May 2, 2009

Should Obama pardon Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Miers and the rest?

My guess?

A pre-emptive blanket pardon for everyone in the Bush administration. Followed by a "Blue Ribbon Commission" on torture, wiretapping and falsifying the case for war.


Anonymous said...

I'm rootin' for ya, Obama.

Make us all proud and do the wrong thing.

cheap trick said...

At least a speeding ticket, 30-days in the slammer or community service or something.... MY GOD!

Anonymous said...

It was all (and still is) one big scam. THEY are still in control but loosing power.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately if he doesn't he runs the risk of setting precedence of "culling" the previous administration.

RICO said...

'A pre-emptive blanket pardon...'

This is a far-fetched scenerio, but if it were to occur, the founding fathers' concept of equal justice for all would immediately be relegated to the scrap heap of quaint notions.

If such an abominable injustice were to stand, the fate of our country would be sealed - in that we failed the test of time in striving for the noble goal of 'a more perfect union.'

In one fell swoop, Obama would be forever remembered as a weak-willed political opportunist who abandoned his principles for the expedient option of sustaining a corrupted business-as-usual mode of governance.

imagine Cheney behind bars said...

How 'bout a blanket PARTY for these lying assholes?

Of course, that would require an extremely large blanket, but more people could participate in the therapeutic pummeling.

Maybe a TARP party...

Fairy Tales Explained said...

They caused over $20 trillion dollars in lost wealth and collateral damages to the US and global community, massive job cuts, forclosures, bankruptsies, broken families, seriously injured over 140,000 humans, killed over 32,000 humans, lied BIG TIME to congress and the US citizens and yet they didnt even get a $100 fine? WTF!??????????????

Something is WRONG with OUR elected government officials.

Either things will get much better, or much worse.

Make a difference, and call or write your local republican and tell him or her they're a BIG SMELLING pile of lying shit!

There's a new maximum security building under construction in Gary, Indiana called "The GW Bush Federal Prison for Criminal Republicans"

With 2,219 new prison cells, there are no windows, no outdoor coutyards and no visitors allowed, and plans to open by June 15th, 2009.

Just in time!

In other REPUBLICAN created news:

AP) - Shiek Raji Mohamad has just been discovered (8-years later) that he used a free Hotmail account to help take down the entire United States on 9/11 and the days following.

"We first thought it was from bin Laden using his 5-mile range 1972 walkie-talkie from a cave deep in Afghanistan, but this new Hotmail account evidence shows otherwise."

We cant show you the emails, nor other evidence, but we do have a glamour head shot we've been using for the last 8-years. We took it from his inside his wallet.

End of report -

Martin said...

The precedent is Nixon - he wasn't charged or convicted of anything but was pardoned anyway. Next precedent was Caspar Weinberger, pardoned by Bush 1 without charges or convictions.

I saw part of the interview and was amazed that the guy just said matter of factly that 'of course we can't actually have these guys go to jail but could give them a pardon to let everyone know we don't approve of their actions' (I'm paraphrasing). Why not send people to jail to let them know we don't approve? Why are their no qualms for sending people to jail when all they do is choose to ruin their own bodies and minds with drugs, but don't hurt anyone else?

Tricky Dick said...

Y'all on the left need to slow down. Now is not the time for the show trials that will have the kos crowd wanking in front of their TVs. The indictments and trials will come when they are needed to distract the electorate from the major fu*k-ups of Obama's minions. We should see the collapse of commercial real estate and the alt-A loan defaults hitting the economy full-force around 2011. Look for handkerchief head Holder to make his moves in the Fall of 2010, right around election time.