May 9, 2009

Think about it. What would the world be like if these two never happened?

Lewinsky cost Gore the race in 2000. Hey, it is what it is. We then stupidly invaded Iraq.

Dupre led to Spitzer being moved aside, right after he called out the toxic lenders and Bush Administration.

Yes, if it wasn't these two, it would have been two others. Clinton and Spitzer are of course total horndogs.

But just think, what would the world be like without the Iraq debacle or the banker ponzi scheme? What would the world be like if Bush never happened? And Spitzer was able to stay on the case?

For your consideration. Unintended consequences and butterfly effects.


Anonymous said...

Gore might have made a difference. Spitzer got on the case after the damage was done - maybe some folks would have gone to jail but the financial collapse was unstoppable at that point.

Anonymous said...

Blame the johns!

If Clinton hadn't messed up, and Elliot - and Elliot's was way worse - then yes our world could have been a lot better.

Elliot was onto to something big but was too drunk on power that he didn't think the rules applied to him. (He broke financial laws that he helped craft, plus he regularly prosecuted prostitution). I was a huge fan of his. He could have made a big difference. Elliot, couldn't you have just gotten a nice college girl, and pay direct?

Anonymous said...

What if that cunt Rove hadn't asked South Carolina voters "Would you be more or less likely to vote for McCain if you knew that he had fathered an illegitimate black child?"What if the rubes who believed it had bothered to look it up?

Pay Lay Ale said...

I'm not sure that Monica really affected anything other than being a huge embarrassment. People were getting clinton fatigue, but it wasn't just monica.

I think the biggest reason that bush won in 2000 was that he was much more personable and likable as an individual than Gore was.

Spitzer's scandal broke in March, 2008. His scandal never happening would have done nothing to prevent the current catastrophe. It was years, decades in the making and the first big thing that happened, happened at the same time as the scandal, and that was the Bear Sterns meltdown.

There's other perfectly capable prosecutors other than Spitzer to prosecute the Wall Street henchmen. There's a tsunami of evidence against people like Mozillo, Bernanke, Paulson, Lewis...

Reality said...

If Gore were elected, Gore would have invaded Afghanistan and Pakistan (a more troublesome war than even Iraq), and Hilary would have been the author of "Inconvenient Truth."

I have no idea what Spitzer would have done in 2008 regarding toxic papers created in 2007 and 2006 at AIG, after Spitzer removed possibly the only person who could have prevented it: Maurice Greenberg.

Obama is Evil said...

by exposing the democrats as morally bankrupt people these chicks helped saved the world


Anonymous said...

At least Spitzer got taste, thats a hottie.


Anonymous said...

LA Times -- California could be broke by July, state official warns

On Thursday, the administration advised law enforcement officials that it was preparing plans to commute the sentences of 38,000 state prison inmates, including all illegal immigrants. It also is considering closing some prisons.
Hey Cali, but at least you have iPhones, Pelosi, Bill Maher, Hollywood Celebs on twitter, and soon gay marriage. Isn't that what's really important? I wonder if all those illegals and inmates soon to be freed are going to breed like flies or breaking into homes to rape mothers and daughters...ohhh, I forgot that you progressives are against guns to protect yourselves and family. I've gotten an idea, you can throw your Mao red books or your union manuals at the thugs, then. Pay up, suckers!

yoski said...

Troy fell because of a horndog as well.
Dupre is hot, hope she was worth the money.

Aunt Fanny said...

I agree with Keith. I do think these two women were directly or indirectly the cause of these two men not getting (or keeping) the jobs they should have. And again I have to blame the stupid, unrealistic Puritanical ideals of this country. Men want sex, men need sex (oh shut up) and if they don't get it in their SHAM marriages, then these results happen.
>>cough - John Edwards - cough<<

Anonymous said...

The GOP is VERY good at getting everyone worried about what happens in people's bedrooms.

Sex & Gay marriage & "holier than thou" is what keeps them going (slightly)

Until you get a Bristol Palin, that is - then it's "whoops, ok & they're gonna get married"


Anonymous said...

Hey, old farts have been led around by their little heads since the beginning of time, don't blame the women. However, I must say that I always have thought that the Lewinsky deal was a set up job.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of ass! (the second one obviously)

investorinpa said...


Come on man...for the 10000000000th time, Gore did not become president for ONE simple reason...HE LOST HIS HOME STATE! People from his own state, where he was a senator for a long time, did not think he was a better candidate. All the stories about hanging chads, voting errors, etc are all hokey. Gore would have been president if he won in Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Hold on now.

The Polack legitamized blowjobs as not sex.

Blowjob Clinton went on to two terms.

Believe Me, thats a better record than the Mullato-from-Hell we are currently stuck with will end up.

History and the people will be brutal and its' the last time a questioanble person of MaoBamas stature will get anywhere near the White House.

BoJangles, you're credibility is Fucked. You are a 100+ day failure. Your chosen people are thieves, crooks and dishonest Wall Street pimps. In a word, they suck.

Your AG is the laughingstock of the world. On a level with George Bushco.

Bojangles, enjoy the riots, death and destruction later this year. You've earned them.

Note to Obama:

Blow Jobs = Good.

Socialism/Communism = Bad.

America is Dead.

Ross said...

I would say that these are both regrettable acts that cost our nation dearly, but did you SEE that hooker. Wow. I wonder if Spitzer would take it all back.

root of the problem said...


The problem with the Iraq war was that we stayed in an attempted to fix those a-holes.

Going to Iraq and bombing the crap out of homicidal Arabs was a great thing.

We should leave today!

If the Arabs so much as speak up we go right back and double bomb the shit out them.
Leave immedialty!

Repeat this process until the citizens get it and rise up against their rulers.

This whole problem cannot be resolved so long that a few tyrants control the money of the worlds energy and so long that the world relies on fossil fuel.

If the oppressed Arabs stand up hang all of their rulers things can go on, otherwise we either have to continue bombing them or get off of fossil fuel.

yoski said...

"If Gore were elected, Gore would have invaded Afghanistan and Pakistan ..."
Yes, good thing we didn't make the same mistake as the Russians and didn't invade Afganistan.

Nimesh said...

If it weren't for those two events, it would have been something else. Let's face it, the criminals have taken over our country. And it is mainly the fault of the citizens who allow it to happen. When we sound the alarm bells, most of our country men don't even care.

Lost Cause said...

What would you do if a woman grabbed you and then proceeded to do what these two did? Would you say no, and walk away? Well -- there you have it -- the easiest way to get a man into trouble. And I think both of these sluts were sent by the republicans. Funny you never hear about that possibility.

Anonymous said...

"...Gore did not become president for ONE simple reason..."Florida" voters; for real laughs, check out what they did later.

And to whom did you report when you were deputy
political director?...
Ken Mehlman?
That's right.

Did you also report to Karl Rove in that position?...

When did you first meet Jack Abramoff?

And how do you know Duane Gibson? :^D

Stuck in So Pa said...

I don't think that either of them would have made a difference. Like you said, Keith, it would have just been two other sombodies.

I think that major events in our world are somehow pre-ordained by a higher power, and will happen no matter who gets/gives the BJ!

(I'd definitely take that honey on the boat deck.......Right, in my dreams!)

Anonymous said...


Can't live with them...

BuyerWillEPB said...


Your missing the point in all this. The part about the LAW.

Attorney General - broke the law.
President of USA - broke the law.

You and I would be in jail for doing the same things that these Mandarins do every day.

We need to make the USA a nation of laws again. Where the the law applies to all. Or change the damn laws so that I can f*ck hookers and commit perjury too.

Anonymous said...

"Nimesh said...
If it weren't for those two events, it would have been something else. Let's face it, the criminals have taken over our country."

Have you become a citizen?

Anonymous said...

BuyerWillEPB said...
Or change the damn laws so that I can f*ck hookers and commit perjury too.

I'd say
hookers - yes
perjury - no

Anonymous said...

One last time...

Spitzer could have gone to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada and then all of this stuff will be pure gossip and innuendo, since I believe, even Gov Ventura's been there and no one's made a stink about it.

All and all, in America, if you want to do the nasty, you've got to know the rules. This isn't Holland, you know. I clearly know of successful businessmen who only do this stuff in the Caribbean.