May 25, 2009

In South Korea, corrupt and disgraced leaders kill themselves.


Mike H. said...

But in America they get promoted.

Well except for the acting CFO of Freddie.


Anonymous said...

This could what it takes for newspapers to make a big comeback. Imagine the size of the obit section if all the corrupt leaders in this country started offing themselves. Youtube could also benefit from those who choose to off themselves publicly.

Long Georgia-Pacific

Anonymous said...

...and for a lousy $6M. That's barely enough to run for mayor of a small town.

mimi said...

The really wrong part about bush/cheney is that neither one of them believes that they did anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's because Asians still have a sense of shame. But Americans? Americans who screw up go on the Oprah show, spew out some psycho babble about how they were led astray by drugs, or alcohol, or abusive parents, or some "syndrome"...and then are feted as "survivors" or heroes.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

The point is, Bush and Cheney don't think they're disgraced.

The people who hate them, like me, are people that they hate right back. So why should they give a f@ck what I think? No disgrace in their eyes.

Bush and Cheney are not under prosecutorial pressure, like the ex-prez was in Korea. Obama and Holder aren't going to do anything to them. So why should they feel disgraced?

They have all sorts of other rich people telling them how great they were, how they made money for their friends. Bush and Cheney have had a political setback, and they have destroyed the Republican Party, but it doesn't matter to them. They're still rich. That's all that counts.

Can't you just hear them saying "Fuck you, you peasants. You can't touch us!"

Batman said...

Can I volunteer to throw one of them off a cliff?

Anonymous said...

Don't expect that here. In America we are allowed to fail and there is no such thing as saving face.
The rich kill themselves because they cannot face going back into poverty. Others here because they are mentally ill, and there is a lot of that.
Ask George Bush to kill himself because he destroyed America? No. Idiot voters put him there. Prosecute? Absolutely! Take everything that guy owns and put him in a row house with everyone else out of work and see how long he can last. But it won't happen because rich people here take care of their fellow rich and never let them fail like that. It's bad for their image. He will end up in England under the protection of the crown because he is distantly related to the royal family.

Anonymous said...




SeattleMoose said...

In a country run by elite crooks for the benefit of elite crooks, there is not a snowballs chance in Hell that anything will EVER happen to any bankster, Bushco shill, FED parasite, or WS scum.

Unless....they are dragged kickin and screamin out of their maseratis and guard gated homes ala French Revolution.

One can only hope....

bearthe said...

He was given a choice by the powers that be

Jump or we will throw you and everyone that you love dear in prison

Now is that worse than death ?

Ross said...

Happy Memorial Day!

Anonymous said...

Direct action can't be off the table.

Anonymous said...

Jump You Fuckers"'re good at stealin' and you're good at lyin';

now let's see how good you are at flyin'..."

Single said...

I agree Keith, but as much as I'd like it, I just don't think that Obamarama and Biden will do the country that favor. Of course we'd need Pelosi to do the same, if only because she is a bigger screw up than the big Zero, er I mean big O.

rin tin tin said...


Raytheon, Boeing, and a coalition of missile defense contractors are 'behind' these North Korean tests.

These contrived scare tactics keep their bloated, over-budget funding intact.

The 'axis of evil' is *unofficially* on the payroll of the MIC.

Don't buy the hype.

Ross said...

America needs to make up its mind. It's obvious to those willing to open their eyes that these two were at least complicit when it came to the 9/11 attacks and brought us illegally in to Iraq.

Either we are going to prosecute them for their crimes or we are going to move on. We have to pick. This whole torture thing is just another side show. Torture is terrible and we shouldn't use it, but the real crimes were much larger.

Honestly I could go either way. I'd rather see Paulson, Greenspan, Bernanke and the Orange Man in prison than Bush and Cheney. 9/11 and Iraq didn't ruin our country, it was the banksters because they brought down Capiltalism. Truly they all deserve to burn, but does anyone really believe that we will do that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but there's one fatal flaw in your logic, Keith. In South Korea, the criminals still have some amount of honor left in their souls. You'll find no such thing in the corrupted blackened hearts of Bush and Cheney. And Obama for that matter.


Anonymous said...

They've got nothing to be ashamed of; they kept us safe and prosperous.

Any bad things happening now were done by the Libruls in the last 4 months. Anything before that they went along with, which is even worse than coming up with.

They passed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977, which curiously didn't cause disaster for nearly 30 years.

Libruls are crafty like that.

Anonymous said...

actually, corrupt and disgraced fits clinton the best.

La Faux Veritas said...

In a country run by elite crooks for the benefit of elite crooks, there is not a snowballs chance in Hell that anything will EVER happen to any bankster, Bushco shill, FED parasite, or WS scum.

Unless....they are dragged kickin and screamin out of their maseratis and guard gated homes ala French Revolution.

One can only hope....

Here's hoping Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Will the unification North and South Korea still happen even with the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun.

South Korea Tuesday joined a US-led drive to curb trade in weapons of mass destruction following North Korea's second nuclear test -- a move which Pyongyang has said would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

Seoul's full participation in the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) came as the UN Security Council condemned the North's test Monday and began working on a resolution designed to punish the communist state.

Anonymous said...

Accident, Suicide, or something else.

Who has the most to lost if there was a unification of North and South Korea

With the defeat of Chinese forces inside Korea in 1895, and later the defeat of Imperial Russia by Japan in 1905, Korea came firmly under the control of Japan.

By 1910 the last threads of independence were removed and the Korean kingdom was absorbed into the Japanese empire.

From 1910 to 1945 there was a progression of efforts by the Japanese to erase Korean culture and language in the hopes of making all of Korea Japanese in nature.

Japan's trade with South Korea was US$29.1 billion in 1991, with a surplus of nearly US$5.8 billion on the Japanese side. Japanese direct private investment in South Korea totaled US$4.4 billion in 1990.

Japanese and South Korean firms often had interdependent relations, which gave Japan advantages in South Korea's growing market.

Many South Korean products were based on Japanese design and technology.

A surge in imports of South Korean products into Japan in 1990 was partly the result of production by Japanese investors in South Korea.

Went2puke said...

In Asia, disgraced officials kill themselves for their family and their country's honor. In America, our disgraced idiots are still warning us that if we stop torturing, wiretapping, eavesdropping, pontificating, fornicating, dictating, buying junk and watching American Idol, some very ugly, one-eyed alien savages will come and kill us all!

gutless and lazy said...

Anonymous May 25, 2009 3:32 PM Congrats. You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Kill the Guilty.