August 27, 2009

"Pastor" Steven Anderson (Arizona nut), calling for the death of the president: "I'm going to pray that he (Obama) dies and goes to hell."

Want to see why the GOP is now a dead fringe party, hijacked by crazed christian fundamentalist loons?

Want to hear a pure voice of evil?

Here ya go. Skip ahead to 3:36 for the good stuff.

Bonus - why do some "christians" think that god is a god of wrath and vengeance, capable of hate? You think al-qaeda is a threat to America? Look over your shoulder first.

(meanwhile, where's the Secret Service on this one? And anyone want to bet Steven Anderson is yet another closeted Ted Haggard/Larry Craig/Ken Mehlman/Mark Foley gay?)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Keith. You picked a helluva time for a sabbatical.

Take some more if you need to, but for God's sake be around for the next 3-5 years.

Interesting times, and there aren't many forums like this one focused on the important stuff.

casey said...

Times must be tough in az.

I cannot believe the idiots that have entered this stock market.

Aig up ten bucks today?Give me a fricking break here people.The govt had to give them billions just to stay afloat.

And the suckers buying citi, freddie, fannie, cit etc.What a bunch of morons investing in bankrupt companies.I guess they will buy anything right now.I would be very skeptical of this bullshit rally.Seeing lots of odd lots cross the tickers.People didnt learn a thing investing in

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking in my next life I want to do something really easy. The easiest thing I could think of would be a preacher. Get up every sunday and tell people everything they are doing wrong and what to belive, end with some half way original spin on a bible verse on any mythology or philpsophy you choose.
What a whiney man job.
Thought that for years now.
God not in church. Has he ever been?

yoski said...

I don't know what God hates or if he even exists, but I hate stupid people...Jeeez!

Lamaria said...

Look at his face, at those eyes. Does he even look mentally stable in that picture to you? He doesn't to me, he reminds me of scientologists attacking Mark Bunker.

Brainwashed. Conditioned. A drone. That's what it conveys to me.

"He had a crazed look in his eye" is literally applicable here. And yeah, he could be a closeted gay but he might just be overly pampered by everyone.

I'm glad to see you are back and posting Keith! Hopefully you'll stick around?


ContraryRiches said...

Then there are preachers like this...I'm sure the Dems arent claiming ownership of this guy! NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

Mark said...

Why would you post this he is our president and you have to respect that.I feel sorry for a preacher that has to make Obama his speech. I am sorry this one makes me sick.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Keith, this guy is such an arsehole that he was beaten and Tazed by Arisona cops for being a dickwad at a roadblock where they were searching for illegal aliens. (Link from a satirical faux conservative website that's been all over Anderson's lunacy.)

As a civil libertarian, I agree with Anderson refusing to get out of his car because the police were stopping everyone as part of a no-probable-cause dragnet. But my schadenfreude smirks at seeing him get what was coming to him.

Anonymous said...

All I can say Keith is that this guy was standing up for his and our rights at suspisionless checkpoints, and got his ass kicked while you fled to one of the most tyranical societies in modern history. I guess when you have a CCTV up your ass every day, Obama looks like a freedom fighter. But to see what a free man looks like, google the good pastor and watch him standing up for liberty. And no, I'm not a jesus freak, and I've never used a gun.

Anonymous said...

Keith, why even bother? The web already has the huff-po. And, I guess Ariana looks better than you too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Keith,

Bukko reminded me that I should have listed Australia as almost equally tyrannical. Hows that internet censorship and those razor wire prison camps working out for you down under there, bukko me lad?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Off for this long and all you want to talk about is some nut preacher. Big deal.

They're will will always be nuts who use religion to further they're own personal adgenda. Institutions are needed to protect people against this.

When are you going to get back to important stuff?

Mike Hunt said...

Yeah this guy is a psycho, no doubt.

But the biggest insurance policy for Obama is simply, JOE BIDEN!

Think about it... it's brilliant. Obama knows nobody would take him out and let Joe "foot in the mouth" Biden become president. And if Biden gets taken out, Nancy Pelosi is next-- GAAK!

So Obama has got his ducks in a row on this one.

Pity though as he sells this country down the river.


Lost Cause said...

At least he didn't kidnap an 11 year old from a school bus stop, and get her pregnant twice while he kept her prisoner in the backyard. That is something only a true Christian could get away with.

consultant said...


Pace yourself. It's good to have you back, even if it's only occasionally.

Dead cat bounce. This is what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are in trouble because they acted just like Democrats.They crapped on their base and they stayed home,,but we have been set free we have lots of liberals running the country now.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

The Anonymous who makes Bukko laugh said:

Bukko reminded me that I should have listed Australia as almost equally tyrannical. Hows that internet censorship and those razor wire prison camps working out for you down under there, bukko me lad?

Anonymous, I'd think you're spoofing for lulz with the paranoiac tripe you write, but you're so repetitive and not OVERTLY funny enough that I reckon you must believe your BS.

Luckily, I am able to read S&A via an illegal sattelite link sending/receiving from a mobile Internet relay roaming the Outback in an armoured SUV. The "Freedom Readers" terrornet group to which I belong has to keep it off-road most of the time to avoid the tyrannical Australian policegoons, who are forever trying to throw us into those razor-wire concentration camps.

Honestly, do you know a single thing about Australia -- or anywhere -- outside of what you read on Alex Jones' or someone else's tinfoil hatsite? The supposedly leftish government of Kevin Rudd HAS proposed an Internet censorship system "to protect against child pornography." But it's a proposal, that's all. Hasn't gotten anywhere. There are civil libertarian groups here who are fighting it, and I expect it will fall by the wayside. Just because a government advances a stupid idea doesn't mean it will be put into action.

As for those razor-wire camps, they were where Australia used to put illegal immigrants during the late 1990s and early 2000s under the fascist John Howard government. Now we have the "Pacific Solution" where boatloads of illegals are moved to flyspecks like Christmas Island (Google it) that are thousands of kilometres from land. Do you favour illegal immigrants, anonymous? You got something against intercepting boats full of illegals and keeping them locked up until you figure out who they are and where to ship them back to?

I used to work in a razor wire camp, anonymous. It was called a Florida state prison, and it was full of Americans. I can't use my computer to access things like Hulu TV podcasts and shows from American radio stations because of AMERICAN COMMERCIAL CENSORSHIP, not Australian government limits. And where was the nutball Pastor Anderson beaten by the hairy arm of the state, anonymous? Not in Australia. It happened in your good ol' USA, the same place where George Bush and Barack Obama are recording everything on the Internet, every day.

In short, dipwad, everything you fear about the rest of the world is happening RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE. But you'll never see that. I don't write this so much for you, because you're hopelessly ignorant. I'm describing what life is like in Australia for people like Keith and Mike Hunt and other sensible folks who might be interested in learning about Oz.

Now go back into your hole and quiver in terror for a while, anonymous.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Hey Anonymous, how's that Internet censorship in the U.S. -- proposed by the Obama admin, no less! -- working out for ya?!?

whatever said...

When you witness the peace those protesters are experiencing around the gun provider. You cannot help but wonder if more guns within the crowds would prevent Obama from continuing to encourage violent retribution.

Anonymous said...