June 21, 2009

Has the Iranian Revolution 2.0 had an impact on you? Or are you more interested in what was on sale at Wal-Mart this weekend?

"The revolution is your legacy. To protest against lies and fraud is your right. Be hopeful that you will get your right and do not allow others who want to provoke your anger to prevail."

- Mir Hossein Mousavi, June 21, 2009


Anonymous said...

Yes. It's had an impact. They want freedom. Don't we all? Good luck with that.

I'm disappointed that Hillary Clinton hasn't been more visible and/or voiciferous despite her injury. She might have gotten some sympathy points if she had had a sling.

I also noticed that the Iran protests have taken over the news thereby pushing aside the economy and the North Korean ship that's being shadowed.

I guess we just "keep on keeping on."

swannster river said...

Sams Club had a good deal on a 5 bag of avacodos. You can't be against that, can you?

And how about the US Open seems to be shot with a camera from 1970, even on the HD channel (aren't they all supposed to be HD now). So we get HD and the picture is worse for major events. Can't even bear to watch it. Something tells me there's some retards involved here somewhere. Surprise Surprise!!!

WizardofIB said...


It seems a little inconsistent for you to say that Secretary Clinton should be more visible/involved in this Iran thing. I can remember about 6 years ago when everyone wanted to free another group of oppressed middle eastern people who had some pompous dick for a leader. From there, take a quick ride in the time machine to a year later when the majority of the American people were no longer concerned with liberating these oppressed people.

Fast forward until now, we have another group of downtrodden people with a crazy, power hungry jerk for a leader who we all want to come together to save. All I'm saying is that we should be careful how interested we become in rescuing others especially when interest on the follow through is typically short termed.

The Wiz

Guardian said...

been following it on Twitter
And setup a Tor relay
For protestors.
How about you?

Anonymous said...

Ya but Keith Wal-Mart is having Roll back Sunday today!

Anonymous said...

I go to Wal-Mart for American made and Chinese made products that sell in large quantities for every day low prices and pleasant employees who earn more than they would at a mom n' pop shop.

I especially like going to Wal-Mart for oil changes since I can go inside and get a Supersized McDonalds meal while I wait. Employees appear cleaner and make about the same as at mom n' pop shops I'd guess.

I also like going to Wal-Mart for haircuts since no one else is ever there and I don't have to wait in line.

Kroger is good for sales.

keith said...

Wiz - I didn't say that.

Actually, I think anyone in American government needs to shut the f*ck up, and let the Iranians do their thing, instead of this looking like (another) American-sponsored coup

Anonymous said...

It would also be in the best interest of the world if we also had an administration change...most particularly of the Middle Class Americans to have a regime change in America.


Ya I am still following you Keith...been a long time, and my my my I have learned much in my travels since HP...hope all is well.

Sir Harold said...

not enough action, there are probally 20% that want change

not enough to change the govt, but I am sure the nuclear threat will vanish

Anonymous said...

I have been watching steady all weekend didn't even turn to watch the US open and I am deeply saddened by the deaths of Iranians

But i am starting to wonder who was really behind the protests
i mean wheres the anger and why has it all faded away so fast ?

Was mossad behind it ?
could the protesters have been stirred up by outsiders ?

Was the world deceived ?

I hope not but it sure is getting difficult to understand whats good and whats evil

I posted the "in the mirror darkly star trek link yesterday

We had better get it right

Anonymous said...

>...interest on the follow through is typically short termed.

Interest on the follow through remains rock solid right up to the point these words are heard. IDOL'S ON!

jersey said...

Couldn't care less. Just a bunch of college kids angry because they can't watch porn or listen to shit music. If the shoe was on the other foot and some kids tried that over here, they would be called domestic terrorists and Janet Napolitano would be rounding them up for interrogation. The lefties in Congress and the MSM would be right behind her calling for immediate action to stop the troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

I was more interested in the Wal-Mart sale because I am more into Chinese culture.

Anonymous said...


U.S. Open baby!


Anonymous said...

I do not give a rat's ass about either. Nuke all the Wal-Marts. Nuke Iran. It would not affect my life in the least. Actually, nuking Iran has a definite upside. There are too damn many people on this planet anyway.

Anonymous said...

Has is had an impact? Sure has. It made me appreciate the sheer genius our founding fathers had in giving us the second amendment. We may need it here sooner than we care to realize. When we all wake up to how bad the banksters have ripped us off, we may have a lot of dead crooks and politicians. Torches and pitchforks my ass.

Anonymous said...

i guess i don't get it.

what are the protesting, exactly? dick head chooses who runs for president, right?

so they are protesting that the dick head chosen candidate they voted for didn't win?

they are upset that the voting was rigged?

dick head picked all the candidates.


Brian Miller said...


It's not that big a deal.

A large number of the people swooning over this "revolution" and the "freedom" it represents will very happily wake up tomorrow morning and continue to support steps domestically that rob freedom from their own fellow man.

WizardofIB said...


Apologize about the mixup on the involvement of Hillary. I suppose I got a bit confoozled with the other comments.

The Wiz

Anonymous said...

Do they have Burkas at Wally World.. Think about it...

Anonymous said...

While that happends this happends here Bill. s.787 Water Control Land Grab

Singular said...

How could you NOT notice the goings-on? The mainstream corporate media had it plastered all over its front page for the past week. You were all MEANT to notice it and you were all MEANT to feel outrage and anger just as the Central Bankers wanted it.

Isn't your question a little disingenuous? had the Iranian thing wall-to-wall on your site too ...

Did you do the same when Palestinian protestors were shot by the hundreds by Israeli soldiers?

Or when the Congress passed the Hate Speech laws that effectively end freedom of speech in America?

Or when Horst Mahler was sentenced to fifteen years prison for saying he doesn't believe the Holocaust story washes?

The Iranian elections were legitimate. They were done on paper, not electronics. A paper vote is the safest fraud-free vote. The fraud story is one that has been created by the Central Bankers and perpetuated by their media arm. Many people have blindly followed it, not thinking for themselves, believing that the US media can't lie, and many others, with their own political agenda, knowing that there was no fraud and the election results are valid, take advantage of the media momentum, and ride it, inflaming others against the Iranian elected government.

But we know 100% that these CENTRAL BANKERS AND THEIR WILLING HELPERS IN THE COMMUNITY will NEVER send their sons and daughters to fight in any war they started.

If the ordinary people fail to see how they are manipulated, they will be used over and over again. Their blood will be used to advance someone else's cause, some other group's cause. And we see that happening right now in America.

Singular said...

Yes, Keith ... when are you going to sign up for the military so that you'll be ready to fight Iran when the time comes to protect America and its Freedoms?

I'll be right by your side signing up when YOU are.

Until then, don't call me.

(And if you think you're too old, what about your kids? Have you told them how important it is for them to join when they come of age ... because it's every American's duty to protect the Central Bankers' business -- er, I mean protect America's freedoms and spread democracy around the world (democracy here means toppling regimes, even democratically elected ones, you don't like) around the world?)

El Loco... said...

I went to Macys one day sale, and then ordered some Cds on Amazon.

Yesterday I got some cool shirts at Nordstrom, they are having a 33% off with some great deals like Tommy Bahama and True Religion.

This year I firmly realized that I am powerless and my opinions don;t count.

But in my heart I hope the people of Iran gain some freedom from those bearded SOBs.

Anonymous said...

Most of these protesters were not even born young when we had the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979! You can thank the internet for really providing information that there is an alternative to living in repressive conditions. As much as I detested the Ayotollah Khomeni growing up I am actually supportive of the protesters

Anonymous said...

George Bush should be given all the credit for the uprising. His courage to take out a brutal Middle East dictator weakened the hard line rulers in the region. Fraud and sleight of hand that has been the culprit of the primitive lifestyle in the past are not being accepted anymore.

Thanks Dubya!

Anonymous said...

I went to Wal-Mart today today with my girlfriend. We are both unemployed. We got over a week's worth of food for $80 with my food stamp card. All fresh vegetables and some frozen chicken and turkey, maybe not as organic or granola crunchy as Whole Foods but the same food would have been $120+ at Giant Eagle.

Green Day said...

My own f*cked up country (USA) and state of (Michigan) is bad enough. I cant handle watching other idiots and assholes.

I (we) have enough of them to deal with HERE!! But, good to see you're on top of it Keith. I hope the best for Iran.

Thanks for the spot-on world-wide crash reporting.



Anonymous said...

"...You were all MEANT to notice it and you were all MEANT to feel outrage and anger...

Did you do the same when Palestinian protestors were shot by the hundreds by Israeli soldiers?..."

F.E.E.L. the puppet strings tugging through your scalp.

Don't get me wrong, though.

I'd post apologies were I given a nickel.

les said...

The Iranian Revolution is effectively over.

I thought they would need to kill at least a hundred people to turn back the protests. It turns out only 15 was needed. Pathetic.

It's too easy to be a dictator in Persian and Arab nations. People roll over so easily.

Freedom must be earned, not granted.

Now the real pain for Iranians begin. You will live in fear of the secret police. Some will be beaten, stoned or decapitated. You will die a cowards death.

les said...

WTF. Is that what a revolution looks like?

That crowd could have easily overran those 30 semi-trained policemen. Instead half the people were standing around capturing images on their cell phones. Some exchanged rocks with the guards. No real "fight".

Fight for your freedom like you want it. Make some homemade wooden shields, grab a club and go toe-to-toe.

Absolutely pathetic.

gutless and lazy said...

After Iraq, after Afghanistan, some Americans want to meddle around in the middle east some more with Iran!!

Hopefully Walmart is more relevent to Americans than Iran.

After we Americans have meddled with Iraq, and screwed that up, and after we have meddled with Afghanistan, and screwed that up, we'll learn our lesson and let Iranians handle Iran.

Out at the peak said...

I was busy buying Transformers: ROTF presell tickets.

I spent all of Sunday at NASCAR. I don't even like racing, but my dad won some tickets. We got pit passes, and rode around with drivers in trucks during the introduction lap, did a mini-meet-and-greet with Kyle Busch (last year's winner), and ate free food.

While I was watching, I thought about all the fuel wasted and pollution made to make all of that to happen. Thousands of fans drove there, helicopters flying around, the vendors, military hummers pulling cannons for ceremony, etc.

Iran, good luck with your revolution. Maybe you too will have a huge racing sport someday.

Anonymous said...

The War Nerd gives an excellent overview of the Iranian class system and how it relates to the current elections: