June 20, 2009

Death to the Ayatollah.


Afterthought said...

That dude is scum.

Anonymous said...

Old school fart ! DIE!!

There is a very obvious paradigm shift in thinking with the younger population around the world. They crave peace and refuse to listen to the WORTHLESS modern media reporting.

China is experiencing the same thing.


Die you old fart hate monger FUCKS !

Anonymous said...

in a world where whats up is down left is right and terror and repression are good
in a mirror darkly.......short video

buzzsaw99 said...

The dude looks just like a putz with whom I once worked. How a holy man can get up there and lie like a dog, big brass ballz is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

I get your point with that Star Trek Video.

We will always be at battle to preserve our freedom , but , the fight must and will go on !

As we say in New Hampshire , Live FREE or DIE !

God bless that girl who got shot in the neck on that earlier video.


Anonymous said...

I like the black screen..Keep it

Ross said...

Ayatollah Assahola.

I love saying that.

What about:

Ayatoooooooolah gimme cheese!

Anonymous said...


I was going to comment today that you should take down the green borders and replace them with black.

Then I thought I would let you do as you please with your blog. Then I check back and you did it on your own.


Anonymous said...

short video

Michael said...

If only North Korea would be next.

Anonymous said...

Wow; 16 straight Iran threads.

Back in a bit.

Sir Harold said...

The funny thing is that what is taking Iran down is the fact that Obama embraces islam and is a muslim and the clerics are divided about that,

Right now it is death to everyone else outside of the US, if Mc Cain was in office we would be fucked, but obama is going to take down Iran with his words of compassion and peace and sense without firing a single shot !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Time for a revolution in Iran. I support the revolution and freedom throughout the world.

Corruption in voting is a damn good reason for a riot IMO. Either give the people a proper vote count or you suffer the consequences.

Singular said...

I know the solution. Since many of the 'young' people of Iran and the ayatollah types will never be reconciled in their views ... why not send these 'young' people to the west? These 'young' people are just right for America. They have a mindset that taking drugs is fine, and the state needs to be 'kind' to those who fall through the cracks - the state spends billions on drug programs, welfare for crack addicts, meth junkies and those suffering from 'amotivational syndrome' from taking too much ganja.

The spoiled-rotten personality of these Iranian youngsters will mean they will flourish in the US. There is always the slave-taxpayer to cater to their every whim, provide free medical care for them, and ---- if these youngsters ever decide to have octuplets and live in welfare heaven, the state will even support them to have fertility treatments and for the egg-implanting process.

Good compromise, Keith. Everyone in America happy? Win-win.

will shill for coin said...


That's what they thought in 1917 my friend. Every new generation thinks they have the obvious answer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he feels the same way about the corrupt and now bankrupt USA?

Hard to tell...

Anonymous said...

he looks like a college prof i once had. beard and eyebrows are exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Mossadeq WHO?

Not a mere glossing over; COMPLETE omission.

Guess that "librul media" ain't all that liberal; eh?

Duarte said...

Never despair. The United Nations will write some really harsh language on paper and that will take care of the whole problem. You just watch. It works every time. Obama will reiterate some equally harsh language toward them. That'll keep them running scared. I'm telling you, slap 'em with a dozen UN resolutions and some economic sanctions that the French can ignore and the regime will just topple right over.

Man, Obama and the UN just scare the hell out of me. Obama is some kind of loose cannon old west cowboy with an itchy trigger finger. Why, he's liable to actually "condemn their actions" or something. Ooo, that would suck wouldn't it? I mean to be the Shah of Iran and the UN and Obama are all over your ass like...like..like it was on Iraq or something. It would feel like all hell was raining down you. Yep the pressure is on now. No one knew they were an evil regime before. NOW WE DO!
Hey, i've got it! Let's arm the rebels! Yeah. That way we don't have to openly invade the country! Oh, wait a minute...that's what Reagan did to get in so much trouble. Hmm. (scratches his chin). Yep, i guess it's back to harsh language, because we know that anything else is evil...Right? Right? Sanctions that everyone ignores, arming the resistance or invading (and oh yes...blogging). Have I left out an option?

What are you...idiots? That's why left-wing pacifism will continue to fail. When Bush first condemned Iran, Iraq and North Korea, you should have supported him. When Bush condemned the UN for allowing violations of the Oil-For-Food Agreements in Iraq, you should have supported him. When Iraq violated the Persian Gulf War Cease Fire over 150 times, Clinton should have stomped on his head. You should have blogged against the French, Germans and Russians that kept violating the UN Resolutions. And after we returned to War with Iraq (legally because Iraq DID violate the Persian Gulf War Cease Fire Agreement over 150 times) and we discovered that Iran was funneling weapons and money to the Iraqi's, you should have condemned IRAN THEN (instead of Bush/Cheney).

The dude is no more evil today than when Bush first called declared them part of the "Axis" and David Letterman made fun of it.

You're hypocrites for getting pissed off, now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to George Bush and Dick Cheney, the seed of Democracy has been planted.

Just as they predicted, establishing Democracy, even at the tip of the sword, like Japan and Germany, would create a domino affect which will result in the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East.

Thanks GW.

Thanks VP Cheney.

You guys were ahead of your time.

Anonymous said...

Best Year EVAH at Goldman Sachs!

Yes, we are GETTING FUCKED harder than ever, and what is on our minds?

Iranian Idol

"...the biggest bonus payouts in the firm's 140-year history..."

Anonymous said...

Guys, wake up and smell the coffee.

The reason we're seeing the demonstrations etc in Iran is because, the US has the ONLY Messiah in the world.

heh heh

And the Ayatollah is running around like all hell is gonna break loose.

See, he keeps telling his people, they are living in a holy islamic republic. Just about the closest thing to paradise as you can imagine.

But they woke up to the fact the Messiah is in the White House and he ain't called Ah mad di no job.

And if our Messiah don't want to take no phone call from de Ayatollah, then mebbe dat Ayatollah also got no job.


Anonymous said...

"...Corruption in voting is a damn good reason for a riot IMO..."

You said it, brother.

For even better laughs, Google up how they are employed today.

Anonymous said...

Why not the same sentiments for Mozilo?

Anonymous said...



That's what it will take now...