June 22, 2009

Walkin' Away

Sorry folks, but heading off on a long adventure (without internet), so time to sign off.

I hope HP and S&A were helpful, and made you think.

That was my goal.


"Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all folks!" - Porky Pig

"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity" - Winston Churchill


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Anonymous said...

Who was that masked man who saw the future?

Batman said...

At least tell us where.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for over 2 & 1/2 years and have yet to ever type a response until now. I've been an avid vocal supporter of the HP & SA mindset to friends, family and anyone who would listen. I would quote this Kieth guy, and defend hime even though I had no idea who he was. He was faceless, shapeless but but I could see the shape of his thoughts.

You saved me money, you made me think, politically we are total opposites but yet I agreed with you about so many topics, that was perhaps the most enlightening and enriching lesson of all.

I am sad in the same way that I was when I read the first paragraph of the last post on HP but I am happy for having a chance to understand Kieth.

Thank you,

Glenn White

DuarteEAB said...

"Cheers, buddy!"

WizardofIB said...

Good Luck!

The Wiz

long beach,ca said...

what will i do after work now?

mayor mcmansion said...

Thanks for everything Keith, I hope to see you on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Do Good

NME said...

Keith - thanks for many entertaining and thoughtful moments over the last two years. I think you need a clear focus for your blogs to keep going. Look forward to reading you again sometime in the future.

George L said...

it's graduation time boys.no more blogging,no more comments

taking what I learned from people like Keith,Schiff,Dr. Paul and many others who helped me escape the "matrix" and giving it to anyone who wants to listen,especially the young generation.

see you all in the trenches...

Anonymous said...

see you later Keith.........you have done a lot of good, to those who listened.

Hope too hear from you very soon.

Jane in Australia said...

Thanks so much Keith!! Housing Panic and Soot and Ashes has taught me so much. I'm really, REALLY going to miss you. Enjoy your adventures.

yoski said...

Going to lead the revolution, eh? Good luck to you Keith.
Take care

Afterthought said...


investorinpa said...

Too much time invested in this thing for you to give it up...I'm sure several of us will volunteer to steer this blogship until you return!

Anonymous said...

Cheers from down under, mate. It's been a pleasure.


Wind Farmer said...

Happy Trails, Keith.

Can we do one last post? You know, musical suggestions for your walk into the sunset (or is it sunrise)?

derivs said...

Thanks. be well!

Saul said...

Keith, You'll be back... you love this stuff. A few days and your right arm will get twitchy for that mouse... and when something happens you'll so want to say "I TOLD you so!!"

This is an interesting time in our history. It's also interesting to hear the varied opinions of the comments. Some crazy, but often not.

I wonder what your next effort will be called?

ATE-UP said...

Thank you Keith, and we all will miss you. Good luck in your journey.

vanilla ice said...

Thanks Keith. It has been a great learning experience. Hope to see you back one day.

Magon. said...

Keith, you are good at "Walkin' Away".
You walked away too soon from politics, Arizona and the U.S.of A.
You walked away too soon from 'Housing Panic'.
And now this.

keith said...

Yeah, I won't be able to maintain this thing where I'm going, but if something big happens I'll sign in and put something up

Like Mozilo getting arrested.

And not posting is gonna suck, but it has to be done.

I may be back, but I may be tough to find.

Dr. Huxtable said...

Wow, an awfully abrupt final post and end to it all.

Off to Iran?

Green shoots bashers got to you?

I have to say, it seems like we are in for some interesting times ahead. I will miss sharing them on this blog.

Faraway said...

Keith, thank you very much for your efforts. Greatly enjoyed both blogs. Very well done.

Now, we need to know details of this great adventure!

will shill for coin said...

Darn Keith, now we have to go back to the echo chamber blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith
See you in another lifetime, I hope.

Hexagonal said...

Best of luck. Your blog work has been very helpful to me over the last few years. Actually, sometimes I imagine it could be a burden to be able to see things clearly. Enjoy your break ~ Hex

Advice to a Prophet
by Richard Wilbur

When you come, as you soon must, to the streets of our city,
Mad-eyed from stating the obvious,
Not proclaiming our fall but begging us
In God’s name to have self-pity,

Spare us all word of the weapons, their force and range,
The long numbers that rocket the mind;
Our slow, unreckoning hearts will be left behind,
Unable to fear what is too strange.

Nor shall you scare us with talk of the death of the race.
How should we dream of this place without us?—
The sun mere fire, the leaves untroubled about us,
A stone look on the stone’s face?

Speak of the world’s own change.
Though we cannot conceive
Of an undreamt thing, we know to our cost
How the dreamt cloud crumbles, the vines are blackened by frost,
How the view alters. We could believe,

If you told us so, that the white-tailed deer will slip
Into perfect shade, grown perfectly shy,
The lark avoid the reaches of our eye,
The jack-pine lose its knuckled grip

On the cold ledge, and every torrent burn
As Xanthus once, its gliding trout
Stunned in a twinkling. What should we be without
The dolphin’s arc, the dove’s return,

These things in which we have seen ourselves and spoken?
Ask us, prophet, how we shall call
Our natures forth when that live tongue is all
Dispelled, that glass obscured or broken

In which we have said the rose of our love and the clean
Horse of our courage, in which beheld
The singing locust of the soul unshelled,
And all we mean or wish to mean.

Ask us, ask us whether with the worldless rose
Our hearts shall fail us; come demanding
Whether there shall be lofty or long standing
When the bronze annals of the oak-tree close.

Richard Wilbur, “Advice to a Prophet” from Collected Poems 1943-2004. Copyright © 2004 by Richard Wilbur.

Stu said...

Hi Keith, well I must admit I am saddened by your sudden departure and will miss your blog and more importantly your approach to this massive world event like none other in our countries history. I guess I expected you to be around until it ended (2015 perhaps?). When you shut down HP I had a hard time understanding why, but then S&A came up and I was ecstatic you had reappeared and not only with a new blog, but a new approach. I suppose you feel that your work is done here, but in reality it will never be done. I appreciate what we had while we had it, but there are just so few of folks like you out there, that I am equally afraid the void will be hard to fill. Movements have leaders and I consider you a very valuable one. The cause and the movements that are taking shape have clearly lost a voice of reason and a leader with courage to speak out against the atrocities that exist, and I suppose will continue to exist for quite sometime. You can replace a voice, but not the intellect and style of that voice.

I want to personally “Thank You” for all your time devoted to this epic event and for your tireless coverage and entertaining way of sharing your thoughts through it all. You will be missed terribly by countless people who daily read your work and were aligned with you and your mission!!!

Good luck in whatever you do, wherever you go and enjoy your journey for it has no end… it hath been foretold.


Natural Eyebrows said...

This is very sudden, Keith. I hope it is not caused by some calamity.

All the best to you. Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

i have my life back. at least a few more minutes a day. thanks for all the effort it tok to keep this going.

Anonymous said...

Did the Obama/New World Order gestapo get to you? It can be kind of hard to fight threats from those who control the power apparatus. You have been pretty blunt and critical at times. Some people just don't like those who might be spreading the truth - even just a little truth. I guess Michael Savage will be the next one to be silenced.

casey said...

Get your ass back and attend this blog.Been reading for about 5 years and this is the best site I have found.Good luck with your new journey and keep us up to date.

Anonymous said...

So your mom kicked you out of the basement, hope it's not because her house was foreclosed.

Blue Collar

Bob Reno said...

Can't get Internet access where you're going?

Keith musta bought one of those $1 houses in Detroit!

Thanks for the sites! You will be missed . . .

Robert said...

ironically, I work in the IT field but do not spend much time on blogs; however, about 6 months ago a link to a link to a link got me here and I made it part of my daily routine. It has altered my thinking, slightly. It gave me perspective, and there were FACTS to back up arguments. Now that Keith is peace out, can we add some links to other FACTUAL, informative blogs that I can sink my teeth into?


Peace out, Keith. Thank you for your efforts.

Hollis T said...

Devastating news! Good luck in your new endeavors.

Anonymous said...

what will i do after work now?

what will i do during work know?

seriously, thanks for doing what you have done, Keith. you and your blogs have played a part in getting the truth out there.

like a previous poster said, i hope this isn't brought on by some calamity.

best wishes/thoughts/payers (choose one that fits best) to you.

my our paths cross in the ether of then net again.

December 2008

Anonymous said...


market down again.

i do think the can we tried to kick down the road has been caught by a strong head wind and is about to be blown back past us.

December 2008

keith said...

It's all good folks - just heading east, where believe it or not you can't find yanks, brits or internet

Life's an adventure. Have a good one.


consultant said...


Great blog. Be safe.

Anonymous said...


A million thanks man. You will always be my brother from another mother.

I will always wonder if you and Schiff are the same dude.

PS. What ever happened to the Snapper Turtle guy and Frank from Scottsdale?

What will you do with your car?


Miss Goldbug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aaron said...

Well that's really a bummer but it must be very exciting for you to move on to the next chapter in your life. I hope it's a good one! It will certainly be interesting, and I hope to read about it someday. Big thanks to you, Keith, for all the good reading. Happy trails.

Anonymous said...

U will be back you are as addicted this as we are. I would bet the House on it.

Anonymous said...

Given there has never been a hyperinflation in history where home prices have crashed, I have one question: Where are the hyperinflationist's recommendations to buy houses? Where? Please don't be a wimp about it. Is any hyperinflationist recommending houses?

OK so inflationists like gold. So do I, as a deflationist. However, in housing, and only housing can one put down 10% and control and asset for decades. Housing is (or should be) a hyperinflationist's dream come true.

Falling home prices remain the nut that hyperinflationsts just cannot escape. Yes, home prices will bottom, perhaps years from now, perhaps even next year. Then what? If you truly believe hyperinflation is coming, then housing is a sure thing. Go for it.

keith said...

Careful readers will remember that I said I bought a car to head into unexplored corners of Europe this summer.

And hey, now it's summer!

Have a good one...

vanilla ice said...

You never told us what kind of car you bought.

Anonymous said...

Hey keith, where are you going where there's no internet?

Anonymous said...

Did you get paid-off?

Miss Goldbug said...

Good luck to you Keith. I have enjoyed your site for the past 3 or 4 years. Will miss it a lot.

I hope everything is alright with you. It seems unusual for someone so dedicated to blogging as you are to suddenly shut it down.

Please try to get back and post major events if you can. If not, we'll understand.

Thanks Keith, it's been great!

Miss Goldbug said...

Just read your going on a road trip!

Have a safe adventure Keith.

A Roy said...

Gonna miss you Keith!

I've been reading Housing Panic and than S&H since 2005!

See you on the other side man

DOPES said...



Ross said...

Thanks Keith. This is all too sudden. I know God will be watching you on your journey. May you come back safely and ready to enlighten us again.

The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Lady Di said...

Be safe and enjoy your adventure.

Will miss you.

Stu said...

Perhaps you are shutting down and leaving before they shut you and others down and then come after you all...

We may need you now more than ever Keith!!!


The Federal Reserve refuses to disclose where trillions of dollars in bailout money went and yet the FTC is more concerned about snooping into the financial affairs of bloggers who make a few bucks off affiliate relationships, according to new guidelines set to be introduced later this year that would give the government a foot in the door to regulate and shut down blogs for making “false claims”.

“New guidelines, expected to be approved late this summer with possible modifications, would clarify that the agency can go after bloggers — as well as the companies that compensate them — for any false claims or failure to disclose conflicts of interest,” states an Associated Press report.

Anonymous said...

"...awfully abrupt final post..."

Regardless; Thank You, Keith.

I have a feeling that we're going to see some Biblical shit these next (maybe quite a)few years. You must return as the world writhes in agony.

No *sendoff* from this blog could possibly be complete without an

"...Americano...skewered mouth-to-ass on a green bamboo shaft...fat sizzling..."

My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember The Blog Warrior. The man we called "Keith". To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time......

Farewell, Friend.


Anonymous said...


I am going to be lost without you. I am a stay home mom that read every single one of you posts every morning. What am I going to do now!!

Angry Leprechaun said...

Strange to say, but thanks a bunch. Can't stand your views on Obama but you did turn me on to a loy of good info and thinking.

Anonymous said...


You are just realizing that GW Bush and Cheney's policies were right and The One Obama is wrong.

GW said North Korea, Iraq and Iran were the problems of the world and we now see how right he was.

GW and Cheney knew if Democracy was planted in Iraq, Iran and other backwards Middle East countries would follow like dominoes.

Now Obama's FCC is going after bloggers like you.




Gil Gamesh said...

I owe you one. I haven't posted since the very early days, but have been reading all along. Some of the best decisions I've made the last few years have been prompted by your writing. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"I NEED A NEW BLOG - PROVIDE RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

There is nothing comparable out there. I spend wayyyy too much time on the Web, I've seen it all, there is much good stuff out there but nothing like what Keith provides. Been here since the begining of HP, (total addict).

I envy you Keith. I truly hope you lead a charmed life (and you decide to come back).

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,
what about those satellite mobile phone. Isn't there some sort of satelite wireless service available? I'd be willing to give up my morning starbucks in order to donate and keep this website available. This site is integral part of my morning fix.

Anonymous said...

good luck..old sock puppet, and thanks for a no strings aTTACHED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED ENTERANCE AND TRUTHFUL BLOG, AND AS SUCH HONEST.......VERY RARE.........

Anonymous said...

man, this really blows!
Keith, Is there anyway we can keep this thing going?

moretroops said...

Keith, you've been out in front of several hugely important issues to an astonishing degree. There were times when I was in awe of your prescience. I admit that.

So I, too, have learned much from the socked one.

Best of luck my man. You deserve good karma for the service you've provided.

-- MT

Sir Harold said...

So you finally pissed off someone really powerful ???????

or is it that the FTC is going to start policing blogs ?

any case I would like to think that you are one of the reasons we are still here

good work and god bless

Anonymous said...

now I have to start reading Casey again...damn

Anonymous said...

How will we know when you've posted something?

Ah, whatever. "To everything, turn, turn, turn..."

You certainly did make a difference for a long time and for that I salute you.

All the best in your future endeavors, from Annapolis, MD. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and good luck on your journey.

Devestment said...

Into the wild!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...


I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are a hero standing up against the PTBs and their near monopoly of the media (including Fox News, you Right wing nutjobs!).

Now we sit in uncharted waters. It's hard to find something to lock onto like the housing bubble (or tech bubble before it). What changes are in store for us over the next decade?

It will be rough not getting your opinion on things. Good luck with your next endeavor. I think you'll find that you have a lot more time if there really isn't any internet where you are going.

CU later!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. K.

And to all the readers who have been following this once looked down upon 'outside the box' critical, future thinking, essentially free internet class, think about this: This exercise [class] in public internet discourse was more valuable than 90% of the paid university classes I took for five years...

Seriously, think about this. The vast majority of high and mighty 'University' economics and business classes (among many others) were full of s---!

If I were a University involved in hiring a critical thinker to teach students about the real world, and how to look at the world in a honest, and not always happy ways, I would hire Mr. K., in a flash. Plus I would pay him far more than any "PRO" sports athlete, because he was actually capable of delivering a huge amount of value to society and our way of thinking... [a.k.a., survival!]

If... I were in the UNI Industry thinking about collecting my tenure and benefit package to sit around and lecture redundant garbage to factory students... I would be nervous right now, because ladies and gentlemen, "EDUCATION" is the next bubble...

Fruity Pebbles said...

I know it's silly, but I got verklempt when I read this!
Not having this blog to read and share with is kinda like losing a friend.
Life is indeed an adventure though, Keith, and you are teaching us that, along with many other things.
Thanks and be safe.

geeski said...

Enjoy your adventure! And thanks for blogging. I enjoyed every post.

Sarah Palin said...

Oh no Joe, say it isn't so.

Heck even I was kind of gettin a kick out of ya Keith.

Ross said...

In regard to your poll, we did not win or lose because the fight isn't over. As long as the MSM, NAR, FED, etc are spouting their lies and we are here to oppose them, the battle isn't over.

I hope your exit is not too premature.

Anonymous said...

Another suitcase in another hall, huh, Keith? God speed, good luck, and remember to buckle up when you're out on that road. Wish you could start a listserv or mailing list or something to let us all know how you're doing and what's on your mind.

I'm sad about this, because your blogs are my favorite, my absolute favorite. I hope someone else does pick up the torch for a while, maybe it's time for Gonzo or Bukko to start one so all us lil sashers have a place for our "lively debates". Can anyone recommend anything??

Anyway, have fun, Keith, thanks for everything, and hope you come back someday soon.

- msNJ

ps - I recommend driving the Grande Haute Route through the French Alps from Geneva to Menton if you haven't firmed up your itinerary yet and you want a nice two week leg of your trip. Monte Carlo is about 20 mins from Menton, and it's crazy to see how people live there, if you've never been.. If you do go, try to egg some yachts for us... take care..

Rob Dawg said...

And they'd have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddlesome bloggers. Godspeed on your way to whatever revolution you find or plan on starting.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

Wow. Amazing how many paranoid-schizos here immediately assume that the FTC or the "Gummint" is behind Keith going away.

Hey guys - pull the tinfoil hat a little tighter around your heads & turn on Fox & Friends. You've been a constant reminder that a certain portion of the US is still so dumb & blind that they lash out at phantoms, rather than challenge their own belief systems.

Which is what happened here & at HP for the last couple of years. It hasn't been comfortable, but it's been interesting, infuriating & educational.

Enjoy the borscht & blini, Keith. Watch out for the rural roads - some of them are still subject to sudden collapses & closures, and the mud when it rains is no joke.

Anonymous said...


You are going on your next CIA mission?

Michael said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can't do this! I just turned by buddy on to this site yesterday!

too much rope said...


Its rained for like three weeks, I just had be civil to my in-laws that were visiting for the weekend, and now this! Now I will have to refer solely to The Onion for my news. Seriously, I am a little surprised to see you stop blogging on what seems like short notice, but if you say we were forewarned I will take your word for it.

It has been great to read your blog since HP, as well as finding others who didn't take the realtor b.s. as gospel.

Thanks for your thoughts and the work you put into both blogs. Safe travels.


the dude said...

bro, good luck out there. stay away from belarus and moldova.
and do you have any recommendations for us addicts? i mean i am going into detox right now, need my S&A fix for today.

Anonymous said...

He is going to Ukraine- cut the
url linked to the title-

I think he is trying to learn
to live the life of nature, like
humans lived for millenias until only couple hundred years ago.
We all need this skills, cose it
is going to fall apart. Only
matter of time.

Anonymous said...


Don't be a BANANA!

Use TWITTER to keep in touch!

That's what it's THERE for!

Anonymous said...

Did you get your home sold before your leaving!!!??? What about your mortgage!, The bank, And your doing a Short sale because you have to leave fast!!?

Oh Wait, thats right you rent and you can uproot whenever you feel the desire to do without all that grief and drama....

Have a good one. You turned me from a Home Debtor under shackles and chains into a soon to be Renter for life

Banana Republicrat said...

Thanks for being the voice of reason. You gave me hope when I thought all was lost.

Vaya con dios, Keith. I hope you find what you're looking for out there.

Went2puke said...

So long Keith! But keep in mind that the juicy stuff is yet to come.. Too bad you are leaving as the most interesting times are just around the corner!

Pissed in New York said...

This sucks Keith. Good for you/sucks for us.

Where else can I vent about those f*cking used house salespeople whores?

Alright, well, Godspeed Keith. Have a good time. Meet some terrific folks. Live your life to the fullest.

Remember: the Lord loves a workin' man; don't trust whitey; see a doctor and get rid of it.

And, just maybe, if we're lucky - you'll get an itch and come back...

Anonymous said...

Its all fine and dandy, except for the "no internet" thing. Internet is practically everywhere there is electricity- dialup, satelite etc.
Are you saying you wont have electricity ?

Anonymous said...


Just as the VIX soars, the market topping, the green shoots turning brown everywhere and the Revolution 2.0 is all but gone while Obama poll numbers start to drop!

The keefer cuts & runs ...
how can we gloat now?

red medicine said...

Thanks, Keith. Always appreciated your insight, you've definitely turned me onto a lot of interesting ideas over your tenure here and at HP. (Not to mention, are the #1 reason I didn't jump into a soon-thereafter doomed housing market a few years back. Thank goodness.) Good luck on your next endeavor.

Anonymous said...


Man, are we going to miss you! Your contrarian posts always made us think--something truly precious in this big-media-controlled, talking-point, BS crap fest we are constantly trying to dig ourselves out of.

Thanks for the shovel,

Harvey Wallbanger

Amtex said...

Thanks for everything Keith, you made me a ton of money. Betting against everything the Bushies ever did or said was very profitable!! Don't look back, let the blog go and enjoy life.

I am going to do the same, move somewhere quiet and warm as a single dad to a 5 year old. We are going to take our winnings off the table and enjoy life.

Let someone else battle the right wingnuts who ruined America and now have the gall to criticize. Time to move on and enjoy our remaining days. The wingnuts will die as ignorant and arrogant as ever...so be it.

Have good times Sir!

Wind Farmer said...

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." W. CHURCHILL

He was talking about fighter pilots. In today's terms, I think we're talking about bankers.

soft landing said...

Later Keith.
Thanks for the preview of the collapse. I was able to make a couple bucks from your foresight.
Good Luck.

keith said...

I like to go places that feel like stepping back in time.

Places with no strip malls. With no starbucks. Where cows and horses create the traffic jams. Where men in suits tend to their crops. Where going grocery shopping means getting fresh vegetables from the market before noon. Where not a word of english is spoken. Where there are no stag and hen parties (i.e. drunk brits passed out in the streets - like most of europe these days). Where small luxuries (like soap, and ketchup) are still appreciated.

It's getting tougher to find those places, especially in europe, but they still exist. You just have to look.

I'm off to go look.

This thread is the last post, but I don't leave 'til friday, so we'll see. It's nice to hear the good words, even after the knock-down drag-out arguments we've had here. We've disagreed, but it's a good crew. You'll be missed.

SeattleMoose said...

You have done a great service by spotlighting all the crap that has been going on for the past few years.

Thank you for being 1000% better than our bought and paid for MSM WILL EVER BE!!!!

A.Creampuff said...

Brocephus! As the world pines for touch phones, in the future, "logging out" will become the ultimate luxury. You are ahead of your time again, bro-bro!

My humble contributions to this blog and HP never rivaled those of the 'popular' kids, but no matter, chief. My Realtor Suzanne researched a real American Creampuff for me. She even found me a tenant, name of Casey Serum or something.

Mammoth said...

Off to Russia...?

Paid Off said...

You did actually read or watch "Into the Wild", didn't you?
Just be careful and come back to us alive.

Anonymous said...

Keith = Mozillo !?

Goin' away where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

Keith, you rat bag! Why do you do this to us!

Good luck and we'll see you at the next bubble!

Thanks for the good times and the bad of course.

We will miss you!

bottom feeder in philly said...

I started my morning with your blog. Unless I didn't have access to a computer I didn't miss a day. I already feel like a junkie going through withdrawl knowing I won't have S&A to start my day. Thanks for all your work. Although I knew what was to come back in the HP days since I am on the front lines of real estate, as an investor, landlord and realtwhore, many of the posts continued to educate and enlighten me. I think the one place we all missed the boat a bit was how the entire credit markets crashed. I decided to open a used car lot knowing real estate was a toxic asset. What I didn't see coming was financing dry up for EVERYTHING. We lost our lenders back in the crash(american general was our biggest, they were an AIG subsidiary) and now people don't even have 2000 bucks to buy a cheap used car, or they are just keeping the car they have. I just wonder what the future of economics in th U.S. hold. Even though I didn't agree with your green shoots and your thoughts on Obama I looked foward to reading this blog every morning, and occasionally had to post myself.
You have inspired myself and a friend(investor in Pa) to start our own blog on our investment strategies in this strange new economic world.
Thanks for the education and entertainment. All the best, you will be missed.

i've had it said...


good luck in all your endeavors! thanks so much for all the work you put in on HP and S&A...you helped and saved me and many others and you can always look back on this time with an extreme sense of satisfaction.

i'm sorry to see you ride off into the sunset at this point in time since there is still so much to blog about with housing, the economy, the messiah, etc., etc. having said that, running a blog is a lot of work - and emotionally draining - and i can see why you want to "walk away".

i know we've had some disagreements over various issues but i think that has been the strength of this blog...getting folks who disagree to "have at it" and hopefully come to better understanding of one another. i hope you have not taken my various disagreements with some of your positions personally...it was all said in the spirit of intellectual discourse.

there are issues that both sides definitely can't reconcile with each other, but there are many others that can be...i think your blog helped in that. and as for housing, you've been right on the money! thanks so much!

i hope you return in the fall to tell us about your travels and to get us primed for the October 2010 crash and the alt-a/option arm resets! i'll be checking back in September to see if you've decided to continue on with S&A or some other blog. i hope you do.

so long, have a great adventure (you totally deserve one); it's been awesome.


"i've had it"

Anonymous said...

keith said...
I like to go places that feel like stepping back in time.

Places with no strip malls. With no starbucks. Where cows and horses create the traffic jams. Where men in suits tend to their crops. Where going grocery shopping means getting fresh vegetables from the market before noon. Where not a word of english is spoken. Where there are no stag and hen parties (i.e. drunk brits passed out in the streets - like most of europe these days). Where small luxuries (like soap, and ketchup) are still appreciated.

It's getting tougher to find those places, especially in europe, but they still exist. You just have to look.

I'm off to go look.



I found such a place recently...



Anonymous said...

You must be headed beyond Eastern Europe. Good luck my friend and have a grand adventure, just check in every once in awhile.

Anonymous said...


Because of you, I feel there is a little less racism in the world. I truly think you may have opened some minds and hearts.

Good job!

science teacher - retired! said...

"I like to go places that feel like stepping back in time.

Places with no strip malls. With no starbucks. Where cows and horses create the traffic jams. Where men in suits tend to their crops. Where going grocery shopping means getting fresh vegetables from the market before noon"

And because of you I'm able to do the same.

Off to Southern Argentina with my wife and five year old having sold at the peak.

Thank you, thank you for your insights.

You're getting a feel for how missed you'll be.

HP still rules!

You are truly loved - whoever you are!

Craig said...

I don't need the Internet anymore. The uk house crash hasn't even got going yet. Still in denial. Where can we go for a new watchtower if not S&A?

Anonymous said...

bottom feeder - what is the url of your blog? you guys had good posts... maybe some others can check it out too..?

Anonymous said...

Keith, if you ever make it to Bellevue, look me up. I was the first person to donate.
Still pissed I didn't short Downey as you recommended 3 years ago!
My brother in law asked me to visit him and drive a car from Vladivostok to Moscow last year. I'm going to do it next summer if he asks...so maybe we'll meet up.
Take care of yourself.

Anton Chiguhr/Keyser Soze

suzanne researched it... said...


I will never look at a house nor the pets.com sock puppet the same way again. You have a gift & I feel fortunate to have enjoyed it for as long as I did. Enjoy your new direction and I thank you for a job well done. HP = BEST BLOG ALL TIME

Anonymous said...

thank you Keith - I've really enjoyed your blogs

bottom feeder in philly said...

The name of the blog is going to be contrary riches. Just got the domain name, and will hopefully be blogging by the end of the month. In the meantime you can contact me at dealzonwheelz@verizon.net. Thanks for the good words.

Anonymous said...

"So long and thanks for all the fish"


Anonymous said...

You'll be back Keith... see you in the fall.

In the meantime...

Good travels Keith

JAWS said...

I will miss this blog more than anything.

Best wishes.

ghpacific said...

At least take a lot of photos and keep a journal then you can provide the sequel to Jim Rogers travel books. Say hello to Tamarlane for us.

RobertM said...

Have fun, Keith! Be careful out there, people will get desperate.

Anonymous said...

I am caught by suprise keith

best regards bro!

I have enjoyed your blog very much!

I only guess is you are going to iran. Who doesn't have internet by now?


Hurry back bro!

rich in fl

Brandine said...

The very best to you.

Thanks for letting us all say our piece.

les said...

Good luck Keith.

The last 3 months, I've been surfing on the web 3 hours everyday reading of economic doom. I felt a need to break it off. Now that you'll be gone, I think I can break this internet fix.

HP and SA were awesome blogspots.

Thank you.

Good timing too. The shit is about to hit the fan. You'll definitely be safer in the countryside.

Anonymous said...

The Mexican...

That sucks...

Anonymous said...

Keith, be very very careful about going into Russia. I have several friends from Eastern Europe who all swear that all the police are corrupt in Russia and will take you for all you have ...

As you know when times are bad people do desperate things ... including robbing rich Americans (and all americans are rich, especially with all those recently minted dollars).

The poles, czech, slovaks and rumanians are a different story.

Take care and good luck,


Foolz R Us said...

"Did we win?"

You argued your case admirably, Keith.

And the verdict is in...

The judge is excused, the plaintiff is exonerated, and the jury is remanded to custody.

We came, we saw, we shot the shit.

Markus Arelius said...

The townsfolk said:

"Dammit Keith! The gang of bandits are comin'! We're going to need your gun in order to keep fightin' 'em !"

The next morning the townfolk woke up to see Keith's gun was there, but Keith was gone.

Fare thee well, gunfighter!

Jason said...

Damn Keith. I think the fun is just getting started again here in the USA. Look at the close today, down 200 points and everywhere I look everyone's starting to say the same thing.. that maybe things are not so rosy.

J6P's in denial, thought Obama was going to save him... is it time now?

tom12008 said...

thank you for HP, AP and S&A. Good luck to you in your new adventure. Make awesome memories wherever you may go.

Thank you for all you have done. You have born witness, and it's not your fault if people ignored you.

I will miss you, whoever the hell you are.


Paul E. Math said...

Thanks for everything Keith.

I honestly never understood how you could put in the time and effort that this blog must have required.

For me, it was all too good to be true: inflammatory topics, a mixture of spirited, enlightened debate, sophomoric name-calling and the occasional ad hominem attack. There was truly something for everyone on this blog.

I'll thank you again like I thanked you for HP.

Maybe we'll do this again for the alt. energy bubble of 2010-2015.

May good fortune light your way in sepia-tone and monochrome.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Keith - we will miss you!

Resisting Husband said...

Thanks for saving me a couple hundred grand. Been with you since the HP days, not so much on the S & A, but had this odd feeling to check today. You have done your duty. Now explore this crazy planet.

Anonymous said...

Geez, this is a staple to my daily/weekly reading, and your links! Learned alot and commented often....

I wish you a great adventure and do come back...we need you.

Been reading since 2005 (from former blog).

Ryan M said...

Thanks again Keith, loved your insights. Hope to see what version 3.0 of your ideas bring.

Wind Farmer said...

One last thing...

Oh, and

Have a nice trip, see you next Fall:)

Au revoir.

BuyerWillEPB said...

Good job, Keith. Really.

I know you'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Just another avid reader that you have saved from making some very bad and COSTLY decisions in life...

We all wish you the BEST Buddy--

STAY SAFE and don't bogart all the green shoots for yourself!

Laura'sBush said...


LMAO!!! Best response to Keith on the board--hands down!!

You just made me almost pee my pants I am laughing so hard!!


Anonymous said...

He is fooling around even if he is fooling himself. He may move away from uk- that I completely understand, but he cant move away from the internets for long as they are addictive- once in forever in. And they are everywhere nowadays. Even in the small village in ukraine you think is at the end of the world. Your brain will crave it and you will give up. See you around soon...

Anonymous said...

Oh my -- sad news for me, as I never missed a day of checking soot&ashes, as I did HP before that. All the best to you Keith, I like those kind of places, too, and I'll be with you in spirit until I can get the hell outta this ring of Hell (greater DC Metro)

Slainte! Cheers! Cincin! Egészségedre!

Andrew said...

Hey Keith,

As a dedicated HP and S&A enthusiast, I and everyone here will sorely miss you. You convinced me to sell my house in November of '07. We got out in the nick of time with only marginal loses (it would me MUCH worse today).

thank you thank you thank you

If there is any talking you into continuing, there is a service called Posterous that allows super easy posting simply via email - or cell phone.


If anything, keep us apprised of your wanderings.

Take care my friend.

swannster river said...

>And not posting is gonna suck, but it has to be done.

Sounds like this thing, for you, is like for us an addiction which takes up too much time. But much much more time for you.

Take a rest. Start posting once a month. We'll be here.

Thanks for the great environment you set up here buddy. But don't let it die on the vine. Tend to it when you can.

Mike Hunt said...


Good luck man. Be careful. I just saw the movie 'Taken' yesterday on a plane trip. The Albanians looks pretty tough. No way you'll outrun those guys in that Smart Car of yours.

Looking forward to see you again, somehow, in the blogosphere.

Thanks again for putting up the posting of SKF, that was a good pick.



Anonymous said...

keith, you kept me sane during the bubble years when I had many sleepless nights worrying that I would be priced out of the market!
You did humaanity a great service! Take good care of yourself, IMHO I think you want to check in now and then.
Thanks Keith, really

Chris said...


Good luck on a great adventure. I just hope you are not going to prison or something lol.


Tyrone said...

Send me your gold and silver. While you're away, I will safeguard it. MWAHAHAHA


for now.

Anonymous said...

Good God -- we are going to miss you, Keith. You have provided us with great news and entertainment the last few years. I wish you luck in your adventures.

Simi Valley, CA.

Lost Cause said...

What part of the universe does not have internet? Good luck with that. Thanks you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, the Tibetan people need you to lead them into a revolution to free themselves from the monkey looking Han-Chinese. There is no electric, phone, or internet over in Tibet. I look forward to seeing you leading this revolution Komrade.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember how I first came across your blog two years ago but I made it a part of my daily reading ever since. You showed me another side of the coin that I was too brainwashed by traditional media to understand myself. Good luck and thanks, I've learned alot.

euonymous said...


You have humility, I think.
You have compassion, I know.
You have intelligence, I know.
You have a drive, and a wish, and a desire to make a difference, I know.

Perhaps... just a little "perhaps"... and this would be a risk, for sure... there comes a time to recognize and accept that the most important gift you have is right under your nose.

IOW, when to stop and fine-tune that gift, nurture it, be content with it... as opposed to spending more time searching, in turmoil, wondering...

I wish you the best, and happy travels. But just consider the fact that perhaps... the time is now to use your talent and passion.

Find someone to share this journey with, Keith. But don't shut down your passion for doing what you've been doing.

As we get older... Regret really really sucks.

Regards, Keith, and we all wish you well. Not too late to change course, though.

"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads."

"Enlightenment is the courage to use your own intelligence"

AH said...

By out bidding everyone sight unseen, Keith must of landed a lovely condo in Chandler, AZ with only the beautiful people of the world by the pool. How did he do it you ask? With a negitive amorization option ARM with 100% financing. And with the appreciation, he will be making more money every month than the monthly payments! Enough to even cover the new H1 with rims that keep on spinning. Way to go!

You and the blog will be missed. But now at least I can stop reading and go back to my family. Good luck, best wishes, be safe, and thanks for the everything; from the education to the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I must say, I never liked you. But I loved your blog. I have been reading you since 2005. I miss two drink minimum at Home Depot. What is the matter, did Obama get attacked by a Rabbit, and the media's love affair with Jimmy Carter's second term starting to scare you off? Could it be that Obama is looking like Carter more and more and you know it. Anyway, you better get back here real soon. Actually, you need to be on talk radio or the TV.

Anonymous said...

I agree , Keith. Take a breather. Blogging is hard work.

Sometimes the world truly does seem like it´s going to hell in a hand basket fast.

Hope you come back and give ém hell after you rest up and take a very deserved vacation.

Just don´t eat any bad berries like the kid in the movie. Take a good survival guide with you !

Anonymous said...

Shit Keith ,I don't know who you are ,but I will never forget how open your blog was .Your humor entertained me and I really believe that you are a rare bird . You have many gifts Keith ,don't forget that .

I am sad about your departure ,but I wish you well always . Shit .

Anonymous said...

Damn Dude, sold us out.

You know the Great Depression is coming, why you got to hide now, damn keith!

Anonymous said...


Keith has got to do , what he's got to do.

He has volunteered to join the Quds brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary guards.

Didn't you guys pick up the clue ?

There's no internet !

Keith, don't do it, man.

You can't save a whole nation by yourself, working undercover.

Come on back, or you're gonna MISS out on the 2nd leg of this BULL market, man, them green shoots gonna turn into giant californy redwoods.

Oh yeah, if you make it back, bring a couple of them hotties.

Anonymous said...

Happy Trails


upthecreek said...

Did Obama offer you a cabinet position??

Peter T said...

Hey, why leaving now when you can laugh about it so well, like when Greg Swann becomes a pessimist about the housing market in Phoenix, see under
One poster even states that Mr. Swann is in foreclosure himself (I don't have any corroborating evidence, unfortunately)

belchorama said...


Hope you enjoy yourelf, you'll be missed. I've been an HP/SA addict since ~2005, back when it was common knowledge that the worst case scenario was a "soft landing". Back when your blog was a beacon in a sea of stupidity and disinformation. Leslie Appleton-Young still has a job somehow, doesn't she?

You've done a real service to those looking for real news, where the MSM has utterly and miserably failed. They'll continue to do so because modern journalists have no brains. You on the other hand have a very interesting and active mind, and it's been a pleasure reading your stuff. I also made some put option plays that I never would have dreamed up on my own, on CFC and IMB, altogether I made 18k profit while risking only 3k of honest money. You rock.

Personally, I think you'll get bored out of your effing mind within a week of Amish living, and will be back to blog again. I'll be here to read when you return.


Grilled club w/side of rings said...

It's obvious some of you have forgoten that Keith's first choice was Ron Paul for President, not Obama.

The MSM would NOT give Ron any fair media time, so he had no other choice to drop out.

So that left the nation with 2 choices: McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden.

The choice was clear to anybody with 1/2 a brain or more, even though no matter who was elected, they would have the world's biggest financial crash on their hands - after the bush/cheney - republican regime train wreck from 2001 - 2008. A complete financial and world leadership disaster for millions of people.


Thanks for your S&A news blog Keith! What a shocker to see you walk away so soon, but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! Hope to see you back some day soon! Making people laugh at bad news and the cold hard truth is a very valuable tool indeed.


Anonymous said...

Been a dedicated reader for years - never commented. Thanks for everything Keith.

The world will be a less informed (and less enjoyable) place without you watching out for us. I have thoroughly enjoyed your commentary and perspective over the years.

Best of luck in all that you do.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, we'll see how long this lasts. I still remember all the hoopla back when you closed HP.

Anonymous said...

I battled Lung Cancer with brain mets for the last 8 years. No bull. And because 3 years ago I started reading HP everyday that I could, I knew more way more than the Average sheeple did. So funny they all looked at me and asked. How did you know what was going to happen? I told the silly bastards I had an in with a bunch of Stock Gurus. Not bad huh for a guy who was suppose to be dead 6 years ago. Thanks Keith. It has been a slice.
Oh it also helped that I have been watching the Dow when it was in the 7 hundreds. It was a lot more honest game back then. But it has always been stacked against the little guy. I met some cool guys online that got me into gold back in 2001. But HP was way more fun. It was follow the dots to the bottom. Great stuff Keith. I am 50 years old got lung cancer at 42. Have fun out there Keith time for you to ramble on. Stay safe.

Cynicalkh said...

I have been lurking since Housing panic and am sorry to hear that you are leaving. I wish you well with your new adventure.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Gov. of SC walked away too Keith

You're not him are you?

Anonymous said...

I just put $10.00 in Keith's beer jar, I would like to see many of you to make sure Keith has his beer jar overfilled before he starts his trip.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith for everything. I've only commented once or twice on your blog, but always remained anonymous. I have been a loyal reader since HP for about 3 years now. At the time I was living in Phoenix and looking around thinking this was unsustainable. I had worked with a realtor for a short bit that explained how Phoenix real estate was always going up. Your blog saved me, and i stayed in my apartment until i left that soulless place in the desert. I just wish that you weren't leaving now, with the demise of the United States just around the corner. Many Thanks Keith and good luck on your adventures. Hope to catch you blogging again.

Stu said...

I don’t know Keith but I get the feeling that most don’t want you to go… of course that may not change anything, but perhaps you could report back whenever possible and we can check in every now and again to see what your up too. I must admit your dedication to your various sites through the years has been exceptional to say the least! While I am happy for you and your travels, in a more selfish stand I am disappointed that you are leaving before your job is done. Not that you are leaving us because that is your right, but I as well as others appear to have become dependant in some ways to your blog for its constant vigilance to matters obviously very important to us all. So I implore you to reconsider shutting down all together and request if possible the site remains alive and occasionally active with your diatribes. Maybe even someone can take over with an occasional post or two (many I am sure would volunteer for that honor) on a weekly basis.

I just see S&A on the cutting edge of looking forward and not backwards in terms of where we are headed and how to get there best!!!

God speed…

shultzie said...

Ack - what'll keep me from buying a house now?

At least you saved me from buying two years ago - I'd have really been f--ked.

Safe travels Keef - go see those places that few of us will ever get the opportunity to see. (Then post pictures...lotsa pictures).

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna f'ing miss you Keith.


Anonymous said...

This can't be happening man, this isn't happening!!

Anonymous said...

To be able to write about the downfall of modern civilization in the funny way you did is reserved for
the chosen few .You always asked the right questions that few dared
to ask . I always felt like you had a heart Keith ,which seems to be a rare
thing these days .I feel like a friend, I didn't even agree with all the time, is leaving town to answer to some calling that nobody can stop .Best wishes for you .

Anonymous said...

what a long, strange trip it's been.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

"...left the nation with 2 choices: McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden.

The choice was clear..."

Sure was: the consummate can-kicking con we have now...

Or the clearly-deranged stay-the-courser with his "Americans are whiners" financial advisor who just happened to be the guy who gutted Glass-Steagall...

We could have suffered the Grand Implosion now; before it get's added to immensely and made much worse.

borkafatty aka the pig said...

I came a little late to the HP party toward the end of 2006 but I've been reading this blog religiously ever since. You've done a great service to me and society as a whole with this blog. Im glad I wasn't stupid enough to buy an overpriced crap shack and I have you to thank for giving me the ammo to win that war with the wife. The insights and conversations i've gained and had since coming here have been invaluable and will be with me forever.

This americano snapper turtle will feel skewered from mouth to ass on a Chinese bamboo stick, juices oozing, fat sizzling, roasting nicely over a bed of white hot charcoal without this blog. Its a shame you have to go, but its your life and you need to live it the way you want. Good luck with your adventures, wherever they may take you. And if you decide to come back to civilization and blogging, remember to post a link to the new one here. Maybe you should write a book while you're living in isolation. Thanks for everything!


Anonymous said...

"...They'll bawl balefully in private, but never ever admit they were wrong..."

Heh. Corollary #1: or just develop amnesia, and parrot the lines they've criticized us for all along:

Mr. Swann pointed out that thousands of homeowners will likely walk away from their houses because they owe far more on their mortgages than the properties are worth.

“Say you bought at $260,000 in November, 2005, and you now see homes in your area worth far less. Why pay that mortgage?” he said. “Why not go and rent for a couple of years and then go buy the same house for $140,000?”


Anonymous said...

Gorman:...we can't have any firing in there. I, uh... I want you to collect magazines from everybody.
Hudson: Is he fuckin' crazy?
Frost: What the hell are we supposed to use man? Harsh language?

Hudson: That's it, man. Game over, man. Game over, what the fuck are we supposed to now, huh, what are we gonna do?

Gabor said...

Thanks and good luck

Formosan said...

Thanks for everything, Keith. You helped me get through tough times with your daily doses of insight and humour.

lensam369 said...

So that's it huh???

Well, I have to give Keith my sincere thanks.

If there is one thing that I learned from this blog is to never be a perma-anything. Keith hammered this point home endlessly. Always be ready to adapt to change, because the world keeps on moving.

Keith: Thank you.

Downtown O-town said...

Thank you, Keith.
You deserve to ride off into the sunset (or sunrise) having been so helpful and insightful.

But, please accept our gratitude and check back in to this blog someday to let us know what you find out there. All of us still toiling in the offices, cubicles and small businesses deserve to know.

I will keep a link to this blog on my desktop until you do. It is an old friend -- and now it will be a candle burning in the window, waiting for you to return.

Please let us know someday that you are happy and safe. I will be checking.

Orlando, Florida

Anonymous said...

She can be a little nutty, but she will make you think...


genius said...

Thanks Keith. Although I often disagreed with you, your work on this blog has had a significant impact on my life and the way I think. I wish you the best on your travels and future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith and good luck!

Keep your head up where ever you end up. It's been a great read over the last 3 or so years.


mardav said...

Many thanks for your stewardship of this spirited salon...

Only one question remains--who the hell are you???

andriy said...

Keith, thanks. I don't agree with you on everything, but passion, energy and care in this blog - it made a huge impact on me.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

You have been so insightfull all that time Keith, and people dont just cut and run for no reason. My gut feeling tells me you know something. Common, throw a last hint- what is it- is Israel and Iran going to start WW3 ? Is the thermohaline circulation going to shut down, is the swine flu going to mix with avian flu and wipe us out ? What is thats making you hole up ?

Market said...

This was awfully sudden; I'm so disappointed. I've checked this blog several times a day for several years now (HP&SA). I wish you well, but really hope you'll be back.

randall666flagg said...

You guys are stupid, ignorant, loud-mouth and blasphemous. You pissed Keith off and now he is gone. STUPID IS AS STUPID WAS...

No more Americano snapper turtle now...

Deucebag said...

You are going to keep

Rainbows and Unicorns Yippee!!!

going though, right?

Ahmed said...


Perfect timing on pulling the plug.

Conversations here got way to carried away with the loony Alex Jones ga ga conspiracy nut jobs (with proof by pointing to other loony sites).

Keep your face in the wind..

Anonymous said...

Everyone would love to do what your doing!
I envy you terribly.
Cut the cord----screw mail, phones, obligations, etc.

I envy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ATE-UP said...

Randall66 flag:

NOt the one's posting on THIS thread, except one, but I agree with you. I saw it coming. A bunch of idiots spoiled it, I think you are right.

AlexMagno said...

I will miss you, Keith. I'm a young guy and what I learned through your blog will help me a lot now and in the future.

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