May 28, 2009

In your name.

And you ask 'why do they hate us'?

Don't ask.

Photos show rape and sex abuse in Iraq jails

"These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency," Taguba, who retired in January 2007, was quoted as saying in the paper.

He said he supported Obama's decision not to release them, even though Obama had previously pledged to disclose all images relating to abuses at Abu Ghraib and other U.S.-run prisons in Iraq.

"I am not sure what purpose their release would serve other than a legal one," Taguba said. "The sequence would be to imperil our troops, the only protectors of our foreign policy, when we most need them, and British troops who are trying to build security in Afghanistan.

"The mere depiction of these pictures is horrendous enough, take my word for it."

The newspaper said at least one picture showed an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.

Others are said to depict sexual assaults with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.


yoski said...

Sounds like just what we need. So when are we making room and are putting the real dangerous terrorists into those prisons?
I am thinking Paulson, Geithner, Thain, Mozillo, Prince, Dodd, etc.

Anonymous said...

"We need to sodomize Iraqi teenagers to protect DEMOCRACY Keith! Your feeble mind will never understand the great evil we are facing and the only way America can defeat this enemy is by embracing an official policy of unbridled butt ramming. Sometimes you need to walk on the dark side. he he he"

Dick Cheney

Anonymous said...

Up next:

George W. Bushco

Dick Cheneyburton

Have at 'em Boys.

Anonymous said...

As someone who was physically assaulted,mentally tormented, and sexually assaulted, by age 10, I assure you the hatred it engenders is life long,it is impossible to completely overcome,& though one comes to terms with it, the consequences of course have spin-off effects on personality, ability to earn and tolerate being around those who remind one of the tormentors, which affects the family one has, and informs most life choices, large and small.

We have made enemies for generations. I also suggest those who say torture is not torture to volunteer and give up control over duration.


It's so easy to say "They deserve it". All you have to do is unquestioningly buy whatever is being said to justify what is being done, without thinking.I'd say that characterizes a great deal of our collective behavior in recent decades. And look where we are at.

These people were being tortured because they were scooped up in a net. There is probably no way to know if they actually were guilty of anything besides being male, and speaking Arabic, because when you are being hurt, you'll say anything.

We undoubtedly did horrendous things to completely innocent do we think they are going to be/feel/think if they are ever released. If they have family they will go back to family, but their families will be poisoned against us for untold time to come.

Our national sense of entitlement, of specialness, does not absolve us the call to be human.As someone who has given great and long thought to the twists and turns of human nature I have concluded this about humanity: we can ruin lives with a wide ranging variety of careless and thoughtless behavior, in short order. We know little about restoring lives, once

Batman said...

As I posted before, the answer to the question "Why do they hate us?" is

"Because we don't know why they hate us".

Anonymous said...

they hated us before.

we are infidels.

doesn't make it right.

and they still hate us, even after we elected the great orator. i meant, reader.

Anonymous said...

is by embracing an official policy of unbridled butt ramming.


i thought that was the UN's administrators job, to molest the population while they are there to help.

Anonymous said...

looks like my first apartment.

December 2008

Anonymous said...

wait a sec, something is missing.

hey, that is a nice fluorescent light fixture. it needs to be a single incandescent hanging from two wires.

Randy said...


We would like to see pictures of what the Arabs do to people they capture.

keith said...

Great - other nations use torture so it should be OK for the United States of America to use torture.


But common ignorant thinking in Dick Cheney's America.

Devestment said...

Roman Christians...

Hitler’s Jews...

Americas Muslims...

We are hypocrites resting on the laurels of a dead ideal. These are acts of treason that completely disgrace the framework of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Buh but the killings of our embassies, killings on our sailors and first and second World trade center killings happened before.

Maybe they crashed airplanes full of innocent passengers into buildings full of innocent mothers fathers and children for love.

Anonymous said...


Should we care whether the desert camels like us or not.

Or should they be concerned whether the free people of this world hate them.

Randy said...

Al-Queefer said
‘Great - other nations use torture so it should be OK for the United States of America to use torture.’

They are at war with us, a war that they started.

They do not play by any rules, they torture and target innocent people as a policy of their war.

To win this war we must play by ‘their rules’.

If they want us to treat them within a framework of certain rules they must abide by those rules first, or we are free to do everything they do.

It does not matter whether we ‘look good’ it only matters that we kill them before they kill us.

Anonymous said...

Keefer said:
'But common ignorant thinking in Dick Cheney's America.'

I believe all of us would prefer to live in ‘Dick Cheney's America’
Over ‘Al-bin-salami-gory-cut-your-head-off’s Arabia’

Anonymous said...

Torture is against the U.S. constitution.

I don't know if the court has said the cruel and unusual punishment clause applies only to Americans.

This needs to be retried up to the Supreme Court.

People then need to be prosecuted for authorizing this. If it goes up to Bush and Cheney so be it. Our people need to be sure from top to bottom that this behavior will not be tolerated in the USA ever again.

Every person at abu graib needs to be reviewed and charged. Especially if they knew this was going on. Forget the small crimes or borderline stuff. Go after the really bad stuff here.

Can't believe Martha Stewart was locked up and people who authorized torture are free. This is ridiculous.

I am so sad for my country today. So many ideals that I believe in have been crushed.

Anonymous said...

Oh if only we were as enlightened as the gas-chamber, living-cremators, soccer rioting Eurotatrds

Or at least as enlightened as the parents who dress their children with explosive filled belts and vests.

If only they would wove us.

Amtex said...

The Bush-Cheney years were total disasters. The culture of fear and hate set the US back 30 years. The entire world was on our side after 9-11. Bush-Cheney turned a golden opportunity into a disaster. How Rove, Limbaugh, and Cheney are not cowering in a corner somewhere is beyond me.

keith said...

I'd MUCH rather live in the US than Saudi Arabia.

That doesn't make torture moral.

There is no middle ground. Torture is beneath the United States, beneath our constitution, beneath who we are as a nation and as a people. The Bush/Cheney debacle shamed America, and took us down a notch. And to see Cheney STILL out there trying to justify his evil, his smear on America, is just sickening.

And to see some of you parroting him, Limbaugh and Hannity is just as sickening.


swannster river said...

>Photos show rape.

Sure, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Anon {2:21}

I too find it hard to believe our government would lie when they said there's nothing new in the latest batch.

Then again, I believed Clinton didn't inhale.

" is not over. For Iraqis it's far from over. In many ways it is just beginning."Reap what you sow, America.

"...a year later, once the militia was forced underground by the "Sons of Iraq" -- a rival U.S. backed militia -- he found Raed's body...

...The families of the victims of wanting justice...

..."We will take our own revenge...I will booby-trap myself and head towards them..."

Go read about Sons Of Iraq...

We. Bribed. Them; like we should've done at the start with just a pittance of forethought.

Nice job disbanding the Army and Baathists. We put many thousands of well-armed unemployed on the streets, left weapons stockpiles unguarded, and were bewildered at the resulting chaos.

Like Amtex said...

".... The entire world was on our side after 9-11..."We sure squandered that, didn't we?

Our military contract industry loved it though. When you have a hammer, you tend to see a lot of nails.

9/11: a criminal act by a CIA-trained Saudi who got away with it; money trail redacted in the 9/11 commission report; family's lawsuit to follow the money thwarted by James Baker/Botts.

Anonymous said...

Keefer, it is OK for you to disagree with the views of Conservative radio talk show hosts

But if you believe that your view is ‘the truth’ then you are no better then them.

My point is that Arabs that treat their own people with vicious brutality and murder people and countries that do not agree to bow and contribute to the material enrichment of their so called kings, without any rules or laws.


Are we 100% pure? No.

Are we 100% more humane then them? Yes

Angry Leprechuan said...

Key Keith,

Be careful what you say!


moretroops said...

To those who would betray everything this country cherishes -- our most basic human rights -- in order "protect" those same rights:

Thankfully you and your kind don't get to make the important decisions around here anymore. Those days are over, hopefully for a very long time. The damage you've done, however, will live on for generations.

I'd say "shame on you," but you're obviously incapable of that emotion. So, instead, f*ck you, and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

It was done in my name

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Pearl

Angry Leprechaun said...

Further Keith, since you want secure borders this should be a dfinite "NO" on your new gal Sonia. Hispanics know that if they keep flooding the borders that the liberal agenda will help them prevail sooner or later.

As for the current topic on torture. It is a debate that neither of the two sides are going to win. It should have been prevented in the first place by somone who has the foreign ploicy mindset of Ron Paul. Keep going until you are blue in the face. It is just showing that obama is more of the same, and until there is real shift in the two party system you are going to get what you have always gotten. I am convinced you are truley insane Keith. I may be angry but I am not fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

"you break buy it"

- Colin Powell

best advice ever given a sitting president of the united states.

harold butts said...

"America can defeat this enemy is by embracing an official policy of unbridled butt ramming."I heard that Rep. Barney Frank is opening a special Congressional inquiry into that policy and its ramifications, up front costs, and potential for depletion of scarce petroleum resources. Witness lists are being drawn up and demonstrations are planned in several marathon closed-door hearings.

Dammerung said...

Yet you also somehow believe the entire Pashtun ethnicity declared war on the United States on 9/11 and should be wiped off the Earth? Or that Hamas is an existential threat to Israel and about to push them into the sea despite being locked into a giant, walled ghetto? Or that Hezbollah won't rest until they kill every Jew everywhere in the world? All this shit is linked together and the instigator is always the Israel-Anglo-American Axis.

Karma Chameleon said...

I do not like that our government was responsible for these heinous acts. But I do believe the criminals against our country and our way of life deserve severe punishment. I would say just put the prisoners in any American max security prison and let the other inmates decide what to do with them. It's the law of the jungle and the judgment of their peers. As you sow so shall you reap.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like any U.S. prison here in the Homeland. What's the big deal?

Logic said...

I agree with a lot of the posts here,
That as long as these animals blow themselves up on a daily basis they have no right to complain.

Nuff said

Anonymous said...


‘Hitler’s Jews’ never waged a jihad

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Dick Cheney allowed whatever it was to hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Listen to Norman Minetta's testimony here:

Norman Minetta's Testimony.

Oh, but the true believer fake conservatives still think that Dick Cheney loves America and wants to save "freedom and democracy" while he simultaneously grabbed as much executive power as he possibly could.

You fake conservatives are so ignorant and delusional. At the very least expand your sources of information beyond Hannity and Limbaugh.


Anonymous said...

the problem with torture is that it does sometimes work. just enough to keep it going, like slot machine payouts.

if torture truly never ever worked then it wouldn't be used.

likewise, performing "nice" interrogations doesn't always work either. if it did then other methods would not be used.

will bad things be done in the future in "our name". sure. there are always bad people, perverts, sickos that will abuse those who they have control over.

what makes us better, even when such crimes occur, is that we work to eliminate and stop it and most of use realize it is wrong. I don't see a big effort on the other side to eliminate beheadings and I don't believe they believe it is wrong. do millions of muslims in the middle east protest against the maltreatment of prisoners?

that is what sets us apart. when stuff like this comes to light we stop it. that makes us better and as a matter of policy we do not actively promote such behavior, at least not for very long.

we know what is right and constantly work to achieve it even if it is impossible to achieve 100% of the time.

Pissed in New York said...

Great post, anon 2:21. Shows how thoughtfulness really makes the Hannity-Cheney version-of-reality ranters here look superficial and stupid.

The hate and fear they have has been manipulated to be stronger than their own self interest.

This will be how the terrorist can win. The bomb n' torture first/ worry about it later crowd is eating sh*t right out of their hands.

They'll just use spectacular, disgusting catalysts to allow the worst of base human nature eat us from the inside out. While we thrash around in grass root level, far flung guerrilla wars that are economically and societally unsustainable. Alienate allies, shun and piss off 25% of the world's population. Divide ourselves to the point where we hate the other side as much as 'them'.

All they have to do is wait.

Charles said...

I have read some of the most idiotic and fucking stupid shit online the past few days.


As if all arabs are terrorists. Most people just want to go to work, drink their coffee and live.

Now if you are mistaken for one of the real bad guys you can be held without charge and tortured. And some of you stupid fucks support this.

i wish one of you was mistaken for the Oklahoma bomber guys and detained, raped and water boarded. Would you be so fucking smug then?!?!?!

Guberville Smack said...

So all this butt-f*cking, (if it is true), is also the fault of Bush/Cheney?
Was this a direct order given by BushCo?

Back to reality. The heading of "In Your Name" is total misdirection to tie this to some government policy.

More Keith misdirection:
"Great - other nations use torture so it should be OK for the United States of America to use torture."

If this happened, these were perversions by individuals. I doubt these are torture methods used to gain information from the prisoners.
If anything, these soldiers had some issues of their own.

And yes. Every culture has bad apples. If loons want to use that as a reason to hate us and blow up innocent women and children, then so be it.

I could give a f*ck if they like us. My step father is a Turkey and peaceful Muslim. He told me 25 years ago that these people are f*cking nuts.

Anonymous said...


‘Hitler’s Jews’ never waged a jihad

What f*cking jihad you moron??!

Are you aware that every "domestic terrorist" case broken by the FBI has been a group of homeless, retarded petty criminals infiltrated and entrapped by the FBI?

John Stewart Daily Show Report on Scary Al Qaeda Domestic Terrorist Cell.

That's your f*cking Al Qaeda??!

And you still believe in the mythical arch-terrorist mastermind hiding in a cave directing his numerous Al Qaeda terrorist cells around the globe by carrier pigeon - Osama Bin Laden??!

How dumb can you fake conservative twits be??

You've been conned. Bamboozled.

Go do some research on 9/11. It's clear that it was a government sponsored event and not unprecedented. The first response of a moron when faced with the facts of 9/11 is - "the government would never do that".

The government is always doing false flag attacks. The military calls them "psychological operations". They have US Army Field Manuals about psyops. They have psyop units. There are many existing examples of psyops used against the American people because the US government does not represent you the average beer swilling slave. It represents the financial elite.

Watch this immediately so you can understand how the world and the military really works:

Terrorstorm - Final Cut.

And don't just watch the damn movie. Research it's claims yourselves. Pull a finger out of your dumbed down fake conservative asses and rediscover your America heritage - fighting against tyranny and defending liberty!


Anonymous said...

PS - Here's a great article from a TRUE conservative that you fake moronic conservatives need to read which explains the problem with torture in simple terms that you can hopefully understand:

Do Americans Have a Moral Conscience? by Paul Craig Roberts.


Anonymous said...


Every time you go off on one of those ‘”they” hate us because blah blah blah’ rants.

It makes as much sense as us saying; The ex-Vice President and the conservative leaning people don’t like you because you are a loafer and blog for a living.

Real conservative said...

1) What gives you the right to invalidate Millions of Arabs who are strong committed and devoted to Jihad, who are not hiding behind PC BS, clearly articulate their goals and objectives in Mosques across the globe, they do not hide inside of armored tanks but give their very own lives for what they believe in, they hate nothing more then punks like you belittling them for not being able to see threw such intense filters that even if they scream on top of their lungs
“Our blood is on your twin towers because you are infidels”
“you may have a gigantic military but we have integrity to our faith”
“We have brought down your financial system without a fancy missile”

You still don’t give them the credit.

2) You swear a lot

3) find out who funded all them conspiracy books you read

keith said...

Blog for a living? Good luck with that. Blogging doesn't buy a beer. Anyone who wants to blog, only do it because you care. Doing it for money is for fools and realtors.

Anonymous said...

Charles said:
‘As if all Arabs are terrorists. Most people just want to go to work, drink their coffee and live.’

Ok, please show us a single group or single movement in the Arab world that speaks out against terror.

The so called moderates talk softly in language like ‘one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter’ or ‘we need to look at the root cause’ etc.
But no one really says killing yourself and murdering innocent people is wrong when your ego is humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Real Conservative - yes I do swear a lot because it is unbelievably frustrating dealing with idiots that continue to this day to parrot the talking points of the fake conservative Republican party.

What Jihad? Where is the Jihad?? Can you point to any substantial physical manifestation of this Jihad apart from 9/11 which I dispute wholeheartedly.

My argument is where is the threat? If it is so apparent and so imminent then you should be able to point out some clear examples otherwise how can you justify the sacrifice that has been made to fighting this so called "Jihad"? The sacrifice in lives, taxpayer dollars and liberty? The establishment of this massive police state apparatus - Homeland Security, NorthCom and the violation of Posse Commitatus.

I swear a lot because I'm angry and fired up at what is happening right before our eyes and yet the sheep and brainwashed masses just yawn and continue to debate whether waterboarding is torture and whether torture can be justified. We are waaay beyond that folks.

Your entire future and the heritage of the USA is being torn asunder and most people don't even know it.

I listen to right wing radio every day because it is so comical and the lies and distortions are so outrageous. I listen to the Pragers, Medveds and Millers and they disgust me. So I am aware of where your perspective comes from. The least you can do is review my references before you respond.


Anonymous said...

3) find out who funded all them conspiracy books you read.

BTW - Don't pull that "conspiracy" bullsh*t with me. When I can point you to Army documents from the National Archives detailing plans signed off by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to stage terrorist attacks on US soil you have no f*cking stance saying it's "conspiracy theory".

Wikipedia Entry on Operation Northwoods with references at the bottom of the page pointing to the documents from the National Archives.

How delusional can you be, "Real Conservative"?


too much rope said...


I am surprised how many posters have been willing to justify torture because "look what they do to their prisoners" mentality. The torture debate should not be made into a pissing contest of who does the more inhumane acts to whom. It has been my understanding that we don't torture not because it isn't satisfying on some level, or because no one deserves to be treated that way, but simply because we are better than that.

Torture may seem like the easy choice, but I cannot recall historically when it has ever been the right choice.

Anonymous said...

"...Daniel Pearl..."Manadel al-JamadiWhy did you do it, America?

"...the fault of Bush/Cheney?...a direct order...?...If this happened, these were...individuals...bad apples..."Bat. Shit. Crazy apologist mouthing well-taught cliche misdirection.

It happened without a doubt, came from the top, and he thinks saying "you can't prove it" makes a persuasive case otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"...punks like you belittling them for not being able to see threw..."Never seizes to amaze me; all those English classes for knot.

Anonymous said...

"...torture is to produce false confessions. The fact that a majority of American Christians condone torture..."...harks back to the good old days in Spain; don't it?

¡Strappado!Then there were the Salem witch hunts; classic American pastimes!

Real conservative said...


I will not point you to outrages conspiracy insane websites.

I only say what I observe from a non-bias prospective.

You can argue until you are blue in the face, if you really believe that anyone other than Arabs who are angry on America (for associating that feeling of humiliation and lack of relevance in the modern world, aside from the few rich oil families, to our successes) are responsible for hijacking and crashing 2 planes into the world trade center, I’ve got a Bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for a bargain.

As the Mumbai, Jerusalem, London, 9/11 etc. events prove; you do not need a massive sophisticated army to cause serious damage.
The general temperament in the Arab world (AKA Arab street) is of constant anger and extreme rage, ready to blow always, it would not take more then a few illiterate nuts to wreak havoc on our society.

It is precisely due the Cheney type posturing that has avoided these mad dogs from biting us again.

And why don’t you believe THEM when THEY proudly announce their Martyrs name and gang he/she belongs to after each atrocity they commit.

They certainly pose a serious threat that justifies a serious investment from our part to keep us from being their next victim (or the victim of the underground Psy-ops masterminds)

Its not the grammar and spelling that matters it’s the thought that’s being articulated that counts.

Please tell us in plain English your argument and stop pointing us to other peoples writings.

Anonymous said...


you call that Torture?

Guess you've never been imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

It happened without a doubt, came from the top, and he thinks saying "you can't prove it" makes a persuasive case otherwise.

oh, well, now even gibbs is calling the reports in the british papers false, liars.

"without a doubt came from the top".

what, bush signed an executive order that troops should a** r**e the prisoners. of course not and you know it.

Guberville Smack said...

"Bat. Shit. Crazy apologist mouthing well-taught cliche misdirection."

Er, not quite. Can't stand BushCo and am glad they are gone. Just not a Bat. Shit. Crazy conspiracy wing-nut either.

Since you have so much inside information on this, did Pelosi approve of this backdoor technique, or did the CIA convince her it was not torture because he would get the common courtesy of a reach-around?


Singular said...

The key is "9/11". This event has been used as the justification to do a lot of things.

"9/11" has not been properly investigated. There are major questions that hang over it. The mainstream corporate media do not want to address it. The government does not want to discuss it.

Until there is a proper investigation about it, the acts done in its name cannot have any proper validity, justification or approval by the American people and the people of who make up the nations of the UN.

Anonymous said...

Architect Richard Gage explains the WTC tower collapses on Fox News..

Now that more government crimes are being revealed it's time to revisit the big one. 9/11.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Not in my name. The shit that realPresident Cheney was doing was one of the main reasons we buggered out of the U.S., so we would escape the moral stain of participating in a society that would do that. I mean, we went to all sorts of protest marches, voted for John Kerry even though we knew he was a mook, did everything we could do. And when that had no effect, we voted with our feet. So I get a pass.

Pissed in New York said...

keith said...
"Blogging doesn't buy a beer... Doing it for money is for fools and realtors."

You kill me sometimes Keith. That's why I read this blog.

Ginny said...

Anonymous 9:33 said...
Charles said:
‘As if all Arabs are terrorists. Most people just want to go to work, drink their coffee and live.’

Ok, please show us a single group or single movement in the Arab world that speaks out against terror.

Anon, I could sit here and put you down... but forget that. Some truly sincere words of advice:

Please go visit Indonesia, Malaysia, North Africa/Egypt, Pakistan, the Balkans, parts of Muslim India. What ever grabs you the most. But for now, forget the Middle East, I don't know if you'd consider it). But I can tell you first hand 95% of the local Muslim populace is horrorfied at torture, killing, extemism. And you don't hear about it any more than we hear about their disapproval than they hear about ours.

Unless you are a total social misfit, you will instead see the locals would be more welcoming and caring to you than most US "Christians" would be towards a non Christian foreign stranger. And, they often continue to look after you after meeting.

All you have to do is get out there for a week or two. Go to Egypt, peninsular Malaysia. Start a friendly chat with the local guy selling something in the market, maybe the agent who helps you book some local transportation. Maybe tell them how you are flattered that they know English, and you're regretful you haven't had the opportunity to learn their language yet. Thank them sincerely for their assistance or friendliness in whatever. Perhaps even give them a gift like a tiny toy for their kid or of a small package of US Candy.

Unless you found that 1% asshole factor in the population that we have all over the world, you will be AMAZED at the appreciation and their reciprocal generosity, while they make a fraction of your US salary.

You might begin to sense that few wishes you, your family, your countrymen more harm than YOU wish unto others.

Yes there are extremists everywhere, even here - don't deny that. But just maybe, you might begin to wonder if the majority may be very close to like us... generally well meaning, getting by day to day, and frustrated by the disrespect they see in the media for their values.

People who REALLY DO go back to their own worlds after hearing the latest news feeling frustrated and unhappy, but then go back to worrying about their parents health, their kids, their jobs, their finances, their cousin's wedding, and pretty much getting by day to day. Like yourself.

Go ahead and write a nasty response. But then, later, maybe think about getting out there. Think of it as an exotic vacation.

If that's too much, perhaps try a 'working vacation' in Africa, where you go over there for 2 weeks to build a school for kids. But please, try to do something where you experience a non US perspective. Remember, we comprise of less than 10%o of the world's population.

If nothing else, it can help you grow personally, and make you a better employee, church volunteer, worldly experienced parent.

Anonymous said...

Soory 'bout that.

patrat said...

First, war is hell.
Second, we are fighting stone age barbarians who don't give a damn about their lives or anyone else's. In addition, they are indoctrinated from birth like human robots. This is a serious enemy.
Yes there are bumpkins in the US military. But we have a serious problem here.
As someone said this is not a clash of civilizations, this is a clash of the civilized and the uncivilized.
And then there is the flow of money. And it is not unrelated.

patrat said...

And as I always say, and it seems no one has done it yet, ask the "moderate muslims" what they think of stoning.
Google it and watch a little video of it if you don't know what it is. As far as I know, it's always used to kill a woman.

patrat said...

And as I always say, and it seems no one has done it yet, ask the "moderate muslims" what they think of stoning.
Google it and watch a little video of it if you don't know what it is. As far as I know, it's always used to kill a woman.

patoosk said...

"I am thinking Paulson, Geithner, Thain, Mozillo, Prince, Dodd, etc."

Yes, Yoski, I agree with that, they are in the same league.

And why isn't it happening?

They brought the US to it's knees with their little get rich game.

Anonymous said...

Its not the grammar and spelling that matters it’s the thought that’s being articulated that counts.

Please tell us in plain English your argument and stop pointing us to other peoples writings

I pointed you to documents directly from the government and military. I can't make it any clearer than that. If you can't take the time to read them yourself then I can't help you.

Enjoy living with your willful delusion.


Anonymous said...

"...did Pelosi approve of this backdoor technique, or did the CIA convince her it was not torture..."She should not have spoken up because we weren't doing anything wrong.

Then she didn't speak up but she should have.

That about how it went?

gutless and lazy said...

Can't wait for the photos to be leaked. They will. They always do. Maybe some Cheney sympathizer on the military inside will leak them.

The fireworks will be amazing.

Sunlight always disinfects.
Let it be.

randall666flagg said...

""" First, war is hell...
Second, we are fighting stone age barbarians who don't give a damn about their lives or anyone else's.
... this is a clash of the civilized and the uncivilized.

War my ASS. You stupid piece of shit. Does any freaking nation invade the land of the U.S.A ? Man, dude, sometime you stupid ass patriotic P.O.S just amaze me with you stupidity.

patrat said...

Sorry to upset you, randall, but they did invade the USA. And when you go to war this is what happens. Believe me they do much worse.
Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, and unfortunately then sometimes things get carried away. Not every soldier is one of those in the post.
And these are stone age ancient people. Smart as hell in many ways, but yet, they cut people's hands and heads off. They put women in a hole and stone them to death. They bow like the Jonestown bunch 3 times a day and are indoctrinated like nazi's.
That's the way I see it - sorry.