June 15, 2009

GOP strategist: "The demographics.. are changing in a way that is deadly for the Republican Party as it exists today. A GOP ice age is on the way."

Mike Murphy is correct - the demographics are deadly, and the negative mean angry white male fundamentalist thing was doomed to 22% no matter what.

So the GOP faces a choice.


Or inclusive, positive, green, kind, libertarian, anti-spending, anti-tax, competent and above all - secular.

Which will they choose?

Based on how things are going, looks like doom.


Anonymous said...

Keith, the GOP doesn't have to change, much like the Dems didn't have to change after 2000. They just had to WAIT until that swing vote got too disgusted with the way the majority party was running things. This current Dem run may be 4-8 years, but it WILL end, since it's ruinous and will cause that swing of the vote. Guaranteed.

sir harold said...

there was just a riot in LA after the laker game, I think you are wayyyy off

real estate in LA has gone down another 20% due from this ruckus

think the 90% fire sales are around the corner ?

do you know where the term "fire sale " came from ?

it came from one trying to sell their home for any price so they could get out to avoid getting burned up in fires that rioters were starting because they got restless overnight, hence "fire sale"


yoski said...

"...inclusive, positive, green, kind, libertarian, anti-spending, anti-tax, competent and above all - secular."
Wouldn't that be nice! I agree with anon 8:28 AM. The GOP will be back in fashion after the economic and fiscal policies under Obama push this country over the edge. With 2 corrupt and utterly incompetent parties we're caught in a downward spiral. The only hope is that by that time we'll have a viable alternative as you outlined above. Chance of this happening are slim. Jesse Ventura being one that has the will and intellectual capacity but lacks financial backing.

Anonymous said...


Their future: Gingrich & Palin?

Chairman MaoBama will rule for life.

Outta the WAy for Bojangles..

What will he fix next?

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

It doesn't matter. They are both crime syndicates. Hasn't almost $14Trillion in spent, lent or quaranteed money taught you that? Who is being protected by both groups? Meanwhile, you are on your way to the coliseum to see the gladiators. Bread and circus for the short bus riders.

By the way, I used to post at your other blog. Why are you still beating up the Republicans? The Democrats have the Presidency and both houses of CONgress. They one upped Bush with stupidity, and now we will pay for it all.

Mammoth said...

We are going to run back and forth on the Democrat - Republican seesaw for some time yet. Currently the GOP is in the lower position; this may change well before the next election.

One glimmer of hope: We are hearing & reading more and more comments here and there, which indicate that the sheeple are slowly waking up to the fact that the US is being run by the corporations.

Oh, and Keith I resent that graphic - that is not a picture of me at all!


Anonymous said...

S.C. GOPer: Gorilla ‘one of Michelle’s ancestors’

Nice job, Macaca. Let's bicker about ugly personal shit while we're robbed blind.

Stuck in So Pa said...

The "with us 100 per cent on ALL issues, .... or your against us" is what is dooming the current far-right GOP leadership.

People will, of course, vote the Rethugs back in after the Demcraps have screwed things up enough, but just like 08, voters will be voting against those in power more than actually voting FOR the challengers.

The GOP is eventually doomed. Angry, old, rich, bigoted white men will die sooner that the young, that's nature. You cannot rebuild/re-shape a political party while the ruling majority refuses to see that there is a problem.

Pay Lay Ale said...

Decades of looking the other way regarding illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration is biting the GOP in the ass. The democrats wanted cheap votes and the GOP wanted cheap labor.

Meanwhile, you and I get the bill.

Anonymous said...

paylay said,
The democrats wanted cheap votes and the GOP wanted cheap labor.
Real quick, I can see how the dems wanted cheap votes, but the GOP cheap LABOR? Don't you mean the GOP supporters wanted cheap labor, like business groups? After all, most rank & file republicans are anti-illegal immigration/pro law & order. Someone benefitted financially with the GOP while the party paid lip service to and screwed the base. Thats why their going down...

Anonymous said...

"A GOP ice age is on the way."

Does this mean hell is freezing over?

sire said...

Were in the world is Gonzo crying that ‘both parties’ are controlled by a secret underground old witch, with links to prove it?

Fruity Pebbles said...

Pendulums do have a way of always swinging back. I do think both parties need to adapt to changing times and move closer to middle ground while still staying true to their core philosophies. Their differences keep us honest as a country. Checks and balance are always a good thing, but it needs to be reasonable and civilized. Leave the insanity and violence out of it, thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You still believe in the two party system?

Go ahead, drink the identity politics koolaid and end up like California.

BTW, 44 days until CA BK according to the controller.


Anonymous said...


Who cares?

People keep putting the two up against each other like they're bitter rivals. Demigod if you will, in the constant struggle of Good vs. Evil... Dah dah dah

Give me a freak-in break!

Both parties are corrupt, both are bought and sold, and both need to go away. They're two sides of the same freak-in coin and whenever I hear any discussion on this topic, I feel like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, and want to ask you “so what are we serving… chicken or a… chicken”?

When is everyone gonna wake-up? Why do we even need to have parties anyway?

I think that we would be far better off if there were no parties at all. No Democrats no Republicans, no Libertarians, etc. In my opinion the parties only strive to separate us; an “us” vs. “them” mentality. Its actually quite genius and is working beautifully don’t you think?

-Silly Monkey