June 2, 2009

I got a photo radar ticket today for doing 36 in a 30. That's so not cool.

"There is something fundamentally unfair about a government that takes away so much of people's money, power, and personal control while telling them that life will be better as a result." - Steve Forbes

"Every generation needs a new revolution" - Thomas Jefferson

"Big Brother is watching you" - George Orwell


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that is 20% over the speed limit, speed racer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mario Andretti, what did it cost you?

Anonymous said...

How do you like living in the testing grounds for the New World Order police state, Keith?

keith said...

Now I remember why I didn't want a car over here


that's a flipping rounding error

I was too busy trying not to hit cars coming on my right on streets that don't fit two cars across to look at the speedometer

I'm in favor of domestic terrorism against all speed cameras btw

Anonymous said...

Got a photo radar ticket?

You can fight it.


Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of domestic terrorism against all speed cameras btwDomestic terrorism is a crock of shit. Look at the details of every case - not just the media hype headlines - and it always turns out to be a bunch of incompetent borderline retarded street criminals who have been provocateured by an FBI informer. All the way back to the first bombing of the WTC it's the same story.

Look at 7/7 too. Just like 9/11 there were drills running at the exact same time simulating the exact same scenario. Quite a coincidence.

Domestic terrorism is a sham invented by the intelligence agencies to justify more control over society.

Anonymous said...

Oh man Keith, statements like that will get you on the No Fly list for sure. Big Brother IS watching.

Anonymous said...


I've been saying here all along a very large part of our current situation is due to the 'Eurotard' infulence that has been creepiing in via the internet.

Die Europe!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice going Obama. That's some f*cking CHANGE!!

Government Retroactively Changes the Law to Legalize it's Illegal Behavior in Torture Photos.

So there you go. Another example of Obama covering Dubya's criminal ass. Just like FISA.

"But it's for national security. For your own protection"

F*cking criminals.


Anonymous said...

"keith said...
Now I remember why I didn't want a car over here


that's a flipping rounding error"

Rounding Error?

YOU should be working for Bernanke and Geithner doling out TARP funds.

Rounding Error?

I think NOT.

Boo Ho Hoo.

Randy said...

Keefer said:

"I'm in favor of domestic terrorism against all speed cameras btw"

I beleive we all are.

Markus Arelius said...

Actually, speed cameras is the way things should be.

It means cops can actually do something we citizens like to call...oh I don't know..."police work" and "criminal investigations".

In state's like mine (California), where they're about the empty the prisons because state salaries and pensions have crushed the state's budget and ruined it's ability to govern, I actually wish they'd install MORE speed cameras, LESS speeders in SUV's trying to kill my family and yours, raise MORE state and municipal revenues. We need cops doing what they're supposed to be doing: fighting and investigating crime. We don't need Cops parked on the roadways, eating Krispy Kreme donuts, drinking coffee and listening to Rush Limbaugh waiting for a speed merchant like Keith to drive by.

Anonymous said...

i bet the fine is some big money but be glad your not a taxpayer who bought the road and getting a fine given to the neo neo russian mafia.... er..... government.....

Anonymous said...

Photo Radar popping up like mushrooms in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona as the state faces a total financial blow out

Don't forget to check in at AZCENTRAL now and then. Your former hometown is getting into deeper doo doo by the day. On an article today someone posted this. I sounds like you. Arizona is as always whoring herself out to imvestors....hahahaha

Home prices up ! (NOT) This poster must be an HP SA reader !

"Don't believe the hype. We have had about 90,000 foreclosures in the Phoenix area fro 2005 until now. There are another 50,000 foreclosures coming in the next 90 days. This will leave about 500,000 homeowners owing more on their homes than they are worth. There are huge pools of loans left to reset, including pay option arms and the HUGE pool that no one talks about - Fannie Mae 30 year fixed interest only. Because it's a fixed rate, it flies under the radar, but the reality is that after the 10 year interest only period, this loan recasts to a 20 year mortgage which will increase the payment 35%. It doesn't mean that now can't be a good time to buy, but just because it's cheaper than before doesn't mean it's a good deal. Proceed with caution."

BuyerWillEPB said...

Last year I was disembarking a cruise ship after my vacation. The Customs officer kindly informed me that there was a warrant out for my arrest in New Mexico. I asked him what for - after being escorted to secondary they told me it was for not paying a speeding ticket from 16 YEARS AGO.

Hitler's SA would be jealous to have such an efficient operation.

daphne64 said...

I assume that KPH?

In which case you were only doing 3.6 MPH over the limit.

That's harsh.

I don't object to speed cameras and red light cameras in general, though. And they ought to add tailgating cameras, if it can be worked out.

Dr. Huxtable said...


That sucks!

What is your call on the Cramer housing bottom call?

Like I posted yesterday, I am confused which was housing will go since inventories seem to be dropping but delinquencies are still increasing.

New article: http://bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601068&sid=ajUKWEFC9sjo&refer=home

Ross said...

Keith, thanks for finally addressing this issue.

I am a member of the group Camerafraud in Phoenix. I also run their twitter page. Reflex Traffic Solutions just signed a contract with Phoenix that allows them to ticket people for "secondary violations" caught on film (that's right, those cameras are shooting video) like eating, using a cell phone or having a cracked windshield.

Does anyone really think this is about safety.



Magon said...

What part of "illegal" don't you understand?

gutless and lazy said...

Don't pay it and see what happens.

Let's test their computer system integration.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me - 36kph in a 30kph zone = 21.6mph in an 18mph zone.

Actually, I agree with Markus - I think speed cameras are a great idea.

But I think the tolerance (<4mph) is a little too tight.

Tangelo Mozilo said...

Speed cameras will be installed statewide in Maryland beginning in October of this year. Up until now, they were just in Montgomery County. Thanks, Maryland General Assembly!

A referendum to take the issue out of the hands of the legislature failed by fewer than 2,000 signatures.

Marylanders are about 80% against these cameras, but they lack the intitiative to inform themselves, to take action by signing a referendum petition, or to vote in representatives who are responsive to their wishes. Come October, everyone will be bellyaching about this. It will make everyone's lives miserable, and it will be richly deserved.

But I guess it's all for the best. I mean, it's for the chlidren, right? Besides, why would you object to government cameras on every street corner unless you have something to hide?

AZDavidPhx said...

The government is protecting you, you should be very grateful.

Here in Scottsdale, we have these red arrows that light up when the light turns green so that nobody can turn left until the red arrow becomes a green arrow. If you dare turn left against one of these red arrows - oh man, they will find you and make you pay.

So I sit and sit and sit at my red arrows. Lots of times there is no oncoming car to be seen for miles and miles and I feel like a tool for sitting there like a buffoon not going.

I know that the government loves me and is the angel on my shoulder protecting me and I feel much better and don't give my lost freedom a second thought.

Devestment said...

Your wealth must be extracted to keep you in servitude.

With inflation and taxes it is impossible for the surf pawn to overcome...

Property taxes
sales taxes
income taxes
gas taxes
fishing and hunting taxes
hotel taxes
tobacco and alcohol taxes
road toll taxes
dmv taxes
pet licence taxes
911 taxes
inheritance taxes
import taxes
building permit taxes
business licence taxes

fines and traffic tickets

Welcome to servitude, a new brand of slavery that comes with the illusion of freedom.

How will you pay the ticket sir?

Will you be using the paper dollars we control you with?

We prefer your credit card...
and by the way, you are in the wrong line.

AZDavidPhx said...

Phoenix has photo radar vans all over the place.

It's an awesome adrenaline rush when you are driving along and the guy in front of you slams on his brakes as though a helpless child just ran into the road trying to save his kitty cat all to find out that your life flashed in front of your eyes because the guy was doing 5MPH over the speed limit and freaked out when he saw the van appear from behind a tree.

Traffic is way safer for sure now.

preston said...

More then 10% of Texans have outstanding arrest warrants. Mostly traffic fines, it is really a tax - Think of it as an involuntary lottery.


AZDavidPhx said...

About a year ago, I got a 29.00 parking ticket down at ASU on a Saturday because I stupidly thought that the parking meters were enforced only during the week when classes were going on. Nope! Apparantly the Nazis patrol Saturdays too (but not Sunday of course).

The street that I parked on was completely empty, but those tax collectors working for the Tempe police found me quickly and snared me. And I paid too.

Government knows how to get paid.

Anonymous said...

Dont get mad Keith. That's common the US, that's ok.

Wait until you get pulled over just cause your hispanic or black and hit with a few tickets that are completely made up (out of thin air). Now... that hurts my friend. Especially when the tickets add up to $500-600 bucks. It's all common practice. Notice that not many of us move either south or midwest US. We stay in the coast that way we can at least head to the Atlantic and go back home. Hehehehe.


Anonymous said...

Kieth you are f'ing schizo.

You cannot, on the one hand, be a supporter of Obama and his asinine social policies, and then on the other hand, lambaste government control and call for its overthrow.

Anonymous said...


Welcome to the NWO.


never_forget_y2k said...

OMG, enforcement of laws. How awful!

Personally I say that most speed limits should be increased, but breaking them AT ALL should be a serious crime. Punishable to the point where one would choose to drive a solid 5 mph under to account for "rounding error".

Speeders are a menace to law-abiding citizens and need to be removed from the road. There's women and children out there you know.

Pay Lay Ale said...

Markus Arelius said...

"Actually, speed cameras is the way things should be."

Yeah, throw out any common sense or due process, makes things more efficient.

"It means cops can actually do something we citizens like to call...oh I don't know..."police work" and "criminal investigations""

Actually a lot of crimes are found in the course of traffic work. You know, someone has a burned out tailight or not wearing a seatbelt, only to find out they have warrants on them.

"LESS speeders in SUV's trying to kill my family and yours"

Speed limits are set artificially low, particularly on highways so as to create revenue. Speed limits are set by stupid politicians, not traffic engineers. Traffic engineers recommend the speed limit to be at the 85 percentile speed, round up to the nearest 5mph interval.

The autobahn has no speed limits in a lot of places and is the safest highway in the world.

Most accidents occur in city driving because of failure to yield, running a red light, following to close, etc.

Anonymous said...

Actually, speed cameras is the way things should be.


actually, all cars should have an on board computer that records your location (via gps) and speed. this information is then downloaded when you buy gas. the local authorities would then process the information, detecting when you were speeding and automatically deduct the speed ticket fines from your checking account or credit card.

Anonymous said...

6 mph is a rounding error?

go argue that in court.

turbotax timmy's tax error was just a rounding error too.....

hey, that sounds like the title of a children's book:

"turbotax timmy's tax error"

Anonymous said...

Just wait till you're arrested and tased for having a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the UK believes in the rule of law!

Anonymous said...

Out here in California if you are a member of government you can get a license plate that comes back with no information. The police and companies running the cameras know not to issue tickets. Quite a racket, no?

Wind Farmer said...

Great Idea Anon...Children's books for our time...

Turbotax Timmy's Tax Error

Forget Jesus, Obama Loves You!

Enhanced 'In Bed on Time' Techniques

Diaper Change You Can Believe In (No sh#t)

Helicopters and Funny Money

The BIG Book of Crooks (2009)

I SPY Bubbles & Troubles

Keith, the Speed Demon Dog (a pop up book)

Anonymous said...


Believe it or not I got a speeding ticket in Albuquerque, New Mexico

56 in a 55 !!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I got a ticket while parked at LAX
for not having a front license
plate. I've driving around for
years without, cops looked right
at my and kept going.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for photo tickets and cameras at every intersection.

Why? So that liability can be more easily assessed with regards to auto collisions.

There are plenty of twisty rural roads where you can push the limit a bit and have a bit of fun.

You want serious speed...pay for a day at the racetrack. It may be expensive but it's much cheaper than the fine AND the increased insurance premiums.

Face it Keith. You got caught and now you're whining.

If I can drive a Porsche 911 responsibly you should be able to drive your much slower vehicle in the same manner.


Now I'll probably get a ticket soon.

Cops hate 911's

Afterthought said...

But if you stole billions you would be heralded.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

That's also so Australian, Keith. Speed cameras and red light cameras are all over here. (After a few tickets, we found out which roads/intersections have those, and now we avoid them.) There are pigs with mobile vans with radar guns, especially in school zones in the morning. If you're a "hoon" (Aussie slang for wild hot-rodder) the police can confiscate your car and crush it at the scrap yard.

Then there's the booze and drus buses. On weekend nights, and sometimes weekdays, the
cops will block off main roads and pull over thousands of cars to breathalyse you for booze and rub a swab around your mouth to see if you've been smoking pot or meth. (Last result I saw in the paper from one near where we live -- 3,400 people tested; 19 nailed for booze, three for drugs. Massive, expensive effort, about a 2/3 of 1% bust rate. Waste of fucking money, IMHO, but it keeps the people terrorised and under control.)

There's a section of the high-speed highway that runs north from our town to Sydney that has a set of speed cameras about 15 K outside city limits, and another set 30 K away. Not only does it write you a ticket if you're over the limit (110 kph) as you run through the cameras. It will also compare the time you passed through one set of cameras to when you passed through the second set, and if it calculates you were driving too fast EVEN WHEN YOU SLOWED DOWN AS YOU PASSED THROUGH THE CAMERAS! it will send you a ticket. Mrs. Bukko and I usually stop at a roadside park and smoke a bowl in between to get our timing right, then speed on. Fuck you pig bastards!

In Tasmania, they're testing a technology that photographs the licence plate of every car that passes by. This will be instantly matched to a database to see if the person the car is registered to has not paid their insurance, or has parking fines or any other warrant outstanding. If it flags you, you'll be chased down by cop cars.

As preston wrote, Mish had a good post on the Texas traffic fine situation. It's a worldwide phenomenon. The hand of the state is trying to squeeze everyone. It will wind up making most of the population into outlaws, people who are always subject to arrest if the authorities decide to reel them in.

I don't like "Atlas Shrugged" but one valid point I remember is that an agent of the oppressive government said that they made all sorts of laws, not with the expectation that they would be obeyed, but so they could use those laws to arrest anyone they chose to. That's where the world is headed.

While I like socialism, which involves an element of government control, I don't like authoritarianism. What America, and Australia, and England, is doing, is authoritarian. It's designed to extort money from anyone who drives. It's like what happens in the former Soviet bloc, where traffic cops routinely flag you down, make up some bullshit infraction and extract a bribe from you. (Beware of that if you drive in Eastern Europe this summer.)

I'm on the Left, but I agree with many of your right-wing commenters on this: The government is the enemy of the people on this.

Anonymous said...


EVERY speedometer has a 2 to 5% error in accuracy minimum

you will have this progression from engineering to development , manufacture, assembly, installation,

also wear and tear.

Not to mention dramatic tire size changes, or axle ratio changes

i've had it said...


I have been telling you and the rest of the folks here that the UK has set up the most pervasive tracking and surveillance society the world has ever seen, and probably ever will see.

They have become fascists. I can hear Orwell screaming at the top of his lungs an ocean away. They are exporting their tracking filth all over the world. Australia is doing the same with a company called Redflex, particularly in AZ. In fact, I read an article recently where some Arizonan got so pissed off he actually shot to death one of the Redflex employees in his speed trap van.

The UK though, takes the cake. They will soon be setting up a variable speed camera system to catch people who slow down for one camera and then speed up until they come to the next one.

Everything thing the Brits do will be tracked and stored. Total control by the fascists. That's what they are...fascists. They have become fascists under the Labor Party (a/k/a as Socialists). Jacqui Smith, who just resigned for various reasons, was one of the chief architects of the UK surveillance system. Perhaps now that she's gone things might change; but now that tracking has been set up there, you know have to fight an entrenched system...very hard to do.

Get out of the UK while you can.

This is what is in store for America with Obama. For the poster who said there should be gps and a chip to record everyone's speed, you are right on the money. Don't think the Socialists and Big Biz are not working towards that. They are. The plan is to first require gps and a chip to record the number of miles driven so that you will pay tax, by the mile, everytime you fill up. All gas pumps will be equipped with RFID readers that will do this. This has already been through a trial in Oregon and a couple of other states. Massachusetts and other Blue states are thinking of the same (it figures).

Once they get that tech in our cars they will simply track us everywhere and monitor our speed, fining us on a continuously electronic basis. They will also keep a database of our whereabouts .

Everyone has to take this seriously. This is the way things are going. Socialists/Fascists know no bounds for the thirst for control. If there's something out there that they can use to control people, systems, processes, institutions, business, govt. etc., they will embrace it and impose it.

And once they can track our whereabouts 24/7 (they will soon put gps and rfid in our licenses too), they will effectively have controlled us for good.

Everyone must see the warning signs of what the fascist UK is doing and what it means to the world; to free people everywhere.

Tracking and surveillance is antithetical to Americanism.

Don't Tread on Me!

yoski said...

"actually, all cars should have an on board computer that records your location (via gps) and speed. this information is then downloaded when you buy gas. the local authorities would then process the information, detecting when you were speeding and automatically deduct the speed ticket fines from your checking account or credit card."
Good idea! They should also have a microphone and camera in each car. $10 for picking your nose, $20 for talking on the cell phone, etc.
if you say anything bad about the government you get electricuted next time you try to gas up.

alex3191 said...

Latvia crashing down in flames - 50% real-estate down in one year


how is Europe , Keith ? :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone silly enough to drive a car w/ a right side steering wheel deserves a big fat ticket. :)

Anton Chiguhr

Anonymous said...

Got a ticket for $120 that I fought and won. Administrative fee - $100. WTF???

Anonymous said...

To all that agree with speed camera taxation on the grounds of safety; look up the deaths per passenger/mile statistic for the Autobahn verses the US highway system.

BTW, In the USA you do have the right to face your accuser, and I'm fairly certain heresay testimony originating from a machine is inadmissable...otherwise it's a seriously slippery slope from here.

Anonymous said...

I liked it much better in the days of the feud and the vendetta.

Those where the days!

Now I get fined for returning a library book a week late, BAH!

alex3191 said...

Obammy is going 174 mph , so you're not alone :)

alex3191 said...

Obammy, 100 milions for us pls:


Anonymous said...

The autobahn has no speed limits in a lot of places and is the safest highway in the world.

perhaps, but when there is a accident it is usually very spectacular and deadly.

BWA HA HA said...

In other automotive news from the NY Times:

Chinese Company Buying G.M.’s Hummer Brand

“The Hummer brand is synonymous with adventure, freedom and exhilaration, and we plan to continue that heritage by investing in the business . . .” Yang Yi, the chief executive of Tengzhong, said in a statement released by G.M.

As a Chinese company, Tengzhong could face a challenge in presenting the deal to American Hummer owners. The brand has long sought to emphasize patriotism, stressing that the Hummer H1 was essentially the same vehicle built in the same factory as the Humvee that carries American soldiers into battle in Iraq and elsewhere.


To all the small-d*ck 15 miles-per-gallon patriotards, BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!

Slap a few more (Chinese-made) ribbons on that H2, maybe a "power of pride" sticker or some other post-9/11 idiocy. Top it off with an eagle on your spare tire cover and head on down to NASCAR, f*ing LOSER !!!

Anonymous said...

Want to know where it's all heading?

Go to www.spychips.com

Then be afraid, be very afraid.

Our rights are already gone.

Anonymous said...

To all the small-d*ck 15 miles-per-gallon patriotards, BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!

Slap a few more (Chinese-made) ribbons on that H2, maybe a "power of pride" sticker or some other post-9/11 idiocy. Top it off with an eagle on your spare tire cover and head on down to NASCAR, f*ing LOSER !!!

LOL exactly what I thought when I heard the news.

Any time one of those Hummers goes by you know the driver is compensating for something! Tengzhong understands the market. They looked at the US car market and thought which car would best suit the average Chinese male with a 2-inch penis? Oh the Hummer the car that is most popular with the 2-inch penis demographic in the USA.


Mike Hunt said...


In the US there are random drug testing laws - laws that I totally disagree with - but nevertheless I was subjected to these tests from time to time since I was the Director of Quality Assurance in a medical device manufacturer (ironically an Australian company HQ'd in the US). I'd imagine a nurse would be subjected to these laws.

Do you have that in Australia or is it considered an invasion of privacy?


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Mike -- I've never been subjected to a drug test here, not even when I got hired, and especially not at random. That's one of the benefits of having a union. Unions make sure that bosses cannot subject you to harrassment like "Pee in this bottle NOW!"

In the U.S., if I was to ge hurt on the job, I'd have to provide a urine spec so the company could try to deny any Workman's Comp on the grounds that I hurt myself because I was messed up. None of that here.

Train drivers and people whose jobs might harm lots of people if they were high can be random tested, and if there's grounds to suspect that nurses were under the influence, they can be tested too.

But overall, Aussies are judged on their performance and behaviour, the way it USED to be in the U.S. If you're a fuck-up at work, then sure, your arse should be sacked. But letting the boss man reach into your bladder, that's wrong. Too bad the police state that the U.S. has become doesn't recognise that any more.

(FWIW, I make sure to NEVER do anything that might alter my consciousness before I come to work, because I take seriously the fact that I've got peoples' lives in my hands. Besides, who'd want to waste a good time at work?)

too much rope said...

Gee, sorry about the ticket, but if it gets you to post clips from Fight Club, it can't be all a bad thing.

Recently, I was on the highway when a cop passed me at high speed. About 2 miles down the road, I see him off to the side with his radar gun out, he ended up getting a car just in front of me. So in other words, they guy drove like hell so that he could get to his hiding spot so that he could ticket people for speeding. Oh the hippocracy!

Anonymous said...

boo hoo

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

you'll excuse my lack of compassion for your speeding ticket - some idiot not looking, making a roll/stop and in a hurry made a left turn against traffic directly in my path while on my motorcycle. The Smug Bastard went to the hospital and the Kingpin went into the shop - still waiting to see if it is a total loss or not. Genius doctor at the hospital clears me off the backboard after telling me what I already knew - (back and neck not broken). Sits me in a frickin' wheelchair for five hours in the waiting room with the uninsured scum of the earth - after five hours and still no one sees me and nurses tell me that several other people are to be seen before me, I go to the can, clean the blood off my face, do a self-examination and decide that nothing seems broken. Go to the nurse's station and ask if the will call me a cab so I can get the hell out of Dodge. Says it is against hospital policy? I guess sticking motorcycle/auto accident victims in the waiting room for hours on end is o.k. but calling them a cab is prohibited??? WTF - go figure???

Call the cab myself, go home and am now almost healed up. All this bullsh*t because some dumb ass who was probably yakking it up on their cell phone was in a frickin' hurry. As a p.s. - judging from what I saw straggling into the emergency room - this country is chock full of princess hypochondriacs.

Smug Bastard

i've had it said...

From today!

Speed Cameras Coming to US!


i've had it said...

wrong tiny url link in my last post. can't find the article now on AOL; they took it down.