August 16, 2009

Call it by its name. Ignorance.

Ignorant of economics.

Ignorant of history.

Ignorant of religion.

Ignorant of science.

Ignorant of world affairs.

Ignorant of math.

Ignorant of facts.

Ignorant of the fact that they're ignorant.

Willfully ignorant. Swimming in ignorance. Celebrating ignorance.

America, circa 2009. Watching (hopefully) the death throes of ignorance.

America, circa 2009. Where a new and informed generation can't come along soon enough.

[Glad to be retired from blogging during this summer of ignorant American rage]


Anonymous said...

Not sure what you are getting at here . Do you call us ignorant because we accept being railroaded by a corrupt government or because we are waking up and starting to oppose the bush Obama corruption and take over of America and willfully disregarding the constitution . Good to see you are alive and well Keith be sure to pop in and admit you were wrong about Obama sometime . It takes a man to admit he was wrong .
For those of you still missing Keith check this site out . very informative hard hitting but with humorous slightly cynical bent to it .

Anonymous said...

keith, I have telling you the tale of the father in law in north san deigo county and the three helocs he took out during the "good old days" His plan was to remodel and add some to his POS shack and cash out making a killing. Well he blew most of the money on toys (trucks, RV atvs and living it up with the rest of the boys) I tried to warn him not to take a interest only loan and to hurry up and complete the project. Well the bank kicked him out for not paying and he filed bankrupt. now he is moving into his RV that he bought on borrowed money and still owes on it. I have not worried a bit, several years age I tried to talk him out of the loans and greed, but he said I didn't know what I was talking about. I think many people are moving into RVs must be snug.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I keep hoping that by being smart, I'll survive. Or at least have as decent a life as possible under the circumstances of what's to come...

This isn't the Summer of Rage as much as it is "the summer of tantrums." Buncha spoiled babies "spitting the dummy." ("Dummy" is the Aussie word for what Americans call "pacifier." When someone "chucks a wobbly" here, it's likened to a baby crying so loudly they spit out their pacifier.) They're angry, but ignorant of what and whom they should be angry about.

Next summer, when there's looting, shooting and burning, that will be the Summer of Rage.

Anonymous said...


I met a former Mozillo disciple yesterday selling BMW's. Somehow I found myself explaining to him who Suzanne was. Then I had him google her.

I had fun.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a tremendous amount of ignorance--Especially in that the majority of people in this country don't seem to notice the liars and crooks running the government or how hard their Socialist agenda is being pushed.

ContraryRiches said...

The summer of rage was VERY close to materializing, Keith. You would have seen a lot of it in the health care forums, government shut downs (local ones), pension battles, etc. Right now, an uptick in the stock market has quelled some of that. But another banking crisis is close to emerging. InvestorinPA

Chris said...

Keith, Any chance you will post again for the Rand Paul Money Bomb August 20th?

Anonymous said...

can not wait for the complaint section to open a whole load to unload in the crappola section...cheers adieu happy holiday......

Anonymous said...


Thank goodness he edited out the ignorant ones.

Anonymous said...

No, what you're seeing this year is the death throes of AMERICA, and it's DUE to the ignorance.

Conservatives don't want to spend money to give people health care because they are afraid there will be less money to continue killing people all over the world that might someday be thinking about maybe trying to harm us.

Defense spending is sexier. More exciting for rednecks, MUCH more profitable for the rich, and more righteous for the effectively self-proclaimed "christian soldiers" (racists.)

Anonymous said...

"...a nation chock full of ignorant, moralizing rubes..."
-anon in Spitzer thread; a true visionary in the land of the blind

Anonymous said...

What's up keith

I miss the blog and can't wait for you to return on a daily basis. You have a community here that needs a break from the MSM telling what they think we should want to hear to sell commercials.

hurry back man, your needed in cyberworld

rich in fl

under water the fish dont stink said...


The enlightened Eurotards shall teach us real rage.

Support darkness in steady subtle ways and demonize light with big and open lies.

1 word = EU

Mark in San Diego said...

Yes, they are poorly informed, maybe ignorant, but they are doing my bidding for me. . .I like my healthcare, and don't want it Obamaized. . .insurance for the uninsured, yes, maybe some low cost health clinics (pay what you can), but don't try to reform healthcare from top to bottom with the government running the show.

Glad you resurfaced. . .just in time for the Fall stock market crash. . .back to 8000 we go.

Anonymous said...

Keith welcome back. Things are just starting to reach the boiling point.

I think its a great time to come back!

Anonymous said...

anon August 17, 2009 5:23 PM
how right u are!

Anonymous said...

Can only think he had so much Republican opposition, no way to get it passed.
I am hoping Obama isn't backing down, but planning different approach.
All of the rhetoric is truely nauseating. Can only handle it when watching The Daily Show perspective.
The health system is just another monopoly vulnerable to legislation passed making all monoplies illegal?
Daily Show is on right now...gotta go.

Anonymous said...

I pay $230 a month for BCBS.
It doesn't cover a single doctor I see and co-pay on the few medications I take is miniscule.
Have to have it in case something awful happens tho, which would of course still leave me bankrupt.

A friend of mine has no insurance.
Gets 3 months worth of 4 generic drugs for $80 per month at Walgreens.
Under my plan, would cost around $500 or more for same medication.

And of course my premiums go up by about $40 every year.

Blue Cross is a monopoly and are making a fortune. Only way to afford to pay medical bills would be to have stock in it.

Whole thing makes me ill.
BCBS will/ and is doing anything to prevent passage of any legislation to keep them from having total control.

Only thing is Karma.
As with the greed of the unregulated housing market, they usually fall due to the sheer weight of their greed, lying and ruthlessness.

Come on Obama...get some sleep and rethink this.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you saw the Daily show which showed Glenn Beck doing a documentary in '07 about surgery he had and how lousy the health care system was.He whined on and on for about an hour.
Stewart dug that up after all the BS he's been screaming about socialism of health care lately.
Was halarious.

Anonymous said...

You should add: Ignorant of any sense of humility.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

Keith, please just stay retired. I keep checking your blog to see if you might have something interesting to say. You did with Schiff and Spitzer. Kudos there.

But enough about Palin. Palin was the *BEST* candidate of the four jokers offered to the American people in last year's election.

But closet liberals like yourself (what did you say a while back about how Obama should drop a 1 TRILLION $$ money bomb?? Look what that got us) keep wailing on Palin. Why not wail on McCain still? He was a worse candidate than Palin, yet no one ever mentions him anymore...

Really you still don't need to blog much anymore. Karl Denninger is far more interesting than you anyway (sorry, but have to get the truth out).

Should Obama drop another money bomb? More debt anyone? Anyone??

Anonymous said...

The insurance companies pay and feed the talking heads their lines.
Am sure you read that too.
My whole ignorant family goes to those tea party things.

Anonymous said...


Ignorance all around

ALL sides!

Obviously the bunch running this show now don't have a clue!

I am an absolute nit-wit, but I saw this unsustainable housing market years ago!

Even Greenspan said, he couldn't see it comming

Ignorance or liar?

Or both?

I also know that you can't spend your way out of debt!

I have a hard enough time without more government intrusion in my life...Get the F**K OUT

This ain't Bush's baby any more!

We're still at war (where are all the anti-war protesters...Hmmm)


Anonymous said...



Al Gore and this whole Global Warming

I mean...Global cooling...that sounds better Hoax of the highest order!

Where is Al??????



Anonymous said...

"Imagine a hip replacement costing $100,000 and the 75-year-old who needs it, a diabetic with a heart condition deemed to have just three “quality” years left. That works out to $33,333 a year — too steep! Surgery disallowed! (Unless of course, the patient has political connections . . . )"

Oh, for soothe Keith, like this doesn't already happen all the time?

Have a very alive and firbrant friend with a lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis. Only cure is lung transplant, but no go because she's ove 60.

Does it not seem obvious to you that the insurance companies are getting away with murder EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Surely To God you're not for some kind of change.
And where are you anyway?
It's the middle of august. Do you know how boring it gets this time of year?

Just g

euonymous said...

Lots of pathetic crap of all colors on the ol' MSM screen, for sure. That's nothing new, so...?

What I find Much More Troubling than whatever point you're trying to make is:

A Professor-of-Constitutional-Law-Turned-POTUS acting with reckless disregard for the Constitution itself.

Would you call that "Ignorant" -- or something on a whole 'nother plane?

(And you called yourself a Patriot)

Be careful out there -- as you continue your journey of Left Turns, just a few miscalculations could mistakenly land you back on US soil. It hath been foretold.

long beach, ca said...

average intelligence means you are stupid therefore ignorant

Anonymous said...

Obama has brought us Change

Change we will all be screwed from

Anonymous said...

Call it Ignorance, but isn't unemployment rate in the 5% considered a booming economy for most other.

According to data released on Friday the jobless rate his 5.4 per cent in June, putting it on course to rise above its post-Second World War high of 5.5 per cent, last seen in April 2003.

Japan has come out of recession after its economy grew by 0.9% in the April-to-June quarter.

Anonymous said...

Retired my ass. You can't help yourself. Like I said before, see you this fall when thing get ugly again.

By the way, if you really want to hear everything perfectly summarized, go to King World News and listen to the recent interview with Gerald Celente. We need more commentary like this on public TV. But we all know the last place to hear any truth or fact based reporting would be the main stream media.

Anonymous said...

All the anger...
Am sure the republicans will soon come up with phrases like 'death camps'...'euthenaisia clinics'..
Anything to turn Obama into Hitler.
When he is the total opposite.

Obama looks really tired in every pic lately.
Being president of the United States must totally suck.

Angry Leprechaun said...


You endorse Schiff, you love Obama! Huh! You say you can't stand, Pelosi, Dodd, Reid, Frank, yet you love Obama. Huh? Ignorance? I was hoping after a long vacation you would make more snese.

Anonymous said...

Here's ignorance: a guy that proclaims green shoots because a proven liar (Bernanke) says so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Shiller: Housing Set For Another Bubble


socialist foist said...

The ratcheting up of the vilification of Fox means one thing, its hurting.

Keep it up Bill and Glen.

Anonymous said...

Call it ignorance, but do you see a repeat of 2007.

We are in very good company with our bearish outlook for the stock market. Insiders at companies in the aggregate are still unloading their companies’ stock at the most rapid clip at least since October 2007, when the stock market peaked and the current, as-yet unfinished, second downleg of the Supercycle Bear Market started.

big n rich said...

hey tools

Did you guys see casey is now looking for fortunes panning for gold?What a pos.

Any idea why I keep taking in the arse at the gas pump?Is goldman rigging the market again?

Anonymous said...

If someone makes more then $250,000a year, I think they should go ahead and build a golden monument to themselves and be done with it.
Nobody needs that much stuff. Not in a society with any sense of moral decency.
Another person in a parallel life may be grateful for some old pots and pans...much less some heart medicine they can't afford.

Anonymous said...

And then, since I'm the only one who cares about the health care situation, I'm not a socialist. I believe in the free enterprise system. I just think some people who are very good at making money can become selfish.
I wanted to puke in 1988 looking at Barbara Streisand's 5 mansions and thinking about all of the ways she could have helped people.
She may give a little to charity, but scimming off the top of this kind of wealth...?
I have just known personally so many rich, miserable people who have no clue there is a world beyond themselves anymore.

Humble Trader said...

I think it's mighty IGNORANT to have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid.

Which Keith did, 100%.

Not the finest adjudicator of what real ignorance is.

Anonymous said...

If Brett Fah'vare can come back 3 times, why not Kieth.


Putin Rears His Head said...

"Palin was the *BEST* candidate of the four jokers offered to the American people in last year's election."

Right on cue supreme ignorance,

thank you anonotard!

Anonymous said...

On the Daily Show some blonde idiot is talking about the 'end of life counseling', like it's something new.
My father was going to die, and
when the doctors said there was nothing more they could do, they put him in a nursing home for a week and withheld food and anti-biotics. He got nothing but morphine and water.
She is bitching about the fact that they even put this in the health care bill...
like it doesn't already happen all day every day.

Anonymous said...

Is your money safe.

Bank failures costs FDIC more than during S&L crisis

Humble Trader said...

Anonymous said...
If someone makes more then $250,000a year, I think they should go ahead and build a golden monument to themselves and be done with it.
Nobody needs that much stuff. Not in a society with any sense of moral decency.
Another person in a parallel life may be grateful for some old pots and pans...much less some heart medicine they can't afford.


What a complete fool. These are the people who employ you, the ones who take risks and work their tiny butts off to become successful. I suppose you are simply jealous of those with ambition and who have translated that ambition into material wealth.

Go become a citizen of a communist country; I'll buy you a one-way ticket to the destination of your choice.

SeattleMoose said...

By October all "green shoots" will have disappeared, housing sales/prices will again be trending down, the stock market will be falling, commodities will be going down, and the "the summer of hope" (picture a bunch of fat Americans poking at a cat asking "is it alive?") will be just a pleasant memeory.

No changes at the top = country continues to rot.

Anonymous said...


How's that hope and change workin out for ya?


Anonymous said...

change is all I have left

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Scumball Trader said:

What a complete fool. These are the people who employ you, the ones who take risks and work their tiny butts off to become successful. I suppose you are simply jealous of those with ambition and who have translated that ambition into material wealth.

Go become a citizen of a communist country; I'll buy you a one-way ticket to the destination of your choice.

Name one who you've worked for, Tradey. All I see is rich corporate execs who have used connections and scamming to weasel their way to the tops of existing businesses, and strip them bare as they suck off millions in "performance bonuses." There's also the rich schmucks who have inherited their wealth, like the Walton family (Wal-Mart), Richard Mellon Scaife, et. al. And let's not forget the Wall Street bankmaggots with their multi-hundred million payouts.

I already did what you suggested, Scumble, and emigrated to Australia. (In case you hadn't noticed, son, there are four communist countries left in the world: China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba. Two of them are big American trading partners, and one of them has supplied a major Republican voting constituency. Your country likes commies, Tradey.) But since I've already done what you suggested, please send me money for a one-way trip from Sydney to Cuba this December. The weather will be nice then, and there are no travel restrictions between where I live and where Fidel stays. I'll pay my own way back.

Lost Cause said...

Thanks alot, man. We really need you to point out these crazy people on the right. Not everybody has a short memory about the last eight years of criminality. But I must disagree -- it is cold, calculated lying, and not ignorance.

Ross said...

If we are talking about the Health Care debate, I must admit my own ignorance. I avoid doctors like the plague, but I've heard my company's health care plan is a good one. I haven't used it yet.

My two questions about the Obamacare are as follows:

1. Why isn't there anything about tort reform in the medical arena included in its 1300 pages?

2. Why is it 1300 pages?

Thanks for showing up every now and again Keith.

Your latest post is pretty creepy and ominous looking. ("SELL")

Ross said...

I noticed Glenn Beck in your FOX!!NEWS!!! collage. Are you saying he is ignorant?

I thought you were a fan. Correct me if I am wrong.

His mid-day radio show on KTAR 92.3 in Phoenix is the highlight of my work-day (lunch hour).

Anonymous said...

"...(where are all the anti-war protesters...Hmmm)..."

Where were all the whiners about health care and big government spending/snooping 4 years ago?


Nothing gets by them.

Except maybe the last 8 years; that snuck right by pretty well.

Glad to see the newfound vigilance though. I'm(almost) sure things will be different after the Dem debacle in 2012.

P.S. for the link posters: look up a little HTML and make them clickable; I ain't wanking around highlighting/copying/pasting to read examples of your opinions.

Thank you.