May 2, 2009

Spitzer. Independent Special Prosecutor. Spitzer. Independent Special Prosecutor.

Obama, turn the big dog loose.

It's time.

America likes a comeback. And needs pit bulls.

Eliot Spitzer is the man for the job.


Anonymous said...

vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc Charlie Munger said at Berkshire's annual meeting. "I think the Treasury people behaved honorably and intelligently, and so did Bank of America."Pfffft.

pimp said...

Is he still banging 2 dollar hookers in motel 6?

les said...

Do you remember how wall street cheered when Sptizer was arrested?

There is absolutely no chance that Obama or Congress will appoint Spitzer. Our leaders don't want to bite the cock they suck on.

Although, it wouldn't be a bad idea for New York or Delaware to hire this guy.

buzzsaw99 said...

Spitzer is a choir boy compared to the rest of those maggots. We can't spare him right now, he's all we've got. Congrats Spitzer, you're the most honest man in NY.

wallstreetvet said...

Obama's "brand" is the most important thing. I'm sure Spitzer would be fantastic but he would ruin the Obama brand. Not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer would be perfect!

He's a slimey weasel, a good for nothing, lying piece of democrat offal

Dishonest, egotist, whinning f**king dem cry baby!

For this current administration Spitzer would be Perfect!

fat amelican said...

Spitzer, sex addict.
Spitzer, drug addict.
Spitzer, lying S.O.B.

C'mon Keith, is this really the best we can do?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

He's been branded with the "harlot letter" -- S for Sex. That's the one thing that the mass of Americans can't stand.

Steal trillions of dollars, spy unconstitutionally on every American, start an unnecessary war that kills hundreds of thousands... it doesn't hit Americans like pimp in their emotional gut. But sex does. Sex makes Americans crazy angry in a way that theft, torture and murder does not.

Plus, as les points out, Spitz has aggravated the financial power structure. And that power structure owns the media. That media would endlessly rehash Spitzer's indiscretions -- which were both criminal and hypocritical, after all -- every time his name was mentioned. And that would be the message the American sheeple absorbed: "Obama appoints whore-chaser."

Keith, a SpitzSpecPros would make sense in a rational world. We live in MonkeyWorld. You say that all the time, but you still seem to be dreaming that it's otherwise.

Anonymous said...

when do we find out that the government mouth peice Buffet is another Madoff?.....never....guess it pays to tow the government "party" line

Anonymous said...

Didn't you just get done saying how intelligent Obama is ??? Then why would he turn the dog loose on the money , people that made him .

Virtue Rewarded said...

Ask yourself this: Did Wall Street deliberately bring this guy down just before the implosion? Was Spitzer about to pull back the curtain on Wall Street?

And.....why were absolutly no other highly placed gentlemen (or not so gentle men, in Spitzer's case) implicated when the Call Girl ring went to trial? Why bring down only one guy; surely there were Titans of Wall Street implicated as well. I thought the Hooker client book would start a shark feeding frenzy by the press! NADA!

So much for the curiosity of the MSM!

Spitzer has been writing some pretty good stuff at I say sic the Spitzer Pit Bull on these coniving, leveraging weasels! I hear he plays rough!

Anonymous said...

It appears the Justice(?)Dept. game plan is to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of 'lone wolf' crooks while creating a smoke screen for the well-connected 'investment' banksters to slither into relative obscurity until the statute of limitations renders them immune from further legal recourse.

We've become a nation where criminality is condoned if you play your cards right and share the loot with the political elites.

JC said...

I can't forgive his hypocrisy. You can't be an attack dog if you are contributing to the wrong you condemn. I think he has been right on about Wall Street excesses but he was dead wrong about his penalization of prostitution and obviously didn't believe his own stance. Someone like that is in no position to judge another.

I heart NY said...

Oh yeah, Spitzer is the man for this job. He was framed so effectively by the truly evil ones for a minor crime - seeking the sexual satisfaction he could no longer get from his bizzzy and haughty wife. Oy, does he have an axe to grind. And he is so hungry to plant that axe squarely in the middle of their snarky faces. Go Eliot!! Turn him loose!!

Paige Turner said...

The Obama administration refuses to prosecute the Bush crime syndicate for treason and crimes against humanity. There will be no justice under this administration.

Because Obama is the main spokesman for the international banking criminals, there is NO chance that the felons who are looting the US treasury will be prosecuted. Criminal indictments, probing investigations and subsequent prosecution cannot be allowed. Those who know where the bodies are buried must be silenced.

This process of elimination may have already begun. There have been recent instances of criminal CEOs and other big time crooks dying under suspicious circumstances. This would indicate that lower level banking criminals will not be allowed to keep their stolen loot for very long, once they have accomplished their purpose.

First, the billionaires will kill off the millionaires and then the trillionaires will kill off the billionaires.

i've had it said...

spitzer should be in jail and disbarred for breaking multiple federal and state laws...and while governor.

he's an asshole. plain and simple.

keith said...

Spitzer got destroyed by a victimless crime. He's a fool, but the crime is foolish too. Just like smoking dope, it hurts nobody but the user.

He had come out the week before his destruction with an attack on the REIC and bankers. And then he was moved aside.

Time to let the big dog loose.

America loves a comeback.

This is serious. I see Spitzer coming back. Anyone have his email let me know, let's get this started.

Anonymous said...

The bigger crime: fucking somebody he shouldn't...

or somebody who shouldn't FUCKING US ALL?

Reap what you sow, America. You don't care how bad you get screwed, as long as you can bring yourselves to believe everything was fine Jan. 19, 2009.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Spitzer file a massive class action lawsuit on behalf of defrauded taxpayers against the bailout recipients.

That oughta strike fear in the hearts of the PTB.