May 17, 2009

Don't worry too much. The future is on the way. And it's pretty freaking cool.

Thank god for smart people.

Our government and media may have been hijacked by dumb ones.

But have faith - the smart ones are out there too.


Afterthought said...

When the avant-garde are gasping in wonder, you know it's good!

Tyrone said...

Or, you could just find a park and have a nice hike.

Life is too short. At some point, you say BFD to the retarded applications that don't really matter.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

And it's the mission of the grifters to co-opt, corrupt or corral the smart ones, so they're no threat to the continued profitability of the crooks.

patrat said...

Very cool but,
my only concern - will there be any privacy?
It's disappearing minute by minute as we speak.

Anonymous said...

So what?

Anonymous said...

Is Greg Swann getting religion?

Here, he is suggesting that the 6% actually might not be fair and that it might be time to get rid of the NAR. (no joke)

Check out the reaction of his follow Realtors.

Mark in San Diego said...

I have always been kind of an optimist. . .while they were burning witches at Salem, someone was inventing the steam engine and beginning the industrial revolution. . .

Ingnorant people are always swept away by history, it just takes time - "change comes one funeral at a time". . .Dick Cheney has to have a heart attack sooner or later, and Rush Limbaugh will likely burn out after his 15 minutes (although he has had at least 30 minutes).

I put up one of the first web pages at Berkeley on Mosiac (anyone remember that??), and couldn't imagine why anyone would want to use the web (duh!). . .now I couldn't live without it.

I see lots of positve changes - the US savings rate is back to positive, and people are buying less junk. . .that has to be positive.

Hawver said...

20 years from now there won't be a single computer left running. The future is farming and famine, and the sooner we start preparing for it and abandoning these masturbatory technological fantasies the better.

Anonymous said...


xxxooo said...

ummm, to me TED Talks are like entering into the "Wonderful World Of Disney," it's all make believe.

i.e. watching the clouds float by my window is as interesting as worrying about Norte Dame...

keith said...

The beauty of smart people and tech is giving us thing that after we get them we couldn't live without.

Anyone remember life before the internet? Before google? Before blogs?

Before Cellphones? iPods? Kindles?

How about e-mail? Skype? Blackberrys? Slingbox?

I'm not sure if all of those things made life better, but they definitely made it easier.

I love the combination of smart people + the internet. And the internet explosion, which is allowing information and opinion to run free around the world, is going to lead to the greatest evolutionary leap in mankind's knowledge - ever. As well as some serious disruptions.

Get ready.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for smart people.

Our government and media may have been hijacked by dumb ones.

That's the lesson learned from human history. Tyranny has held civilization back for millennia until the Renaissance when society experienced some level of freedom of thought and freedom from persecution. Science, technological development and civility subsequently blossomed. It wasn't that humans themselves were suddenly so evolutionarily advanced that progress exploded. It was freedom.

Today the West appears to be sliding back into tyranny with an overbearing police state and corrupt criminal fools at the highest levels tearing back hundreds of years of progress in the realm of civil liberties. We've got a president who claims to be a constitutional law professor who doesn't even understand habeas corpus and wants to continue the assault on the Constitution that Bush started. And then we have a population that is too dumbed down to even understand what an outrage that is. Even Keith doesn't get it.

What's worse is that Obama knows what he's doing he just also knows that the public (including the media) is too ignorant to see that his actions clearly violate the intent of the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Great, Hitler had a better way as well

As did Stalin,


Pol Pot

Pee Wee Herman

Jon Stewart

no to unions said...

The future is 10 virgins for every real man.No not men like casey or adam.

Anonymous said...

Wow, oooh wow how Cool... BFD

Who needs heavy industries that employ thousands and provide a middle class powerhouse of people acyually MAKING SOMETHING OF VALUE when you can enrich Bill Gates and a selected few digerati with more next to useless shit made in China by child slaves?

You call this SHIT smart? It's manipulating files, no more, no less.

Big Fucking Deal.

The country bleeds to death and you think this junk will save it?

Get a Grip and Get your head out of your ass.

Hurry, Buy an iPhone or be priced out forever.

Hurry Buy Microsoft stock because it only goes UP

Hurry, they're not making any more digital products so buy all you can NOW. Get a HELOC an buy multiple flat screen giant TVs like the homies were stealing minutes after Katrina boiled over.

USA = Turd World Nation of Nothing and seriously Stupid 'Smart' people...

Worst, most stupid useless topic ever here, and even more scary, your conclusions.

Wind Farmer said...

How long before the internet is as controlled as our main-stream media? The kind of freedom that the internet engenders may not be allowed... I wonder what would happen if they turned it off.

I like Ted...they show us some exciting things. I, too like smart people. Remember, though, that the dictators always go after the intelligentsia. I'm plenty worried, for the first time in my life, because the future seems very foreboding.

Thanks for trying to cheer us up...especially after YESTERDAY and the sight-seeing tour of Detroit. Sad.

john winters said...

"The beauty of smart people and tech is giving us thing that after we get them we couldn't live without."

like the wall street induced housing bubble?

Paul said...

As articulate as he is, the sybilant (whistling) s's were a really annoying distraction. Fix your teeth, lad!

Anonymous said...

Who'd a thunk it? Zooming in on pictures......what next a hand held device that does simple math???....we can only hope and wonder it saves Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember life before all that crap Keith.

I remember climbing on my motorcycle, sailboat, horse or bicycle and disappearing for the day. I remember riding down to the hardware store on bikes with friends with our .22's. One of us would go in and buy a 100 pack of shells for a couple of bucks and it was no big deal. (age 14-15) No one was worried, unless I didn't show back up by dark. Kids used to play outside, with one and other. We didn't wear bicycle helmets or knee pads or any of that other legislatively mandated BS that we have now. Adults watched out for kids, even those that weren't their own. If they saw you step out of line, they let you know and they let your parents know. You called adults by their gender and last name Mr./Mrs./Miss so and so, (or you called them Sir or Ma'am - as in "Can I help you Sir or Ma'am)

I work with all that new fangled crap and all I see at the end of it is enslavement. Remember not having a cell phone? We all seemed to stay in touch just fine, without having a "leash." I see people pull out of their driveway and get on the effing phone. WTF We are not as self important as we think we are.

We go along thinking we have pretty good bead on things but we are being lead around by the nose.

euonymous said...

Keith said:

"Anyone remember life before the internet? Before google? Before blogs?
Before Cellphones? iPods? Kindles?
How about e-mail? Skype? Blackberrys? Slingbox?"

Sure do, Keith. And life was much better. (my career has been in technology - I'm not a technophobe)

Out of one side of your mouth you spout off about good old-fashioned human/family/etc "values" and out of the other side you expound the virtues of technology.

But you seem to continually neglect the correlation between

a) technological advances (such as all those fun electronic devices you mentioned) and

b) the chipping away at humanity...

(a "lagging indicator").

I never signed up for a humanoid-istic life. You seem to think it's pretty cool.

Got kids?

Amtex said...

Very cool. Mark is right, the Cheneys and Limbaughs are already fading away, only the last 15 million nut jobs pay them any attention.

During any dictator's rise to power, they always kill the scientists and the smart people. Bush and Rove tried to do that in many ways.

Obama has his flaws, but he is a smart guy who wants to leave a little bit for the common people. It makes me sick that the right wingers who almost ruined America dare to still open their mouths. They should be cowering in shame.

Mega-Pixie said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw this at SIGGRAPH last year. Cool stuff. Now if only Microsoft could assign one of these geniuses to fixing their damn progress bar!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to add. This is what it's all about. The smart entrepreneurs are the one's being squeezed by the idiots and corrupt bastard bankers in big government. These innovations come from the R&D investments of private enterprise. They don't come from big dreams from "leaders" like Obama. If Obama was so great he would be making great things happen in the market place and making lots of money as an entrepreneur.

The more a "leader" like Obama squeezes private enterprise with big idea programs, massive stimulus, taxation and massive burdens of public debt the less we will see of these innovations. This is why those of us who understand how free markets work and the prosperity they bring are so opposed to the likes of Obama (and fake conservatives like Bush).


Anonymous said...


Oh this is TOOOO RICH!!

It turns out Keith's hero the messiah Barack H Obama is a major HELOC ABUSER too!!!

Obama's Mantra : In Debt We Trust.

I'm so glad we have a bunch of tax cheats and HELOC abusers blowing trillions of taxpayer dollars in power today!

Just freakin GREEEAAAT!!!


les said...

It's cool. But I'm really getting tired of all this technology. I gave up TV 15 years ago because I watched too much of it. Now, I feel the same way about the internet and video games.

When I hear people say they can't live without their iphones/blackberrys, I realize how pathetic our society has become. In fact, it disgusts me that I see a part of myself in these shallow people.

les said...

I.T. doesn't matter.

Get a life

Lost Cause said...

"Aquired through an acquisition;" that does not take brains, only bucks.

Frank said...

Looks like Phoenix has had a turn around

Devestment said...

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genius said...

Keith, I couldn't have said it any better. There are lots of cool things to look forward to in the future.

You forgot to mention video games though ;)

vanilla ice said...

Semantic connections, man I couldn't understand half of that.

Anonymous said...