May 18, 2009

Here's the tale of a corrupt mortgage broker who bilked people out of $30 million, then drove his truck off a cliff the day of his sentencing.

Don't get any ideas Angelo.

We want you in jail.

Not at the bottom of a cliff.


les said...

Are you kidding. Bottom of the cliff is great. He will probably get only 5 years if he goes to trial.

Lost Cause said...

He is not even facing a single day in jail.

Afterthought said...

Let a skeptic examine the body.

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Ending.

As for Angelo, I would be delighted in seeing him kill himself in an identifiable way.

This would accelerate his journey to hell where he will be spending eternity.

Enjoy your money Mozilo. Your turn is coming at the bottom of a cliff.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Was that HIS foot on the accelerator pedal, or was it a brick? (His foot woulda been limp after he got that last club to the cranium...)

Devestment said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe he missed the plane. Or boat.

Why we even bother looking at penny-ante is beyond me.

There are treasonous betrayals literally one million times larger that we need to focus on.

Anonymous said...

Having Mozillo commit suicide would save taxpayers money. Prosecution and containment in jail is expensive!