context of a political cover-up.

There will certainly be more surprise at that revelation than at the news that a so-called "aide" left the notes – which were inside a file that also contained details on how to handle the expenses scandal and an upcoming trip marked "confidential" – in a taxi.

Tony Blair spent £1,800 of taxpayers' money on makeup for himself between 1999–2005. Although Brown has not put his makeup on expenses, the more important point is that perhaps he is not as different from his image-conscious predecessor as he always insinuated.

The notes give an insight into the prime minister's beauty routine, should a makeup artist be unavailable to give Brown his subtle healthy glow:

"1. Transparent Brush. Foam all over," reads the first note. The brevity suggests the PM is highly fluent in matters of personal beauty. For those less au fait, it refers to a face-illuminating foam.

"2. Small pot under eyes, dimple, creases, blend in," it continues. The suggestion that Brown should use an entire pot of concealer is unusual but does show a degree of self-knowledge. It raises the question that, if this is how he looks after a whole pot of concealer, what does he look like without?

"3. Clinique. Super balanced makeup. All over again, like painting a wall, and ears. Shut eyes over lids then with makeup pad smooth over liquid," the list continues. Again, telling someone to apply makeup "like painting a wall" continues the aforementioned show of self-knowledge. The instruction to "shut eyes over lids", as opposed to vice-versa, though, is puzzling.

"4. Powder terracotta Guerlain all over," the list concludes, which would be excellent advice should one wish to emulate David Dickinson.

Lost Cause said...

I am only more shocked by Tony Obama.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Brown, as well as Hatton, entered the ring with Pacquiao.

Anton Chiguhr

Anonymous said...

Looks like they have a Drunk or a drug addict for a leader like we had.

I wonder if he is stupid like ours is?

brasileiro said...

That shot is very Annie Leibovitz..ish

Anonymous said...

"...Looks like they have a Drunk or a drug addict for a leader like we had..."Can ANYONE (honestly)explain why an admitted homosexual prostitute spent the night dozens of times at the White House; cleared under a false name by the Secret Service?

"...there's lots of things that go on at the White House when there aren't briefings..." {3:18}

I. bet.

"...T-ball games on the South Lawn..."

Oh boy...

"...Usually the way it works is that people become reporters before they prostitute themselves..." {5:00}

Italics Jeff/Jim's joke writer. ;^D

Bonus laugh: GOP Chairman Michael Steele on the left{5:57}; is it not?

Anonymous said...

kinda looks like a 60's British album cover photo

Anonymous said...

Watch UK carefully. It's the USA 10 years from now. Totally corrupted, bankrupt, and full of sheeple idiots.