June 4, 2009

Perhaps you'll watch.


Anonymous said...


Gimmie Cheese.

Anonymous said...

Mr Empty suite proves that Terror pays!

Blow up enough people and the President of the US will come and lick your bottoms.

Anonymous said...

readership we can believe in!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, appease the muslims. that has always worked in the past. err, well, may be not but at least it made us feel good for trying.

Anonymous said...

well, their tactics worked. they bombed us enough that we got our president over their trying to give them a big group hug.

If they bomb us a little more perhaps we will convert to islam.

Anonymous said...

perhaps our "Reader Of The United States" ROTUS should create a position in his cabinet for a Mullah to advise him on how we can appease them further.

Anonymous said...

Don't watch his lips - watch his actions.

Can you tell me what has changed with Obama?

Obama's foreign policy is the Bush Doctrine with a slight change of venue.

Obama's fiscal policy is Bush's stimulus checks on steroids!

Al Qaeda is a CIA sponsored fraud designed to provide the precedent for invading and occupying the Middle East in the great game of geopolitics.

Has Obama released the torture photos? Has he called for the prosecution of anybody? Has he ended the Iraq war? Has he closed Gitmo? Has he closed down the military commissions - no he wants a "indefinite preventative detention"!

The guy can read well. He's a great actor and the speeches on the teleprompters are full of beautiful prose.

But like any con artist or stage magician you need to see beyond the smoke and mirrors.


Anonymous said...

As a woman, I am disgusted that my president would claim to be concerned about women's rights in the same breath as praising islam and islamic nations, many of which barely recognize women as anything more than chattle. Well done, President Obama. Maybe he will have us start wearing burkas so that we don't further offend them/provoke them into bombing us with our brazen display of arms and ankles and faces. Disgusting.

tabasco said...

anonymous, you're all idiots

Anonymous said...

too bad you all have add and didnt wait til part 2 played

Anonymous said...

It was in the news also that he's considering "making" everyone buy health insurance, now does anyone really think that'll work?

Anyone starting to feel like the chinese guy standing in front of the tank yet?

Oh, and he also said if you can't afford it, you won't have to buy, so what that really means, I think, that the honest working people will be stuck with ever increasing monthly payments and everyone else gets it for free.

Kinda like now, only it could become LAW!

Praise Obama the great uniter of the human race!

Anonymous said...

Even Hugo Chavez knows that Obama is not the one in control of the US government:

Chavez says CIA plotted to kill him.


anonymous said...

tabasco said...
'anonymous, you're all idiots'

what a come back, did you think of all by your self?

Naah, you must have researched it in a fat book with a hard cover.

Then again, do they allow books in Wahabi midrasas?

moretroops said...

Keith, I thought you were gonna stop posting Anons? This unhinged group of wingnuts should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Nothing in Obama's speech "kissed up" to Muslims. He spoke positively of Islam, like a savvy diplomat and confident leader should.

Not good enough for the Fox-nonymous crowd.

Wait, maybe they have a point. Hmmm. Their 5th grade playground approach to Middle East policy has worked so well in the past. If we keep bullying the Arab street and coddling their corrupt leaders, eventually they'll come around. Yes, I'm sure of it.


Anyway, job well done Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

Good speech. Pundits say nothing new was offered. Bullshit. The open hand and open mind that Obama is offering the Middle East is totally new and different from the closed fist of the prior administration. It's a beginning. That's all we can offer now. If the Middle East countries choose to spit on that hand, well, we tried.

Anonymous said...

Obamaramadon cowtows to the Backwards Allah worshipers with apologies.

Putting Islamic States on par with the US gives creedence to their methodology and deals a weak hand.

You elected this twit and now we all must pay.

All the while Iran builds a nuke, backs Hezbolah and plans for the demise of Israel and Osama recruits suicide bombers that will carry out his plan to attack the US with WMD's.

Obamalamma picks idiots like Nappylataxo to head up Homeland Security and lambasts the Jews for defending themselves.

Islamic terrorists would bring down America if they could, but alas, Obama is going to beat them to the punch.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Watching this must send neocon blowhards into seizures. Wish I could see them twitching and writhing on their floors..

Anonymous said...

I see Islamophobia and it is alive and kicking on this board!

ROM said...

I'm glad this guy is our President. Not always pleased with him, but it's good to see him saving lives (with this speech) rather than throwing them away as our previous President did with his taunts of "bring it on." Our President shows respect and deference as a guest who wants to get his way rather than an arrogant and ignorant bully.

Anonymous said...

Islamaphobia? Ridiculous. I disagree with the fundamentalist Christians a great deal too - esp. on evolution or abortion. If I posted that, I would have received a round of applause, but, by pointing to the flaws in the practice of Islam, I must be Islamaphobic.

I guess I'm racist as well for wanting my President to denounce the same aspects of Islamic culture as I do. I don't care if someone wants to spend the bulk of their day praying or following some dietary restrictions. I do care when they oppress women, when they are intolerant of people who want to pray to a different god.

I don't care what anyone, including the President, says about islam in theory; I care about how it is practiced and how islamist states act.

I refuse to acknowledge any culture that does not acknowledge women's equality. I reject the fundamentalist regimes that would require me to cover myself from head to toe so that a man wouldn't be tempted to rape me. I reject any government that would require me to receive permission from a male member of my family in order to leave my home or do any number of tasks. I reject any people that would condone the killing of a woman who has "dishonered" her family by being raped.

I reject the claim that they are "tolerant" as they threaten the extinction of israel; as they marginalize and endanger the Coptics in Egypt; as they eradicate the Christians in Iraq; and as they encourage the murder of people for the simple act of apostasy.

Easier to dismiss these complaints with an accusation of Islamaphobia than to deny that this is how these nations act, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"If they bomb us a little more perhaps we will convert to islam."

Muslims bombing us - that's pretty funny. Technically true on a few occasions, but pretty funny none the less. Anyone care to take a crack at the bombing ratio between the two groups?

moretroops said...

Anon 12:41:

It's painfully obvious that you didn't actually listen to the speech. Why am I not surprised.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Obama is making Anonymous's head explode!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you can't see that Obama was groomed to be the "good cop", the nice guy president extending a hand to those we have done harm to, then...

....you can't see the knife in his other hand behind his back, and when you turn around, you know where it goes, you see, it's all illusion, it's all fraud, and it's all easy to see.

I mean, come-on, he literally came from nowhere and was a convenient ruse, a shill if you wish, he's not even a citizen of the USA. It just has to "look good", it's all about appearance, thats all.

Enough said, no apologies.

Anonymous said...

People once thought hitler was a good leader for Germany!?
This idiot wants to own the world and shit on the constitution. We now have Bank of Obama and Government motors.
Evidently all the Chrysler dealers being shut down have 1 thing in common. They donated to McCain and the Republican party. This clown will be the death of Democracy and Capitalisim if we allow it. I wonder if big brother will target myself and my businesses for posting from this IP address.
Screw this guy, He's worse than the orange man.

Anonymous said...

Moretroops, I watched the whole speech, I just didn't care for it because it didn't adequately address the problems. And, I heard every word because his adoring audience stopped the thunderous applause once he stopped praising them.

Just because someone didn't walk away with the same beaming pride of Obama as you did doesn't mean that they didn't listen and understand the substance.