June 19, 2009

Iran's dick-head Ayatollah Khamenei plans to kill his people by the thousands tomorrow. Obama tells him "The world is watching". Will he care?

Truly, I don't think he cares.

Sociopaths seldom do.

Pol Pot. Adolph Hitler. Joseph Stalin. Mao Tse-tung. Idi Amin. Genghis Khan. Dick Cheney. Atila the Hun. Jeffrey Dahmer. Vlad Tepes. Ayatollah Khamenei.

I think more brave Iranians will die tomorrow.

Do you care?


keith said...

It's so on.


TEHRAN, June 19 (Reuters) - Defeated presidential candidate Mehdi Karoubi called on Friday for Iran's election result to be cancelled, hours after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei endorsed the victory of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In an open letter which will be delivered to the country's highest legislative body, the Guardian Council, on Saturday, Karoubi said: "Accept the Iranian nation's will by cancelling the vote and guarantee the establishment's survival."

The letter was published on Karoubi's website.

casey said...

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be ousted by the people of iran.This could get real ugly.

Anonymous said...

What was it that the dick headed Iranian President would say about America's days being numbered?

Guess what you Prick, your days seem to be number. GO IRANIAN PEOPLE, YOUR FREEDOM IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why should he care? It's not like Obama will do anything other than - at most - demand the UN do something, and the UN is a toothless dog. As to whether I care, yeah, I do, but since Obama is screwed no matter what he does, he will take the path of least resistance, which is to do nothing. After all, foreign relations mean nothing to him. He clearly doesn't even bother to consult the State Department on foreign affairs. I doubt he'll even comment on the subject. He didn't when Israel was acting out.

vanilla ice said...

Yes he should care. If there are ever times where our military should intervene in another country, it would be the situation such as Iran. If Khamenei were to start killing protesters by the masses, and we have the means to stop it, we should strike. If a revolution starts, we should help it along militarily.

BitterLaidOffHero said...

Obama can do nothing. The US isn't popular over there. If we intervened, it would actually HELP the encumbents. If we intervene, the Mullahs would paint up the protests as being the by-product of the Great Satan's influence, and it would discredit the protestors.
However, all of that is moot.
Iran was, is, and will forever be our enemy regardless of who is in power over there. This is because Iran is ISLAMIC. Islam is a supremacist ideology which does not tolerate the existence of other religions (or atheists for that matter). The prime directive of Islam is to convert you to Islam, have you pay a tax, or kill you. Please read the Jihad Watch blog or buy the 'Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam' by Robert Spencer.

Anonymous said...

bo said the world is watching but that we won't meddle.

basically, he told the dick head to do whatever he wants because USA won't do or say anything about it.

BO has been trying to make the dick head like us and these protesters are making that difficult to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

The popular uprising brought to you by Dick Cheney and the CIA.

HuffHuff Post - Seymour Hersh Exposes New US Covert Operations in Iran(VIDEO) - June 29, 2008.

Dubya and Cheney's fruits paying off perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Better him than America's dick-head, For Now.

Summer of Rage '2009.

Coming to your broke and destitue community.

les said...

The US govt shouldn't do anything but verbally discourage Iran from using force.

If we tried to step in, I'm afraid the public will step back. They will either question our motives or rely on the US to finish off the regime.

Besides if we ever revolted against Washington DC, would you want a foreign power to intervene?

Ayatollah won't have to kill thousands, he will only have to kill a hundred or so. The majority will run back to the comfort of their home and be glad they weren't killed. Then they will hide in fear of the secret police. More will die after the protests are squashed.

My message to Iranians:

Don't turn back. Accept death. Fight till the end.

Anonymous said...

The people of Iran can't win against the well armed, jack booted, Iranian military. They are now titled the resistance. This reeks of 1939 in Germany. The "ruler" says go back in your hole or die. In any kind of real democracy, a recount with citizen moniters would be called for and done. How soon will "we" have to go over there? Normandy? June 6, 2009? (whups, we missed it already).

Angry Leprechaun said...

We could go help, but we are too broke to gas up the ships and planes.

Anonymous said...

It makes absolutely no difference to anyone OUTSIDE of Iran.

30 years ago, they wish for WHAT THEY CURRENTLY HAVE.

Leave the people of Iran to ENJOY their version of democracy.

It is 'divinely sanctioned' and is a TRUE ISLAMIC PARADISE and carefully nurtured tenderly by the most Islamic of Iran's Theologians.

Kindly remember, these Islamic clergy are very well-versed on the concept of TRUE ISLAMIC VALUES IN DEMOCRACY.

They are ALL experts of the Islamic faith and theology.

The US should RESPECT (HEHEHE) the saintly decision of the Grand Ayatollah and refrain from uttering any statement to the contrary.

Otherwise, we will hear no end of "DEATH TO THE USA".

Anonymous said...

I care more about flies seeking the smell of shit.

Oh yeah, the Supreme dicktator killed one the other day...

Like flies on shit...

Singular said...

SOME Americans should make up their minds. Do they want democracy or don't they? SOME Americans need to stop acting like little babies and start accepting election results they don't like.

And these same people need to stop being two-faced about politics. Are they FOR the Central Bankers or are they AGAINST them?

If they are against them, they should stop sounding like parrots of the corporate media.

Watch this video:

"Creating the Enemy" by SchellProductions

And you need to stop smoking those green shoots, Keith .. it's making you paranoid.

Singular said...

King David and all those Jewish genocidists who are celebrated in the Old Testament <-- don't forget these people. We should be 'politically correct' when we are demonizing people.

Anonymous said...

I'd care if I had any ideas they weren't our pawns; terribly tin-foil I know.

Either that kind of stuff never happened, or is a thing of that past depending on your particular delusion.

"...It's so on...should be ousted...real ugly...dick headed Iranian President...If there are ever times where our military should intervene in another country, it would be the situation such as Iran...we should strike...Please read the Jihad Watch blog or buy the 'Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam' by Robert Spencer..."

WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, pay attention to that guy's background; particularly the DATES of his bibliography.

The Terror Industry has been good to him.

"...Could anyone but my mother possibly care about the subject of my Master's thesis?...if I wrote about Christianity in 1985, I must not have been studying Islam then, right?...

...It's false that I have no academic training in Islamic studies. I just don't have a degree in it..."

He should have no trouble demonstrating that 20 year period of "academic training in Islamic studies"; right?

Contrast that to an actual mideast scholar's background.

"...dick head...dick head..." crows the mob.

Balance out your reading list a little.

Anonymous said...

"...30 years ago, they wish for WHAT THEY CURRENTLY HAVE..."

Damn straight; the ingrates.

They should've been grateful to have British Petroleum suck the wealth out of their country under the Shah.

Dissenters please report to SAVAK.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. saddam of iraq falls into this catagory and when bush takes him out its "just for the oil" you are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"...You make me laugh. saddam of iraq falls into this catagory and when bush takes him out its "just for the oil" you are pathetic..."

Can't quite make up you mind?

Thanks for the (sweet)memories.

I'm (almost)sure you can figure that last one out.

Anonymous said...

Obama's a sell out