June 14, 2009

I still miss Tim Russert. Big time. Best political journalist of my generation. And nobody is filling his shoes.


Anonymous said...

I still miss HousingPANIC.

Big Time.
No Other blog has stepped up, including This One.


keith said...

Would it surprise you that I miss HousingPANIC too?

But that was a brief period of time - us vs. them. We were right, and nobody believe us.

And then they found out.

But once the world found out, and the sh*t hit the fan, HP's reason for being was no more.

Now I feel the opposite way. Now everyone is miserable, everyone is negative, hopelessness rules the day.

And I feel bullish. And more positive that I've felt in years about the future of the country.

Go figure.

But who knows, maybe I'm right.


RIP HousingPANIC. It was a ride.

WizardofIB said...

Someone should have asked Mr. Obama if there was going to be a California bailout. A few more days and we won't be able to keep the lights on anymore. Oh well, two Hummers in every driveway and an XBox in every entertainment center. It was good while it lasted.

The Wiz

Anonymous said...

The obama video just show his two faces, forked tougue bs politician ways which were quite evident to anyone not blinded by messiah love during the election.

Obama was for Rev Wright before he was against him.

Obama was against liberating Iraq before he was for it.

Obama was for fiscal responsibility before he increased debt more than every other president combined.

Obama was agianst Prop 8 while he was for one man one woman marriage.

I could go on for ever but you zombies would never grasp it.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Would that be the same Tim Russert that Dick Cheney saw as such a patsy that he could float any kind of bullshit story on his show and not have it be questioned? Would that be the Tim Russert that testified in the Lewis Libby perjury trial that he automatically treated any conversation with a high official as "off the record" so he wouldn't ruffle their feathers? Whereas a REAL journalist would push to publicise EVERYTHING he could, to get the NEWS out?

Keith, "Little Russ" was like a realtwhore of TV news. All the media stars are. They see themselves as part of the system, not opponents of it. Journalists should "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" as H.L. Mencken put it. But now, millionaires like the late Timmer ARE the comfortable.

As for filling the shoes that Russert SHOULD have worn, my vote's on Olbermann. At least that Keith is trying to annoy the powerful, including Obama. Newsmen should be barking dogs. KO is. Russ wasn't.

Anonymous said...

"But once the world found out, and the sh*t hit the fan, HP's reason for being was no more."

I couldn't DisAgree More.

HP is even More Relevant Now than Ever.

Where will all the crooked Real Estate Pigs and even dumber 'buyers' learn about Real Life?

Remember the days of 1,000 point swings in the Dow? I'll never forget HP, especially during that wild and crazy time. I could just log-on and take a wild e-ticket ride every day. HP was a real reason I kept and increased my wealth while most others, especially the ever-Bulls beating their chest and saluting the American Flag and saying how wonderful the Red White and Blue is went Broke and now depend on Step and Fetchit/BoJangles 'charity' cheese even to survive their wretched, soon-to-be-really worse existence.

There are MILLIONS of emasculated moron 'Suzannes said it was OK' boys out there waiting for the Last Shoe to fall... For What? Some bad sex with YOUR OWN OLD LADY? Jeezus, how hard up and deperate are American 'men'?

I wish them and their families all the Worst. They were greedy and stupid and now the hammer has fallen and everybody PAYS...

For Example
How is life for you UAW clowns these days? Wait untill your phony made-up 'severences' are gone. Good Luck this winter. Why aren't you hunting down and punishing those that sold you out?

America is DEAD. Deal with it. Too bad about Russert. Life goes on (for some)...

Cointreau said...

Timmeh was a tool. Tim Russert was Dick Cheney's bitch.

Does nobody remember how he helped create the Jeremiah Wright b*llshit story, his pushing of the Iraq invasion, and ultimatley his role in the Scooter Libby/Dick Cheney exposure of a US WMD spook to try to justify that particular war crime?

Tim Russert perfected "gotcha" interviews and called them tough journalism. Remember when he asked Howard Dean how many people were on active duty in the military, as though knowing that bit of trivia was essential to being commander in chief?

What a useless consumer of the Sun's energy that f*cker was. His sudden death was the best thing that could have happened to his journalistic legacy. We will never know exactly what this charlatan cost our nation, and we'll be forced to listen to stupid nostalgia for a "real journalist."

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...


Politicians should be held to two terms,

One in office

One in prison


Anonymous said...

"And I feel bullish. And more positive that I've felt in years about the future of the country."

If Keith says it, I believe it. I will sleep better tonight.

Anonymous said...

"Politicians should be held to two terms,

One in office

One in prison"

Without a doubt, Best S&A post to date (incl. mine).

Thanks! Anon!

Anonymous said...

Surely you jest...Tim Russert, a journalist? My god, the man was nothing more than a straight man for the elite talking heads on the eastern seaboard. The man never asked a question in his life that was meant to unearth any important information, anything that might upset his corporate employer, the neocons, or his dinner party buddies on Martha's Vineyard.

Have you been drinking too many pints again?

Anonymous said...

I liked him, but he was pitching underhanded slow softballs.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to remember how badly Russert treated Ron Paul. Russert was your typical liberal, ignorant of history, supporting of the government, reporter.