July 19, 2009

Message from Peter Schiff - "It's time we made ourselves heard". Peter Schiff announces run for US Senate - will take on the corrupt idiot Chris Dodd

(Out of retirement for this word from Schiff)

An Important Political Message From Peter Schiff

Dear Friend,

As you may know, I am seriously considering seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, and I’ve launched www.SchiffForSenate.com to help me gauge support for my candidacy.

As one of the few economists with a record of successfully forecasting the recession, I can say with certainty that unless we return to true free-market principles, our economy will not rebound. Our families will continue to suffer. Unemployment and inflation will continue to rise. Our debt and deficits will continue to grow.

It is time to change course. Unfortunately, Congress and the President are continuing down the reckless path of more spending, more government intervention and more restrictions on free enterprise and individual liberty. Socialism has never worked anywhere, and it won’t work here. Washington must have the courage to stand by our founding principles in this time of crisis. Our politicians do not understand the stakes – which is why I am considering a run for the U.S. Senate.

But I am a practical man. I know that the political deck is stacked against me, and that wild card candidates almost never win. But I do have an ace up my sleeve, and that is like-minded people across the country who share my ideals. If I can’t translate that support into campaign cash, then I have no hope of defeating an entrenched political machine.

Polls suggest that the race is winnable and I am ready to make the personal and financial sacrifice necessary to run. But I can’t win this race alone. If the support is there, I will answer the call. However, if the public sentiment for my campaign is not there, and I decide not to run, I will return the unspent contributions. The decision now rests with you. So make your voice heard by contributing and signing-up at www.SchiffForSenate.com.

Free-market conservatives have an opportunity in 2010. With your help and support, I believe this will be our generation’s chance to make a difference for ourselves and our children. Join me at www.SchiffForSenate.com.

It’s time we made ourselves heard.

Best regards,

Peter Schiff


ciaoant1 said...

welcome back Keith, greetings from Greece ( no, i am not away on some mysterious trip, i am from Greece)

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Out of retirement for THAT?

I don't like Schiff's philosophy and politics. But even though I'm a left-winger, I dislike a fake Democrat like Dodd, that paid-for corporate whore, even more than I dislike Schiff's ultra-libertarianism. So good onya Peter! Better an honest libertarian loonie than a lying sack o' shill like Dodd.

And if he looses in 2010, Schiff can still come back in 2012 to knock off Joe Liarman.

Tyrone said...

Welcome back!!!

French toast w/side of bacon said...


Keith, you're back!!!!!


Keith for president!!!

(and go Schiff!)

What a great day!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I couldnt believe you left so fast Keith, then on the sameday of your last comment, Michael Jackson dies!

That was horrific... Glad to see you're alive and well!

How was your exploration?

Randy said...


But i still dont get what is soo special about that yellow metal.

Logic says that food has a much higher value then shiny bricks.

Anonymous said...

First to comment! Yes! Glad to see you still out there Keith!!!

Peter Schiff should mix things up alright...but similar to Ron Paul, I doubt he'll make it...I'm all for him though!

belchorama@gmail.com said...

It's about time, I was real sick of that cowboy image.

Anonymous said...


Come back Shane!


tom12008 said...

Thank you, Keith! It's good to see a post from you again. This is also newsworthy yet unlikely to get the prompt attention it deserves from the mainstream media outlets.

I think there is more outrage building over the way the stimulus money is failing to "trickle down". Schiff could very well pull this off, if he decides he really wants to.

redondo_beach_dude said...

Welcome back, Keith! No one retires anymore, haven't you heard? Well, evidently you have, and that would be a great thing for all of us, so stay out of retirement!!!!

Replacing the criminals with clear thinking men an women like Schiff is absolutely necessary for the survival of the country as we know it. Hopefully his successful election will be the first step in breaking up the financial/governmental oligarchy being formed as we speak.

Anonymous said...

You know you want to come back

Lost Cause said...

Do you hosestly believe that he will not become just another self-selving corrupt tool? Or that he is not one already? What a delusional fantasy.

JAWS said...

This buzz has been going around and I'm glad to see him make the commitment, such as it is.

I think enough people are aware of him that he should get some traction and then he'll just take off. I don't think enough people are aware of what a dirtbag Dodd is though.

I wonder why he describes himself as a "wild card candidate". There's nothing wild about him. He's spot on and makes sense. Jim Cramer is a wild card, wild hair, whatever. Not Schiff.

I'm kind of with him on Congress and our President continuing down the reckless path. As much as I was delighted with Obama's election, I must say I think that as long as he can throw money at issues, he's okay. I would rather see the day of reckoning, get through it and onto the mop-up stage.

Hey, nice to see you back. It was just by fluke that I stumbled onto S&A but how fabulous is that?

I've been bummed since S&A left the airwaves. It happened way before it's time. This thing is getting nastier week by week.

Angry Leprechaun said...

Hope you have been getting US current events.

Already donated to Schiff.

Keith, endorsing Schiff is like endorsing Obama's enemy. Are you back? There is too much going on.

Anonymous said...

The Human Project is Over.

Schiff is 250 years too late.

Enjoy the dieoff.


Hug someone you love.

It's OVER.

Stu said...

Good day Keith and glad to see that you are doing well...

100% behind Schiff!!! I will donate pronto.

Major movements coming and as idle fades and reality sets in for many ignorant of the soon to be reality, I fear a near collapse.

We need people in support of old America and old American ideal's. Schiff could be that man as can others that show their commitment to our founding Fathers!!!


vanilla ice said...

Please contribute for f's sake.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Your back!!! How depressing it was with you gone!!!!

Daphne64 said...

I would support Peter but I think it would be more doable to run for the house of representatives.

Anonymous said...

4 more banks made it on the FDIC failed bank list this week.

That make a total of 57 banks so far this year


Temecula Valley Bank
Vineyard Bank
First Piedmont Bank

ContraryRiches said...

Welcome back, Keith. I support Peter Schiff in hopes he clobbers Chris Dodd should the Dems run him again. There are actually quite a few "libertarian minded" sound money candidates running in 2012. Jake Towne is one in Pennsylvania, and a few others such as Dr. Rand Paul (son of Ron) are popping up. Here's one link to some of them: http://www.nolanchart.com/article6373.html

In your absence, some of your readers are over on our blog should you wish to come by and drop a line letting them know when you have returned. www.contraryriches.blogspot.com


the dude said...

keith, youre back! i knew it, even the most remote places of earth and you will find internet access!

ATE-UP said...

Hey Keith!!

Good to see you back!!!

How is retirement?

Peter is da man!!

evildoc said...

====Sorry folks, but heading off on a long adventure (without internet), so time to sign off.=====

realllly now.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mozilo new hiding place:
these poele are trash!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am pleased that you have come out of retirement. Mr. Schiff not only has an entrenched political machine to deal with, but an entrenched financial machine machine to deal with. He is constantly criticized, ridiculed and belittled by those who do not want to hear bad news - aka the true reality of the financial situation and its impact on our future lives. I am willing to support Peter Schiff financially, even though I live in Texas. He and others like him are the legitimate hope and change to save our way of life. There is a famous quote that states 'Economic liberty is personal liberty.' Maybe someone here can help me with who said this.

Anonymous said...

the real reason schiff has decided to go into politics is because of his abysmal failure to make his clients a profit even though he predicted the credit bubble and collapse of the housing market.

Prisoner No. 6 said...



But it is refreshing to see that people are slowly realizing that the standard operating procedure of assuming that public policy is "Someone Else's Problem" is no longer viable.

Not sure how much of a change Schiff can make, or if his candidacy is doomed. Then again, Al Franken made it to the Senate.

Out at the peak said...

That would be awesome if he can win. He and Ron Paul would still be the only clear thinking politicians, but it's better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Keith your back! We all knew you would be. Go Schiff!

Anonymous said...

Copied banner from the top of your website. LOL! The IRONY!

Support Chris Dodd
Help Sen. Dodd Defend Connecticut's Middle Class. Learn More!

daniel said...

Keith please start posting again.

Anonymous said...

Keith , please say your back

Anonymous said...

dude are you back now?

never_forget_y2k said...

I'll send him some pre-1982 pennies from my bunker. He told me a year or so ago that those would be worth a lot of money soon!

Anonymous said...

Please come back, Keith.

Best regards to Mr. Schiff.

He's got about as much chance as Ron Paul, or anybody who dares to dare US to look in the mirror.

Fucking crooks.

Peter said...

Mr. Shiff

we have had free market conservatives running things for 40 years-in 1978 your theories may have been fresh- today they smack of the same 'Plantation Style-Laissez Fair Ideology of the last few decades.

casey said...

missed you buddy.How was your trip?

I guess shiff is a hell of a lot better thn dodd.I would support him.

Ross said...

Like everyone on this thread, I am glad to see that you can post from your undisclosed location. I hope your journey continues to be rewarding and enlightening.

I love the Schiff for Senate development. I want to see more positivity from Schiff and now he will have to explore that side of himself. There are tangible solutions to our problems, both fiscally and idealogically. I look forward to hearing his ideas.

Thanks for sharing and I hope your random, news-based appearances become more frequent.




Pay Lay Ale said...

Looks like Keith has multiple personality disorder. He fawns over Chairman Maobama and supports Peter Schiff, who opposes just about everything that Premier Obama has done and wants to do.

Anonymous said...

Come back, man! We need our fearless leader!

Anonymous said...



Bukko doesn't like Schiff's philosophy and politics!!!!!

What do you expect from a bleedin Drongo


alex3191 said...

Did you get married already ? ;)

Well, Schiff is the best. Except of course RON PAUL (which i already donated for.. how about you guys ?). And maybe Mich. And Roubini.
Anyways, this is the way to go ! Glad to have you back in our camp :)

Mike Hunt said...

Anon 8:26pm - the reason the Dodd add is in the banner is because the post references his name... so the ad links up automatically!


I just supported Schiff. How is Eastern Europe treating you?

Summer of rage or drunken British louts descending on the locals per the usual?


Anonymous said...

Question: Now that "we" saved GM and Chrysler from going under [so to speak], do they have a plan on "who" will be buying all these new cars? And the increased insurance payments? and at a REAL 22% unemploment rate?

Wallmart expansion employees?

Krispy Kream doughnut makers perhaps?

Ramen Noodle Stroodelers?

suzanne researched it... said...


Lots happening. I miss your insights. I feel like a lone voice in the wind without my daily dose ;)


keith said...

Not a drunk brit to be found

Hopefully they stick to the places they've already ruined

Oh, crap, what am I doing posting here? I retired.

Blogs are like cocaine I tell ya.

This Schiff thing though is great news. I think he can win. If not, I vote we kick CT out of the country, along with TX.

Anonymous said...

Not one cent to this guy or to anyone else who has nothing to show for himself except a lot of talk, even if it is good sounding talk.

Devestment said...

Your blog has real value, not just from the standpoint of click revenue, but from that of real communication, thoughts, and news relating to the American people.

Look at how many followers waited.

The bubble is still popping as consumer inflation and even harder times wait in the wings.

While we were sleeping our freedom was stolen.

It is time to communicate and take America back. Not with lies, hope, and pandering to hot topics.
By infiltrating government with awake citizens.

The owners of America are laughing as they force laws, policies, and taxes on others that have no real effect on they themselves.

I beg you to take a small attitude of service and at least post once a week.

We Americans have been Fed a situation in which there can be no unity. In this environment of hot topic separation, we vote on morals and opinion that would devide any nation.

We need to reaffirm our Constitution to eliminate government intervention in areas outside the scope of their business.

Why do we need affirmative action?
We have a black president.

How can we agree on abortion?
It is a personal decision left to the individual states under the Constitution.

How can religion even be mentioned in a campaign?

Why on earth would people be forced into health care and forbidden to pay cash for a private doctor?

Government needs to focus on its primary job, our freedom needs to be restored.

So what if we don't agree all the time?

If you don't want the blog anymore, why not give it to someone who does.

It is not trash.


Angry Leprechaun said...


This link is really worth looking at. I know some poeple that are looking ino the validity of this.


Mike Hunt said...

Welcome back, Keith. A little cocaine every now and then keeps you alive.

Enjoy your Brit-free summer. I had read that they are sticking to destroying England this summer with their economic downturn, I'd post a link if I had one handy.



Dr. Huxtable said...

I smell a comeback...

san jose said...

Peter Schiff has my support

Anonymous said...

What will you do to give American Auto Manufactures it competitive edge if elected.


Wolkonowicz, the IHS Global analyst, said Ford has been gaining credibility with consumers from results such as strong ratings on quality, outselling Toyota in the U.S. in June, and producing more cars than GM in the first half of the year.


Despite the economic downturn, Ford said it gained market share in all the regions in which it sells cars when compared with the second quarter of 2008.

The company has cut tens of thousands of jobs and closed factories to reduce costs.

Anonymous said...

Keith, so good to hear from you!! Don't be a stranger and take good care of yourself!!

Pissed in New York said...

Sounds like you're having a good time Keith. Awesome.

Hopefully you'll be back when the weather gets lousy out... or maybe you'll kick around wherever until you're almost broke... >sigh< been there, done that in Asia a while ago when obligations were few... ah, to do it again...

Pissed in New York said...

Hey, BTW a regional paper announced that median house prices on Long Island NY are down 18% from last year. So it seems it's FINALLY starting here.

Have to say though, published asking prices sure aren't that much lower: local prostitutes I mean realtors rabidly refute 1) it's not applicable in THEIR neighborhoods, their places are special 2) it's due to a handful of rogue foreclosures, inadvertently/wrongfully applied to the area 3) appraisers are being unfair and clueless, only the local NAR members should say what a property is worth. Actually saw an ad in one local paper advising sellers not to capitulate, rent their houses out for a year or two and wait for the recovery.

I'm enjoying a big bag of popcorn here.

Anonymous said...

Is Keith actually Peter Schiff?
Coming out of blog exile to announce his senate run?

Has anyone seen them together in the same room?


In all seriousness Keith, I wish you'd post more.

Anonymous said...

the real reason schiff has decided to go into politics is because of his abysmal failure to make his clients a profit even though he predicted the credit bubble and collapse of the housing market.

I invested with Schiff's firm. Account is up 50%. I bought 14 stocks on their recommendation. 14 are up. 2 have doubled. Average hold time: 6 months. Bought stocks at 2 different points in time. S&P 500 is pretty much flat from those two points in time.

Mammoth said...

"Blogs are like cocaine I tell ya."
Casey Serin would agree with that comment.

If you are where I think you are...well...obviously you must be having a teriffic time!


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Schiff. A commodities speculator? This is what we need in the Senate? This just confirms my belief that there will be no solution without revolution. The ballot will not fix this mess, and a commodities speculator sure as hell won't. Please crawl back under your rock and shove some more kurgerrands up your ass, Schiff.

Anonymous said...

Is Keith actually Peter Schiff?
Coming out of blog exile to announce his senate run?

Has anyone seen them together in the same room?


In all seriousness Keith, I wish you'd post more.

July 24, 2009 7:18 PM


I have been saying this for over a year!

Come on out Peter...uhhum Kieth


Miss Goldbug said...

How's your traveling going so far Keith?

I'm sure you're having a wonderful time not tied to the computer for a change.

But on the other hand...I'm glad this blog is harder to quit than crack.

Good to see a couple of posts from you!

Anonymous said...

gotta know the second dtv converter went out at less than one year...if you can get smoked kippers...get them....

Apt604 said...

I'd support Schiff if he wasn't running as a Republican.

He can't help put our country back on track if the very first thing he does, after being sworn in as a Senator, is vote to put Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate.

shakster said...

Now we know who he really works for.Whatta Fag.
Ron Paul , peter Schiff ........

They stand behind the little guy....With their pants down.

Anonymous said...

Responding to PAY LAY ALE,

I too found Keith to be confused. At times, he didn't seem to know what principles he stood for.

But I must give Keith credit where credit is due. He is not a mindless 'bot. Keith exercises independent thought.

(Keith, I mean no disrespect. Keep up the soul searching.)