May 12, 2009

2009 Detroit Michigan. An American city dies.


Saul said...

Is it just me that thinks this picture looks like a stunted metalic penis? Or possibly a metalic hand giving the world the finger - which is perhaps more appropriate (or not).

Hawver said...

Good riddance. I'll be dancing on the graves of the "American" auto makers.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's not a photo of Los Angeles, CA? I can't see the difference.

randall666flagg said...

The pigs at the UAW are now ready to be roasted like "a snapper turtle skewered from mouth to ass on a green bamboo stick all sizzling, sputtering, fat popping over a bed of white hot charcoal."

And the pigs can then learn to say things like: "Sir, would you like a side order of fries with that ?"

What goes around, comes around !

les said...

About time. Been on life-support for 30 years.

Despite the autoworkers high wages, they did produce something. Not like government workers who have even better pay and benefits.

Stuck in So Pa said...

You see the Renaissance Center in the background. Good! Now realize this! The rubble in the picture is virtually the condition of the rest of the whole damn freaking city!

I was there two years ago. An indicator of where and in what condition all of America's cities are all going to wind up? Scary..... and saddening.

Anonymous said...

As part of its plan to survive, GM is planning on moving 15 of its plants to China and has asked the government and the UAW to help pay for it.
From a notice posted at the local factory.

Anonymous said...

Ford will not survive either.

Bob Reno said...

What kinds of cars would a GM headquartered in Redwood, WA or Silicon Valley look like? Certainly not like the mess they have been producing for the past 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Possible site of the beginnings of the inevitable massive Riots in Summer of Rage 2009.

My personal hope is they burn the city completely down and hunt down and punish the guilty starting with the local politicians and moving on to the UAW. Let the punishment fit the crime...

Hopefully, the anger, rage and destruction will have enough momentum to reach all the way to Washington DC where I pray a repeat occurs, begining at the very Top. Burn baby, BURN

America is DEAD


No Mercy.

Fanny Alger said...

We get what we deserve, not what we want.

Detroit.....Kwame Kilpatrick

Anonymous said...

cool. so that is now a federal government building.

the should move the local fbi, irs, homeland security, etc, into some of those floors.

i can't wait to see the new line of government design automobiles. should be pretty hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"...GM is planning on moving 15 of its plants to China..."Just read an online article about that; moving vast amounts of production offshore.

Question for the GMs/Halliburtons and their elected officials:

Will you EVER admit that, as long as your pockets/stomachs are full, you don't give a shit about most of America?

Didn't think so. In fact, waving the flag is probably your most effective control tool.

That, campaign finance, and dirty laundry.

Mammoth said...

"We built Excitement"

What the Hell happened?
What the Hell happened?

1961 car of the year - the Pontiac Tempest with the rear transmission, slant-four motor,

1964 GTO with the 389 Tri-Power,

1966 Sprint-Six LeMans

Pontiac 6000
Pontiac Grans Am
Trans Sport minivan

What the Hell happened?
Hint: It wasn't just the high-paid factory workers that 'did this company in.'


Anonymous said...

That picture sums up the whole US economy. A few nice banks in the back ground. Surrounded by ruined factories.

Anonymous said...

Every time a thread on US auto makers comes up people jump in and bag on GM and say "good ridens". If only we could seperate this country; cut it in half and send the US job haters to one side and those of us who realize the value of good jobs and actually making stuff get the other side.

I hate you damn people, your ignorance will cost us all.

These jobs are gone, never to come back. Your Japanese corporate master has totally brain washed your into believing its ok to sit back and let Japan handle the heavy lifting.

WHo wins here? Now your tax dollars will be taken and used to send the remainder of those good jobs to other countries.

Only when its your job on the chopping block or being sent over seas will you wake up and start singing the tune of saving US jobs. By then....too late! Selfish, self serving bungholes!

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

And, to all of you who want to see the American car companies die off and/or all the others making fun of Detroit, just wait - it will soon be coming to a city near you.

Anonymous said...

Correction to my previous post:

GM wants to close 14 plants and move 4 of them to China.

Let's be reasonable.

Anonymous said...


I am not a union member. UAW and GM both at fault in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't all the gm employees now be counted as government employees?

perhaps Massachusetts can start giving GM cars to it's welfare recipients. at a minimum I hope Mass. isn't giving foreign made cars to it's welfare recipients.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Correction to my previous post:

GM wants to close 14 plants and move 4 of them to China.

Let's be reasonable."

Fuck Reasonable.

Vote with your wallet. Don't buy their shit boxes no matter what.


and same goes for UAW. DIE.

Anonymous said... tears over all the other dead towns and cities in america.

my hometown of greenwood, mississippi was once the cotton capitol of the world like 60 years ago.

Anonymous said...

when will M&M have a "Detriot-aid" concert?

Anonymous said... tears over all the other dead towns and cities in america.

my hometown of greenwood, mississippi was once the cotton capitol of the world like 60 years ago.

and my home town in oregon was once a booming lumber town.

times change.

change with them or die.

Anonymous said...

ford has an outside chance of surviving if it wasn't for the government meddling with gm.

it is clear that BO is going to go all out to save GM which will kill ford in the end.

via government funding GM will offer sweetheart financing that ford will not be able to match.

jwne said...

"What kinds of cars would a GM headquartered in Redwood, WA or Silicon Valley look like? Certainly not like the mess they have been producing for the past 30 years."

Yeah, more like those little "smart cars" but with the price tag of an Escalade.

Mark from Michigan said...

As the son of a GM retiree, I don't want to see GM go down. However, I can look forward to watching all of you import lovers crying in your beer when you get what you want.

Good luck with those chinese cars and fiats that you'll be paying top-dollar for.

If you think GM's union workers made crap, wait till you see the chinese/thai/indian crap.

Japanese brands will go upscale when this happens,just like US automakers did- because they can't compete with the low wages either, so I hope your toyo-honda-mitsusushi lasts a looong time, because the next one will cost alot more.

Overcapacity had the effect of keeping a lid on prices. Guess who lost more money than GM in the fourth quarter?


les said...

The blame should be placed on the white-collar workers in Detroit.

Complete failure in financing.

Complete failure in trend analysis/marketing.

Complete failure in developing new or improved technology.

Failure in design and style.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, there will be a white collar bust town in the future.

My prediction... Boston. Here's why, it's poorer neighbor, Providence, once a haven for religious freedom seekers, etc, had turned into a rust belt post-industrial wastage zone, along with other nearby towns in MA like Worcester, Fall River, etc but still, places like Newport RI kept its tourists and the same goes for Hyannis MA. There's a major illusion of wealth in this pocket of the country.

Now, why is this area not like Detroit or Erie PA... simple, socialistic jobs like academia (the prime industry for eastern MA), healthcare (see tax on working middle class), and finally, regular white collar work at Fidelity, State St, etc.

I suspect that this won't continue. What happened to the Worcesters, the Providences, etc, will affect the white collar Boston because in effect, real estate is too expensive and MIT/Harvard/Tufts has incentives to work with local industries to send hi-end jobs abroad. This had started at the beginning of the housing run up and now, will begin to accelerate as the remaining positions in the regions go to cheaper locales.

All and all, the Detroit effect will be nationwide as urban centers seize to provide an adequate reason for its density, since the Net has made everyone a remote employee where a person can login at Tulsa OK and be seen as working in NYC or Boston but at half the cost.

patrat said...

I always wanted a crushed car for a coffee table. It might be too heavy unless you gutted it out and just left the crushed shell. Maybe a new assembly line in the works...? :)

Anonymous said...

time for Robocop!

Mycroft Holmes said...

Detroit is a sample of what is coming to a city near you.
The reason why you won't see the recovery in housing or industry that you expect is simple math.
The baby boomers are the largest group. They are getting old and retiring. They have the greatest amount of wealth, jobs, health care, etc.
The up and coming groups behind them are not as numerous, not as wealthy, don't work full time, are paying off hugh loans for college, don't have health care and cannot afford the same lifestyle as the baby boomers. COLLAPSE is inevitable.
You can't save the economy with less, you need more, it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Next, California:

LA Times -- Mayor Villaraigosa wants council to declare emergency and calls for layoffs

Citing a $529-million budget deficit, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa urged the City Council on Tuesday to declare a fiscal emergency and called for mandatory work furloughs and layoffs.

"The gravity of the fiscal emergency that we face is enormous," Villaraigosa said. "Unless we act with urgency, the city will face a cash flow crisis, raising the prospect of running out of cash between November and February. "
Buh buh buh I thought that the rest of the country should follow the Californian ultraliberal model. What happened? You guys always sold Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer as true geniuses! What's wrong now?

The brilliant ultraliberal concept of pumping millions and millions of illiterate illegals, who breed like flies and send 90% of their tax free earnings back to their countries of origin, isn't working? I'm totally shocked!

My gosh, as a good slave, I need to check the twitter of Kutcher, Demi, Oprah, and all the other $10k handbag liberal celebs to find out what to do now. Perhaps limousine Bill Maher will tell me.

Anonymous said...

Thank god, after 30% of Americans lose their jobs, they will all buy iPhones and carry a $300 AT&T bill to text message and play with widgets.

Anonymous said...

"...BO is going to go all out to save GM..."

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of towns in America that have been abandoned. Hence the term ghost towns. The Old West is full of them. Towns and cities are fluid entities with a lifespan. They grow and decline with the times, the economy, and the changing needs of the people. Business moves to a more profitable location, and the people move with it. Unfortunately this movement usually leaves behind the unfortunates who cannot afford to go along, and they become stuck in the corpse of the city.

Anonymous said...

The fall of the Thunder Dome - will be felt world-wide.

Anonymous said...

I just made an interesting trip through S W Texas on the back roads. There are still lots of oil and gas wells, I mean thousands, most not pumping since the prices have dropped. But they are also drilling new ones.

Obviously there was a boom when there was discovery with much development and you can see the old small towns from that era, now completely abandoned and falling to pieces and looking like Mad-Max. But most of the wells are still there, more or less automated, with occasional maintenance and pick-ups from tanker trucks.

The sad fact-of-life is that most people are needed more for consuming than for working, whatever the reason is, the equation doesn't balance. When you aren't needed anymore, you leave and either go a newer, different direction or die. Such is the cruelty of life. Ultimately, it comes down to innovation and production, so-called progress.

Some of those old towns sure look like they were a vibrant and active place to be at one time, but time has changed it's tide and they were all swept away, seems like such a waste to just throw away lives and the way they had things. Money has no loyalty to anyone, ever, it's the nature of survival and it's the nature of greed.

randall666flagg said...

Quote from Dumb-Ass:
"...Mark from Michigan said...

As the son of a GM retiree, I don't want to see GM go down. However, I can look forward to watching all of you import lovers crying in your beer when you get what you want.

..., so I hope your toyo-honda-mitsusushi lasts a looong time, because the next one will cost alot more."


My Toyota will last a looong looong looong time because it is a reliable, durable piece of art, unlike the piece of shit that your daddy built or pretended to build. I have a Toyota Corolla LE 1999 bought brand new, drove out from the dealer's parking lot for $16,200 all paid in cash at the dealer's cashier window. That Toyota is currently clocking 216,000 miles in 9 years and get me 35 miles per gallon. I had to replace a starter on the car and the usual tires, 1 battery, oil change, etc... I have not had tune-up on the car for 2 years and it seems like it is running fine. So "Mark from Michigan", can your dad beat that or you, as his son, beat that ?

You know what you are, "Mark from Michigan" ? You are a pathetic attempt of what we call 'Blind Patriotism'. And it usually occurs within the group of uneducated, ignorant, low life human beings.

Rt.66 said...

One day Americans will riot for jobs. One day we will kidnap CEOs and demand they stop laying people off to pad their already filthy, fat bulging wallets.

If we demand American made goods, then corporations will make stuff in America. They want profit, but they could give a rats ass about workers; so we need to make our selves (workers) valuable in the chain of their profit machine.

One day someone will write a book documenting the brainwashing of 90% of the US population by corporations. Corps have done the unthinkable, they have convinced us to hate the fruits of each others labor and too hate well paid jobs and benefits.

Somehow they got us to work for their end game of greed. Isn't it bizaar? Sureal?

GT Charlie

gutless and lazy said...

GM moves to China.