June 13, 2009

Thief. Scoundrel.

[update - Saturday night 6pm GMT, protests spreading..]

IRAN VIOLENCE: Protesters Chant "Death To The Dictator, Death To Ahmadinejad"

Mousavi, who became the hero of a powerful youth-driven movement, had not made a public address or issued messages since declaring himself the true victor moments after polls closed and accusing authorities of "manipulating" the vote.

"I'm warning that I won't surrender to this manipulation," said the Mousavi statement on the Web on Saturday. "The outcome of what we've seen from the performance of officials ... is nothing but shaking the pillars of the Islamic Republic of Iran sacred system and governance of lie and dictatorship."

He warned "people won't respect those who take power through fraud" and called the decision to announce Ahmadinejad winner of the election was a "treason to the votes of the people."

I love a good revolution.

I hope this one takes off.

Do it, brave young Iranians.

Rise up.


yoski said...

Their very own version of GWB.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but aren't we a stones throw away from the same thing? He has his own version of ACORN.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i thought that the election of BO would cause a world wide shift to democracy, the end of tyrants, cheap gas, the singing of angels, rainbows would appear and unicorns too.

come on, did you really expect any other out come? the military and religious leaders supports him so of course he would win

Anonymous said...

i wonder if BO called him to congratulate him on his historic win

Ahmed said...

Thank you Europe for your consistent unconditional support.

Yours truly
Tyrants and Dictators association.

Anonymous said...

He tells the truth and stands up for his people and doesn't bow down to the Zionist banking order. Keith your love of gays and hatred of anti-Zionist coutnries makes me think that your a shill. Do you really think we are any more free than Iran? Think again. Don't worry, the truth will come out soon.

Anonymous said...

That would never happen here in the good old USA.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I'm starting to think this HR 1207 thing might become the largest scandal revealing story since Watergate.

swannster river said...

Peg, getting it right again.

>The commitment and focus of the Obama political/media operation is connected to the Democrats' knowledge that their position is strong but not fully secure. They aren't just trying to win, they're not only trying to hold on, they're trying to create a new Democratic majority built more or less along the fundamental lines of FDR's New Deal: a new, activist government; a fairer playing field; less inequity; the federal government as friend, goalie, coach and, in some cases, team owner.

>This isn't quite centrism, and yet they portray it as such, while using the conservative media infrastructure as a foil. The Democratic message on the Republicans has gone from "the party of no" to "the party of angry white men." If they get away with it, it will be in part because angry talkers in the conservative media infrastructure too often leave themselves open to the charge.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were referring to Bushco-CheneyburtonObama-Paulson-Bernanke-Greedspan-pussy Geithner-Rumsfeld-Summers-Mozilo-Thain-Lewis-Dodd-Feinstein-Boxer-Pelosi-Graham-Dodd-Dodd-Dodd-GM-Chrysler--Wall Street Journal-Citibank-Bank of America- AIG-Fox News-fatso Limberger-Hannity-pinko Wallce ne;Wallichevski et. many al.

Oh, not here in Red White & Blue Land.

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

I think NOT.

Home of shit. Lan of Nothing.

Piss on America. Fuck America.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that all we get is 110% of one side of the story.

Then consider what we know of history: CIA, British Petroleum, Mossadeq, Shah Reza Pahlavi, SAVAK...

So our official line nowadays is trustworthy? Might be about as much as most others.

Particularly heartwarming: State immediately recognizes Carmona as Venezuela's new leader after he kidnaps Chavez. Loyal troops spring him just as quickly. A more cynical person might think we were rather closely associated with that.

Anonymous said...

Incase you toolbags haven't noticed we're being feed a well orchestrated and very sustained pr campaign about an economic turn around. This is of course the media doing what it can to support President Obama, which is understandable.

Here's an example. I'm seeing this stuff everywhere. Is it a contrarian indicator?


will shill for coin said...


Talk about a simpleton. A guy whose range of emotions span densely from,

Obama/Pelosi - Good
Bushco-Cheneyburton - Bad

Stuck in yesterdays world. Pathetic. I'm starting to think that the Fox vs. Hedgehog thing has A LOT of merit. Basically it's that the curious and energetic seekers of truth get it right, and prosper. I need to do more reading on this.

Daphne64 said...

...but not evil (if you believe in unguided evolution)

There is only fit and unfit in a darwinian world. I think he's got himself in a position where he can breed as much as he wants.

Thus he's fit. And in the darwinian worldview, that's all that matters.

Yes, I'm a little nutty and obnoxious these days. I guess I'm also pissed that you only quote Christians that are idiots in an attempt to make Christianity look

Despite the presence of a few deists among the US founding fathers, the US republic was firmly set up on Christian morals. The French and Russian revolutions were secular revolutions.

Which model do you want the next one to take? Regardless of what you want, the next European revolution will be based on the Iranian model. Look around Londonistan. Islamic values are rushing in to fill the void left by the exiting Christian values.

Anonymous said...

will shill for coin said...

Talk about a simpleton. A guy whose range of emotions span densely from,

Obama/Pelosi - Good
Bushco-Cheneyburton - Bad

Stuck in yesterdays world. Pathetic. I'm starting to think that the Fox vs. Hedgehog thing has A LOT of merit. Basically it's that the curious and energetic seekers of truth get it right, and prosper. I need to do more reading on this."

Obviously. You should do 'your reading' before posting and making an ass of yourself like you just did.

"Obama/Pelosi - Good
Bushco-Cheneyburton - Bad"

ALL BAD. Nothing 'good' about any of these pathetic bough-and-paid-for bums.

Put the Oxycontin down, Rush.

Are you Just ANOTHER dumb American poster?

Research FIRST, Opinion Later, Idiot.

will shill for coin said...

Hi Anon. This is interesting because I have no idea why you accuse me of being a Rush listener. Then again you're probably the tool that wrote the first anon piece, so that doesn't say good things.

What I'm writing about there was an article by Nick Kristof exploring the Fox vs. Hedgehog comparison. Note to Stupid: Rush fans don't read Kristof.

What he said is that the reason there was virtually no warning by the "experts" about the coming economic meltdown was because the networks like to put on "hedgehogs". They know something really well, for certain. Their strong opinions makes for interesting tv (for the average folks).

That's why all the famous guys (ie the guys we see on tv) were mostly wrong about the housing bubble and coming economic turbulence. They're hedgehogs.

Now the Foxes don't make for such interesting tv because their opinions aren't as unshakable. They are frequently rethinking things and looking further. But they turn out to be right much more often (as displayed by the poor performance by the well known experts). The econ thing is just one example. Foxes tend to be right more often on every issue.

You've got no idea what I'm talking about right.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Victory!!!!

senior member of Zionist banking order said...

Anonopussy said:
'He tells the truth and stands up for his people and doesn't bow down to the Zionist banking order.'

You ignorant hater of life, as an insider of the most powerful organization on this milkyway galaxy we will assure your continued mental agony as we the mighty super duper untouchable "Zionist banking order" broadcast shiny blue 'stars of David'
into your mind on 14 minute increments.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you piss off the people of the of a country. This is what will happen next around the world! THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE CORRUPTION AND STEALING OF OUR COMMON GOOD. RISE UP PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!

Singular said...

"Thief. Scoundrel."

There's no point being an echo chamber for the Jewish fascists out there in the media.

Ahmadinejad isn't perfect but he isn't a thief and a scoundrel. He is interested in protecting his people against foreign invasion, and that is what a leader should do. That is what America's leaders have failed to do and that is why America is on the brink of collapse - economically and socially.

Anonymous said...

As darkness fell over Tehran, tens of thousands are still in the streets protesting. Reminiscent of protests that took place before the 1979 Revolution, some are chanting from their rooftops, “Death to the Dictator!” Other slogans include: “Liar, liar: where is my vote? 10 million, 20 million, we didn’t vote for the monkey!” Sounds of gunfire fill the streets, but observers say most are shooting into the air. There are unconfirmed reports of 50-100 deaths.


swannster river said...

I just went out to the back yard to check on the basil and, I see a bunny rabbit bolting toward two starlings, apparently pissed that they were in his yard.
(True Story)

Considering that aggression runs that far down the mammal chain, I don't think we'll see a world turn around any time soon.

The basil still had yellowing leafs. Brought the pot inside and hopefully things will be better next week.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Ahmadinejad 'arranged' for Bechtel (or some other politically well-connected US megacorp) to get a few no-bid contracts to build Iran's nuke plants, he wouldn't be under constant attack by the MSM.

Maybe the PTB would tell the bought-and-paid-for media hacks to tone-down the Iranian *threat* rhetoric.

Maybe Bechtel is a card-carrying MEMBER of the PTB and could persuade the other MEMBERS to relent on Iran's 'Axis of Evil' inclusion.

Maybe this is how the game is played.

Maybe big business plays dirty pool to secure lucrative contracts.

Maybe not.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I love a good revolution.

I hope this one takes off.

Do it, brave young Iranians.

Rise up.

In the early 1970s, there was a comedy album by the folks who put out "National Lampoon." (Maybe Lampoon was before your time, Keith. Great satirical humour magazine, similar to "Spy," which also might have been before your time.) You woulda loved this record, because it took a lot of shots at the pompous Left, whose ideology was predominant in those days.

One song was by an imitation Joan Baez, representing the yuppie liberals in San Francisco who were so hot for the Black Panther revolutionaries like Angela Davis who were fighting the cops in Oakland, on the other side of San Francisco Bay. The chorus went:

"Pull the triggers, niggers
We're with you all the way,
just across the bay..."

i.e. the singer was cheering for other people to get their heads bashed in, while she didn't have the guts to.

You've sounded this theme before, like with the G-8 protests: "You go, guys, get gassed and beaten while I watch." It ain't a game. There's lots of pain when the system's so bad, and so resistant to peaceful reform, that it requires violent action -- which provokes a violent RE-action.

Did you yell and carry a sign in London? Are there things happening that you feel strongly enough about that you'd shed blood over them? If not, that indicates a tacit acceptance.

That being said about you, I will cop to not getting my head busted at any of the anti-war demonstrations I've been to. Even when Bush launched the war on Iraq in March 2003, I didn't go to jail, just ran around hollering with the rest of the mobs blocking the streets of downtown San Francisco. I had a ticket to see the D-4, a punk band from New Zealand. So even for a political person like me, music outweighed inconvenient civil disobedience. (Although in my defence, I did move out of the country on principle, but ultimately that's running away from evil instead of fighting it. I'm too old to get my skull split.)

Anyway, give a thought to how it seems to egg people on to take a beating that you would not. I don't like Ahmedinejad, and I don't like Netanyahu, either. But I'm not urging Palestinians to throw themselves in front of tanks.