June 19, 2009

Hey, good news America! Iran's dick-head Ayatollah no longer wants a piece of you. No, now it's "Death to the UK! Death to the UK!"

Ayatollah: 'UK Is Our Most Treacherous Enemy'

Iran's supreme leader has insisted there was no vote-rigging in a presidential election and attacked "enemies" - naming the UK government as the "most treacherous".

"Their enmity toward the Islamic establishment -- they are showing this," Khamenei said. "The most treacherous is the government of Britain."

The crowd then chanted, "Down with the UK Death to the UK."


Anonymous said...

duh. that is the benefit of being friends with dick-head and hitler 2.0

Singular said...

This "Death to ..." stuff is a bit silly. But I think we can safely interpret it as meaning "Death to the regime" and not to the ordinary people of the UK. The people who want to take such statements on face value and insist that that is the case are just as immature as the Iranians who make these statements in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Put a red suit on Khamenei and he looks just like Santa Claus. Who can argue with Santa? The UN and the rest of the world need to leave him alone, else they won't get a damn thing in their stockings.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown really needs this crisis too. He helped loot the UK and voters are not going to forget it.

R.I.S. said...

The Iranians have good cause to hate the British, as do many in the Middle East. The British meddled there for the better part of the 18th and 19th centuries, with the Americans helping them and eventually taking the lead in that regard. The modern map of the Middle East is a result of British meddling.

Let's not forget that the British and Americans overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran back in the '50's, and supported the bloodthirsty Shah, all so that British Petroleum could have continued access to the Persian oilfields. As a result, the Iranian people were subjected to a brutal dictatorship for almost 30 years.



And people have the gall to wonder why the Iranians hate us, after we threw them under the bus?

Also note that the Iranian government approached the U.S. government about normalizing relations twice during the Bush administration. Of course, the retards of the Bush administration rebuffed them, preferring instead to continue to threaten them with violence.


The most effective way to create social change in other countries is by engaging them and setting an example. Then the change will happen from within, over the appropriate timeframe (which may take a generation or two. That's how social change occurs.... one funeral at a time.). Attempting to isolate people generally just strengthens the hand of hardliners.