June 4, 2009

And then the British Government (hopefully) collapsed.

America suffered through the Worst President Ever, and may never recover.

The UK is suffering through the Second Worst Prime Minister Ever. And may never recover.

At least in the US we have a Constitution, and a regularly scheduled direct vote general election, when we get to throw our bums out.

In the UK, they have unrepresentative anarchy. And the people feel powerless.

Be happy with what you have America. Because over here, it's worse. Especially with Gordon Brown still polluting the office of Prime Minister, refusing to leave. For now.

Resign Gordon Brown. You're hated. You got the UK into this mess. You've been exposed.

Go away.

Gordon Brown was fighting to save his premiership last night as his Cabinet reshuffle faced paralysis and Labour MPs threatened a lightning coup.

The Prime Minister’s fate appeared to rest in the hands of Alistair Darling, who colleagues said would rather leave the Government than move jobs.

Backbenchers, furious at Mr Brown’s refusal to back the Chancellor to stay in his job, were aiming to use an email to collect dozens of names calling on the Prime Minister to quit.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Keith.. if you have some connections, do us a favor: dig up the dirt on Geithner's $1.6M mortgage for the house he can't sell in NY. If I were a gambler, I'd bet he lied on his mortgage app., just like he lied on his tax forms.

Anonymous said...

Here's some more info on Geithner. Seems like he wanted to be a flipper. Does Casey Serin have any political connections? Sounds like he'd be perfect for a job in this Treasury Dept.


All of the Geithners' mortgages — from big banks including Nationsbanc, which is now Bank of America; Chase Manhattan, which is now J.P. Morgan Chase; and Wells Fargo — carried adjustable-rate mortgages with the risk that annual rate increases could raise their interest payments to as much as 11.25 percent, though the couple tended to refinance or sell their homes before ever they faced a rate adjustment.

They also took out second mortgages, now known as home equity lines of credit, borrowing a total of nearly $1 million in 2002 on their second Bethesda home, which they bought a year earlier for $1,085,000.

In 2004, they sold that house for $1.45 million and bought their current house in the New York suburb of Larchmont with a $1 million Wells Fargo mortgage, later adding a $400,000 home equity line of credit, also from Wells Fargo.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Keith, I think you've got it backwards with your take on parliamentary vs. presidential politics. At least in the UK, and down here, if you've got a fuckwit like Bush in charge, the pollies in his own party can throw him out and change leadership. MPs can rebel against a doofus leader because they fear he will tarnish their brand, and their chances to hang onto the gilded trappings of their office. Early elections can be called. In the U.S., there's this locked-in period of four years when a realPresident like Cheney can run wild.

Boom2Bust.com said...

Never should have sold off 60% of the UK's gold reserves between 1999 and 2002 for an average price of $280 (£186) per ounce.

"Gold Shines On Decade After Gordon's Sell-Off"

Europe is toast said...

Keefer, Sashers.

Once again Brtiain is not unique.

All of Europe will continue to decline.

They gutted their brains in the begining of the last century, a body with no brain can not last for too long.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. This guy looks like another Drunken bum like a certain US past president also known as Worst Ever.

Get It?

gutless and lazy said...

British people are ugly. Esp. the women. They have fat, thick legs and thighs like tree trunks. Oddly shaped faces. Sickly looking, freakishly pale skin. E.G. Sara Boyle.

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I should know this, but who was the WORST Prime Minister in your estimation?

Anonymous said...

shoulda played fast an loose with other peoples money, coulda been a contender

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the UK allow elections to be called (before terms expire)if confidence is lost in the PM or ruling party. If the US had such a system we may have been able to get rid of Bush after Katrina and saved 2-3 years of him screwing up the country.

keith said...

Bukko - my point is that THE PEOPLE can't elect their leader. Or toss him on his ass.

It's up to a corrupt group of MP's to do that. The people are seething for an election, and for a new PM, and they're not getting it. And the anger is everywhere, and it's building

This whole expenses scandal resulted in disillusionment toward government even greater than what I see in the US. People see how the US elects its leader and they want it. They want it bad. Nearly everyone I talk with.

This is radical, but I think the UK may see a change in their political system in the next 20 years. And it also may see a constitutional convention, and a written constitution, instead of the mess of statutes, laws, judgments and treaties it has to deal with today.

They just changed the House of Lords, so that they're appointed, and not there by birth right. So they're making progress. And they have a directly elected Mayor of London now, so again, progress, just in the past few years.

Oh, one more thing. You may see the UK break up too, maybe in the next 10 years. Scotland seems on the verge of going. Wales may want their nation back. Northern Ireland, not sure. But the UK may go the way of the USSR soon enough.

As it should.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the folks over at skf are getting their asses handed to them again. Poor bastards! I was almost one of them.