May 26, 2009

It would seem that the CNBC "experts" should be giving Peter Schiff a bit more respect these days.

I was waiting for Tom Adkins and Mike Norman to show up anytime to join in the laughing and mocking of Schiff during this interview.


What does it take?


Anonymous said...

they need our consumption until they don't.

ex. when chinese workers make enough to buy their own goods which is not likely in a communist society.

Anonymous said...

Now when exactly was the last time I saw laughter used as a debate technique against Peter...and what was the outcome there...

Angry Leprechaun said...

Why would you care hat Schiff says anymore Keith. Schiff goes against everthing that you now think is so great about Obama and his economic policy. You sound just like one of the talking heads at CNBC.

keith said...

Schiff says dollar destruction, foreign stock market decoupling and inflation holocaust.

I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

"ex. when chinese workers make enough to buy their own goods which is not likely in a communist society."

Keep in mind a large portion of our RE and HELOC wealth came from Chinese government investments. Even a communist society can figure out how to eliminate the middle man, especially when he isn't consuming.

JLarkin said...

Not much evidence of decoupling from US in markets or economies abroad, at least not yet. Roubini was correct when he said there would not be decoupling. Gary Shilling also noted the Chinese middle class is not going to replace US consumption just yet. Foreign markets do seem to have a higher beta, but directionally follow the US market.

Angry Leprechuan said...

"Schiff says dollar destruction, foreign stock market decoupling and inflation holocaust.

I agree 100%."

Ok, if you agree with him 100% then why are you backing Obama to continue doing it. Schiff wants it to stop. Obama wants it to continue. Are you with Schiff or Obama?

You have answered Obama. Keith you cannot keep your credibility while endorsing those who go against what your ideas are.

Schiffs ideas are the exact opposite of Obama. You can't endorse both and then say, "It hath been foretold."

lensam369 said...

(Serious post)
Just to double check if I understand this correctly, when Schiff talks about decoupling, he's basically saying that the rest of the world will not follow the same trends as the us market?

Would this also apply if US economy goes up?

keith said...

If it were up to me (and Schiff) we never would have gotten into this mess - but that's a story for a later time.

But now that we are here, and a depression worse than the great depression was in the cards, we could have went over the abyss. We could have shut it all down.

I'm usually for that tough medicine, but the alternative was too scary. If we had done nothing, there would be anarchy all over the world. Serious anarchy.

So now we've done what we've done, and we're in recovery. Things will get better - much better.

But there's a price to pay for that, and that's where Schiff and I agree 100%.

Inflation will roar, and the dollar will tank. Commodities will soar, and foreign stocks (especially in resource countries, or countries not based on exports) will do fine.

Anonymous said...

So now we've done what we've done, and we're in recovery. Things will get better - much better..

That's quite a statement, Keith.


Angry Leprechuan said...

Wow we should give you am medal Keith. I really don't know why I am alking about this on this site anymore. It is like talking to my cat.

Anonymous said...


I laughed so hard at that ignorant CUN#$ Trish Reagan, I almost fell of my chair...(and YES, I am a woman and fully entitled to call this bitch the C-word, because no one has ever deserved it MORE....

I mean, here she is, supposedly representing an unbiased view to the CNBC sheeple, and she simply makes a total ASS out of herself--

Hey Trish! I know you want to continue to con the masses like you at CNBC do, but take a minute to do a little homework on how Peter Schiff has absolutely SCHOOLED you media whores, before you make like a jackass and try to take him on.

God, you are a complete embarassment to your gender!!

Jessica Simpson could have sounded more intelligent!

Peahippo said...

Keith, inflation is dead. There is NO route for getting MONEY or CREDIT into the hands of the consumers. They CANNOT purchase like they used to. There is NO way for them to do it.

So, anyone who keeps pumping up the price of their non-commodities is only going to drive away their customers and then go out of business. But there are plenty more where those producers, distributors and retailers came from. So no real shortages will arise.

Keith, until you can explain where this MONEY and CREDIT comes from, and how it GETS INTO THE HANDS OF YOU AND MYSELF, then you're just being a propaganda mouth and not a real predictor.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? If they admit he was/is right, then there is pretty much no reason for CNBC to exist at all since its just US Stock Shillavision for Wall Street and a tool for the White House. I love how they always revert to: "you are just talking your book". Like Peter Schiff is the only person in the history of CNBC interviews to suggest action that his company specializes in. What about the crooked politicians/government officials from the Bushama Administrations that do interviews on CNBC to regularly deceive the American people about how bad they are being fleeced. Are they "just talking their book" also? Another thing I hate about CNBC is their 1 quarter time horizon to judge whether or not Schiff's prognosis is correct. Thanks for reminding me why I watch Bloomberg now instead of CNBC. To me, CNBC is like Fox News and Bloomberg is like CNN. (Not that CNN is pure, just not quite as manipulated)

Anonymous said...


Agree completely with the comments on Trish Regan. Like is she TRYING to emulate Greg Swann or Lawrence Yun or something??
History will be most unkind when showing her little video clip in the future. Time to go back to school honey...a little "Humility 101" for starters.

Miss Goldbug said...

Theres no recovery in sight, until there's jobs and consumers who arent maxed out on credit debt.

I predict we go back on the gold standard by 2012.

Anonymous said...

CNBC instantly became NOTHING without Dylan Radigan.
He was the only SOB on that show that had the balls to call it like it was at least half of the time.

Hmm..I guess that is why he is no longer there and they have the "C" team ameteurs at the wheel. CNBC is like state run tv for the stupid sheeple masses. So horrible.