May 5, 2009

I take it all back - Angelo Mozilo is a great man, guilty of no crimes. And this whole housing crash / economic meltdown had nothing to do with him

Man, conmen sure can look good when you get that music playing in the background.

I wonder if there's a video like this for Madoff.


Anonymous said...

dude looks like he's got not only cake makeup on but went for the full on eyeliner and mascara for that one interview.


Mitesh Damania said...

I remember a video I saw in University business class where a Harvard graduate shmuck was praising Apple, Worldcom, Home Depot, etc CEOs for their wonderful ideas and philosophy that they brought into the world. He would start qouting sales, revenue, and growth figures as if the CEO had anything to do with them.

This was back in 1996.

Pay Lay Ale said...

If he'd done this in china, he would have already have been executed and his organs harvested.

Robert said...

Call me a pesimist but I feel as though this could drag on for years and he will ride off into the sunset....either through freedom or death (natural)

Bronx Boy said...

He made home ownership available to the POOR, the UNDERPRIVILEGED, the LOWER CLASSES. do you do that exactly? In a legal, fiscally responsible way, that is? Without robbing someone somewhere to make it happen.

It's impossible, Angelo. And you knew it.

casey said...

Where is this guy?Cmon keith do some detective work.Maybe we should all go party with him.

The guy is a snake.

Anonymous said...

I could only make it to 1:07 of 4:52 before I threw up.

Angelo will look absolutely magnificent in matching Orange.

I have to go now and clean the vomit off my desk.

This video will be a terrific exibit at his upcoming trial.

Fuck YOU, Mozilo. Back to the Bronx at a little place called Rikers Island. Was that in your Life Plan Ange?

Devestment said...

(start music)

My name is devestment and I grew up in the poor section of Santa Barbara. Now that I own a cash for gold type business, I am a bigger scumbag than ever. I rationalize my behaviour with all kinds of nonsensce and pollyana new age thinking. My favorite color is Orange. Orange is the new brown. From now on, all my BS will be Orange.
Thanks, Devestment

(stop music)

BVM said...

it is amazing how marketers/advertisers can really spin something to look wonderful. Amazing to think how it has all ended.

Anonymous said...

Mozilo is so rich, the government will never lay a glove on him.