May 4, 2009

Will you take the Mexican Swine Flu shot when it becomes available later this year?

WHO to Declare Level 6 Flu Pandemic

The World Health Organization is likely to raise its alert for the H1N1 swine flu outbreak to the highest level and declare a pandemic, its director indicated in an interview published on Monday.

"Level six does not mean, in any way, that we are facing the end of the world. It is important to make this clear because (otherwise) when we announce level six it will cause an unnecessary panic," Reuters reported WHO Director General Margaret Chan told Spanish newspaper El Pais.


Anonymous said...


Amarulaman said...

Hell No!

Ross said...

What's the point, seriously? I've never had a normal flu vacc and that virus is obviously more deadly.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I got one in 1976. I was later damned glad I didn't get Guillan-Barre Syndrome, after the news came out about how the immunisations caused so much of it. The novel "Catch-22" formed part of my personal philosophy on life, and Joseph Heller, the guy who wrote it, was the most famous victim of the injections. Brought the disease home to me.

I don't get flu vaccinations now when they come through the hospital offering them for free. I almost never get sick, and I'd rather be miserable with the flu than take my chances on a vaccine that might be laden with thimerosol or something else unpredictably nasty.

Moral question: Suppose the United States announced that terrorists had developed a bio-weapon they were going to unleash on the world, but the U.S. had a limited supply of a vaccine that would stop it. There's only enough to go around in nations politically allied to the U.S. before the terrorists launch their attack.

When this announcement came out, you know in your heart that it's the U.S. that's actually unleashing the bio-weapon, as a way to "final solution" everyone on the planet that America doesn't like. Do you take the vaccine, knowing that by living, you'll be playing along with the genocide?

keith said...

Little history for the youngins:

The 1976 swine flu outbreak, also known as the swine flu fiasco, or the swine flu debacle, was a strain of H1N1 influenza virus that appeared in 1976. Infections were only detected from January 19 to February 9, and were not found outside Fort Dix.[1] The outbreak is most remembered for the mass immunization that it prompted in the United States. The strain itself killed one person and hospitalized 13, however side-effects from the vaccine caused 25 deaths.

On February 5, 1976, an army recruit at Fort Dix said he felt tired and weak. He died the next day and four of his fellow soldiers were later hospitalized. Two weeks after his death, health officials announced that swine flu was the cause of death and that this strain of flu appeared to be closely related to the strain involved in the 1918 flu pandemic. Alarmed public-health officials decided that action must be taken to head off another major pandemic, and they urged President Gerald Ford that every person in the U.S. be vaccinated for the disease. The vaccination program was plagued by delays and public relations problems, but about 24% of the population had been vaccinated by the time the program was canceled. Only one person, the Fort Dix army recruit, died from the flu.[2]

Mike Hunt said...

No shot for me. I don't believe in that stuff man. You get much better immunity to bugs by eating the occasional booger every couple of days. Trust me.

Same for children. If they drop their food, pick it up and eat it. It's all about giving the immune system a little practice, and I prefer to do it this way vs getting a shot.


Anonymous said...

What aren't they telling us?

U.S. flu cases jump as labs catch up

Virus widespread across the country, but officials ‘cautiously optimistic’

Anonymous said...

holy crap they gonna get rich off this fear.

thanks to folks like keith.

Anonymous said...

"...when we announce level six it will cause an unnecessary panic,"


We should be more concerned about the steadily increasing number of bureaucratic 'crisis management' failures...

Anonymous said...


I need beaver said...

I'm going to get a bottle of whiskey and just kiss my ass goodbye.I don't want any drugs from the govt.Next thing you know I will be 6 feet under.

Anonymous said...

What aren't they telling us?

no kidding. here in oregon a kid has come down with a serious case of the flu and the IMMEDIATELY closed the school for a week.

one sick kid shuts down a school.

WTF? but we keep allowing flights between mexico and the US??

Mammoth said...

No flu shot for me.

Let's all tell then where they can stick their 'vaccine."

Anonymous said...

How about Baxter sending out a batch of live Avian?


Devestment said...

Is this like the last treatment that I got where the cure is worse than the disease?

Is this where all the HP'ers get a "SPECIAL" shot?

Is this shot a placebo?

Is this shot the product of decades military research?

How much does this shot really cost?

Will my reproductive equipment operate normaly? Will those with good disposition reproduce rampantly while I continue self pleasure in my moms basement?

Will I get a boost of energy and suddenly feel like working?

Will I crave Wal-mart products and junk food?

WHO's program is this? WHO is Who? WHO made up their name? Who has the answers? WHO? WHO?? WHO???

Anonymous said...


No imbedded chips either...

F*ck You, Obama.

vanilla ice said...

How many people have died over the last two weeks from this pig flu pandemic, 50, 100? Well whoopdie freakin do. How many schools/cities have close over this? Come on.

It does make for great fearmongering on the morning network infotainment shows. Luckily suburban moms now have something to talk about.

keith said...

It amazes me how dense some of you are about pandemics, and math for that case.

On the first day of a new virus, how many have it? 1.

And a few days later, call it 16.

And a few days later? 256.

And a few days later? 1024. And we're about there right now (maybe - we really don't know the real number). But here we are, and we have poster after poster saying "hey, hardly anyone has it, no big deal" or "more people die of traffic accidents than this thing". Yes, this is true. But did you say the same thing about AIDS in 1984? How'd that one turn out for you?

I digress...

And a few weeks later? 4096.

And a few months later? Millions.

Get it?

Go read about the Spanish flu. Or maybe check out the black death. Humans and viruses have been getting together since we've been on this earth. Hopefully this one can be contained, at least through the summer. But then a second wave will come this fall. Bank on it. It won't just go away. It can't.

Humans have no immunity against this one. So what makes you think you're so special that you won't get it?

And get ready for the shots - this year or next. By that point, you might be begging for one.

no tweekers said...

Run away from anyone with a needle.

Anonymous said...

How unfair of us to doubt our government even a little bit.

They've (hardly ever)betrayed us.

Take the bailouts; 300-to-1 against...a big fat FUCK YOU from most of our elected officials.

J12P said...


LEVEL 6 !!


The terrorists are coming!

Holy Shit, they're already HERE!

The sky is falling!

Batten down the hatches!

Run for the hills!


Got Valium?

Anonymous said...

WHO knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Big Pharma...

Anonymous said...

Nope. It is a mind control shot to make us buy an over priced Houses.

Burn Baby Burn

Lady Di said...

I doubt there will be a vaccine, but the government will try to inject us with some toxic, kool aid "make believe vaccine" which the sheep will sign up for in droves.

Best vaccine: eat right, sleep well, exercise, minimize stress, wash your hands, get Vitamin D everyday and be at peace with the inevitable (your death). The Swine Flu probably won't kill you, but something else will. And that's a given, my friends.

Anonymous said...

No. I don't think so.

Grandma PKK

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how dense some of you are about pandemics, and math for that case.

On the first day of a new virus, how many have it? 1.

Oh Keithy boy. Here we go again with you assuming everybody is dumb as a box of rocks while pushing your simplified extreme world view.

Look, we all understand exponents and the potential danger of a deadly pandemic. That is not the issue.

The issue is whether this swine flu is a truly deadly pandemic disease or are we just seeing a mass media promoted and amplified hysteria that is not justified by the science. It is another example of the madness of crowds.

On top of that we have the issue of government invasion into our liberty and privacy based on the flimsy basis of a global pandemic. Are you aware of the government's claims that it can suspend Constitutional rights in the case of a pandemic or any other natural disaster? Go look up the John Warner Defense Authorization Act and the Patriot Act.

The other important issue is industrialized farming that looks to have been the "lab" that cooked this virus up. These disgusting industrialized pig farms that keep pigs packed in so tight they can't move, sprayed with anti-biotics to keep them alive and wallowing in their own faeces. These are real issues.

Please don't assume you're smarter than the rest of us.


Devestment said...

Why not start a blog to see WHO actually has the flu and WHO knows someone WHO died. Clearly media cant be trusted.

keith said...

Gonzo - you get a pass. What's driving me nuts are the posts of "only a few cases so far"

Those are the posts that look to have an incredible misunderstanding of pandemics, whether this one is one or not.

Get ready for the head fake as the growth rate tapers off for a bit through the summer months. And then fall is right around the corner.

Now Bukko down in Australia for the winter, that's another story. Any cases yet? Although not a lot of flights from Mexico City to Sydney I'd imagine...

Anonymous said...

Nope. It is a mind control shot to make us buy an over priced Houses.


that is exactly what it is. "they" used to administer the drug via the adhesive on "lick and stick" postage stamps.

but now most stamps are peel and stick, so they have to come up with a new way to get the mind control drugs to the population and that way is via flu shots.

SeattleMoose said...

The only guy in the office who got the flu this year was the one guy who got a flu shot....2 days after getting the shot. He was trying to get everyone else to jump on the injection bandwagon...LOL.

Beware of "well intentioned" individuals who can hardly wait to inject you with @#$%.

Vaccine?....NO WAY, NO HOW!!!!

keith said...

I'd think about getting the shot if the pandemic was REAL bad, but only after a few months went by, and nobody kicked

The problem though with injecting a live virus into you is that some will die - again, it's just the math

It may come down to odds - if you get the shot, you have a one in a million chance of dying. If you don't, one in 1000.

I bet they wished in 1918 there was a shot

Anonymous said...

Here in los angeles, I konw not one single person who is sick.

keith said...

Hey, in LA I hear iPods are still selling too, so based on this study, LA has no chance of getting the pandemic.


Anonymous said...

Only real Kosher food will protect you, like it has for most of the plagues in history..

keith said...

Kosher guy, you're kidding, right?

Folks, the ignorance out there (and here) is stunning.

Humans have no immunity to this new virus. It's in 35 states in the US, and 20 nations already. And there is no vaccine - yet.

Do the math.

Cutting back on hot dogs isn't gonna help.

casey said...

Hope none of you had any SKF left.Down to 47 bucks today.Some suckers actually bought at 300.00.

Caveat emptor

occasional Kosher guy said...


Kosher food is isolated from the rest of mass produced food.

Kosher food means that the production systems have been thoroughly cleaned and the entire process from adding Kosher ingredients, mixing, processing thru packaging has been monitored by an authorized person.

So it has an almost zero % of being contaminated of whatever else is going on in the rest of the food world.

I understand that this virus spreads from person to person, however; just like washing your hands is a logical thing to do, so is narrowing down your groceries to Kosher food.

vanilla ice said...

If the Pig Flu is a potential mass killer, it's yet to be determined. It could mutate, it could fade away.

So let's keep an eye on it without creating hysteria. The media is doing the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Don't know anyone who has it, and here at the office of 300 workers nobody does either.

Baloney, new bogeyman created by the corrupt BO administration to pass NWO agenda.

Anonymous said...

Take yours first, Keith.

Good luck with your Alzheimer...
I hope you're rich or have someone to take care of you at old age.

Aunt Fanny said...

I dunno about the fline shue thot, but I do get the "regular" flu shot every fall, and I haven't had the flu since I starting getting the shots. I don't believe enduring the flu makes you stronger. My doctor says every illness you get actually weakens the body further. So....I get the flu shot and stay strong and healthy. But the new shot? Hmmm...lemmee think on that awhile...

Anonymous said...

Industrial pig farming is the problem:

Aporkalypse Now.


Devestment said...

iPods selling in LA could indicate that iPod business is good in LA and we haven't yet experienced a deep consumer recession here.

No one in your audience knowing of anyone with the swine flu means either you have no audience (jab) or there is no flu out there.

My saying that no one I know has the flu was simply an attempt to share information and start a give and take situation where others could chime in.

Perhaps I should have been more clear, Please accept my apology.

Best Regards,
Devestment, who posted annon while in a rush and unable to log in.

No vaccine for my sickness said...

"Anonymous said...

holy crap they gonna get rich off this fear.

thanks to folks like keith."

Obammy give me a Snot Bubble!!!!!!!!!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I work in the respiratory ward of Victoria's largest public hospital, Keith. We'd be the place where flu victims would go. But there hasn't been the first warning or training session or provision of extra supplies for isolation rooms. And they're big on giving us in-services here to get us ready for all sorts of stuff.

So there does not seem to be much official alarm in Oz. There's a new set of questions for people getting off flights from North America: "Do you feel unwell? Have you been to Mexico?" etc. People who were on a couple of flights from Mexico that landed just before TSHTF were tracked down and questioned. There's a government disease lab in Melbourne that has the right stuff to test for this strain, but last I heard, it had checked more samples from New Zealand (primitive damn Kiwis don't have NEARLY as much good equipment as WE do!) than it did from Australia.

I don't take epidemics lightly, seeing as how my job category would be amongst the first to cop it. However, I am also sceptical of EVERYTHING. Not automatically disbelieving, as the paranoid "the moon landings were a fake!" crowd is, but I like to see some proof.

If there WAS exponential spread of this disease, we'd be seeing more victims by now. It might be that the human-to-human spread is not as efficient as the pigAuschwitz-to-human spread is. Maybe the virus is being knocked back by warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere and it will return this fall, as you say. Maybe by sounding the alarm and taking the precautions they did, the Mexicans broke the "chain of infection" that keeps a disease spreading. That seems to have worked with SARS, so maybe official actions actually did good. It would be nice to believe...

For now, I remain cautious but optimistic. About the swine flu, that is. Not about much anything else.

Anonymous said...

last tues. Mexico said they
had 160 deaths and 1600-2000 hospitalized...
on wed. WHO said something like 7 confirmed deaths in
NO ONE has reconciled those numbers - Mexico is backward but I still think they can
1. count dead bodies
2. sort beheadings from
flu symptoms
so were those 153 deaths from regular flu??? isn't that an abnormal spike itself at this time of year???

i've had it said...

No effin way! I've never had a flu shot and never will.

Mike Hunt said...


I think the best answer is have the vaccination at the ready and keep watching this unfold.

It wouldn't hurt to lay low and away from any public confined areas.


Anonymous said...

One of the messages that has come up repeatedly is that the 1918 pandemic, cited as the worst-case scenario because it killed upwards of 40 million people, started with a mild arrival of a new virus, now identified as H1N1, in the spring.

It disappeared over the summer, but roared back with a vengeance in August.

Anonymous said...

NO FUCKING WAY! I DO NOT TRUST THIS GOVERNMENT ANYMORE ESPECIALLY WITH MY LIFE! I can take care of myself and I am free to make the choices I want. If I get sick and die then I take the responsibility, however I do have excellent very powerful proven natural remedies so I am not even slightly worried about getting sick. I have traveled to 70 countries of the world do everything you are not suppose to do. I drink local water, use ice, eat uncooked veges etc and have never gotten sick once because I prepare my immune system.

This out of country Federal Government are not injecting me or my wife with their poison as the trust is GONE! Truth uttered before its time is often dangerous. They do not deserve my trust anymore. They are acting not on the best interest of American's and have been hijacked by Central bankers and Global Corporations.

Devestment said...

Thanks Bukko...
My wife is a traveling nurse here in LA and has also not seen hospital prep or cases. Sort of odd since our population is over 40 % Latino.
Thanks, devest.

Anonymous said...

"it killed upwards of 40 million people, started with a mild arrival of a new virus, now identified as H1N1, in the spring.

It disappeared over the summer, but roared back with a vengeance in August"

It mutated in the trenches in WWI, before the August wave, and was one of the reasons why the Germans surrendered so quickly after the Argonne Forest battle. Basically, Americans added both fresh troops and ones which was less sick than the decimated French and German divisions.

patrat said...

I had the swine flu shot in 1976 - the only flu shot I ever had.
You had to sign a disclaimer saying you would not sue, etc.
I was in bed for 2 weeks, sicker than almost ever in my life, thought I would die, saw the tunnel with a shiny light at the end of it, couldn't get out of bed, muscles and joints aching all over and soles of my feet so sore I couldn't walk.
So no. No more flu shots ever for me.
And I never get the flu and I seriously am never sick (knock knock knock.

Jayman01844 said...

My first thought is to Google in
"Contaminated Vaccines"

I wonder what we will find???