June 3, 2009

And now, a moment with Bill Hicks


hitfan said...

I won't shed too many tears for that abortion doctor. That must be the lowest profession in medicine -- sucking the brains out of the unborn. Infanticide as a business model--is that supposed to be noble, really?

Bill Hicks -- he sounds funnier when Denis Leary channels him in "No Cure for Cancer".

The irony of abortion and those that support it is that the pro-lifers are more likely to procreate and outbreed those who are pro-choice. When the natives of Ancient Rome started to question and deconstruct their own Gods, the followers of another God (Christ) took over the entire Western world.

Today's Christ followers aren't nearly as fervent as their forebears (said abortion doctor went to a "church") and the West will eventually get taken over by the new poor man's religion--Islam. History repeats.

The Left in about 50 years from now is in for a rude awakening when the Allah worshippers that they used as political allies against the "heterosexist white male hierarchy" begin to vote in the Sharia law.

It was the black vote whose turnout was increased dramatically because of Obama that helped pass Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage in California.

Dave said...

Would it be funny if someone made a video about peaceful Muslims flying planes into towers?

Amazes me how it's easy to separate out the extremists for a group the left wants to protect or like yet if it's a group the left doesn't like, they just love to clump them back in.

God is not mocked said...

Oh, I get it, we can't kill a convicted murderer, rapist or child molester but we can pay with our tax money to keep them alive and confortable in jail for 20-40 years, but we can murder innocent babies.

Tiller was in it for the BIG money and nothing else. You live by the sword you die by the sword. He was no boy scout. God is not mocked.

You wonder why this country is in such a bad shape? God haters, self-lovers, fags and baby killers.

If the 40 million babies killed were alive think about how many scientists, teachers, problem solvers we would have and how many would be paying in to social security and into our economy.

Read the book, DEATH OF THE WEST by Pat Buchannon and open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

liberals care more about animal rights than they do for the unborn.

Pro-Choice Voice said...

..."we can murder innocent babies."

I hate to burst the bubbles of these sweetly naive (ok, ignorant) pro-lifers, but those 'innocent babies' that you all are so rabidly and criminally obessed about saving will be born unwanted, unloved, and uncared for, destined to become the unsocialized thugs that will knock your granny over the head for her changepurse and slit your throat for the fives in your wallet. How damned shortsighted, naive and just plain stupid can you be? Huh? I'm talking to you. Stop trying to 'save' humanity and go adopt a child before he becomes a part of the blight on society that you have created.

Anonymous said...

This blogs been corrupted by the religious right.


keith said...

I decided to delete a bunch of crap on this thread. Just didn't want that kind of vile christian hate polluting my blog. Take that crap to fox news.

duarte said...

I'll begin by stating I'm agnostic. I don't know if there is a god and i don't care.

Having said that, the pro-life movement has nowhere left to go. You see while it seems that nothing has changed in the arguments for and against abortion over the past 35 years, technology has marched forward. As a result, it is now quite common for a 4 month premature infant to be born and grow into a normal, happy and healthy child. My eight year old daughter is one of them. Within the next 20 years, it will become more common for an infant to be born five months premature or greater. How will later term abortions appear to people then?

The argument is quite academic. Is a 9 month 29 day old fetus (only Latin for "baby") a human being or not? What about a fetus whose head is out of the mother but the body is still inside? What about a baby that's all the way out, very premature but still has the cord connected?

Of course they're human beings. Just as viable as my wife's autistic cousin.

Is a 90 day old fetus a human being? I don't know..but they are being born at 120 days right now. Just wait another 20 years. Roe v. Wade's 90 day cut-off will be history, because the fetus won't absolutely "need" the mother to survive.

The Pro-life point-of view isn't just a moral/religious question, but also one of technology and medical care.

Anonymous said...


If your reading this,

Thank your parents for Not Aborting you!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

lets see if you print that one this time!

Anonymous said...


Every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!


Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

If you are alive, your mother may have given birth to you because she was able to abort a previous baby. And just maybe she was able to give you proper care because a later pregnancy was terminated. Think about it.