May 9, 2009

Happy Victory Day everyone

Will we ever get one of these in Iraq?

I mean, we blew over a trillion on it. Destroyed our credibility. Tore the country apart. Weakened our military. Enriched the former Vice President's firm and the military industrial complex. Sent thousands and thousands to their deaths.

1945 was heroic.

2009 is disgusting.


Chicago deep dish said...

Bush and Cheney should have a victory parade* LIVE on Fox News!

(*In Dallas riding in a convertable with the top down)

Honica Jewinski said...

Well, both were jewish wars for the satanic state of israel.

One was fought for the creation of the satanic state, as well as the spreading of jewish communism throughout nearly all of Europe.

And one was brought about years later by prominent jewish Americans who believed Iraq was a threat to the satanic state.

Which one was worse????????????

Which one did the most damage to Europeans and Americans of European decent???????

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs to go back and read about what happened in Germany after VE day. It wasn't exactly a cakewalk. We had to deal with acts of terrorism for almost a decade after we "defeated" the Nazis there. Humans, no matter the race, don't go down easily and almost never forget unless it's conevient.

Paige Turner said...

RE: No punishment for US war criminals...Well, well, well. The real purpose of the staged 9/11 terror attack has finally become painfully apparent. All of the freedom and liberty once guaranteed by the Constitution has been replaced by the Patriot Act and other suppressive legislation.

None of the restrictive new laws pertaining to "national security" were intended to fight terrorism. They were intended to control US citizens! "Enemy combatants" can now be held indefinitely in FEMA camps, without the need for court proceedings.

We now have two choices: Shut up or be arrested!

The United States is currently under the control of criminals and these criminals are protected by the US military.

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington (1561-1612)


Confusion Says' said...

Off topic, but it's related to our blog.

NOW I AM FUCKING PISSED OFF! I am really pissed now because my sister in law and brother have lived beyond their means and they haven't mailed a full mortgage payment in 17 months and nothing has happened to them. They have a fancy house, fancy clothes, fancy stuff all around and they haven't paid their credit card bills either.

So the banks are getting bailed out (from us the taxpayers who are productive since deadbeats don't pay taxes) and the money is BEING TRANSFERRED FROM THE SAVERS TO SPENDERS.

How much longer is this insanity going to go on? I have waited on the sidelines and yet the irresponsible get bailed out and the responsible get nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Enriched the former Vice President's firm and the military industrial complex. Sent thousands and thousands to their deaths."

Like Bush said: "Mission Accomplished".

Anonymous said...

Instead of an attack on Pearl Harbor, how about an incident next time a joint session of Congress meets?

Just Say'in

Anonymous said...

You want Victory Day Keith?

Greg Swann is being foreclosed by Indymac. True story

Every dog has his day right?

DarkMatter said...

ummm...1945 was heroic?

Sure, if you are a jew or a brainwashed goyim.

I wonder if the Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese, etc, felt heroic.

A gutten Shabbos said...


These Jews sure are a mega powerful bunch eh?

Less then one half of 1% of human population, 2000 years of oppression by the church, chased around and taxed to death then brutally devastated by the nazi movement, etc. etc.

Thousands of bitter nutcases like yourself wake up each morning still today, look in the mirror then blame some super minority for being losers.

Trillions of dollars of oil money spent each year to fund lowlifes like yourself

Yet you still think so highly of the mighty Hebrews, pretty amazing.

You fucktard!

Getto hero said...


The pure and cloroxed Arian race very much agrees with you.

However; there is no such thing as ‘Palestinians’ I’m guessing you’re referring to the Arab squatters in the beautiful state of Israel.

And how would these ‘Semites’ (Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese, etc,) make out if the good people weren’t so heroic?

My suggestion to both you and honica is to follow in the footsteps of your furor, no reason to go on and on with this kind of suffering, end your misery soon.

Anonymous said...

Same old
Same old

Fat-ass corrupted drunken swine always afraid of losing his loot, points the finger at the poor pious Jew, blaming the devoted and committed soul for the ugly pig he sees in the mirror.

Who prevails each time?

Same old
Same old

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann is being foreclosed by Indymac"...This is really nobody’s business...the past three years, our outflow has exceeded our inflow...

...I elected to take a chance on our mortgage payments...

...I expected to catch up...I still expect this to be the case...

...I didn’t think IndyMac would pull the trigger this soon. I played chicken and I lost...

...I can’t imagine what it must seem like to be on the receiving end of a missive like this...

...I don’t need for you to have read this, and, in your place, I probably would not have..."

Anonymous said...

Honika and dark matter: you are filth, plain and simple. It is clear you are two losers who, like so many others throughout history, have blamed jews for your own and the world's problems. You are the scum of the earth. You know it and we know it. Some day the jews will probably get you, and the good people of the world will. rejoice.

To blame the victims of world war II on the jews is so low and so obscene it doesn't deserve a response but seeing how naïve some posters on this site are I figured I give it back to you two nazis.