June 16, 2009

Casino Update


Anonymous said...

I would listen to a real-WHORE before I listen to Cramer.

That guy is crack-pot. He's purely entertainment and that's what I think a lot of people have forgotten. He's not your financial analyst... He's not some economics guru... He's like your wacky buddy that used to work on Wall Street that you're asking for advise.

Why would anyone pay any serious attention to him after his break-down I'll never know. To me, he's proven himself many times over to be on the side of his Wall Street buddies.

"He knows nothing!!!", I loved that episode. Ha ha ha

So, please treat the boob tube for what it really is. Something that makes you stupid when taken too seriously.

-Silly Monkey

Anonymous said...

The guy should be locked up. Criminal, civil, or mental. Stop promoting this idiot.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone watch that.

Anonymous said...

What's the Big Deal?

Osama MaoBamas PPT took a day off and put the pipe down.

Even Felon traitors deserve a day off once in awhile.


gutless and lazy said...

We have a winner!

FINALLY, even brain dead CNBC gets it !!!!

swannster river said...

>Can you please give us more information on the smuggled Japanese Bearer Bonds story?!!!!

I found this by a poster named bdiego at japantoday.com. Seems very well informed to me.

>Consider these background facts: * North Korean faced international sanctions over institutional counterfeiting of US $100 bills. The country has no qualms about mass producing counterfeit money. * North Korea has repeatedly manufactured fake passports, such as the Dominican Republica one used by Kim Il Jung's son to repeatedly enter Japan (where he was caught wearing a diamond encrusted watch). He claimed he was visiting Disneyland, but witnesses say he went straight to the red light district. The country has no qualms about mass producing counterfeit passports and claiming fake citizenship. * There are a million ethnic Koreans in Japan who are otherwise Japanese, about a third of whom identify with North Korea and have supported North Korea's policies including kidnapping, murder, and international terrorism. North Korea has in fact admitted to these allegations, which are the crux of Japan's stance in six-way talks. North Korea has no qualms about terrorism, murder, kidnapping, or any crimes in general. * North Korea's counterfeiting, missile sale, and opium production are all designed to generate hard currency it desperately needs to survive. It will do anything to get money. * One of the few safe havens in the world for North Korea is Switzerland due to its strong neutrality. Kim Il Jung's heir went to school there and Switzerland serves as a repository for much of North Korea's currency and banking needs. * North Korea has been known to use its small fleet of ships to transport agents into various countries for its crimes - as demonstrated by their use in kidnapping operations off Japan. Agents prefer to disembark by ship and cross borders by land. * As only China, Japan, and Russia even possess this amount in bonds these are the only nationalities any smugglers would claim. Alas, such denominations of bonds do not exist in this amount and would be accounted for in any case, and they are almost definitely forgeries. * North Korea has a colorful history of organized crime dating back decades - not many years have to pass for another bizarre pattern of crimes to emerge and it was only a couple of years ago they were caught for mass counterfeiting of dollars.


Anonymous said...

"...Consider these background facts: * North Korean faced international sanctions over institutional counterfeiting of US $100 bills...fake passports..."

Okay. Pass a $100 bill; cross a border as an individual...

Complete a financial transaction and receive something of value for a $500Million or $1Billion instrument without the recipient assuring that it is legitimate beforehand?

Pffft. What's the point then?

El Loco said...

What a bunch of whores.

Investing in fake money and illusions. Walk-Street is insane and addicted to Colombian cocaine.
Ha ha ha ha.

The party will be over soon, once again.... wait until the first week of September, ha ha ha ha.

fat amelican said...

Cramer is such a douche. Now he claims the economic fundamentals are shit, Geithner and Bernanke "have our back", and the only thing propping the house of cards is Obama's generous stimulus plan.

Yes, that line of reasoning sure makes me want to stay long in the markets - LOL. He better hold on to those cans of 3-in-1 oil, someday they might be worth more than his crappy advice.