June 19, 2009

The despotic and afraid leaders of Iran are going to kill their people now, in a desperate attempt to retain power. So it's kill or be killed.

Like China, they will run you over with tanks.

Like the Soviets, they will shoot you in the streets like dogs.

The brave Iranian protesters will now be put down or jailed.

Their dick-head Ayatollah has said so.


Unless they rise up first.

Kill or be killed.

The time for peaceful protests and negotiations are over.

Revolutions aren't picnics.

Against armed despots, they're bloody.


Batman said...

The problem is the demographic split in Iran between educated reformers in the cities and backward dark-age wannabes in the rest of the country. Result: the reformers are outnumbered by a majority of sheeple, so they are f**ked.

The only hope is to trigger the regime into overplaying its oppressive hand to such a degree that the drones get upset. Unfortunately, the sheeple usually only care if you take their food away.

Rule 1 in triggering a popular revolution: the majority needs to be on board, and it has to be bread and butter issues.

I think the best the opposition can hope for is civil war, which of course, would be extremely ugly/messy.

keith said...

Batman your first sentence perfectly described America 2001 - 2008.

Hawver said...

The mullahs have the guns. The people protesting the election results have stones. This one is all over but the screaming. Of course the rumors could be true and the CIA could be funneling arms into Iran, which means that we'll have stuck our nose into their elections for a third time. Hope and Change!! Civil War brought to you courtesy of the American Empire and Central Bankers.

Ross said...

Every day it becomes easier to picture a scene like this playing out in America.

The 2010 elections better bring us massive upheaval, or I fear the wheels will really start to come off here at home.

I am both proud of and very fearful for the good people of Iran.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to throw around the word revolution, but in fact those who would undertake same basically surrender family, personal life, safety and often life, the very things most people aspire to preserve. Entire societies are traumatized for generations. Not something this grandmother can espouse.

One usually sees revolutions only when ordinary life becomes so traumatic, there is only the choice of by which means one is traumatized.

As the world considers it's new future, we need to be careful with our language and goading; life is getting ever more real by the day, and we haven't begun to give up our illusions regarding having our way, the easy way.

We should be careful what we wish for, and tend to our own messes.
But perhaps it's easier to romanticize revolution, as long as it remains electronically delivered

grandma pkk

Anonymous said...

Keefer, Amadi-Nejad actually did win the election...maybe not by such a huge margin but did
he gives handouts to rural poor who outnumber spoiled brat Tehran students like 30 to 1....

why are their signs in English?

Anonymous said...

did britain take our food away?

Supernintendo Chalmers said...

this'll be a slaughter.

Markus Arelius said...

"So it's kill or be killed".

Do death cultists really have a preference?

Let's assume for a moment they do.
The mullahs would choose "kill" over "be killed" every day of the week. This is mainly because it is not possible for them to brag and bathe in the public brilliance of self-righteousness from the grave.

These men have both feet firmly planted in a late 7th century world view. They will kill and then live to tell the protesters and everyone else just how wrong they were to test God's will.

There are way too many Iranian citizens today who follow the mullah dogma completely and literally. This fact is being completely underestimated by the West.

Ask yourself this simple question, for example?

Do you really believe that Iranian men today want to shelve Sharia law and allow women and girls to have equal rights under secular law?

There's no going back to pre-1979 secularism in Iran because of what that means to Iranians and the belief system upon which generations have been weened for decades:

Secularism = Satanism.

This green revolution will not stand. As long as a population remains scared to death of eternal damnation and the tortures of hell, they can be easily controlled and manipulated. This is especially true in times of heightened crisis (famine, unemployment, war, disease).

The mullahs have all (not some) Iranian institutions in a total death grip. They will never let go.

Anonymous said...

"...The only hope is to trigger the regime into overplaying its oppressive hand..."

Worked rather well for an ex-CIA Saudi asset of ours; didn't it?

That was a great missive he fired off some years ago; I bet it was written in Langley.

rabbi ahmadinijad said...

What's your problem with Iran elections? Irregularities are way below the level that elected Kennedy in 1960 or the moron in 2000 in the US of Automatons...At least in Iran the reformers/moderates are willing to put their life on the line for a week or two.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in other news, the private Federal Reserve banking cartel will be granted despotic power over the entire US economy.

But we should be more concerned about the mullahs in Iran.

Give me a break.

Angry Leprechaun said...

"Batman your first sentence perfectly described America 2001 - 2008."

And goes for the current year as well. Odd!??!!?!

gutless and lazy said...

Iran is for iranians. Let'm be. Keith has beaten to death this horse 10x already.

I'd say we Americans have plenty of gov't cleaning up to do on our own.

I'd be less worried about what others are doing and more worried about how our own gov't is screwing the pooch - yet again.

Batman said...

One good question back there about the Brit's taking away food in the US Revolution.

I'm not an expert on this but one catalyst for the US scenario was the distance to England and the madness of George III helped the thinkers like Jefferson get the bourgeois off their asses in the 13 colonies. My understanding of the US revolt was that it was and oddly middle class uprising, so issues like taxation and autonomy were really pivotal. Again, I'm no expert on this so open to comments. Perhaps there is parallel here. (so I guess I mean to say that only _most_ and not all revolutions are about hunger).

gutless and lazy said...

This idea SO stupid, it's beyond belief. Are people in D.C. THAT stupid???


Singular said...

The 'reformers' are the tools of the Central Bankers.

The Central Bankers would LOVE to have the same system in place in Iran that they have in America.

The Central Bankers want to overthrow the Iranian regime because that government is one of the four left in the world that does not have a Central Bank.

The other countries are: North Korea, Sudan and Cuba.

Iraq used to be in that group but that changed when it got invaded by America. America is a nation that functions solely as a tool for the Central Bankers.

See the video, "Global Delusions" by NXSchell:

Also see "When crime pays" (on the same channel).

Singular said...

Maybe you should move to Iran, Keith. I hear there's plenty of weed there, just growing by the roadside, and the Iranian government isn't that harsh on hashish users.