May 16, 2009

Obammmy Gimme Unicorns!


LOL said...

It's racist to assume unicorns are white.

Anonymous said...

WTF is with the unicorns??!! This guy is a puppet in every way identical to Bush co. The cat is out of the bag...

Obama revives Guantanamo trials...

Anonymous said...

Keith, could you please share your source for this good sh*t you're smoking? I wanna see those rainbows and unicorns too!

Anonymous said...

Obammy give me a break. ( from having to listen to your BS)

happy snapper said...


This is a classic!

Mammoth said...

Rainbows and Unicorns!
Blue sky and sunshine!

Read on, fellow S&A'ers for a nice, cheerful tidbit that fits in place right here on this very thread...

It seems one of NW Washington's high-level school superintendents was going to retire next month, at age 66. Faithfully worked for the school system since 1965.

You can bet that all those years he looked forward to retirement, when he would finally be able to do whatever he wanted to do - in his own free time.

And you can also bet that he diligently saved for his retirement, no doubt denying some of the things in life that would have given him pleasure - in order to have that nest egg to help tide him over after he stopped working.

Well, this person died of a heart attack on Monday. Poof - just like that.

Somewhere there is a lesson in all this. While sitting in my windowless cubicle at work all day yesterday - a perfectly beautiful spring day - I was trying to figure out what this lesson is...


Anonymous said...

The lesson is to make the most of your time here on Earth, especially while you're young. Most of us are wage slaves, or, more accurately, slaves to capitalism. Slaves to consumption and debt. Slaves to a society built around transfer of wealth to bankers. So, next time you walk outside, take a moment to appreciate that beautiful spring day. Be thankful for what you do have and don't dwell on what you don't.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Bankers get to ride on that unicorn's back. Common people ride on its horn. One guess as to where it gets inserted.

no one died for my sins said...

Another possibility,

The most precious thing of all is time, and as long as you spend that time being productive it feels good, human nature

Had this person you mentioned wasted all his time looking at the blue sky and smelling flowers, day in and day out the flowers would begin to stink and the sky would appear the ugliest painful blue.

Mammoth, it’s not ‘spending you life in the cubicle working for someone else’ that makes the sunny outdoors appear soo sweet.

It is because it is not in-line with your deepest desires and you may feel that you’re not moving towards it that causes that feeling, probably not totally off track cause it’s a source of income that is also required to get you there.

To the degree that one has a sense of control in moving towards their ultimate goal is the degree that one feels Happy healthy and content.

If one dies along the path nothing has been lost cause it’s not the end game that really matters it’s the joy of living the path.

Anon, that said;
‘Most of us are wage slaves, or, more accurately, slaves to capitalism. Slaves to consumption and debt. Slaves to a society built around transfer of wealth to bankers.’

Has spoken like a poor man,- this type of thinking makes one poor not only financially but emotionally, spiritually and physically.

And remember your deepest desires are also something that you created and you can re-create if you choose to.

Move onward! and life will be great..

It is possible that the person you are referring to had a 100% fulfilled life and lived his days in bliss.

A gutten Shabbos to all..

patrat said...

This IS the age old question. What makes you happy?
If you are struggling to eat you don't care to think about it.
If you have more than enough, it could be a problem.
I have read that some stress is actually good for people. Not too much or too little.

Dutch women are supposed to be the happiest people in the world. At this time.

Lost Cause said...

At least he is skipping the Bilderberg group this year.

Saul said...

The drugs are clearly working